25 Tips How to Grow Hair Faster & Thicker Naturally In A Month

Do you want to have long beautiful hair? Unfortunately, your hair does not grow as fast as you want. There are a lot of reason why your hair does not grow fast and thick, such as your improper hair care routine, minerals, and nutrients deficiency, bad lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to make the small changes to have gorgeous long hair. In this article, we would like to introduce to you some effective ways and home remedies on how to grow hair faster and quicker naturally in a month.

How To Grow Hair Faster &Thicker Naturally In A Month – 25 Effective Ways & Home Remedies

For ages, long hair has been considered as the beauty standard for women. Moreover, many people like long hair nowadays. With long beautiful hair, you can explore a variety of hairstyles. It makes the women attractive to men. It is not surprising when most of the men prefer long hair to short hair. When asked, most of the men answer that the length of women’s hair does not affect their choice of partner. They will not refuse the girl because her hair is not long. However, most of the men said that they secretly hope that their girl will grow their hair in the future. They like the hair which is long enough for them to enjoy running their fingers through each inch. If the hair does not grow fast, it may mean you have some health problems or conditions that need to be treated.

A long healthy hair may reflect how good your hair is. Many people envy the girls who have a healthy, shiny long hair. However, it is worthy because these girls have to put their best efforts in taking good care of their hair. It is time-consuming and it may be not easy. Moreover, long hair can fit all face shapes. For a round face, long hair will make it look leaner. Long hair will help to soften up the sharpness of an angular face. For a square face, it will hide the edges and make it rounder. The girl who has oval face should feel lucky because she can fit every hairstyle, including long hair. How great long hair is!

But what can we do to make our hair grow faster? Of course, we can. All things you need is to understand the reasons why your hair cannot grow quickly and following the effective techniques and home remedies on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally in a month. These home remedies and tips that we will introduce to the readers on AllRemedies depend on the different reasons why your hair cannot grow fast, including improper hair care, nutrients imbalance, and unhealthy diet style.

1. Get Regular Trim

how to grow hair faster

Of course, the first way on how to grow hair faster and thicker is getting a regular trim, especially when your hair is not healthy. This tip sounds strange but haircuts will help to resolve the split ends which can break your hair. According to Michael Duenas, a celebrity hair stylist, getting rid of the hair breakage will give the healthy appearance; as a result, it will make your hair grow faster. Furthermore, hair breakage will make your hair not shiny, smooth and thick.

2. Spread Your Hair’s Natural Oil

Many people go to sleep without brushing their hair because they are tired. However, not all people know that brushing your hair before sleeping may have some benefits for your health. Meri Kate O’Connor hair educator and Eva Scrivo Salon senior colorist have shared their hair care secret. They recommended that when brushing, you should start from their scalp and utilize the boar bristle brush to spread the natural oil of your hair evenly; therefore, your hair will get natural moisturized. They also said that in order to receive the better result, you should do hair brushing every night before you go to bed.  Moreover, this tip on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally will help to improve circulation and keep your hair healthier.

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3. Keep Your Scalp Healthy

how to grow hair faster

The healthier your scalp is, the faster your hair grows.

You should think your hair as a tree. Your scalp is the roots and soils which are necessary for your hair. If you cannot take care of the roots and soils carefully, it will be impossible for the tree to grow solid and tall. Therefore, asking for the effective techniques on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally, you should take care of your scalp. You should treat your scalp with healthy ingredients. As a result, you will achieve a strong, beautiful hair. If you do not ensure how healthy your hair is, Chaz Dean who is the celebrity hairstylist and WEN founder have recommended trying a “root lift test. You should start at the crown of your head to hold up one section of your hair. If your hair root is as thick as hair end, it means that you have a healthy hair. On the other hand, if the hair end is thinner than the root, you should change your hair care regime.

4. Eating The Right Diet

how to grow hair faster

If you want to have a long beautiful and strong hair, you not only feed your hair with the good products but also feed your body the necessary nutrients. Your health will reflect the hair appearance and decide how fast your hair will grow naturally. It is said that the secret on how to grow hair faster naturally depends not only on the shampoo, condition and hair treatment you use but also on your healthy diet. Therefore, it is important to eat a variety of healthy food to get the long beautiful shiny hair that you dreamed of.

