34 Health and Beauty Benefits of Licorice Root

Licorice root [1] or licorice root is the underground stems and root of a plant Glycyrrhizaglabra. Licorice root has been used in Asia, Greek, China and Egyptians for confectionery applications, flavoring and medicinal purposes for centuries. Licorice root is well-known for numerous documented uses and benefits because it is a great source of a variety of healthy compounds such as volatile oils, flavonoids, coumarins, plant sterols, asparagine, glycosides, glycyrrhizic, chalcones, and anethole. Licorice root is sweeter than sugar; therefore, it often replaces sugar in candies. It is not surprising when Licorice root is often used as a natural sweetener in herbal cough candies, herbal medicines, and tobacco products. Although there are many health and beauty benefits of licorice root, it is important for you to take it under the proper quantities. Licorice root may increase the blood pressure levels if taken in large quantities. Do you want to know amazing health and beauty benefits of licorice root? This article in AllRemedies.com is going to give you the useful information.

I – What Are The Benefits Of Licorice Root?

Amazing health and beauty benefits of licorice root are due to its antibacterial, antiviral [2], antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, expectorant and demulcent properties. Furthermore, licorice root is loaded with remarkable healing components. Thanks to those amazing effects and beneficial components, licorice root has been used in treatment for different health conditions such as body odor, baldness, athlete’s food, asthma, canker sores, bursitis, chronic exhaustion, influenza, melancholy, dandruff, coughs, gout, emphysema, HIV, heartburn, gout, fungal infections, viral infections, liver troubles, ulcers, psoriasis, menopause, sore throat, shingles, yeast infections ulcers, tuberculosis, arthritis, tendinitis, etc. Furthermore, licorice root also has many beauty benefits for skin and hair.

II – Health Benefits Of Licorice Root

1. Treat Depression

A research has shown that treating depression is one of the amazing health benefits of licorice root. This is because that the Glycyrrhizic acid present in licorice root has the ability to encourage the function of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands play the important role in controlling a stress hormone cortisol. If the level of cortisol is high in your body, it may result in melancholy, fatigue, and anxiety. Furthermore, it also increases the risk of allergens and infections. The Asparagine amino acid found in licorice root has the ability to preserve equilibrium in the nervous system of your body.

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2. Benefits Of Licorice To Cure Menopause Symptoms

For some women, menopause is a nightmare. They have to deal with hormonal problems such as hot flashes, mood swings, and exhaustion. If you are going through the menopause and are experiencing those symptoms and discomfort, you should be interested in amazing benefits of licorice root. This is because licorice root contains antioxidant and phytoestrogenic effects. Taking licorice root can help control the production of a woman’s hormone.

3. Reduce High Cholesterol Levels

Taking licorice root can regulate the levels of cholesterol in the body by stimulating the flow of bile in the body. Licorice root helps eliminate the excessive cholesterol in the body. Furthermore, thanks to its antioxidant properties, licorice root can inhibit the growth of arterial plaque and boot capillary health. High cholesterol may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if you are susceptible to cardiovascular problems and diseases, you should drink licorice root tea daily.

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4. Relieve Menstrual And PMS Cramps

Licorice root contains antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and estrogenic effects; therefore, relieving menstrual and PMS cramps are also one of amazing health benefits of licorice root. Taking licorice root can help get rid of PMS symptoms such as menstrual cramps, breast tenderness, and mood swings. You should drink licorice root tea daily for at least one month to get a significant relief from PMS symptoms.

5. Heal Abdomen and Gastric Problems

There are more amazing benefits of the abdomen and gastric problems I would like to introduce to you in this article. For examples, it can heal digestive abnormalities and intestinal issues. This is because licorice root contains flavonoids that help reduce the inflammation and discomfort of the digestive system. Furthermore, licorice root contains soothing properties. Using licorice root can promote the bowel’s health. It is recommended drinking licorice root tea two or three times daily.

6. Benefits Of Licorice In Supporting Weight Loss

benefits of licorice root

You want to lose weight or build the body mass, you should be interested in the amazing benefits of licorice root. Consuming licorice root can lead to a significant reduction in unwanted weight and body fat, giving you a good body shape. For weight loss, you just need to take three grams licorice root extract daily for about 2 months to get the best result. However, it is not recommended taking licorice root for a longer period of time. After using licorice root for 2 months, you should take a one-week break before continuing. To lose weight, it is important for you to have a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly.

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7. Cure Shingles And Herpes

Talking about amazing health benefits of licorice roots, it is impossible not to mention its ability to deal with herpes simplex, shingles, and sores. Cold sores are often caused by the herpes virus. The antiviral effects of the licorice root can inhibit the progression and return of herpes virus, thus reducing the risk of cold sores. To treat shingles and herpes, you can take the licorice root extract two or three times a day.

8. Benefits Of Licorice To Treat Salivary Glands

Licorice root is an effective home remedy for salivary glands. Many herbalists have suggested using this herb for that purpose. However, there is a lack of evidence that shows the benefit of licorice root in treating salivary glands. More studies and research are required.

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