Top 10 Tips How to Reduce Lactic Acid Levels Build up in Blood

I. Overview

The problem of lactic acidosis [1], which is the build-up of lactic acid in the body is not rare among people. Those who suffer from this problem have trouble removing the excessive amount of acid from their system owing to some problems. As a result, the PH level in their body will be messed up, and some parts of the system will not function at their best. The issue of lactic acid is commonly worsened during exercise as it is when the body transfers oxygen through muscles to generate more energy. The situation gets abnormally worse during intense workouts in which the body requires more oxygen production than it is able to generate. As a result, the growth of lactic acid in the system will interfere with the natural process of recovery from muscle intensity. Even though the overgrowth of lactic acid after physically demanding activities does not cost anybody his or her life, it can trigger some annoying health related problems. In this article, we, has listed some causes, symptoms, as well as top 10 effective natural tips you can follow at home as for how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in blood during & after working out.

II. Causes Of Lactic Acid Levels Build Up During Workout

Cardiogenic Shock

It is not much of an exaggeration that physical activities in the form of cardio such as running, jumping, or dancing could be attributed to the build-up of lactic acid in the systems. These types of exercises are physically demanding, thus they will require more oxygen to be produced, which leads to lactic acid overgrowth in the long run.

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A Diet Which Is Low In Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have become so notorious for causing weight gain and many health issues in this era [2]. That is the reason why many health fanatics have gone to great lengths to reduce or even eliminate carb from their diet. However, restricting too much means little glucose formation and low blood sugar level, which pave the way for lactic acidosis. Accordingly, those who religiously follow a diet which is carb deficient, whether it is high fat or high protein, have greater chances of having their lactic acid buildup during & after a workout.

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Too Much Consumption Of Alcohol

According to some recent scientific research, the excessive amount of lactic acid can be attributed to the excessive consumption of alcohol including wine or beer, and there is a direct link between them [3]. During a workout session, your body gives off the glucose it takes from the sugar generated by the liver. If this process is interfered with alcohol, which lowers the liver’s capability to produce essential sugar, you have nothing to fuel your body during a workout.

Lack Of Sleep
how to reduce lactic acid levels

Everyone should be acknowledged of the importance of sleep in physical performances. If you are sleep deficient, chances are that you will wake up in the next morning feeling tired and unmotivated to do anything, let alone working out. The lack of sleep can also disturb the body’s production of human growth hormones, as known as HGH, thus your muscle will not be repaired in a proper way, and the problem of lactic acidosis will happen.

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It goes without saying that water is vitally important to an overall healthy body. If you do not drink enough the recommended water according to your activities level, you will possibly face the issue of lactic acidosis. The lack of water consumption is the ultimate recipe for many issues as it messes up with your endurance, temperature, as well as energy level. During a workout, your body will become more vulnerable to lactic acidosis if you do not drink the sufficient amount of water.

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Genetic Factors

Hereditary factors can contribute to the chances of getting lactic acidosis in some people. To be more specific, the kidneys’ and liver’s function to generate glucose to fuel the body in some people is less effective as compared to others. Therefore, these people will be more susceptible to lactic acidosis. In other words, the question of how to reduce lactic acid is more difficult to answer in some people as this problem runs in the family.

Physical And Emotional Stress

When you are facing a lot of stress, both physically and mentally, your body is not functioning at its best. Whether you are anxious about stuff at work or relationships, or you are pushing yourself too hard to lose weight by putting too much pressure on your muscles, you risk developing lactic acidosis. This cannot be overlooked because in order to prevent further damage to your body from both physical and mental perspectives, you should know how to reduce lactic acidosis.

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III. Symptoms Of Lactic Acid Levels Build Up During Workout

It is seen in many people that after working out, especially cardio workouts, they tend to develop some annoying symptoms such as rapid breathing, nausea, vomiting, as well as muscle tense. Moreover, many people witness exhaustion and fatigue and other physical discomfort as a result of lactic acid build up [4]. If this continues to happen while one still commits to excessive training, he or she will suffer from other health related problems. In some cases, after working out, people even faint as a result of lactic acidosis.

