25 Natural Home Remedies for Nail Fungus Infections

The fungus is a popular fungal infection that can be found beneath your fingernail or toenail in the form of yellow or white spots under your nail’s tip. While fungus can appear on both your finger and toe but most typically on toes because of the environment convenient for the fungus to develop fast, especially a group of the fungus named dermatophytes. Fungus can cause your irritation, firstly exists on your toe or finger, cracks or splits your nail, but then will spread out to other parts of your body, which is very dangerous; therefore, fungus should be treated as soon as possible. In the beginning, there is fading effect happening under your nail’s tip, then your nail becomes entirely discolored and broken down along the edges. When you have to endure fungus, your nail will turn yellow causing irritating symptoms such as thickening, swelling, inflammation, pain or crumbling nail or dull without shine. The main causes for this symptom are continuous exposure to the wet environment, weak immune system, poor hygiene, etc.

Seeing that fungus causes so much trouble to those who have to suffer from it, in this article, AllRemedies.com reveals to you top 25  best natural home remedies for nail fungus infections. According to this article, the most effective homemade treatments originating from natural sources will be shown to help you deal with nail fungus optimally. Such natural ingredients are free from toxins and are always available around you, if you really want to get rid of nail fungus, you’d better consider some of the following remedies. Hopefully, after reading this article, your situation will partially be improved and you will have strong, shiny and firm nail as you expect.

Carrying out the following remedies for strong nail and avoiding its spreading to other parts of your body really helps protect your nail as well as its surroundings.

25 Best Natural Home Remedies For Nail Fungus Infections

1. The Mixture Of Tea Tree Oil With Other Kinds Of Carrier Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

The first effective treatment that should not be indifferent to is extracting tea tree oil. With its great utility, it is not strange that tea tree oil is applied to cure so many diseases, symptoms including nail fungus. Loaded in tea tree oil are so many antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. All of them are so helpful in treating infections and skin disorders, besides relieving the pain efficiently, destroying the microbes and fungus fast. In addition, tea tree oil is used widely to absorb the bad smell from the cracked nail. It will be a huge shortcoming if natural home remedies for nail fungus ignore tea tree oil. Using it on a regular basis, it is sure your nail’s situation will be improved remarkably. There are many ways of using tea tree oil that you may like, choose the best suitable one and apply it now:

The first method you can try is also the most simple one: Soak with tea tree oil

  • You prepare some tea tree oil plus a cotton ball
  • You humidify the cotton ball with some drops of tea tree oil, then you apply it to your fungus area
  • You use soaked cotton ball to dab gently on the infected nail for 10 minutes
  • After that, take a toothbrush to scrub on the infected nail gently
  • The next step is that you have to prepare a mixture of tea tree oil with equal amount of thyme oil or olive oil to apply on your skin
  • Or you can mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil with water in large bowl, and then you dip your fungus nail in the mixture for a while.
  • You should apply this method twice a day, in the morning and in the evening until you realize your fungus disappears totally.
  • This method also takes effect on your toenail fungus.

The second method to cure your fungus nail is utilizing the mixture between tea tree oil and olive oil. This is also among the most effective home remedies for nail fungus that you may be interested in:

  • First, you add some drops of tea tree oil into a teaspoon of olive oil
  • Then, you mix the oil together and rub it on your fungus nail
  • You leave your nail on for a few minutes and rinse off with water
  • You dry your nail after that and repeat this method regularly to eliminate the fungus nail immediately.

The third remedy that you may try to treat fungus nail is the combination of tea tree oil with orange oil and grape seed oil:

  • First, you need to prepare 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil, ½ teaspoon of orange oil, ½ teaspoon of olive oil or grapeseed
  • You mix all of them together in a bowl
  • Then you soak a clean cotton ball in the solution for a few minutes
  • You squeeze the cotton ball gently to let the liquids spread on your infected nail
  • You leave your nail there to get dry naturally
  • Reapply this method everyday if you can to completely get rid of troublesome fungus nail.

