Top 10 Tips How to Detox Your Lungs And Liver At Home Naturally

I. Overview

It is a widely known fact that lungs play a pivotal role in human respiration system in particular as well as general health in general. Its responsibility is to get oxygen when we inhale before releasing CO2 when we exhale. When our lungs function properly, we obviously have a healthy system; however, if there are some problems happening to our lungs, we risk having various health-related problems. They can even lead to the overgrowth of toxins as well as dangerous irritants to our whole body. Accordingly, the practice of detoxing our lungs on a regular basis should be implemented. In this article, we, have listed the symptoms of our body as to when should you detox your lungs and top 15 effective home remedies how to detox your lungs and liver at home naturally, especially from smoking and secondhand smoke.

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II. Common Symptoms

When our body encounters some health problems, it will react in an abnormal way by showing us some specific signs. When our lungs need detoxification, the chances are that they will tell us by developing some symptoms. You had better pay attention to what your body is trying to say in order to take appropriate actions as to prevent or cure yourself from various diseases or illnesses. Below are some of the symptoms your body is trying to let you know it’s time you should learn how to detox your lungs.

Constant Coughing

If you find yourself coughing your lungs out again and again, or your cough gets worse day by day, it’s time to take actions as to how to detox your lungs naturally. Normally, this health problem is quite minor, and it will go away on itself very soon. However, owing to bacteria and toxins building up in your lungs, coughing might become a real nuisance to you. The situation is the worst if you notice any blood after coughing.

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Chest Pain

how to detox your lungs and liver

It is not much of an exaggeration that the location of your pain can tell whether you need to do an overall detox to your lungs our not. You lungs are located in the chest area; therefore, once you detect any signs of pains around this part of the body, it may be because your lungs are stuffed with too many toxins and bacteria.

Breathing Difficulties

It goes without saying that the main function of your lungs in particular and your respiration system in general is to maintain the pumping and releasing cycle of O2 and CO2 in and out of the body. When this cycle is messed up because of the bad bacteria and germs in your lungs, you will get exposed to some problems of breathing. You will know how annoying it is not to be able to breathe properly. Accordingly, you should learn how to detox your lungs naturally when you suffer from some breathing troubles.

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Another warning sign of lung disease is wheezing. Many people have to come to terms with noisy breathing or wheezing, which are quite common. These problems are made possible as there are bad germs and toxins blocking the flow of air coming in and out of your lungs. They will thus make your lungs too narrow as compared to their normal sizes, thus creating unwanted noise when you inhale and exhale.

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Mucus Production

Another symptom which tells you that you had better know how to detox your lungs is mucus. This is the product of your body when there are irritants or bad germs. Your body tries to defense itself against these bad outsiders by forming this consistent thing. If you notice your mucus appears on a more regular basis, maybe the time you know how to detox your lungs has come.

Now that you have come to the realization that the health of your lungs is crucial to the long-term health of yourself, the implementation of techniques as to how to detox your lungs naturally should be highly validated. In this day and age, many people resort to smoking as a way to reduce their stress level, or a way to communicate themselves. The act of both smoking and secondary smoking can be hazardous to human beings as the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes will find the way to attack your immune system once they have a chance to go inside your body. Smoking can be exceptionally harmful to your respiration. However, you do not need to depend on any kind of medication or prescription to get rid of the nasty germs and toxins in your lungs. There are simple tips and tricks you can do at home which will definitely help you to achieve better conditions of your lungs from the bad habit of smoking, both actively and passively.

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III. When To Consult Doctors

It is best that you can use natural remedies on how to detox your lungs and liver at home from smoking and secondary smoking. However, if you are a heavy smoker for so many years, and you start seeing many serious symptoms such as coughing with some blood, we highly suggest that you get expert advice on how to detox your lungs.

IV. Top 10 Effective Home Remedies How To Detox Your Lungs And Liver Naturally At Home

1. Stop Or Reduce Your Frequency Of Smoking

how to detox your lungs at home

One of the first obvious yet effective remedies as to how to detox your lungs from smoking is to keep smoking at bay. If you are a heavy smoker for so many years, it is time for you to minimize your consumption of cigarettes. Smoking is, as mentioned before, one of the key factors leading to lung diseases, even lung cancer. The harmful chemicals coming from the act of smoking can cause difficulties in breathing as well as promote inflammation in the whole body. It can lead to a serious health problem known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) [1].

As a result, when you are trying to fix the damage you have caused to your lungs after a long time smoking, it is highly suggested that you quit smoking, or at least try to reduce the frequency of smoking. Whenever you have the trigger or the urge to smoke, you should try chewing on gums or talking with others. One thing you should bear in mind in your journey how to detox your lungs is that smoking is such a killer. Therefore, making an effort to minimize smoking at all possible costs is completely important.

2. Fill Your Meals With Foods Rich In Antioxidants

It would be an amiss without mentioning antioxidants as a natural treatment hoe to detox your lungs. After much damage you have done to your lungs, you can still have the right to hope that the damage can be fixed gradually by eating healthy food options. These foods can not only improve your lungs’ capability to purify themselves from nasty toxins, but they can also help to promote overall health.

Many people seek antioxidants from various supplements, however, it is better if you consume foods which are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties such as broccoli, spinach, kale, berries of any kinds including strawberries, blueberries, red berries, etc. Antioxidants are also rich in some drinks such as green tea. If you are meat-oriented, you should substitute your red meat with fish, especially fatty fish including salmon, tuna, or cod liver.