In your diet, you should consume the necessary nutrients for your hair. The first nutrient you should consume is zinc and iron. According to Wilma Bergfeld, a dermatologist working at the Clever Clinic, zinc and iron is effective in making hair follicles grow fast and naturally. She also recommended eating lean red meat which has the great source of nutrients including zinc and iron. Because eating too much meat can result in some health problems; therefore, you just need to eat twice a week. Nonmeat sources such as lentils and soybeans as well a lot of vitamin C-rich foods like oranges may help you to boost the iron absorption.

Besides iron and zinc, people who want to know the ways on how to grow hair faster naturally should not ignore the importance of vitamin D. The possible reason may be that vitamin D can encourage and activate hair growth. Unfortunately, there are a few foods that contain vitamin D. But another way on how to increase vitamin D in your body is sitting or walking in the sun for a couple of minutes every day. However, the sun has UV rays which can lead to some health and skin problems such as skin cancer. You should limit the exposure to sunlight. The suitable time to enjoy fresh air outdoor is from 6 am to 8 am. From 8 am to 4 pm, you should apply the sunscreen if you want to go out. However, the alternative solution on how to increase vitamin D intake is taking a 1,000 IU vitamin D supplement every day.

Everyone may know that protein is beneficial for nail, hair, and bone. Protein is the necessary nutrient that boosts cell repair and growth. Studies found out that women who consume enough protein have hair grow faster than others who do not. It is recommended consuming at least 46 grams of protein daily in order to boost your hair growth. It is said that eating 3 ounces of chicken can provide 23 grams of protein. If you can get enough protein through your foods, you can take protein supplements instead. However, it is important to consult the doctor first before taking to know how much protein you should take daily in order to prevent some unwanted side effects due to excessive protein consumption.

Not only vitamin D, iron and zinc, omega-3 fatty acids are also effective nutrients for long beautiful shiny hair. It is suggested that you should eat fatty fish such as salmon twice or three times a week.Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in hydrating your hair. However, if you cannot consume enough omega-3 fatty acids, you can take 1 gram DHA and EPA supplement daily. You should consult the doctor before taking. If you want to grow your hair faster, you should eat an egg daily. Egg has the great source of B vitamins which are necessary for hair growth. Moreover, egg is also rich in choline, vitamin D, and protein.

5. Foods That Help You To Grow Hair Faster

how to grow hair faster

Asking for the ways on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally in a month, we just mentioned the importance of diet in our hair growth; therefore, we would like to introduce some particular foods which can help you to boost your hair growth and make your hair healthy, strong.

The first food you should eat is nuts, including walnuts, almonds, and pecans which have the great source of biotin, a necessary vitamin for hair growth. Whenever you want to choose a healthy snack, you should opt for a handful of nuts. Eating nuts daily will help you to achieve the healthier and thicker hair.

Besides nuts, your diet should include oysters. The possible reason may be that oysters have the great source of calcium, protein, iron, omega fatty acids, and vitamin C. All these nutrients and vitamins can boost your beautiful skin and healthy hair.

For the women who want to have long hair, it is recommended eating two servings of fatty fish, including tuna and salmon, twice a week in order to have a full long hair. However, fish is not the only solution that can provide you omega fatty acids.

If you are the ones who do not want to eat any animal products, flax seeds or chia seeds are the good choice for you, according to Farley. Eating these seeds will make your hair look healthy and shiny.

If you are the fan of sweet potatoes, you may have a long beautiful hair. Some studies have proven that sweet potatoes are the great food that helps to grow hair faster naturally. The possible reason may be that sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which is the precursor of vitamin A. It is said that beta-carotene in sweet potatoes plays the important role in preventing your hair from becoming brittle and dry.

Finally, we would like to recommend avocado for healthy and long hair. In an article written on Livestrong.com, avocado is the superfood for long hair because it is high in vitamin B and vitamin E as well as fatty acids which can help you to keep your hair from hair breakage and hair loss. As a result, it can lengthen your hair effectively and naturally. Moreover, eating avocado is the great way that gives your hair shine and gleam that most of the long hair girls want.

6. Stop Damage Your Hair With A Variety Of Heat Styling Tools

how to grow hair faster

The culprit that leads to hair breakage and hair loss is using hot tools to create styles for your hair. It will make your hair weak over time. And as a result, your hair is not strong enough to grow faster and healthier. Therefore, as the effective tip on how to grow hair faster and thicker, you should stop over-styling your hair with hot tools. Ken Paves, celebrity hairstylist always warns against the using of extremely hot temperature to create hairstyles. She also said that in case you need to use heat, you should decrease the temperature and use a heat protectant to protect your hair from heat damage. If you do not do that, you may put your hair locks at risk of damaging. Over time, the damaged hair will result in hair breakage and hair loss which make your hair thinner and unhealthy.