2. Make Paste From Or Soak Fungus Nail In Baking Soda

home remedies for nail fungus

Baking soda can be met in many natural treatments for health problems and symptoms. Included in the best natural home remedies for fungus nail, it is widely recognized by patients of nail problems. The reason why baking soda is so popular like that is it is comprised of fungistatic compound, which is not utilized to kill fungus but very beneficial in improving nail’s situation, preventing fungus from developing and spreading. On the other hand, it also contains the opposite side of acidic called alkaline which is likely to grow if the environment gets acidic. There are also many ways utilizing baking soda to deal with nail fungus.

The first method would be taking raw baking soda:

  • Firstly, you need to wash your hands carefully with warm water
  • You dry your nail with soft and dry towel
  • Then you combine 1 part of water with 2 parts of baking soda in a bowl
  • Stir them well until you get something like paste
  • You use a cotton swab to put the paste on your affected nail and let it there for 10-15 minutes
  • When you are done, you rinse your nail off and dry your nail.
  • Repeat the method twice a day till your fungus is completely defeated.
  • You will need a few days to two weeks for this process, so it is not strange when seeing your nail fall off.

The second method which is also one of the most efficient home remedies for nail fungus is the mixture of baking soda with Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide and water:

  • You prepare ingredients following the ratio of ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of Epsom salt, ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and 4 cups of water to guarantee the highest effect.
  • You combine all the ingredients and stir them well, then add into the solution ¼ cup of white vinegar.
  • Then you have to dip your infected fingernail and toenail in vinegar for a few minutes
  • After that, you soak a clean cotton ball in the soda solution
  • You apply soda solution on your nail fungus with cotton ball and wrap it carefully to keep it in place
  • Remember to repeat the process for each 10 hours to 4 weeks to be free from troublesome nail fungus.
  • And you should take this remedy on a regular basis to eliminate fungus fast.

The mixture of baking soda with vinegar is also of the potent home remedies for nail fungus, so you can try if you want:

  • You mix a cup of either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with enough amount of water
  • You dip your infected area in this solution for 15 minutes
  • When you are done, dry your nail with soft towel
  • Then, don’t forget to take some tablespoons of baking soda and add enough water in it.
  • You mix them well to get baking soda solution, soak your nail in it for 15 minutes
  • When you are done, you pat your nail dry with soft towel and reapply the method 2 times daily
  • In this approach, while baking soda helps limit the growth of fungus, vinegar is used to kill the harmful fungus. This is undoubtedly one of the best home remedies for nail fungus that you should apply.

One more remedy made from baking soda is also worth being tried by those who are suffering from nail fungus is called baking soda with sodium borate. As we may know, when you get nail fungus, it means that the environment in toenail and fingernail contains so much acidic that can create favorable space for the fungus to flourish tremendously. Baking soda, when being combined with sodium borate known as simply borax – a naturally occurring mineral creating potent fungicide, will form a perfect remedy to treat nail fungus completely. The instruction is as followed:

  • You take equal amount of baking soda and borax powder and water, then mix them well to create a paste
  • Before implementing the remedy, you have to humidify your infected nail and rub the paste gently on it.
  • Apply this method twice a day and continue with it for approx. 2 weeks later until you realize the better result on nail fungus.

3. Apply Coconut Oil To Make Effective Treatment For The Nail Fungus

home remedies for nail fungus

Coconut oil is a kind of oil well known for its great function in curing some problems relating to hair, skin or taking effect as a beauty tool. You can try using coconut oil in the healing process of hair and skin, you will definitely experience great feeling. One more utility of coconut oil may sound strange but really effective in combating with nail fungus. Because loaded in coconut oil are medium-chain fatty acids, which act as natural fungicides immersing in the fat layer of fungal membrane resulting in the system’s weakness causing cell disintegration and destruction of fungus. This is the exact procedure for coconut oil to treat nail fungus. The method of using coconut is quite simple as follow:

  • Firstly, you need to take a little coconut oil on your hands
  • You immediately apply the oil to the infected nail and gently massage this area
  • You let your nail absorb oil and be dry naturally
  • Remember that you have to wash and dry your hands clean between each application
  • Reapply the methods from 2 to 3 times a day until you see the better result on your nail. Actually, if you want to own a set of shiny and clean nail to prevent fungus symptoms later, you can also apply coconut oil

4. Use Orange Oil Directly Or Mix It With Grape Seed Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

Orange oil is proven a potent fungicide useful to the nail’s structure, especially nail fungus.

