16 Health and Beauty Benefits of Kava Kava

Kava kava plant is in the pepper family. It is defined with a short thick stem and green oblong leaves. Piper Methysticum is a botanical name of the kava kava. This plant also has other simple names such as Ava, Awa, Sakau and Yaqona. The Kava Kava plant often grows in the Western Pacific region of the world. People have taken the root of this plant for medical uses because this root contains an active medicinal compound known as Kavalactones. Kava Kava plant has been used for treating many health and beauty issues by many cultures because of its calming, anesthetic, and sedating properties. The Kava Kava root possesses many medicinal benefits due to the presence of the compound known as Kavalactones. Furthermore, Kava Kava root is also loaded with a lot of organic compounds and essential nutrients such as minerals, water, protein, starch, protein and dietary fiber. There are a lot of beauty benefits of Kava Kava. For examples, it can be used to relieve anxiety, support weight loss, get rid of premature aging, quit smoking, soothe menopause symptoms, aid sleep, relax muscles, prevent headaches and improve the kidney’s health. Kava Kava also has many beauty benefits of skin and hair. Let’s find out more amazing health and beauty benefits of Kava Kava by reading this article below in Allremedies.com.

I. Health Benefits Of Kava Kava

1. Relieve Headaches And Migraines

Using Kava Kava is effective in relieving headaches and migraines. Its soothing effects can give you a deep relaxation and a peaceful feeling. If the headaches cause your sleep deprivation, Kava Kava is also an excellent herbal remedy for you. This herb does not cause any unwanted side effects on your concentration. It is the reason why people seem prefer Kava Kava to prescribed or over-the-counter medications for headaches and migraines. Treating headaches and migraines is one of amazing health benefits of Kava Kava I would like to introduce to you in this article.

2. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Reducing stress and anxiety is also one of amazing health benefits of Kava Kava. Using Kava Kava can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety such as dizziness, nervousness, and restlessness. Therefore, this herb is recommended for people who have a frequent anxiety attack and a high level of stress during their life.

3. Help To Quit Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health because it may increase the risk of life-threatening or fatal diseases like cancer. It may accompany the withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, etc. However, quitting smoking is hard and tough. Not many people can do it without support. It is surprising to know that using Kava Kava can help you quit smoking. You just need to add Kava Kava powder to your milk or drinks and then take it. Alternatively, you can take Kava Kava capsules and extract after consulting your doctor carefully. Drinking Kava Kava also help you significantly.

4. Treat Gingivitis

Gingivitis, a type of periodontal disease, is caused by the inflammation of tissues and gums surrounding the teeth. Although patients with gingivitis do not experience any pain, they may notice the symptoms such as swollen and red gums, bad breath, pulling back of the gums away from the teeth, bleeding gums, and shifting teeth. Besides over-the-counter medications, gingivitis can be treated with numerous home remedies. Treating gingivitis is one of the amazing health benefits of Kava Kava I would like to introduce to you in this article. You just need to create a thick paste by mixing myrrh gum powder, Kava Kava powder, 1 tablespoon of white oak bark and 5 drops of any essential oil. Use this paste to brush your teeth on a daily basis.

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5. Treat Insomnia

benefits of kava kava

There is a close link between consuming Kava Kava and a restful sleep. Particularly, It is recommended taking Kava Kava before bedtime if you feel difficulty sleeping. Using Kava Kava is effective in helping you fall asleep more easily and improving the quality of sleep, which is included in a list of amazing health benefits of Kava Kava. You can make the Kava Kava tea by adding 1 tablespoon Kava Kava powder into a cup of clean water. After 15 minutes, you can drink it before bedtime. It is recommended drinking Kava Kava tea on a daily basis to get a satisfactory result.

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6. Cure Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If you are experiencing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you should be interested in amazing health benefits of Kava Kava. Kava Kava is a potential herbal remedy that can treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder while other herbs like Ginkgo Biloba and St. John’s wort do not work. Taking Kava Kava can treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder because Kava Kava can improve cognition and has sedative properties.

7. Cure Urinary Tract Infections

The Kava Kava contains antifungal and antibacterial properties; therefore, it is not surprising when curing urinary tract infections is one of the amazing health benefits of Kava Kava. The diuretic effects of the Kava Kava can make it have the ability to reverse infections from the bladder. Using Kava Kava can kill off the bacteria causing urinary tract infections. To use Kava Kava for treating urinary tract infections, you just need to add the powder of the Kava Kava into the water and then stir it for about 10 minutes. Consume it daily to get a satisfactory result.

8. Cure Toothache, Sore Gums, And Sore Throat

The Kava Kava contains anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and antiseptic properties; therefore, using Kava Kava can relieve the pain caused by a toothache, sore gums, and sore throat. Talking about amazing benefits of Kava Kava for oral health, you should not ignore that. Suffering from those oral health issues, you just need to chew 1/4 piece of the Kava Kava root for 5 minutes and then rub its drops on the affected areas. Drinking a cup of the Kava Kava tea on a daily basis also gives you a significant relief.

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9. Get Rid Of Menopause Symptoms

Kava Kava has the ability to avoid mood problems and reduce anxiety caused by menopause. Therefore, getting rid of menopause symptoms is one of amazing health benefits of Kava Kava. According to a number of studies, Kava Kava works more effectively than other herbs like valerian and Ginkgo Biloba in treating menopause symptoms. You can drink Kava Kava tea or take Kava Kava capsules to get a significant relief. Before you take Kava Kava capsules, it is important for you to consult your doctor or a health care provider.

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