7. Stop Daily Shampoo

Someone may think that the way that helps your hair healthy and clean is daily shampoo. However, it is a wrong belief. Daily shampooing will increase the risk of hair damaging due to the pollution, heat, environmental factors. The possible reason may be that daily shampooing will get rid of the natural oils in your hair and make it impossible to produce more while natural oil plays the important role in protecting your hair. In order to make your hair healthier and shinier, you should make your hair care routine simple as much as possible. Paves have recommended shampooing your hair only twice or three times a week to keep your hair clean and healthy. When you do not shampoo your hair daily, you can let the natural oils in your hair penetrate and give your hair ability to hydrate and repair itself. However, you should make sure that you do not let too much buildup occur. The possible reason may be that it can lead to a surplus of oil, dandruff, and itching. 

8. Take Vitamin Supplements In Your Morning Routine

how to grow hair faster

If you cannot get enough vitamin through your diet, taking vitamin supplement becomes the great alternative great solution that makes your world differently. For people who want to know the effective secrets on how to grow hair faster and thicker, Dr.Fusco advised buying a multivitamin which is formulated and labeled “for skin, hair, and nails”. These supplements contain all of nutrients and vitamins which are necessary for hair growth, including vitamin C, biotin, and B vitamins. However, you should need to consume enough proportion because excessive consumption will lead to some health consequences and side effects.  For example, consuming over 2000 mg of vitamin C daily will cause upset stomach, dizziness, constipation, and gas. Therefore, before taking these supplements, it is important for you to consult the doctor to know how much you should take daily.

9. Rinse Your Hair With Cool Water

A steamy shower may be good for your skin but it is rough for your hair. Therefore, as the effective way on how to grow hair faster and healthier, you should rinse your hair with cool water after showering. Paves recommended turning the water temperature down when you cleanse your hair. Cleaning with cool water will help you to seal the cuticle and make your hair stronger before styling it.

10. Skip Trendy Cleanses

If you want to know the effective tips and techniques on how to grow hair faster and thicker, you should stop doing trendy cleanses. Many diet companies may advise you to do the cleanses and state that cleanses will turn your whole life. However, Duenas advised against them. She said that do a cleanse is bad and terrible for your hair because you are depriving the nutrients of your body. After cleansing for one week, you may soon notice the slower hair growth. Therefore, you should not believe the diet companies.

11. Use A Silk Pillowcase

how to grow hair faster

For the better sleep and better hair, a silk pillowcase is a great solution. Jesleen Ahluwalia, a physician working at Spring Dermatologist in New York City said that silk is better for your hair because it can help your hair to prevent breakage and tangles. The less breakage your hair has, the stronger and longer your hair will become.

12. Pay Attention To How Your Skin Feels And Response After You Use A Hair Care Product

Many people want to have long, beautiful and shiny hair; therefore, they pour a lot of money on expensive hair care products. However, in fact, expensive hair care products do not mean that these products are good. In some cases, the hair products may damage your hair over time. However, how can we know that to avoid using them?

But fortunately, Dean has shared the useful tip. He recommended taking a closer look at your skin. How does it feel and how does it response? What is doing your skin is what is doing your hair. You should answer these questions. Do these hair care products make your skin dry, heavy, stripped, sticky, waxy or greasy? Or, do they make your skin feel silky, hydrated, soft and supple? In order to achieve the long thick and beautiful hair, you should treat your hair as the way you want to treat your skin. Paying attention to your skin is a simple way that helps you to know whether these products are good or not. Dehydrated or dry skin due to hair care products means that it is time for you to change the hair care regime. If your hair is congested and clogged, there is no way for it to grow effectively and fast.

13. Use Castor Oil

how to grow hair faster

If you want to find the helpful home remedies on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally, castor oil is the great choice for you. The possible reason may be that castor oil has the great source of vitamin E and omega fatty acid which can promote your hair growth and improve your hair condition. When using castor oil for your hair, you should mix castor oil with olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil in the right proportion in order to create the find mixture. After that, apply the mixture to your hair. Make sure that the mixture is enough to cover all your hair and your scalp. Massage your scalp in order to boost the circulation which is effective in growing hair naturally for a couple of minutes. It is required to leave this solution on your hair for about 30 – 45 minutes. After that, you can shampoo your hair as normal.