Being a great natural anti-fungal, it is widely applied on toenails to cure the infection. Using orange oil for fungus nail, to make it easy for you, you should use a dropper to apply it on nails and toes. But make sure that you just use the pure orange oil for your fungus nail, it will make the best of the best home remedies for nail fungus, or else, it may do harm to sensitive skin. When facing this situation, you should combine orange oil with the natural carrier oil such as olive oil or grape seed oil  at 1:1 rate. However, before using orange oil on your fungus nail, you still should test it on your skin to avoid unexpected citrus allergies. When you are sure about your orange oil, it’s time you took the following instruction for the better nails. The guide is made with the mixture of orange oil with another kind of carrier oil:

  • Basing on rate 1:1, you prepare an equal amount of orange oil with enough amount of grape seed oil
  • You mix the oil together, then use the solution to apply on your infected nail
  • When you are done, let it be dry naturally for a few minutes and repeat the process as gradually as you can until you get complete relief of fungus on your nail.

Another approach utilizing orange oil is that:

  • You pour orange oil into a dropper
  • Then, you use it to apply orange oil between or under your nail
  • You gently rub the oil on nail and wait till it gets dry
  • Reapply this method 2 times a day to completely get rid of nail fungus.

5. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Take Use Of Oregano Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

One of the most wonderful natural home remedies for nail fungus should not ignore one kind of oil with natural origin called oregano oil. Loaded with a large number of beneficial properties including antiviral, anti-parasitical, analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial compounds, oregano oil helps to heal infection on your nail as well as provide it with unbelievable shiny appearance. You can combine oregano oil with another kind of oil such as olive oil for fungus nail elimination.

  • You need to mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 2 drops of oregano oil.
  • Mix them well together, prepare a cotton ball or a dropper to apply the solution on your fungus affected nail.
  • You should apply this method once a day for about 3-4 weeks to get the strongest nail.

6. Soak Fungal Nail In White Vinegar

home remedies for nail fungus

This is an indispensable ingredient in every home because of its great function in so many tasks and health problems, and nail fungus is not an exception. In white vinegar, there exist antifungal compounds that can kill fungal actions on the nail without causing side effects. It also helps to gain pH balance to help you eliminate fungus issues thoroughly. Besides mixing with baking soda as described above, white vinegar can be used on its own to make it one the most outstanding home remedies for nail fungus. Follow these steps for the best relief of fungus situation:

  • All you need to do is mixing 2 parts of warm water with one part of white vinegar
  • You mix them well and dip your fungus affected nail in the solution for 10-15 minutes
  • In the event that you feel irritated on the nail, put some more water in the solution
  • Remember that you can reapply this remedy every day for the best result, and be sure to wash your area and dry it thoroughly after soaking your nail in the solution, otherwise fungus will spread to other parts.

7. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Thoroughly Nail Fungus

home remedies for nail fungus

Apple cider vinegar is another kind of vinegar possessing mild acidic nature having the ability to fight against fungus situation efficiently. It can combat with bacteria and prevents the fungus from spreading to other parts. There are many forms of ACV that can be applied on nail fungus.

The first approach is in the form of spray: You mix 1 tablespoon of ACV with one cup of water and fill in a spray bottle with this solution. At night, before going to bed, you spray this mixture under your infected nail to help heal the infection and regain its natural appearance.

The second form is diluted apple cider vinegar:

  • You prepare ACV and water with the same amount
  • You mix them together to get solution
  • Then you soak your fungus affected nail in this solution for about half an hour.
  • When you are done, you tap your nail dry thoroughly
  • Reapply this approach every day for at least 4 weeks to see the best improvement.

