40 Foods We Eat at Wrong Hours that Harm our Health, Did You Know?

We all know that a balanced diet is important for a healthy body and consuming healthy foods can keep the body nourished. However, do you know that eating these foods at wrong hours can harm our health?  Therefore, it is very important to know what food to consume at what time to maintain your healthy body. Now, read this interesting article to get more information about the best times to consume some healthy foods.

Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours That Harm Our Health You Should Be Careful With

Now, in this article, we will show you some of the healthy foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health. So, if you want to maintain your optimal health, read this article on AllRemedies and then try to consume these foods at the right time.

I. Foods We Should Not Eat Early In The Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, if you eat the wrong foods, you could find yourself tired throughout the day or eat more than you normally do. Here are some foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health:

1. Green Tea

This is the first one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, so you should try to drink green tea at the right time. Green tea offers numerous health benefits, but you just can reap these benefits when you drink this tea at the right time. In fact, drinking green tea early in the morning can result in acidity and dehydration due to its high content of caffeine. So, you can drink it anytime during the day, but early in the morning.

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2. Low-Fiber Cereal

If you are consuming a cereal that is high in carbs and low in fiber, you will feel hungry before lunchtime and then eat more. This is not good for your weight, especially if you are on a diet. So, low-fiber cereal is one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health.

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3. Light Yogurt

Many light yogurts are high in artificial sugar and chemicals and low in calories. Instead, choose low-fat Greek yogurt that contains protein to keep you fuller for longer. Also, it has no added sugar.

4. Pancakes

foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health

Pancakes often contain refined white carbs, and in case you top them with standard syrup, you can create a sugar crash for yourself. However, you do not need to give up pancakes completely. Just top these pancakes with all-natural maple syrup, and consider combining pancakes with Greek yogurt for more protein.

5. Granola

Apart from being high in calories, granola can have much added sugar and a bit of protein. So, it can cause your blood sugar to increase, making it one of the healthy foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health. Instead, try topping your yogurt with some raw nuts.

6. White Bread

White bread mostly has no nutritional value. Breakfast is very important, so you do not feed it empty calories. Instead, opt for the whole meal or seeded bread. And if you give your children some pieces of white bread, they can mess with their digestion.

7. Mango

When it comes to foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, you should not skip mango, Being high in sugar, mango will make your blood sugar levels increase and leave you crashing before your lunch. Instead, consume fruits that are more tart, and contain more fiber.

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8. Butter

If you slather your toast with butter every morning, this means that you are ingesting high amounts of unhealthy fat each day. Instead, opt for other healthier choices such as low-fat cream cheese.

9. Milk

According to a study about health benefits of dairy products [1], milk contains large amounts of proteins and other essential nutrients; therefore, it is known as a healthy drink. Nonetheless, experts say that drinking milk during the day could make you lethargic because it takes a longer time to digest. So, the best time for you to drink milk is at night because it can relax the body and all of the nutrients could be absorbed effectively.

10. Red Wine

It is a great idea to drink some red wine after dinner; however, drink it during the day is not recommended. This is because red wine has a high content of antioxidants that could be absorbed better when the body is not active. Besides, it is sure that red wine will relax your body after a long day.

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11. Processed Meat

Say no to processed meat because they contain a very high amount of sodium and low amount of actual meat. Check the labels carefully and you may meet with the words “potato starch”, “corn sugar” and “dextrose”.

12. Bacon      

When you are looking for foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, you should not skip the bacon. Bacon is very calorie-heavy due to its high content of fat. And, consuming fat too much in the morning is not a great way to start your day. Therefore, opt for lean meats instead.

13. Pulse And Beans

foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health

They are one of the common foods that we often eat at wrong hours. Pulses and beans are rich in dietary fibers. So, if you consume them at night, they can help with digestion and help in reducing the cholesterol levels and improving your good sleep. This also means that you should not consume fiber-rich foods such as bean, sprouts, or lentils during the daytime. This is because it can increase the appetite and make you eat more throughout the daytime.

