Foods High in Potassium – List of 21 Healthy Foods to Choose

High-potassium foods are one of the essential parts of any balanced diet. In fact, the mineral can help to regulate the fluid levels of your body, keep the nervous system functioning properly, and aid in waste removal and muscular function. Besides, potassium can also assist you in reducing high blood pressure and lowering your risk for stroke. If there is a deficiency in potassium in people, it can cause fatigue, depression, muscular weakness, insomnia, and many cardiovascular problems. People with kidney issues should avoid consuming too many high-potassium foods; however, most adults have to consume about 4,700 milligrams per day.

In the framework of this writing, will introduce to you list of top 21 healthy foods high in potassium which can help you in reaching that number. Continue reading this article to understand more!

List Of Top 21 Healthy Foods High In Potassium

1. Sweet Potatoes

foods high in potassium

One of the foods which are high in potassium is sweet potatoes. One sweet potato contains about 694mg of potassium and only 131 calories. In addition, it is fully loaded with fiber, energizing carbs, and beta-carotene. Baked, fried, grilled, stuffed, or mashed, sweet potatoes are the most delicious and healthiest food you can eat.

2. Potatoes

foods high in potassium

Potatoes are a favorite vegetable of Westerners. With a medium potato, it will deliver nearly 600 mg of potassium along with 145 calories, including its skin.

Furthermore, this superfood is also high in vitamin B6 which is quite important for your skin! However, you have to be wary because potatoes can be laced with pesticides and toxic chemicals. Instead, you should choose organic potato sources for this purpose.

3. Tomato

foods high in potassium

Although fresh tomatoes are great, tomato puree or tomato paste is a better source of potassium. While ¼ cup of tomato paste can deliver about 664 milligrams of this vital mineral, ½ cup of tomato puree comes in at about 549 milligrams. Tomato juice has just over 400 milligrams. In addition, sun-dried tomatoes are also high in fiber, vitamin C, and protein, which will help to improve your immune system and digestion. Therefore, if you love using tomatoes for cooking and wish for getting more potassium into the diet, you can make spaghetti sauce, salads, or sandwiches more often.

4. Beet Greens

foods high in potassium

If you have ever bought beets and tossed the greens into the garbage, it's time for you to change your ways. In fact, those cooked and slightly bitter greens should be included in your diet because they deliver about 644mg of potassium per 1/2 cup. In addition, beets in the raw, cooked or folate form are a great source of antioxidants.

5. White Beans

foods high in potassium

Whether you drop them into a soup or cook them up with chili, white beans are still packed with potassium. In just 1/2 cup, you will get about 502 milligrams of the mineral.

6. Plain Yogurt

foods high in potassium

Eight ounces of yogurt contain 579 milligrams of potassium. You can use plain yogurt by mixing it with granola for your breakfast, replacing mayonnaise with it on sandwiches or in salads, and using it as a whipped cream on desserts. In addition, most yogurt products have probiotics, natural bacteria which can improve your digestion and keep the gut healthy.

7. Clams

foods high in potassium

Three ounces of clams in the canned or fresh form deliver about 534 milligrams of potassium and contain the high source of vitamin B12. You can use them to make traditional New England clam chowder or seafood pasta

8. Prunes

foods high in potassium

When it comes to the food high in potassium, prune juice is no joke because it delivers 530 milligrams of potassium per 3/4 cup; 1/2 cup of stewed prunes contains nearly 400 milligrams of this mineral. In addition, eating more of the dried plums can also help in keeping your bones strong.

9. Carrot Juice

foods high in potassium

With 3/4 cup of carrot juice, you will get over 500 milligrams of potassium.

In addition to the potassium benefits, carrots, as well as other orange-colored vegetables and fruits, are also very good for the eyes and vision.

10. Blackstrap Molasses

foods high in potassium

One tablespoon of thick and dark molasses (or also call blackstrap molasses) has about 500 milligrams of potassium. Moreover, it also contains a respectable amount of calcium and iron.