You may also like the form of mixture between ACV and Rice flour:

  • To get the mixture, you have to prepare ground rice flour mixed with a few ACV
  • Stir them well until you get paste of it, then apply it directly to your infected nail
  • After that, you scrub the area thoroughly so that dead skin cells can be removed and your skin can be kept soft
  • Reapply this process regularly to prevent the growth of fungus and get rid of it quickly.

8. Take Some Garlic Cloves Or Extract Its Juice

home remedies for nail fungus

Garlic may be an important part in every meal and a must-have item in every kitchen because of its great utility. Not just well known in treating some basic health problems such as a cough, a headache,… and even basic infection including fungus issue. In treating fungus problems, garlic is also believed to be one of the best natural home remedies for nail fungus. It can not be denied that garlic contains compounds strong enough to help people deal with fungus efficiently including allicin and ajoene which own antifungal properties beneficial to treat fungus situation. Keep following the instruction to have the best treatment for the nail fungus:

  • Firstly, you have to prepare an equal amount of garlic oil and white vinegar, then you mix it well
  • You apply this solution to your affected nail and keep it in place by wrapping the area with a clean bandage
  • This way helps to weaken fungal actions in a few hours
  • Another way is that you can try crushing 2-3 garlic cloves
  • Mix crushed garlic with 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Let the mixture steep for a few minutes, then you can apply it directly to the affected area
  • Leave the area absorb the mixture without touching it
  • You can also eat a garlic clove each day which also helps to cure nail fungus.

9. Calm Your Infection With Lavender Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

Among the most natural home remedies for nail fungus, lavender oil is widely extracted to help cure infection, especially fungus infection in nail and is proven to create more positive result for fungal nail after a period of time taking it. Lavender oil is found with anti-fungal compounds, which create a perfect treatment towards simple symptoms of fingernail or toenail fungus. Besides, volatile and antiseptic properties are found in lavender oil helping combat with infection as well as skin irritation excellently. There are some approaches taking advantage of lavender oil that you may take, but in the framework of this article, you can follow one of the following two instructions:

You can apply directly by dropping a few of lavender oil on the infected nail before going to bed at night. You’d better let it soak for the whole night. To prevent oil falling out, wrap your feet with wool socks or your fingernail with bandages. Be sure not to use socks made from fibers as they may cause an even worse situation. By applying this remedy regularly, your nail will call back its shiny beauty as well as its initial strength soon.

You also can combine lavender oil with another kind of natural oil, which is tea tree oil:

  • You prepare lavender oil and tea tree oil with the same quantities
  • Mix them together and warm it
  • Then, you use a cotton ball to soak in this mixture
  • Every night, before going to bed, you use soaked cotton ball to dab gently on the infected nail and surrounding parts
  • You leave it overnight. With fingernail, you wrap it with that cotton ball sealed with gauze or take on your woolen socks with toenail fungus so that the effectiveness can be promoted
  • Reapply this method for 3-5 days until your nails are totally free from fungus and get complete relief from fungus situation.

10. Extract Lemon Juice For Fungus

home remedies for nail fungus

When mentioning the best natural home remedies for nail fungus, it will be a huge shortcoming if we forget an ingredient, which is very familiar with people in daily life: lemon.  Lemon juice may be your favorite drink to cool you down in hot weather but to be exact, it is the source that you can extract if you are suffering from irritation from nail fungus for a long time. In lemon juice, people found out citric acid, which is extremely essential in treating nail fungus, especially avoiding fungus growth in your nail within a  short time. Besides, lemon juice is enriched with antifungal and antiseptic properties that take strong effect in combating with nail infection. There are many ways for you to apply lemon juice on your nail fungus, but in this article, you can try the following 2 ways to treat stubborn fungus nail:

Take fresh lemon juice:

  • Take a lemon to squeeze to get its juice, then apply it directly to your fungus affected nail
  • You’d better let your nail absorb lemon juice for 10-14 minutes, then you wash off it with tepid water
  • Remember to tap it gently to be dry and repeat this process for one month to ensure that you are completely relieved from nail infection.