As seen above, the problem of lactic acidosis cam be caused by various reasons, however, with proper treatments by natural remedies, you will not have to resort to medication and prescription as for how to reduce lactic acidosis levels build up in the blood during your work out. Here is the list of the remedies:

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IV. Top 10 Effective Home Remedies How To Reduce Lactic Acid Levels Build Up In The Blood During Workout

1. Drink Up Your Water

As you can probably see, water plays a vital part in remaining the well-functioning of the body. Lack of water can result in various health issues including the building up of lactic acid. Therefore, you should learn how to reduce lactic acid by constantly hydrating yourself, especially when you are training hard. Before and after a workout are the perfect times to fuel your body up with water. Nonetheless, one thing to bear in mind is that you should drink in small gulps rather than gulping all at once. Do not wait until you are thirsty and drink much water as this will cause a mess to the normal PH level of your body. The water you consume will go straight to your kidney rather than making up for the loss of water through exercising. You can learn how to reduce lactic acid in a smarter way by adding some mint leaves or lime juice, which add flavor to your drinks.

You can also upgrade your water level by drinking small amount during your workouts because your body tends to lose a lot of it through sweating. Accordingly, adding water will make up for the loss in the meantime.

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2. Maintain Your Workout Schedule Consistently
how to reduce lactic acid in blood

Despite how strange it may seem, maintaining a consistent workout schedule can facilitate in reducing the severity of lactic acid overgrowth in your body. This is understandable as those who train on a regular basis, your glucose level will be more consistent, and your body will not require as much glucose as compared to those who do not. In addition to that, your endurance level, as well as stamina, will improve if you make an effort to work out regularly.

There are a great variety of options for you to choose from. If you want to become a body builder, you had better gravitate towards muscle training such as lifting. On the other hand, if you aspire to increase your flexibility, yoga is highly recommended. The advice is that you should diversify your ways of training as it will challenge your body to a greater extent than always following the same routine.

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3. Take The Advantage Of A Roller To Massage Your Muscle

It goes without saying that during physical activities, your body undergoes so much pressure. This also exacerbates the symptoms of lactic acid build up after working out. The answer to the question of how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in the blood during & after training sessions is simple: learning how to loosen your muscles. This will be made possible with the help of a foam roller as this promotes blood flow through your body, making it possible for the blood cells to go to different parts. This will definitely reduce muscle tense as well as other injuries you might get from working out.

4. Eat Regular Meals

The benefits from having regular meals have been widely recognized by experts in nutrition and fitness. Not only is it a way to answer to your hunger cues, but it is also efficient as a technique on how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in the body. When your body is fueled with food regularly, the blood sugar level will be maintained at a normal level. If you do not feed yourself enough, the blood sugar level has the tendency to drop, which results in your feeling tired and nausea after working out. By contrast, once you make an effort to feed your body regularly, the glucose level will be stable, and you will obviously have more energy to accomplish everything including your workouts.

One tip to bear in mind as how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in blood is that you had better consume carbon dense food such as: brown rice, whole grain bread, or fruits of many kinds if you want to opt for healthy stuff, which will not increase your blood sugar level dramatically as compared to junk food and sugary treats. Bananas, strawberries, and smoothies are perfect choices for post work out meals, which will definitely help you to realize how to reduce lactic acid levels build up.

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5. Do Not Exercise Too Hard First In The Morning

This is a mistake many people make in the journey to fitness and health. Starting the day off with physically intense workouts like running on the treadmill or zumba dancing is not highly recommended by experts. This is because in the morning, the body has not gone back to the normal state of functioning. In addition to that, you have just gone through a fasting period, which means you have no food in your stomach. Accordingly, you should not work out when your body is not willing to do so.

Having said that, you can still learn how to kick off your day with some movements like yoga poses or stretching, which creates a favorable condition for you to relax, meditate, and be ready for a long day ahead. You can also benefit from small snacks like a smoothie or some cereals if you really want to do some workouts in the morning while still be able to learn how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in blood.