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3. Be More Active

One of the main reasons why some people have problems breathing properly is that they lead a very sedentary lifestyle. If you are a real couch potato who spends all of your free time watching TV or surfing the Internet, maybe it’s time you incorporate some workouts into your daily routine. Exercising is such a great option as for how to detox your lungs naturally at home. When you take up some physical activities, especially those which are quite demanding such as aerobics, dancing, running, etc. your lungs have to work at their best capacity to pump oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. By this way, you are doing your lungs a favor as you can increase their functions. This will gradually fix any breathing problems, which are the signs of you having weak lungs.

One thing that should be noted down is that you had better push yourself further by increasing the intensity of your workouts once you have done something for a period. Do not repeat the same amount of work for the exact same amount of time on a daily basis. By challenging yourself with different types of exercises, especially cardio types, you have the right to hope that you know the answer to the question of how to detox your lungs and liver at home naturally.

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4. Learn How To Breathe Properly

It is now beyond the shadow of a doubt that breathing in a right way is absolutely amazing for a good overall health. During the process of inhaling and exhaling, you are detoxifying your body from the bad toxins from your body. That is the reason why some techniques of breathing such as mediation or yoga have been gaining their grounds in recent years. You can definitely stand of chance of knowing how to detox your lungs naturally at home with the simple act of breathing.

The technique is simple. Just be aware of your breaths anywhere at any time. You should breathe in deeply then slowly breathe out. It is beat if you also mind your posture. When you sit up or stand up straight, your spinal column is straight as well. By this way, you allow the flow of the air to come in and out much easier, thus making it easier for your lungs to detoxify themselves. You can also sign up for a yoga or mediation class if you want to get expert advice on how to detox your lungs properly just by breathing.

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5. Consume More Oregano

Oregano is a plant from the family of mint. It has been consistently utilized throughout history as a culinary herb to add more flavor to dishes. It is warm and aromatic characteristics. Some people might find it a little bit bitter and difficult to have, but the effects it has on our lungs are beneficial. Oregano can help clear damaged lungs by clearing out the airflows, making room for the nasal paths to go their way, thus helping your respiration system in the long run [2]. Therefore, you should make an attempt to include more oregano if you want to know how to detox your lungs naturally and effectively. You can eat them fresh by putting them in your dish. Moreover, using oregano oil to spill on your favorite soup or smoothie is also highly recommended.

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6. Hot Showers Can Do Wonders For Your Lungs

how to detox your lungs naturally

Do you notice you improve your feelings and moods after you take a hot bath or you go for a sauna? The reason behind this is simple. When you take a hot bath, you sweat more as compared to normal. The nasty germs and toxins from your system, especially your lungs will go out of your body following that sweat. That is why many experts recommend you to take a hot bath or shower when you are suffering from some symptoms of lungs diseases. Even when the abovementioned symptoms are not clear, you can still implement this technique to improve your general well-being.

Having said that, you should keep in mind some notes when you take a hot bath. When you seat it all out, your body loses water as well. As a result, hydrating yourself after a sauna or hot baths is vitally important. Furthermore, the temperature should not be too high as you can risk yourself if the heat is extreme. The last note should be concerned with taking a cold bath after you have done your steaming. By this way, you can close the pores that have opened to flush out the toxins.

7. Mullein Tea Can Be Beneficial

One of the symptoms of lungs having too many toxins is the formation of mucus. In order to fix this problem, one of the fastest ways of how to detox your lungs is to drink mullein tea. This plant has the properties to help your respiration system, and strengthen your lungs’ capability as well [3]. Also, the production of mucus will be put a stop to if you drink this tea on a regular basis.

There is no rocket science in making a cap of mullein tea. You can buy the dried mullein in many shops as they are quite available. Just put some teaspoon of this dried herbs into a cup then add boiled water, you now have a natural recipe as to how to detox your lungs and liver at home.

8. Increase Your Consumption Of Ginger

You are not unfamiliar with this ingredient, aren’t you? It is amazing how this popular ingredient, which you can find in nearly all kitchen can help to reduce the severity of the symptoms of lung diseases caused by smoking and secondary smoking. Besides the ability to promote the digestive system, ginger is also well known for its capacity to facilitate respiration. By consuming fresh ginger by putting it in your daily meals, you can stand a good chance of fixing the damage you have caused to your lungs. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory found in ginger can sweep out the nasty germs from your system, leaving you with better immune system and metabolism as well.

If you want to be creative at how you consume your ginger, make a cup of ginger tea coupled with honey or lemon juice, which will definitely be awesomely cozy on a cold winter day.

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9. Peppermint & Peppermint Tea Are Lungs Saver

Anything related to peppermint is relaxing and refreshing, isn’t it? Peppermint is another home remedy to rejuvenate your lungs from smoking and secondary smoking. It has the ability to soothe and calm the muscles of the body including the respiration track, which ends up improving the function of the lungs. The reason for this amazing capacity is menthol, a component which can be found in large amount in peppermint.

It is advisory that you consume fresh peppermint leaves as this can boost the effects of this wonderful herb on your lungs. By simply chewing on them, you know how to detox your lungs naturally from smoking using natural remedies.

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10. Exploit The Benefits Of Licorice

One of the most effective ways how to detox your lungs using natural remedies is to opt for licorice. This herb is very famous in the eastern world, and it has been using religiously as a treatment for many heath related problems ranging from coughing to serious infections [4]. Licorice has been scientifically proven to have anti-bacteria components, which facilitate your lungs in the process of flushing out the bad germs you have allowed to go into your body through the act of smoking, both actively and passively.

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V. Conclusion

In conclusion, the health of your lungs is vital to your overall health, therefore, implementing the techniques to get rid of the nasty toxins and germs from your system is of pivotal importance. We hope that by following the tips and tricks we have provided above, you can learn how to detox your lungs and liver naturally & fast at home. If you have any further tips on how to speed up lungs detoxification process, please share in the comment section below.

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