49 Best Natural Home Remedies for Weight Loss Fast

Nowadays, with the unstoppable improvement in the living standard, people are experiencing a much simpler life with the abundant provision of facilities. As we may know, in this modern life, it is very easy for someone to get out and take away some food or beverage. Fast food is also reachable outside your home as long as you have money with you. In case you get tired of your work, just take a few seconds to grab a hamburger in the fast food restaurant. This seems to be a normal habit of most of the modern people in this busy life. However, when being supplied abundantly, people would become indifferent to their health. As the result, it is likely they may get health problems for not keeping a healthy diet but just eating as much as possible. And, this is also the main reason causing hundreds of serious diseases relating to unreasonable diet such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases, etc…. Among the most severe healthy problems, obesity and the problem of overweight are the concerning issues attracting the attention of modern people, especially women.

If you are stuck in the above situation, you might be finding the best ways to help you out. Besides thousands of medical treatments along with a wide range of physical exercises, which play an important role in your process of losing weight, natural home remedies are evidenced to positively affect to your gaining about your desirable size. If you really wish to call your fit body back, you should spend some times reading this helpful article.

In this article, AllRemedies.com reveals to you top 49 best natural home remedies for weight loss fast. This writing provides you with the simplest and safest ways to help you gain a fit body at home effectively. Hopefully, after reading this article, your weight will reach the ideal figure. And, to maximize the effectiveness of most of the following remedies, you should combine them with daily exercises which will speed up the process of losing weight.

Top 49 Best Natural Home Remedies For Weight Loss Fast

The following tips will reveal to you best and safest natural home remedies for weight loss.

1. Extract Lemon Juice

home remedies for weight loss

Lemon seems to be an available fruit that you should store in your house because of its great utilities in your daily routine. It is not only used to cool you down after an extremely hot day but also considered one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss. If you are suffering from the discomfort of being too fat, you really should take some lemon juice to help you feel better. Lemon juice, when being consumed at suitable times, will take effect as a boost of digestion and aids in detoxification. Besides, it will help you maintain healthy digestion, which is very important for losing weight because it will help your body absorb essential nutrients to burn fat quickly. Moreover, using lemon juice will help to eliminate toxins residing in your body that slow down your metabolism.

  • You can enjoy simple lemon juice basing on a fixed schedule to guarantee the best result. The first method is that
  • You will take enough water on the first day of the weight loss process. Remember to drink only water on the first day.
  • On the following day, you will have cups of water mixed with juice of three lemons, which should be taken at frequent intervals.
  • You should carry out this method until you see that you can bear juice of 12 limes a day and gradually reduce the number of limes a day to 3 lemons a day. Who is weak may feel a little bit hungry for the first two days but the situation will soon be normal. This will be the effective method if you obey the rule strictly.

In fact, lemon juice can be combined with a variety of natural materials to create wonderful treatment for overweight, among which is the combination with black pepper and honey. The combination between them will be revealed in the next tips. So keep following the guidance.

2. Combination Of Lemon Juice With Black Pepper And Honey

home remedies for weight loss

When being mixed with black pepper, lemon juice becomes spicy drink but really helpful for you to fight against overweight situation. Loaded with black pepper is a naturally occurring chemical compound named piperine which brings about pungent flavor. Piperine has been shown in many studies that it can interrupt with the genes controlling the operation of fat cells and help to reduce the fat levels in blood flow as well as promote the absorption of nutritious foods. Along with the boost of digestion from lemon juice, the combination between lemon juice and black pepper really makes an effective recipe cope with obesity.

  • Firstly, you have to prepare a few sprinkles of ground fresh black pepper, juice of half a lemon and a little of fresh water
  • Then, you blend lemon juice with sprinkles of black pepper and water. Drink this solution once a day after a meal.

Or, you can try another way to help you absorb the drink more easily.

  • You mix 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of black pepper powder (or ¼ freshly ground black pepper) in a glass of water.
  • After getting the mixture, you drink this in the morning when your stomach is still empty.
  • Apply this method daily for about three months.

3. Call Apple Healthy Snacks For Weight

home remedies for weight loss

Apple is another kind of fruit, which can provide enough water and fiber to your body if you are in the weight loss process. Consuming an apple each day can expatriate excess weight efficiently. Even though it doesn’t contain abundant nutrients like other vegetables or fruit, it is still helpful in losing weight. Then, eating apples is one of the simplest home remedies for weight loss you can give a try.

As mentioned in the beginning, apple contains fiber, which is very useful to curb appetite. If you add apple to your daily diet, it can demotivate your hunger for snack or something like that. Apple can also manage the blood sugar levels; thereby regulating your energy levels and appetite. Besides, apple contains pectin property, which can lower cholesterol level and by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates, it can help to control the blood sugar. Apple is also a naturally low-sodium fruit, which can prevent the water weight and excess water retention.