The second approach that you may find it suitable is combining lemon juice with olive oil:

  • Take lemon juice and olive oil with the same quantities
  • You mix them together to get a solution that is applied on your infected nail later. You should massage your nail and surrounding parts gently with this solution
  • You let it sit for a while and reapply the method regularly
  • In this method, if lemon juice helps to eliminate the fungal infection, olive oil’s mission is to bring soft feeling to your skin. It is actually worth trying this method.

11. Remove Fungus Quickly With Olive Leaf Extract

home remedies for nail fungus

Continuing with olive leaf extract, it is also among the most popular home remedies for nail fungus that you may be interested in. It is an excellent choice for those who are day by day suffering from bothersome nail fungus with the uncomfortable smell. Utilizing olive leaf extract is commonly used to stop nail fungus as well as prevent the spreading of the fungus to other surrounding areas. The reason explaining why olive leaf extract is so magical like that is because it contains antibiotic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which can reduce the effect of fungus. When being used as daily treatment, it can be a potent cure for your nail fungus. In addition, it is also a powerful detoxifier. Once your body begins to store up toxins, taking this extract can help to revitalize your energy, simultaneously have an impact on the nail infected by fungus improving the negative situation on your nail quickly. The recipe is as followed:

  • You take some olive leaf extract and apply directly to your infected nail
  • If you want to speed up the healing process, you can also try consume olive leaf in form of capsule
  • Repeat the above process if you wish to be free from fungus nail soon.

12. Natural Lemongrass Oil To Cure Fungus Efficiently

There come other effective natural home remedies for nail fungus that you may take advantage of including lemon grass oil. Because lemongrass oil possesses the comfortable aroma, it is commonly utilized to wipe off the unpleasant smell from nail fungus and supply your hands with the mild scent and soft sensation. It is seen that lemongrass oil is very successful in eradicating infection on nail fast thanks to its high level of antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, so apart from preventing fungus’ growth, it also controls well such symptoms as fragility, crumbling or distortion on toenail. To get a positive result, you can either apply lemongrass oil directly on your infected nail or combine it with another carrier oil.

You can apply the lemongrass oil on your nail and massage it gently approximately 3 times daily. It is sure your condition will be improved soon.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended that you should try mixing up lemongrass oil with another kind of carrier oils like coconut oil or grape seed oil bought from the nearest food store. Such oils help to soothe the severity of lemongrass oil.

  • Before applying this method, remember to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • You add 12 drops of lemongrass oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil listed above.
  • When you have got the expected solution, apply it to your infected nail.
  • Or you can drink lemongrass tea every day (3 times), then reuse the tea bags for the infected area. This helps to increase the healing process of nail fungus.

13. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Use Salt Or Combine Olive oil With Salt

home remedies for nail fungus

When mentioning home remedies for nail fungus, we can not forget the salt. Salt is an essential ingredient that is applied most thanks to its effectiveness and its natural origin without causing the side effect. If you are living near the beach, it is really advantageous for you to dip your infected toenail in the seawater. Seawater contains a high rate of salt, and if you are not living there, you can totally try to make saltwater on your own to cure harmful bacteria and fungus. Soaking fungus area in saltwater is proven efficient and this method is also very simple to follow. You can make simple salt water as followed:

  • Firstly, you pour a relative amount of water in a basin and be sure it is enough for your feet soaking.
  • Then, take hydrogen peroxide to supplement the water and soak your toenail into it.
  • You take your feet out when you are done, and place some sea salt on toenails
  • You let them there for 3 minutes
  • After that, you put a cup of ground sea salt into the basin
  • And dip your feet again in the solution, let them soak for ½ hour more. By doing so, the fungus will be killed, then your nail will become stronger again.

