There’s A Yoga Pose For Every Health Problem You May Experience

Yoga is an ancient technique that was developed more than 5,000 years ago(1) and has become one of the most popular exercises in the modern world. Even though many changes were made towards how yoga is performed, it still remains an effective technique for aiding the human body in maintaining good overall health ‑ for the body, the mind, and the spirit. Today, over 15 million adults in the United States practice yoga once or more per month, and this rate is increasing by at least 14% every single year. This ancient technique is now, once again, becoming more popular and is used by everyone. Statistic Brain(2) explains that as much as 18.4% of all people who practice yoga are over the age of 55, providing solid evidence that yoga is good for young and old alike.

It is now widely known that yoga is a powerful technique that can be used in many different ways. Yoga is now utilized as a tool for fitness, for maintaining a healthy weight, for improving the general wellbeing of our minds and much more. Even though widely used, there are still a considerable amount of people who are not yet sure what exactly yoga can do for them. Some may simply think of yoga as an ineffective technique, while others are not entirely sure whether this ancient technique would be able to help them cope with some existing health problems they may be experiencing.

The good news is, whatever the problem a person is experiencing, there is a good chance that some yoga moves are available to help them cope with their problems. Whether it is sexual problems in men, symptoms of PMS that are getting out of control, weight piling up or a back that is keeping the person from doing what they used to do without any problems; yoga offers people an opportunity to get in touch with themselves and improve their life and their wellbeing.

Health Problems That Can Be Attended To Through Yoga

To help those who are still wary of how Morning Yoga can benefit them realize why they should be practicing this ancient technique, we have compiled a list of health problems that can be treated and, in some cases, even eliminated by simply performing a few yoga poses every day. We are going to address some of the most common health problems, explain how yoga can be beneficial, and also discuss the best yoga poses that should be performed for each particular health problem.

1. Obesity

Let’s start with a particular problem that millions are affected by ‑ obesity. The National Institutes of Health(3) states that over 33% of American adults are obese, which means millions of Americans are at a higher risk of having a heart attack, developing a heart disease and, of course, type 2 diabetes. For some, it might seem somewhat strange, mostly due to the minimal movements when compared to having to run for hours on a treadmill, but yoga is an effective technique for weight-loss. According to Yoga Journal(4), some of the best poses to try out for losing weight through yoga includes the boat pose, the extended side angle pose, the four-limbed staff pose, and the seated forward bend.

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2. Low Muscle Mass And Weak Muscles

A lot of men enjoy having large muscles that they can show off. They consider it attractive. For some, however, large muscles is not something of admiration. Whatever body type a person prefers, having an adequate amount of lean muscle in the body is important for the body’s general wellbeing. When muscles are weak, a person is also more likely to be clumsy. Yoga utilizes the weight of a person’s body to help build stronger muscles. To build stronger muscles with yoga, Yoga Six recommends performing the high lunge, the warrior 2, the plank, the dolphin, and the locust poses.

3. Back Pain

Back pain can be disabling and very painful, and even lead to days off work. The American Chiropractic Association(5) explains that at least 80% of the global population experiences back pain at least once during their lifetime. While pain medication can help to relieve the pain, yoga may be a safer alternative option. There are many yoga poses that can be beneficial for relieving back pain. DoYouYoga recommends the cat/cow pose, the spinal twist, the downward dog, and the plow pose.

4. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure levels can be critically dangerous to the body and may lead to several symptoms. According to the American Heart Association(6), blood pressure levels that are too high may lead to a higher risk of having a heart attack, developing heart failure, damaging the kidneys and it may even cause vision loss. Several yoga poses are beneficial for reducing blood pressure levels, including the bound angle pose, the bridge pose, the corpse pose, and the dolphin pose.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

There is a significant amount of men who suffer from symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction, a sexual disorder that causes problems with the man’s ability to achieve a rigid erection and with his ability to maintain the erection during intercourse. Yoga is often seen as an erectile dysfunction natural treatment. To get started, The Health Site recommends performing the seated forward bend pose, the plank pose, and the raised legs pose.

6. Premature Ejaculation

yoga pose for every health problem

While we’re on the topic of male sexual health, we should also discuss the fact that yoga has been proven to have a positive impact amongst men who experience premature ejaculation. This condition causes men to ejaculate soon after they have penetrated their partner. To enhance control over ejaculations, men can perform the happy baby pose, the butterfly pose, the fish pose, and the bow pose.

7. Enlarged Prostate

Just as men suffer from sexual problems, they can also suffer from conditions that affect their prostate ‑such as an enlarged prostate ‑ a condition that affects up to 60% of men over 40, according to a study(7) that was performed by the Capital Medical University in Beijing. To find relieve of symptoms that are caused by an enlarged prostate, men can try the hero pose, frog pose, and the hero pose, according to Livestrong(8).

8. Knee Joint Pain

Pain in the knee is more common than many might think, and can be caused by numerous factors, such as an arthritis disease or injury. When the knee pains, a person may not be able to perform their day-to-day activities or, in more severe cases, walking may even be an issue. With yoga, relieve can be found without having to rely on painkillers all the time. Greatist(9) recommends the chair pose, peaceful warrior pose, bridge pose, and the eagle post.