You need to prepare 1-2 fresh apples. Then, you rinse them and slice them to eat for 1-2 times a day. You should wash them carefully and keep the peel there because it contains necessary fiber.

4. Grapefruit Juice, Why Not?

home remedies for weight loss

Recent studies carried out in Canada have revealed that grapefruit can motivate the burning of fats effectively. It is not strange to call grapefruit one of the safest home remedies for weight loss. Much flavonoid called Naringein is found in grapefruit. This kind of compound can help you control blood sugar levels as well as avoid metabolic syndrome, which is the main cause of obesity. Another research in Ontario pointed out that grapefruit can make liver tend flush the fats instead of storing it in your body. Therefore, adding grapefruit to your daily diet not only helps you with weight loss but also prevents you from diseases arising from obesity such as diabetes.

  • Take a cup of grapefruit juice in the morning to boost the capacity of liver’s burning fats.
  • If you wish to lose weight speedily, you should have a grapefruit before each of your meals if possible.

Pay attention if you are in medication, take advice from a doctor before taking this kind of juice.

5. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Utilize Prickly Pear

home remedies for weight loss

Prickly pear, which used to be utilized by Mexican, is a cactus plant. This kind of fruit used to be traditionally the treatment for so many diseases including to obesity and high cholesterol levels. It is also called Indian fig in dealing with overweight. This fruit is loaded with so many antioxidants, which can control your blood sugar levels well, hence, you will have lower levels of harmful cholesterols. This will help you to lose weight as a result. Then, your stabilized level of blood will stop you from craving for starch or sweetness. Antioxidants found in prickly pear also help to raise the level of fat and calories burning. This kind of fruit even has high fiber content, which can help to lose your weight easily by moving bowels to mitigate water retention and making you feel full. Nevertheless, to lose weight, you should take prickly pear juice for better result.

  • You need 4 prickly pears to make juice of them.
  • Take them one by one, then, you cut both of its ends and leave a slit down on its body.
  • Peel the skin off the fruit, you now can see seeds and pulp inside it.
  • Now, take blender or food processor to blend peeled prickly pears to extract the juice.
  • Four fruits will bring about 1 cup of juice.

Please be noticed that if you are taking medication of diabetes, you must come to see doctors before taking this juice. Pregnant and lactating mothers should also see doctor first.

6. Eat Papaya And Consume Its Sauce

Among other home remedies for weight loss, fruit and vegetables are indispensable stuff that you should add to your daily diet. Among them is papaya with high capacity to help you lose weight quickly. Consuming it is a very simple way. You can either take a piece of ripe papaya early in the morning with an empty stomach or eat papaya soup without having dinner for 2-3 months. To lose weight by using this remedy, you need to be patient and remember to check your weight regularly to make sure your process is running smoothly.

7. Grab A Peach To Call Your Fit Body Back!

home remedies for weight loss

If you are going on diet, why don’t you take some peaches as remedies to treat overweight. Peaches are found nutritious with a variety of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C. You can take raw peaches as a snack or combine them with your daily meals.

To lose weight, you should control your calories intake.

One tip for you is that

The fewer calories you absorb, the more weight you may lose.

Peaches are among the fruits with low level of calories. Instead of choosing food with high calories content, pick some peaches. In addition, peaches are loaded with high fiber level, which can aid in weight control. They also contain up to 89% water, which can help you mitigate cravings for high-calories food. To have high-fiber breakfast, you should mix some slices of peaches to whole-grain cereal with skim milk or oatmeal.

  • You may have 1 slice of fresh peach before breakfast besides some other fruits.
  • You can have them mixed with yogurt or low-calorie food.
  • You can also add some slices of peaches to salads of shredded carrots, light vinaigrette dressing or gourmet greens to serve as desserts.

Anyways, you still should ask for doctor’s help before making changes to your diet.

8. Take Some Bottle Gourd Juice

home remedies for weight loss

Bottle gourd is a kind of hard-shelled fruit, which is evidenced to help you lose weight effectively. In fact, it is also considered among the best home remedies for weight loss. Due to its great content of fiber, it will help to create the fullness for yourself and limit appetite. Besides, it contains much water and is rich in beneficial nutrients. There is one advice for you is that if you intend to use bottle gourd juice, do not make yourself starve. Your body needs enough nutrients to operate in a smooth way, however, it is also a good way to help you resist from cravings and snacking.

When you feel hungry for a snack or fatty food, drink a chilled cup of bottle gourd juice mixed with a little lime juice. This can make you feel lighter after a specific period of time applying this method.

9. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar is another must-have stuff in your house because besides the use as seasoning to make dishes more delicious, it is considered among the most popular home remedies for weight loss fast. Using apple cider vinegar in combatting with the overweight situation is simple but effective. The raw and unfiltered cider vinegar, though not any studies have shown exactly what are its benefits, is still widely known for its great effect on obesity. It really can help to protect you from getting excessive weight. According to opinions of some users of apple cider vinegar in the process of getting fit, they have stated that vinegar can help to break down the fat and prevent the accumulation of fat on the body. To know how, follow these steps for more details:

  • First, you mix exactly 2 teaspoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Then, you drink this mixture every day in the morning when you still haven’t got breakfast.
  • You also can drink a glass of water combined with 1 teaspoon of raw and unfiltered vinegar and a little lemon juice.

The maximum amount of vinegar you should have for a day is 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. You should not exceed this amount because it may affect and decline the levels of your blood potassium and lower the density of your bone mineral.

10. Take A Glass Of Green Tea If Possible

home remedies for weight loss

Green tea is undoubtedly a perfect remedy to cure not just obesity but other kinds of normal diseases as well. In fact, green tea is also listed among the greatest home remedies for weight loss. If you can or even you don’t get overweight, you still should keep green tea for better health because no one can deny its magical effect on body’s health.

It is a very popular method to stimulate the weight loss process. Loaded in green tea are three main properties, which play an important part in curing overweight – caffeine, catechins and theanine. Caffeine is like the overall boost of you system and stimulates a number of bodily processes such as metabolism which is stuck with weight. Catechins are seen as anti-oxidant flavonoids and are mostly found in green tea other than black tea because of the difference in procedure (black tea is actually fermented). When the mechanism has still been not determined, studies have shown that catechins can really help to reduce the absorption of fats via the intestinal track. Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea, which can motivate the release of dopamine, the chemical that can make you feel happy and comfortable. If you intend to eat while being under stress, this method will work for you.

It is also shown in a study at Penn State that Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is a compound discovered in green tea, has a positive influence on the weight loss as it can help to slow down weight gain by restricting the amount of fat absorption and enhancing the ability of body to use fat efficiently. In addition, loaded in green tea are so many helpful nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, selenium, carotenoids and other trace minerals, which can supplement essential energy to your body without forcing you to eat much.

To confront with excessive weight, what you should do is to drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day. In fact, you can also mix green tea with ginger tea or cayenne pepper which are revealed in the next tips.

11. Green Tea Mixed With Ginger

home remedies for weight loss

As described above, green tea brings with it undeniable benefits which can help you speed up the weight loss process. Because green tea contains such beneficial compounds, it will be greater if you can add a little ginger into your green tea to improve the digestion or you can also add some flavor without sugar or milk in this tea to help you drink it more easily.

  • Firstly, you place ginger and green tea in a filter and cover them with 8 ounces of boiling water.
  • Immerse the green tea there for limited 3-4 minutes to make sure that its taste is not too bitter.
  • You can add some honey if you want it to be sweeter, but remember not to use milk or sugar.
  • Then, you can drink 1-2 cups of this solution every day with an empty stomach.

12. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Sip On Cinnamon Tea

home remedies for weight loss

Cinnamon is another kind of herb, besides the ability to make flavor, seasoning or ingredient for some dishes, it has the ability to create medical treatment for overweight. In fact, it is very natural and safe; hence, you can take some to make a cure for overweight at home effectively.

As we may know, blood sugar has apparent impact on your weight because it determines if you are energized or not. If you are energetic, you may exercise more. If there is the balance in your blood sugar, you will tend to keep small appetite, and your body will be likely to use more energy (fat) other than store it. Cinnamon will help you to balance blood sugar. While there are still controversies out there about the effectiveness of cinnamon, recent studies still have come out that cinnamon really can help you lose weight efficiently. Therefore, you should grab a spicy cinnamon tea right now if you are stuck in the weight loss process.

  • You have to put 1 stick of cinnamon into a small cup, then you cover it with 8 ounces of boiling water.
  • You steep it there for about 15 minutes, then you strain it.
  • You should take this drink 1-2 times daily.

13. Honey And Cinnamon – A Perfect Mix

home remedies for weight loss

Cinnamon, in fact, can be combined with a variety of substances to create treatment for dozens of diseases. In tackling with overweight, cinnamon can totally be mixed with honey to create a marvelous drink helping you lose weight quickly.

If you are getting trouble with how to eliminate excessive weight, you should really supplement on your daily diet with cinnamon and honey tea. This kind of tea is very easy to absorb, it can bring about comfort and cozy feeling to you when being used. Besides, it can enhance your metabolism, boost your energy as well as detoxify your body. Such effects are very helpful to get weight loss. Honey will struggle with fat by encouraging fat metabolism while cinnamon, mentioned above, can prevent you from overeating by combatting with insulin resistance and mitigating oxidative stress relating to metabolic syndrome.

