25 Health and Beauty Benefits of Manuka Oil

People extract the manuka oil from the small branches and leaves of the Manuka tree that often grows in New Zealand. Manuka oil, sap, poultice, tea and bark have been used by indigenous people in New Zealand for centuries. This is because there are a number of health & beauty benefits of manuka oil. Most health and beauty benefits of manuka oil are due to its beneficial properties such as antidote to insect bites, anti-dandruff, antifungal, antibacterial, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, cicatrisant, anti-allergenic, cytophylactic, cicatrisant, relaxant, and deodorant. According to some studies and research, manuka oil contains Triketones, Sesquiterpenes, Leptospermone, Flavesone, Isoleptospermone that have positive effects on health & beauty. There is not doubt that manuka oil is often added to many modern skin care products, creams, body oils, soaps, antibacterial lotions, and shampoos. Manuka oil is effective in treating a variety of health and beauty issues such as rheumatoid condition, joint pains, muscle aches, arthritis, backache, dandruff, sport injuries, foot conditions, acne, and skin infections. Do you want to know more? Read the article on AllRemedies.com bellow.

I – Health Benefits Of Manuka Oil

1. Treat Toe Fungus And Athlete’s Foot

Many research of New Zealand’s Cawthron Institute has found out that manuka essential oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, using manuka oil can help remove bacteria and fungi from the toes and feet, thus treating athlete’s foot and toe fungus effectively. If you are suffering from toe fungus and athlete’s foot, you should consider applying some manuka oil to your feet several times daily to get a satisfactory result. It is better to use manuka oil to massage your feet. After you spread manuka oil over your feet at night, covering your affected feet with cotton socks can make the manuka oil absorbed well. Alternatively, you can put a few drops of the manuka oil to a bowl of warm water and then soak your feet in that solution for at least 20 minutes. It is recommended doing this treatment daily to get a satisfactory result. Therefore, when you are talking about amazing benefits of manuka oil, you should not ignore its ability to treat toe fungus and athlete’s foot.

2. Heal Insect Bites And Stings

If you live in mountainous or remote areas where red ant nests and mosquitos are present, you should bring a bottle of the manuka oil with you. This is because healing insect bites and stings is one of the amazing benefits of manuka oil I would like to introduce to you in this article. Manuka oil application can give you a significant relief without leaving any unwanted side effects. Furthermore, manuka oil is an effective home remedy for itching, swelling, and redness caused by insect bites and stings.

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3. Benefits Of Manuka Oil To Treat Rheumatism

If you are suffering from muscular pain and aching joints, you should be interested in amazing health benefits of manuka oil. Manuka oil contains anti-inflammatory properties; therefore, it can help relieve muscular aches, pain and inflammation conditions. Those reasons make manuka oil become an effective home remedy for rheumatism. You can combine manuka oil with a type of carrier oil for topical use to get the better result and prevent unwanted side effects. Furthermore, you can also get a significant relief from muscular pain and aching joints by adding 8 to 10 drops of manuka essential oil to a bathtub and enjoying the bath.

4. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

There are a number of the amazing benefits of manuka oil for the mind. Manuka oil has the ability to deal with a number of mental issues such as anxiety and stress. Talking about remarkable benefits of manuka oil, it is impossible not to mention its soothing and calming effects on the mind and heart. Manuka oil is totally natural and safe. Therefore, you can consider manuka oil as a great alternative to dangerous and ineffective pharmaceuticals that are often used for treating anxiety, stress, and depression. Manuka oil is an effective natural remedy for many bad emotional conditions.

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5. Treat Congestion And Other Respiratory Issues

There are amazing benefits of manuka oil for respiratory health. If you are experiencing one of the respiratory issues [1] such as asthma, sinus congestion, and the symptoms of flu and colds, you can get a significant relief by inhaling manuka oil. You can add a few drops of manuka essential oil to a bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and then inhale the manuka vapors for at least 5 minutes. If you want to have a satisfactory result, you should repeat this treatment several times a day.

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6. Kill Off Infectious Microorganisms

Inflammatory and infectious microorganisms may lead to many serious and life-threatening diseases. Scientists have done a number of studies and research to find the best solution for diseases caused by infectious microorganisms. They also examined the healing and medical effects of many therapeutic plants, including manuka. Studies have found out that manuka oil has the ability to inhibit the growth of infectious fungus and bacteria [2]. Antifungal and antibacterial properties of manuka essential oil make it become an effective alternative remedy for diseases caused by inflammatory and infectious microorganisms. Manuka oil does not have any serious adverse effects on your health and the immune system. That use of the manuka oil should be included in the list of amazing health benefits of manuka oil.

7. Benefits Of Manuka Oil To Treat Gum And Tooth Diseases

benefits of manuka oil

There are a number of wonderful benefits of manuka oil for oral health.  For examples, maca oil is effective in treating gum and tooth diseases by killing off the oral bacteria. A 2004 study examined the potential effects of a number of essential oils in removing oral bacteria. The essential oil evolved in that study includes tea tree, lavender, manuka, and eucalyptus essential oil. It has found out that manuka oil has the greatest antibacterial effects. That study has also shown that manuka oil is non-toxic and safe if used in moderation.

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8. Have Antispasmodic Actions

It is impossible to talk about amazing beauty benefits of manuka oil without mentioning its antispasmodic effects. Thanks to the antispasmodic ability, using manuka oil can help relieve contractions and tension in the diaphragm. Pregnant women should not consume manuka oil orally because manuka oil consuming may lead to a reduction in the contraction force in the uterus. That may put the pregnant mom and her unborn child at risk.

9. Benefits Of Manuka Oil To Alleviate Mucositis

Mucositis is an inflammatory condition that is caused by the radiation treatment. Patients with mucositis may suffer from painful experience. Gargling manuka oil solution can give you a significant relief and fasten the healing time [3]. You can make that healing mouthwash by adding a few drops of manuka essential oil into a cup of warm water.

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