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9. Hip Joint Pain

The hips are also commonly affected by arthritis and may also become sore after a person has had an injury. Painful hips can be uncomfortable and may even cause sleeping to become considerably difficult. Some excellent yoga poses(10) to try out for relieving pain in the hips include the happy baby pose, the reclined bound angle pose, the frog pose, and the half pigeon pose.

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10. Pain

Pain doesn’t necessarily have to affect the joints to be disabling, but can also affect many other parts of the body. When pain strikes, productivity may be reduced and a person may start to feel miserable. Relieve of pain is possible through yoga. Try the nesting pose, the supported bound angle pose, the supported backbend pose, and the supported forward bend.

11. Asthma

Asthma can be life-threatening in some cases and tends to place a significant burden on a person’s quality of life. Many people with asthma find that they are unable to do simple activities that those around them can do with ease. Everyday Health(11) explains that yoga is beneficial for opening the lungs, and they recommend performing the corpse pose, the easy pose, and the forward bend pose for fast asthma relieve.

12. Poor Blood Circulation

The entire body relies on blood to carry nutrients and many other particles from one location to another. When poor blood circulation develops, a person is at a much higher risk of developing infections and their body’s wellbeing is significantly affected in an adverse way. Care2 recommends performing the mountain pose, the downward dog pose, the lunge pose and the chair pose to help improve blood circulation.

13. Fatigue

yoga pose for every health problem

Fatigue can occur at any time and leave you wanting to hit the bed. When you experience fatigue at work or while you are busy with an important event, it may have a considerable impact on your ability to perform the tasks you are expected to perform. Boost your energy levels and overcome fatigue(12) with the spinal flex pose, the ego eradicator pose, the stretch pose, and the back platform pose.

14. Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people and causes the risk of certain disease to increase significantly. This disease can be dreadful and leads to unwanted effects on the body when not treated appropriately. Many yoga poses has been shown to work on the pancreas and the metabolic system of the human body; thus helping the body better break down and process sugars ‑ this causes blood sugar levels to decrease. To take advantage of yoga, diabetes patients should try the bridge pose, the child’s pose, and the bow pose.

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15. Constipation

Being constipated is an unpleasant condition that leads to stomach pain and many other symptoms. Being chronically constipated may also affect a person’s quality of life and can increase their risk of developing certain disease. Yoga has the ability to work on the digestive tract and improve metabolism. For quick constipation relieve, try the standing forward bend, the downward-facing dog, the wind-removing pose, and the triangle pose.

16. Bloated

Feeling bloated can be just as uncomfortable as being constipating on a regular basis, and may also lead to stomach pain and an unpleasant feeling in the abdominal area. Similar to how yoga is beneficial for constipation(13), yoga can also be used to relieve a bloated feeling. Try the wind-relieving pose, the supine twist pose, the twisting child’s pose and the burrito pose.

17. Memory Loss

Memory loss can become a big problem if not treated once the symptoms start to appear. Many seniors struggle with memory loss on a daily basis, but this problem does not only effect the elderly ‑ younger people can also be affected by memory loss. While it might seem somewhat strange, yoga is also beneficial for improving memory in numerous ways. StyleCraze(14) recommends performing the tree stand pose, the plow pose, the standing forward pose and the crane pose to boost blood flow to the brain and improve memory.

18. Stress

yoga pose for every health problem

Stress is something that we have all been affected by at some point in our lives, but it tends to affect some people more severely than others. Since stress can take its toll on the body, it is important to learn how to deal with stress effectively. Yoga is an excellent way to relax and reduce stress. Try performing the extended puppy pose(15), the head-to-knee forward bend pose, the corpse pose and the supported headstand for a peaceful mind.

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19. “Brain Fog”

Brain fog might not be an official medical term, but it is often used to describe a “foggy” mind. Mental fatigue can be problematic when a person needs to be at the top of their game. Luckily, yoga can help to sharpen the mind and relieve brain fog. MindBodyGreen(16) explains that the cat-cow pose is the most effective yoga pose for boosting spinal fluid circulation and enhancing mental clarity.

20. Built Up Tension

Tension can be unpleasant when it starts to create headaches, make muscles become sore and lead to other symptoms. Tension tends to build up over time and causes these symptoms to develop gradually. By getting rid of built up tension, a person is able to experience a more relaxed state of mind and body. Yoga poses that are good for reducing built up tension includes the eagle pose(17), the child’s pose, the thunderbolt pose, and the reclined bound angle pose.

Final Words

Around 5,000 years ago, yoga was used as a healing technique. Today, this technique continues to thrive and is practiced by millions of people every day. Yoga has numerous benefits that people should consider ‑ even those who are not keen on exercising can greatly benefit from doing some simple yoga poses every day, as yoga is often a less strenuous and more fun activity than having to go to the gym. In this post, we discussed some of the most vital benefits that yoga has for certain health problems. If you are experiencing any of these health problems, be sure to give some of the yoga moves we have discussed a try, and you will surely feel a difference after just a session or two. If the problem lies within the bedroom, try to amp things up by reaching for a natural supplement or home remedies, while still performing yoga, for a significant boost without having to rely on medication.

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