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II. Foods We Should Not Eat Before And After Working Out

There are some harmful foods that you should not eat before and after a workout. Some of them include:

1. Whole Grain Breads And Muffins

Generally, carbs can hold water and cause bloating. They can provide you with enough energy, but their side effects outweigh their benefits. Instead, you should choose a plain and white tortilla that contains less fiber, and then top it with some nut butter as well as some sliced banana.

2. Raw Seeds

Grabbing some raw seeds pre-workout might only make you have bloating and stomach discomfort due to their fat content. Consider mixing 1-2 tsp. of your favorite seed with 1/2 cup of oatmeal. The mixture of protein, fat, and carbs is the best choice for you.

There are other healthy foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health in this article. So, keep reading this entire article and then avoid consuming these foods at the wrong times.

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3. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods such as salsa or hot sauce take you time to digest, and you should stay away from these food choices. The body just made a major effort and it needs time to repair. You should opt for foods that are easy to digest, a little sugar and a little protein to get your sugar levels back, and mostly carbohydrates to increase your energy levels.

4. Soda

Remember that you should not drink soda after working out. After a workout, the body needs to hydrate, and soda will not do that for you; instead, it may make you bloated. In fact, this is one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, so you should avoid drinking it after a workout.

5. Fast Foods

Stay away from fast foods after a workout because they are one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health. While you are craving salt after exercising, fast foods will not be a great idea for replenishing the body. You will just consume trans fats and generally undo your workout.

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6. Energy Bars

Energy bars have a large amount of protein, which is great for repairing your muscles post-workout.  However, the fact is that most of the energy bars on the market are rich in refined white sugar and corn syrup and low in nutrients, making them a bad choice for your blood sugar. Therefore, you should take protein from food sources like eggs and skip out processed packaged bars.

7. Raw Veggies

Avoiding raw veggies post- workout may be confusing because they are often a great food choice. According to a research about the worst foods to eat after a workout [2], the problem of raw veggies is that after working out, your body requires serious replenishment such as calories, protein and high-quality carbohydrates and raw veggies will not do that. If you fill your stomach up on raw veggies and feel full, you will not be able to get essential nutrients or calories you need.

8. Prune Juice

This healthy drink can work as a laxative, which you do not need post-workout. Actually, running as well as other exercises can have this effect on the body, so this will only exacerbate this unwanted situation.

9. Black Beans

Another one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health is black beans. Avoid eating black beans in any form – raw, in stews, or soups, or burger form. Actually, black beans have a high content of fiber, which can slow down your digestive process. However, eating them post-workout will be able to make you gassy.

10. Fried Eggs

Consuming eggs raw or hard-boiled is a great way to take in protein after working out. If you want to eat something after a workout, do not opt for eggs in order to ensure that you get them dipped in saturated fats, which you may want to keep out of the diet right after a tough workout.

11. Protein Shakes

Other foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health must include protein shakes. Protein shakes on the market are packed with junk, so they can hinder your post-workout success. Avoid drinks with chemical sugars like artificial flavors, aspartame, and colors. In case real food cannot be your option, choose ones that contain basic ingredients.

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12. Heavy Proteins

Dietitians recommend that you should skip heavy proteins that are hard to digest. In case you are bulking up, you may want to consume foods that have high carb content like tuna and rice. And, in case you are leaning out, you need to avoid carbs to retain the muscles.

13. Sports Drinks

According to a study of the truth of sports drinks [3], they are the perfect hydration replenishments post-workout thanks to their electrolytes. However, the high content of sugar in these sports drinks make them unnecessary drinks post-workout when the body needs no extra glucose running in your bloodstream. If you need a glucose replacement, opt for healthy smoothies or coconut water. A sports drink will just make your blood sugar increase violently.

14. High Fiber Foods

Avoid high fiber foods, especially salads with kale or flax seeds after a workout.  This is because these foods can cause cramping and bloating, making them one of the foods we eat at wrong hour that harm our health. .

15. Candy

foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health

After working out, you should avoid eating candy with refined sugars because it will increase your energy and result in a crash. Actually, candy lacks essential nutrients that provide your body with the sustained energy required to recover post-workout. Instead, you should make a protein-packed smoothie that will keep you satisfied and give you what you need to repair the muscles.