Another way on how to grow your hair with castor oil is mixing castor oil with essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus or thyme oil. After mixing all these ingredients well, you can apply it to your hair and massage your scalp gently using your fingertips. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Condition your hair as normal.

14. Massage Your Hair

how to grow hair faster

It is said that massaging your hair will boost the blood circulation to your scalp; as a result, it can help to stimulate your hair growth by making hair follicles stronger. Furthermore, once or twice a week you should deep condition your hair using hot oil treatment or conditioning hair mask. In order to perform hair massage, firstly you should apply the oil or a condition onto your hair. After that, you should use your fingertips to massage your scalp gently in the circular motion for about three to five minutes. Finally, you should use cool water to rinse conditioner and oil out of your hair.

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15. Flip Your Hair Upside Down

The simple tip on how to grow hair faster you can perform at home is flipping your hair upside down. Doing this tip for about two or four minutes daily will help you to boost your hair growth. The possible explanation may be that flipping your hair upside down will improve circulation which is good for hair growth.

16. Stay Away From Stress

how to grow hair faster

Staying away from stress and depression will make your hair grow naturally because stress and depression, as well as other emotional disorder, are the cause of hair loss and weak hair. It is said that stress may hamper your normal hair cycle and make your hair enter the telogen and falling out consequence. Therefore, if you want to know the effective ways on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally, you should stay away from stress and depression. You should minimize the stress in your life. However, how can we do to keep the stress under the control? Yes, there is no way for you to avoid stress in life completely because everybody can face stressful problem during their life. It may be caused by overwhelming work, troubles in your relationship, your family or your friend. You cannot avoid it but we can fight against it strongly with many methods and solutions such as breathing exercises, meditation, and other relaxation techniques. These exercises are thought to help calm your mind, relax your muscle, make you feel peaceful and comfortable. Moreover, in order to minimize the stress, depression and boost your hair growth, you should have a deep sleep at night for about 6 to 8 hours. The possible reason may be that the growth hormones will be released during your sleep.

17. Egg Mask

how to grow hair faster

Egg can become the great mask for your hair if you ask for the home remedies on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally. The possible reason may be that egg is loaded with protein. Moreover, the egg is rich in phosphorous, iron, sulfur, selenium, and zinc. It is recommended using egg mask for your hair at least once a month in order to keep your hair healthy, long and hydrated. Firstly, you should whip an egg. After that, you should mix it with four tablespoons of grapeseed oil and a few drops of lavender oil. You should apply this mixture to your hair and leave it on your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, rinse the mixture off with lukewarm water and then shampoo your hair as normal.

Alternatively, you can whisk an egg and mix it with one cup of milk and then put two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice into this mixture. Mix it well to create the fine solution. However, if you have long hair, you can add more these ingredient to make sure that it can cover all your hair and your scalp when applied. It is recommended leaving for 20 to 30 minutes in order for the nutrients of this mask to penetrate into your hair. When you finish, you can wash it off and shampoo your hair.

18. Treat Your Hair With Herb Infusion

how to grow hair faster

It is said that several herbs such as burdock, rosemary, nettle, horsetail, catnip, and sage can promote your hair growth. Specifically, rosemary is effective in stimulating hair follicles. Moreover, it can help you to add luster and shine to your hair. Moreover, green tea contains polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties that are good for your hair growth. Moreover, using the herb to treat your hair will improve circulation; as a result, it will make your hair grow faster naturally.

In order to make the herb infusion, you should put any of these herbs into boiling water and let it steep for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that, strain this solution. You can use this herb infusion as the final rinse for your hair, followed by shampooing and conditioning. Herb infusion not only makes your hair grow faster and thicker but also strengthen your hair and keep it soft, manageable. Alternatively, you can mix the herb solution or any essential oils into your shampoo. For better health and healthy skin as well as beautiful long hair, you can also drink one or three cups of herbal tea daily.

19. Aloe Vera

how to grow hair faster

Aloe vera is effective in nourishing your hair and preventing hair loss. Therefore, asking for the effective ways on how to grow hair fast and naturally, you should not ignore aloe vera. This remedy will help you to eliminate dandruff and restore the natural screen of your hair. In order to make your hair grow fast and naturally, you extracted the aloe vera gel from its leaves. If aloe vera leaves are not available in your garden, you can buy the aloe vera gel in the market. After that, you should mix aloe vera gel with sufficient lemon juice. Apply this mixture to your hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Finally, you can shampoo your hair and repeat this treatment once or twice a week.

