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Yes, we will be glad for any suggestions and contributions from everyone. However, there some simple but important rules you need to follow before contacting us.

Today, guest blogging creates opportunities for the site creators and blog writers to promote the quality of their articles with no cost. Moreover, it can help to improve the quality of our blog and our ranking on search engines.

Therefore, it will be the great idea if you want to submit your own guest posts in However, if you want your own guest post are soon accepted, you need to read this following post carefully in order to know all the requirements we offer.

In this following post, we have introduced a number of basic guidelines and suggestions for guest posting. If you want to increase the chance to get accepted in the site, please continue reading.

A Number Of Caveats You Should Remember

We will not accept any posts or articles from companies that get the links of the questionable products we have not heard about.

If you want to submit, send your guest post to us via email.

Your guest post will be considered for accepting within 10 days. Therefore, please do not send us any reminder emails that ask whether your guest posts could be accepted.

You need to have WordPress if you want to guest post here.

Benefits Of Guest Post

  1. Be well-known as a blogger.
  2. Improve the quality of inbound links and back-links to your website.
  3. Give your site more blog exposures.
  4. Increase organic traffic.
  5. Get featured and exposed without any cost.

After seeing and considering your guest post, we may refuse to use your post maybe because there are available posts we have here and we have published a number of articles or posts on your topic. If your post has good quality and we do not have articles related to your topic, your guest post will be accepted. We hope that we can give the readers all the guest posts that have new ideas, fresh perspective, and innovative approaches.

Rules And Requirements You Need To Meet

You have to follow some basic general rules and requirements if you want to submit your own guest blog. Please read carefully before contacting us via email.

Rule 1: The keyword you use cannot be similar to the one we have used or published on AllRemedies. In order to avoid duplication, you can do the research for your keyword by Googling site:

Rule 2: Make a record of writing great content.

Rule 3: We accept only one link related to your site or the author profile. Otherwise, we will delete your promotional links.

Rule 4: Watch your writing content. The acceptable guest post needs to be over 2000 words with unique, detailed contents giving the useful advice and techniques on the topics related to home remedies, food, and skin care. If your guest post is written with below 2000, it will not meet our requirement.

Rule 5: Your guest blog topics include home remedies, food and skin care.

Rule 6: Ensure the unique of your article before submission. We have many tools to check the unique.

Rule 7: We will reject your guest post if your articles were published or used on your site or anywhere in the internet or magazine. It means that the acceptable articles must be original to our site.

Rule 8: Your submitted article must contain a headline, body text, and your byline.

Rule 9: You not only send us your guest post but also support our community. It means that you have to reply comments bellow your articles if your guest posts are accepted.

Rule 10: We will not accept your own promotion.


It will make easier for us to post your article on if you write the content in plain text form. I recommend you should follow these formatting and makeup bellow.

Font: Please do not use bold font in your post.

Subheadings: In your post, you should write subheading in bold font or wrapped in <H2>, <H3>tags.

Links: Your links or link texts should use HTML. Alternatively, the URL in the brackets right after the text you want to give link is also acceptable. Any affiliate or promotional links will be excluded. Therefore, please do not include them.

Images: Any images or pictures you send to us need to belong to you. If you do not own the copyright of these pictures, please credit their sources fully. Moreover, keep in mind that we do not use the author head shot; therefore, please send it.

Note On Links

When you want to give links to your guest post, the links must be related to your topic.

We do not allow any articles written with the aim of checking the product or service you use. We also do not accept the post with call-the-action to visit your blog.

If you have many links coming to your blog, we will delete your post. This is because the readers want to know about the detailed content, useful information and advice instead of seeing many links back to your blog.

How To Start

  1. Write the article with the topics related to You can visit our site and see the specific categories we gave here.
  2. Make sure that your article meets the font, formatting, rules and requirements. When it is accepted, we will post it in under Guest account. We promise to give the link to your blog at the end of the post.
  3. Send your guest post via email: admin [at] allremedies [dot] com.
  4. We will reply to you soon and let you know whether your article is accepted or not.
  5. If you like to become the long-term guest blogger in our site, I would like to give you a contributor account.

Keep in mind that you can use only two links coming to your targeted sites. We do not approve the guest post with unrelated links. I am glad to see you as the potential long-term contributor.

If you have any contributions, suggestions, or ideas, please contact us via email.

Thank you for spending time on this post.