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III. Foods We Should Not Eat Before Going To Bed

To get good night sleeps, you should avoid consuming some foods that can make you awake. These foods can affect negatively your night sleep, making you find difficulty in falling asleep. Some of the foods we should not eat at bedtime:

1. Fruits

Fruits are loaded with folic acid, vitamins, and minerals that can help you stay healthy and fit. However, dietitians say that we should not eat fruits at night. Instead, fruits should be consumed during the daytime. It is because their vitamins and minerals work together to keep you active and fresh throughout the day.

2. Rice

Dietitians suggest that you should avoid eating rice at night because they have a high content of starch. So, if you eat them at night, you could feel bloated and have difficulty in sleeping. Addition to this, eating rice at night could contribute to unwanted weight gain because your body needs longer time to digest them. The best time for you to eat rice is during the day when your metabolic rate is high.

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3. Curd

Another one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health is curd. Actually, eating curd at night can cause heat in your body, acidity as well as other digestive disorders. Moreover, it can also lead to cold, cough and mucus formation. According to dietitians, eating curd during the day is good for health because it can soothe the digestion process and simultaneously help improve gut health.

4. Apple

Apple contains organic acid and it could increase the level of acidity in the stomach. So, eating an apple at night can lead to acid reflux. Apple is rich in a particular fiber called pectin that helps with the bowel function and carcinogen removal from the body, it is advised to eat the apple during the day.

If you want to know other foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, read this entire article and then try to avoid these same mistakes.

5. Banana

Consuming a banana at night can lead to a cough, cold and mucus formation. Therefore, you should avoid eating bananas at night and the time when you have an empty stomach because it can also cause stomach disorders due to its magnesium content. Actually, banana is high in fiber and antacids, so it could help treat digestion and soothe heartburns. Eating bananas during the day can help keep your energy levels stable throughout the day.

6. Dark Chocolate

According to a study of the worst foods for sleep [4], chocolate contains calories, caffeine, and theobromine, which is another stimulant that can cause sleeplessness and increase heart rate. So, it is best to avoid eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate at night.

7. Chicken

Chicken will be counterproductive if it is eaten at night. Digestion is supposed to be slow by nearly 50% while sleeping; however, if you eat a large amount of protein, your digestion will be slower. Instead of only focusing on sleeping, the body will have to focus on digesting.

8. Coffee

We should avoid drinking coffee at night because this could irritate the digestive system. More importantly, drinking coffee before going to bed can make you restless due to its caffeine content, so you can find it hard to sleep. Actually, coffee is known as one of the foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, so do not drink it before going to bed.

9. Sugar

Many foods that are packed with sugar such as ice creams and chocolates should be eaten in the morning. This is because the body insulin is more efficient in burning more sugar throughout the day and we are more active during the day as well. The worst time to eat sugar is at night. It can increase the body fat because you have no physical activity at this time of the day.

10. Mountain Dew

When it comes to foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, Mountain Dew is what you should not eat before going to sleep. Mountain Dew contains 7 mg of caffeine for each serving. Therefore, it can irritate gastrointestinal tract and simultaneously promote the acid reflux, making it not a good idea for a good night’s sleep.

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11. Indian Curry

The heavy spices could keep you awake at bedtime. A study found that young men who consumed Tabasco sauce & mustard in their dinner had difficulty in falling asleep and less deep sleep than men who did not. Besides, spices can also lead to heartburn. So, you should not eat spicy foods in your late-day meal.

12. Bacon Cheeseburger

This is the last one on the list of foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, so if you want to get a good night sleep, avoid consuming this food before going to sleep. The content of stratospheric fat of this fast food is considered as a sleep killer. It stimulates the acid production in your stomach, hence causing heartburn [5]. Besides, fatty foods could loosen the lower esophageal sphincter as well, making it easy for acid to get in wrong places. Actually, there is nothing to recommend this fast food in case you want to maintain your health and your sleep’s quality.

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Now, after you read this entire article about foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health, we hope that you know the wrong time you should not eat these healthy foods, so you do not make the same mistakes. Instead, try to eat them at the right time to grasp of their health benefits and stay healthily.

If you think that this list of foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health is helpful, share it with other readers around you who are consuming these foods at the wrong time. Also, if you know other foods that can harm our health if consumed at wrong hours, leave your comments in the comment box below.

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