Salt can also be mixed with olive oil to make one of the greatest home remedies for nail fungus. Both of them are two key factors in every kitchen. The method of taking this mixture is quite simple:

  • You just need to mix some table salt with olive oil
  • Stir them well until the salt absorbs the oil
  • What you should do next is to dip every of your infected nails in the solution
  • Repeat this process twice daily and reapply it until your fungus situation is eliminated thoroughly. This approach provides you with extremely fast and effective cure for fungus nail, so take it now!
14. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Take Some Corn Meal If Possible

home remedies for nail fungus

Believe it or not, corn meal can make a perfect remedy and be still outstanding one among hundreds of home remedies for nail fungus. It may sound interesting at first, but once you take this remedy, you won’t be disappointed as your fungus situation is gradually controlled and your nail day by day regains its initial shiny appearance. In fact, corn meal naturally creates a harmless form of the fungus to your body but is very dangerous to the most popular fungal parasite called Candida causing people’s infection. The way of using corn meal is also very simple:

  • In a big sized container, you pour two quarts of water into one cup of corn meal
  • You let corn meal dilute in water for about 1 hour
  • After specified time, you soak your feet with infected toenail into the mixture for 30 minutes or more
  • While there is still no exact time for reapply this method, it is suggested that you should repeat the process once a week, or you also apply it daily. It really depends on your situation of nail fungus. If you like, perform the method as gradually as you can be provided that you see the better result in the situation.
15. Listerine Mouth Wash Is Not Just For Mouth

home remedies for nail fungus

You usually hear about Listerine as one of the best products for the mouth. But, it is not just so, it is also used as one of the greatest home remedies for nail fungus. Listerine mouthwash, with potent antibacterial properties, is not only used to kill germs and bacteria in your mouth but also struggle well with fungus in the nail. Listerine contains beneficial compounds along with alcohol, which function as powerful antiseptic helping keep your nail away from harmful fungi and infection. The advice for you is that preparing at least a bottle of Listerine mouthwash, apart from being used to wash your mouth thoroughly, it can be availably used to cure nail fungus. Follow the following guides for details:

  • First, you need to prepare a tub and pour enough Listerine mouthwash into it
  • Secondly, supplement it with undiluted lemon juice and vinegar
  • Stir them together and dip your infected nail in it for 10-15 minutes
  • Then, you scrub your fungus affected nail mildly and pat it dry thoroughly
  • Reapply this process every day till you realize your nail is grown up strongly without any infection.

Keep continuing reading the article for more natural home remedies for nail fungus.

16. Kill Fungus Symptom With Potatoes

home remedies for nail fungus

If you are considering what the most effective home remedies are for the nail fungus without causing the side effect, you should take use of natural source like potatoes. Potato is safe in nature, so you won’t feel worried when applying on your infected nail. Moreover, it is enriched with anti-fungal properties, so the process of clearing up the fungus as well as healing the infected nail area will be enhanced once you apply potatoes on your infected nail. Moreover, potatoes are always available around you, you will save time to seek for a cheap but efficient remedy. To take the best effect of potatoes on fungus nail, you should  follow the guide below:

  • First, you need to prepare peeled potato, slice it into half
  • Then you mix it with turmeric to create a paste for affected nail
  • After that, you let your nail absorb potato’s nutrition for about 8 hours
  • When finishing, you rinse if off with water
  • The most important part in this treatment is that potatoes can also restore your nail’s original color. So don’t hesitate to apply this safe and effective remedy on your nail fungus now.
17. Extract Onion To Treat Fungus Well

home remedies for nail fungus

Onion is an essential ingredient in every kitchen due to its wide application in daily life. If you want to add more flavor to your dishes, use onion. Surprisingly, onion is also utilized by so many people, especially those who have some basic health problems and also getting the infection on the nail. Those its smell is quite hard that may make you feel uncomfortable, but in fact, such odor brings about great benefits to your health, especially makes a  miraculous recipe to combat with fungal infection. It is used by Ayurveda practitioners to deal with not only skin problems but also nail fungus or even the most stubborn nail infection. This remedy is simply carried out as the following guide:

  • Firstly, you need to take some onion and extract its juice in a bowl
  • Then, you apply the juice directly to your fungus nail’s area
  • You can also try to take a piece of onion, place it on your infected nail. By doing so, your nail’s strength will be recovered soon
  • To boost the speed of nail healing process, you can mix onion juice with half of lemon juice to make complete relief from nail fungus.
18. Ground Turmeric To Eliminate Fungus Fast

home remedies for nail fungus

If you are being annoyed by fungus nail but still don’t know how to get rid of it, the advice for you is to take use of turmeric. People usually consider it as one of the most effective home remedies for nail fungus because it is naturally one of the strongest antifungal and antiseptic agents. It has extremely positive impact on your body, from protecting your skin from being infected to keeping you away from cancer. In dealing with nail fungus, turmeric is also evaluated to remove fungi speedily as well as provide your nail with sustainable strength. To use the method, you need to follow the steps below:

  • First, you have to prepare ground turmeric
  • Mix it with water or fresh lemon juice to create a paste
  • Then you apply the paste directly on your infected nail’s area
  • You can take this treatment 1-2 times a day provided that you see the better result from it
  • Apply this paste every day and if possible, leave turmeric paste there on your nail for a whole day. This will speed up the healing process of nail simultaneously remove fungus completely and prevent the spread of it thoroughly.

If it is not enough for your nail improvement, you’d better see the next tip for more home remedies for nail fungus.

19. Keep A Healthy Diet To Keep Strong Nail

home remedies for nail fungus

Diet seems to be not related to the process of removing fungus on the nail, but in fact, once your body is kept healthy, all the parts on your body will be healthy too. That’s why even you think diet is not connected with the growth of fungus, you still keep a healthy diet to not only prevent fungus’ spreading out but also avoid other severe health diseases.

You should include immune boosting dishes in your daily diet to get a healthy immune system as well as keep possible infection far away from yourself. Or you can totally try to consume foods rich with probiotic (described in the next tip). Such goods, with strong anti-fungal compounds, will help to limit the growth of fungus and ward off infections gradually. To empower the immune system, there is another way for you, which is supplementing your diet with at least 5 servings of vegetables and fresh fruit. Such ingredients in turn are found to treat nail fungus well as well as prevent it from reappearing later. Take some vitamin E if you can to completely remove nail fungus.

20. Supplement Your Body With Probiotics

home remedies for nail fungus

Like onychomycosis, fungal overgrowth is caused by the imbalance of micro-flora in your body. To get rid of this situation, you should consider supplementing with probiotic that makes one of the most common home remedies for nail fungus. Included in probiotics are gut bacteria which can make obstacles for the growth and spread of fungi and limits the living space of harmful microbes. In addition, in most probiotic agents, lactobacillus bacteria is found to be poisonous to Candida. Therefore, to keep a healthy body and prevent the growth of nail infection, you should control your daily diet by using supplements containing no sugar because it may cause unwanted fungus to have space to develop. Such probiotics containing helpful bacteria can really ward off fungus thoroughly along with bad bacteria, protozoa and virus. Remember to take the right kind of probiotics which are natural and fresh enough for your infected nail.

After reading most commonly known and used natural home remedies for nail fungus, there come other actions that are beneficial for your nail and help your nail experience clean environment with no space for fungus, bacteria to spread widely.

21. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Keep Good Hygiene

home remedies for nail fungus

First of all, you must be aware that your nail infection is caused by wet, dirty, narrow environment existing around your toenail and fingernail. The main reasons are uncountable, but the most ones are because of your taking on gloves for a long time, or wearing closed shoes, thick socks without letting air reach your toenail. As a result, your nail gets wet, and the infection undoubtedly attacks your nail without any hesitation. You should remember that the more air that reaches your nails, the fewer opportunities for the fungus to infect your nails. The advice is that always keep your nails dry by implementing suitable activities such as wearing wide shoes, avoiding hosiery and tights because they can cause the sweaty environment for nails infection, use opting instead of open-toed shoes.

22. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Keep Nails Clean Always

home remedies for nail fungus

 Once again, you should remember that your nail easily gets infected due to your carelessness when leaving your fingernail and toenail in environment advantageous for bacteria to flourish. For example, beneath your nail is stuck with dirt or unclean substances, at the same time, bacteria will have space to grow. Or when your nails are exposed to strong chemicals for a long time, it is certain that fungus will have a chance to attack your nails and surrounding areas.