Alternatively, you should mix aloe vera gel with sufficient wheat germ and coconut milk. Mix it well and apply this mixture to your hair.

Moreover, drinking aloe vera juice regularly is also good for your hair and your overall health.

20. Potato Juice

how to grow hair faster

Another home remedy on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally that we want to introduce to you in this article is potato juice.  It is said that potato juice can give shine to your hair. Moreover, many people prefer potato juice to onion juice because potato juice smells better. If you want to use potato juice to hair growth treatment, you just take the juice from a potato with the help of mixer or food processor. After that, you should add a little of raw honey and one yolk of an egg. Stir it well in order to create the smooth paste. Apply this paste on your hair and wait for 20-30 minutes before washing it off. You can shampoo your hair as normal. This hair mask is amazingly effective and totally natural.

21. Care Your Hair When You Sleep

Some people who sleep in the improper ways and wrong position always experience hair breakages and hair loss. Therefore, it is needed for you to take care of your hair when sleeping. It is simple. You just need to make sure that you never sleep with a tight braid or a tight ponytail. If you do this, it cannot help your hair grow. On the contrary, it will lead to hair breakage and pain in your scalp. You should loosen your ponytail instead.

22. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to grow hair faster

Apple cider vinegar is the great excellent solution that helps to get rid of the grime, dirt, and pollution which may accumulate in your hair. Moreover, apple cider vinegar can help you to wash off the residue left on your hair and scalp due to hair products. If you want to ask me the effective home remedies on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally, we would like to recommend apple cider vinegar for you. Moreover, this remedy not only boosts your hair growth but also makes your hair shinier, stronger, and healthier.

23. Rose Water

Besides apple cider vinegar rinse, you can use rose water as the effective way on how to grow your hair faster naturally. Rose water will make your hair healthier, shinier, and stronger while improving your hair growth. After you shampoo your hair, spray a little rose water on your hair. After that, you need to massage your hair in circular motions and apply sufficient apple cider vinegar to your hair. You should make sure that apple cider vinegar will cover all the length of your hair, but you should avoid hair roots. It is required leaving this treatment for a couple of minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. This tip on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally is simple, but it works. Therefore, why to wait? Try it to get a long beautiful hair.

24. Address Your Medical Conditions

how to grow hair faster

If you have tried a lot of home remedies and techniques on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally but the result is not good as you expected, the possible reason may be the underlying problems such as hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorder, chronic illness and other health problems and infections. Moreover, if you use certain medications such as beta-blockers, birth control pills, antidepressants, anabolic steroids, anticonvulsants, and others may result in several hair problems such as hair loss and hair thinning.

Scalp infections and seborrheic dermatitis may cause the hair issues like mild hair loss and itchy scalp. Therefore, if you want to have a long beautiful hair, you should address hair problems and treat them as possible as you can in order not to make these health problems hamper your hair growth. In order to use this hair treatment, you should dissolve apple cider vinegar into a litter of water. Firstly, you should rinse our hair with natural conditioner. And then use this mixture as the final step after shampooing and conditioning your hair. If you do not like apple cider vinegar odor, you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the apple cider vinegar solution. An alternative way is using lemon juice to substitute for apple cider vinegar. Mix lemon juice with water in the same proportion.

25. Some Hair Tips

how to grow hair faster

Finally, in this article, we would like to share with you some useful hair tips that you should remember. It is important to treat your hair gently because any hard rough hair treatment can result in hair damage and breakages. Your hair will become fragile when it is wet. Therefore, you need to dry it gently with the soft towel. After cleaning your hair, you should avoid hard brushing too.

Another thing should be noted that any hair products may help your hair look beautiful and gorgeous at the time; however, if you keep using it too much, it can damage your hair. Your hair needs to breathe in order to grow. The fewer hair products you use, the healthier your hair will be.

When you have some useful hair tips and know the effective techniques and home remedied on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally, you should try, experience and enjoy your beautiful hair.

These are 25 useful tips and techniques as well as effective home remedies we would like to share with the readers. What is your secret on how to improve hair growth? Do you like to share with us? Please feel free to leave your comments below. We are glad for your contribution.

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