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6. Breathe Right

How many times have you been told that breathing properly is vitally important? If this is the first time, then we really want to stress the importance of deep breathing, especially during exercises if you want to reduce lactic acid symptoms such as muscle pain, burning sensation in your limps after you work out. There is no rocket science in the act of breathing. Deep breaths are able to enhance your performances because they bring more oxygen to all parts of your body, particularly your brain. This will let your body function at its best during a workout. In other words, breathing deeply during a workout is another simple technique which you can apply to your daily schedule if you want to know how to reduce lactic acid levels buildup in the body.

Another thing which might help you in reducing the adverse symptoms of lactic acid growth after exercising is meditation. You will stand a chance of relaxing both mentally and physically while achieving the result of controlling your lactic acid.

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7. Watch Out When You Do Weight Lifting

Those who want to reduce their fat ratio in their body have the tendency to opt for weight lifting as this is the fastest way to build up muscle. In the world full of body builders who are really into lifting weight, many people have the problem of lactic acid build up. This is made possible by the fact that lifting weight requires much more oxygen from your body as compared to many other exercises. If your body is unable to provide enough oxygen, it will end up having various issues such as nausea, vomiting, headache and the like, which are typical of lactic acid build up.

So how to reduce lactic acid while still be able to build muscle? That is simple. Start off small and gradually upgrade your level. Remember that regular training is vital, and repetitions in the field of lifting weight are able to keep your body from having lactic acidosis.

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8. Upgrade Your Magnesium Intake
how to reduce lactic acid build up

Magnesium is so essential as a component of your diet. This is even more important if you are a health fanatic who works out on a regular basis. Healthy sources of magnesium will facilitate the system to deliver energy to different parts of your body during a hard work out session, which necessarily means that you decrease your lactic acid level.

You can benefit from various sources of magnesium, preferably from your diet rather than supplements. This can be found in nuts and seeds such as walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Many vegetables and fruits also contain a rich amount of this amazing mineral, for example, spinach, broccoli, or banana. You are able to increase your magnesium intake through all types of beans including green beans, kidney beans, black beans, as a way how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in your body during and after a workout.

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9. Fatty Acids Are Essential To Your Body

Many people make a huge mistake of completely cutting out fats from their diet if they are trying to shed some pounds to look fit. This might result in further damage to their body, and their lactic acid build up is thus unavoidable. Not all fats are bad for your health. You can figure out how to reduce lactic acid by increasing your fat intake from foods such as salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds, avocado, etc. By this way, you can still be able to maintain a healthy balanced diet without worrying too much about your weight.

Besides opting for healthy fats, it is even more important to reduce the consumption of bad fats such as highly processed foods and junk foods such as fried chicken, hamburger, fish and chips,… Even though these things taste good, they do harm to your body if consumed in large amount. You do not have to cut them out completely as moderation is key. Sometimes you can treat yourself, but overdoing should be avoided.

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10. Baking Soda Can Help You Out

Despite how strange it may seem, drinking baking soda is another method as for how to reduce lactic acid levels build up in your body during and after work out [5]. It is understandable that after a strenuous workout session, your body loses important electrons. This can be exacerbated as lactic acid is built up after you work out. Baking soda can fix the problem as it is an alkaline ingredient, which creates a favorable condition for your body to bring your lactic acid level to a neutral state.

The technique of how to reduce lactic acid by baking soda is simple. Just mix a teaspoon of this ingredient with pure water and drink it up, preferably after a workout to make up for the loss of electrons in your body.

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V. Conclusion

In conclusion, there are various tactics you can incorporate into your daily schedule as for how to reduce your lactic acid levels build up in blood during and after strenuous sessions. However, healthy diets coupled with regular exercises are the ultimate recipe for you to reduce the severe symptoms of lactic acidosis. If you have any further tips and tricks as how to reduce lactic acid, feel free to share with us in the comment section below as this can help others tremendously.

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