  • The advice for you is to always keep far away from poisonous sources that can do harm to your strong nails. In addition, you should also carry out some preventive methods such as dry out fingernail and toenail thoroughly after joining unclean activities or being exposed to water.
  • Moreover, remember to groom your nails regularly with manicure or pedicure kit so that your nails are short enough to be free from harmful fungus infection.
  • On a regular basis, you should trim your nails and file down thickened nails, then keep them clean by removing dirt and dust from beneath the nails.
  • Be careful in contacting with the fungus source, specifically touching nail of fungus patients, you should avoid this action to prevent fungus spread from nail to nail.
23. Choose The Most Suitable Outfit For Your Hands

home remedies for nail fungus

If you are too confused to select the best home remedies for nail fungus, you’d better implement activities that are good for your nail to prevent it from visiting you often. To hands, you should consider using some protective methods such as using rubber gloves when you have to be exposed to strong substances during washing dishes, clothes and using cleaning products to avoid absorbing water from outside in. By doing so, your hands are not only protected from sticking with bacteria around your house but also keep your hands dry thoroughly. Because bacteria are likely to develop in moist and warm places, so make sure to provide your nails with the fresh and opening environment.

24. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Suitable Protection For Feet

home remedies for nail fungus

Your toenail fungus also makes your feel really annoyed, your nails become cracked or discolored and even cause a bad smell. So one of the most important thing you should remember to avoid toenail fungus is that always provide your  toenails with fresh environment, at the same time, you should also keep in mind that:

  • When you go swimming or joining some water activities, be sure to take on sandals if around you are so many people using the same shower with you. This is an extremely favorable place for bacteria and fungus to grow. Not just so, such places are very warm, wet and full of sweaty individuals causing bacteria to get access to you easily.
  • One more notice you should take is that keep your feet clean by avoiding barefoot on dirty surfaces such as unclean floor, grass, sand, soil or public places like pools, public shower or locker room,… Thereby, your feet can be kept dry and protected from being attacked by irritated fungus.
  • Instead of using tight and wet socks, try taking on synthetic socks because they will help your feet breathe easily preventing moisture from entering your nails and making them dryer. Remember that your socks must be made from cotton or wool for the best result.
  • About your shoes, if you have to wear shoes for a long time on some special occasions, try to use open-toed shoes because they will leave enough space for your nails without causing humid environment for fungus to spread. Keep this habit combining with the above natural home remedies for nail fungus until your nails get complete relief from troublesome fungus.
  • If possible, you should prepare a spray in your house in case you need it to remove nail fungus. You should use powder or antifungal spray to sprinkle or spray on your feet and into your shoes to avoid infection’s spreading to other parts.
25. Visit Reputable Nail Salons Usually

home remedies for nail fungus

One more crucial rule to keep healthy nails is not abusing nail products because most of them contain high contents of chemicals that can ruin your original nails’ color along with softening your nails making them less firm and strong. You may like to place faked nails or apply polish and paintings on your nails with the purpose of creating bright shine and beauty to your hands and feet, but the outcome may make you worried much. Such polish and artificial nails are really harmful to your nails because they may trap unexpected moisture and spread inspection instead of covering them.

You can go to the nail salon to have nails checked regularly. It is advisable that you should visit nail salons often, but one notice you should take is that the salon is reputable when all the tools must be sterilized to guarantee the best services for your nails, or more carefully, you can bring with you essential tools to let your nails checked safely.

If you are in the middle of fungus treatment period, you should try applying a relative amount of Vicks VapoRub directly on nail to thoroughly remove the fungus on your nails.   

Above remedies are naturally made at home, if you are suffering from nail fungus for a long time, you should select the best suitable remedies to have strong and shiny nails. Hopefully, top 25 best natural home remedies for nail fungus infections can satisfy yourself helping you eradicate even the most stubborn fungus, recover your nail’s strength as well as its original color. To some extents, such remedies are really simple for you to make them at home, the ingredients are also always available around you, you can totally take advantage of them whenever your nail fungus becomes uncontrollable. But in some cases, though you try your best to remove all the fungi agents, but they are too severe symptoms, you should consult doctor’s advice for more feasible treatments. Anyways, with such natural home remedies for nail fungus listed in this article, you can believe that your nail situation will day by day gets improved sharply.

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