11. Fish

foods high in potassium

Meaty fish like tuna and halibut have about 500mg of potassium per 3-ounce serving. In addition, cod and farm-raised rainbow trout also deliver plenty of potassium. However, potassium is not the only reason to include more fish and seafood in your diet because regularly eating fish can raise your lifespan thanks to the healthy fats present in fresh fish. Furthermore, according to Harvard researchers, a high fish diet also reduces the risk of death by diseases related to heart by 35%.

12. Soybeans

foods high in potassium

½ cup of cooked soybeans has nearly 500 milligrams of potassium. In addition, unprocessed soy products such as edamame are also a good source of protein and they can fight inflammation in your body.

13. Winter Squash

foods high in potassium

Spaghetti squash is a dream of dieter because it has less than 40 calories per serving, but contains plenty of filling fiber and vitamin A. Furthermore, winter squash is also very rich in potassium, with nearly 448 milligrams per half a cup.

14. Bananas

foods high in potassium

Bananas are considered as one the foods high in potassium. One medium banana packs more than 400 milligrams of this heart-healthy mineral. However, bananas are also the hunger buster, which is packed with resistant starch. This is a healthy carb which can fill you up and help to boost your metabolism.

15. Milk

Milk is an excellent source of potassium, with about 382 milligrams per a cup for the non-fat milk. If you do not like milk, you can try adding this fluid to healthy milkshakes and smoothies.

16. Orange Juice

foods high in potassium

Orange juice is one of the healthiest foods high in potassium which you should include in your breakfast. With 3/4 cup of orange juice, it delivers about 355 milligrams of potassium. In addition, fresh orange juice is also a great source of calcium, several B vitamins, and folate.

17. Kidney Beans

foods high in potassium

If you are a fan of kidney beans, you should find more ways to include them in your meals. By this way, you will get more potassium into the diet. Kidney beans have a good source of potassium, with over 600 milligrams per a cup. Furthermore, they are also high in fiber. You can add them to your tasty salads or mash them up with pepper and salt to make a burrito filling.

18. Dried Fruits: Figs, Peaches, And Apricots

foods high in potassium

Dried apricots are one of the foods high in potassium you should try! Furthermore, they can also satisfy your sugar craving. In fact, apricots are most beneficial to the health when dehydrated or served dry, which causes nutrient levels in order to become more concentrated. With one cup of dried apricots, you can get about 1,500mg of potassium. If you do not love dried apricots, you can try dried peaches, dried figs, or raisins which are also a high source of potassium and available in many stores.

19. Avocado

Avocado which is one of the foods high in potassium contains about 975 milligrams per one avocado. In addition to being rich in heart-healthy fats and vitamins, avocado is naturally free of cholesterol and sodium. Luckily, avocado is very versatile, which you can add it to any meal of a day. For breakfast, you can try add it to the morning smoothie by blending ½ avocado with ¼ cup of low fat vanilla yogurt, ½ banana, ¼ cup of ice, 1 cup of coconut water, ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and 1 or 2 teaspoons of agave nectar. If you are vegan, you can skip the vanilla yogurt to enjoy this recipe.

20. Acorn Squash

foods high in potassium

You often do not think of acorn squash when you prepare meals. However, it is one of the foods high in potassium, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. A cup of cooked squash contains almost 900 milligrams of potassium. Steaming or roasting it will prevent you from getting any unnecessary fat. You can cut it into 2 halves, scoop out the seeds, and then slice it into rings, roast these slices with a little pepper, brown sugar, and salt. Kids will love it because it gets so sweet and tender.

21. Dark Leafy Greens

foods high in potassium

One of the best foods high in potassium is leafy greens such as bok choy, Swiss chard, and spinach. While one cup of cooked spinach has more than 800 milligrams of potassium, one cup of boiled bok choy contains around 600 milligrams of potassium. For the Swiss chard, you will get nearly 1,000 milligrams of potassium per one cooked cup. Furthermore, leafy greens are high in vitamins and minerals and low in calories. Therefore, it is very good for you to eat them every day.

If you want to know more about superfoods or other vitamins and minerals go to our main Superfoods page. After reading the article of top 21 foods high in potassium, hope that it can help you find out the best foods to consume them for your potassium need. If you have any question, or you know other foods high in potassium, please leave them below.


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