  • First, you put ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or 1 stick of cinnamon) into a cup, then pour boiling water over it. Steep it for 30 minutes.
  • You mix it with 1 teaspoon of organic honey.
  • Then, you take a half of this drink in the morning when your stomach is empty, about 30 minutes before having breakfast. Keep the rest of tea in the refrigerator and take it before going to bed at night.

14. Dandelion And Peppermint – Try This Mix Regularly

home remedies for weight loss

Among the most popular teas, dandelion and peppermint tea is a fabulous kind of drink that helps your liver to be healthy and is seen as one of the mostly used home remedies for weight loss. The liver is an integral organ, which not only truly detoxifies your body but also plays an important part in metabolic processes, a lot of which can affect weight. With fat metabolism, the liver includes full of cells, which can burn fat and change it into useful energy. These cells also take charge of the flow of bile, which can break down and eliminate fats. With carbohydrates’ metabolism, the liver can stabilize your blood sugar; hence, keeping your energy at high levels and regulating appetite.

There are several advantages of keeping healthy liver, but in coping with overweight, liver helps to control your fat absorption efficiently. Dandelion and peppermint tea is believed to strengthen your liver because dandelion includes hepatoprotection components, which are able to prevent liver from being damaged. Both dandelion and peppermint have the ability to automatically encourage the production of bile in the liver, therefore, it can help boost digestion and nutrients’ absorption. You can mix both of these materials and get a great protecting liver tea.

  • Firstly, you place some dandelion and peppermint in a cup, then cover them with boiling water. Let them steep there for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then, you strain them and add some lemon juice if you like. Take this drink 2 times a day.
  • You can also use fresh dandelion leaves or roots and fresh peppermint (a handful of leaves is enough) to make this tea. If you use fresh leaves, be sure that there is no chemical contained in them. This is an important note for dandelion. If you use dandelion as a regular treatment, you can grow it on your own.

15. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Take Some Ginseng

home remedies for weight loss

Whether you believe or not, ginseng, with its fabulous benefits, can really help you to get rid of excessive weight in a short time. Ginseng is among the 11 perennial plants with fleshy roots. There are several kinds of ginseng, but there are two kinds of them, which are shown in studies to result in the most desirable outcome for losing weight: American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng). Although they are known for their stimulating to fasten the sluggish metabolism, it is not enough to describe the great functions of ginseng.

The greatest effects of ginseng is to fight fatigue and boost energy and mental alertness. This is really a huge benefit for you to cure overweight. However, you still should combine this method with practicing exercises for best result because without exercises, you would not gain your size as you expect. Exercises, in fact can help you to balance blood sugar, which plays integral part in affecting energy levels and your appetite.

  • Firstly, you need to add 1 teaspoon of roughly chopped American or Korean ginseng in a cup.
  • Then, cover the ginseng with boiling water and let it steep for 5-9 minutes.
  • After that, you strain it and add a little honey or lemon in it if you like.
  • Take this drink 1-2 times each day.

16. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Make Sage Tea

home remedies for weight loss

We are living in a speedily changing world, the burden of stress from daily activities is unavoidable when people have to face with thousands of problems arising from complicated things in life. Meanwhile, your body – which should be looked after-is burdening the constant stress and this may cause harm to many functions including weight gain and loss. When being under too much pressure, your body will produce cortisol – a steroid hormone which is a part of fight-or-flight response. Cortisol can have negative influence on your blood sugar level as well as appetite and force your body to store relatively fat. Besides, there will appear a neurochemical called neuropeptide Y which also contributes to stress. When it is released, it will cause the rise in fat (energy will easily be stored as fat around the abdomen) and in appetite. One of the best ways to cope with this problem is to absorb more sage which may have positive effects on both your mind and body. You can take sage tea or add this into your daily meals to fight against uncomfortable stress.

  • To make sage tea, you have to prepare 2 teaspoons of dried sage or a handful of fresh sage. You need to pour boiling water over such amount of sage then let it steep for 4-5 minutes.
  • Then, you strain it and add lemon juice to it if you like.
  • Take this drink 1-2 times each day.

17. Comfort Yourself With Rose Petal Water

home remedies for weight loss

Rose petal water is another kind of beverage created to help you lose weight quickly. This is also among most popular home remedies for weight loss. Apart from being a mild and refreshing kind of water, rose petal water is a beneficial drink for losing weight because of its acting as gentle diuretic, which plays a part as a promotion for your kidneys to add more salt to your urine. This amount of salt, after that, will absorb water from your blood, then, reduce the water level in your circulatory system. Though it is considered as just water weight loss and can not be utilized as a long-term treatment for overweight, but the operation of rose petal water in your body can push your thirsty, then make you drink more which can keep your system blushed clean and hydrated. Always remember to be hydrated; this is among the superior tips to supplying you a fit body.

  • First, you need to prepare a pot placed on the stove, put some rose petals in it and cover enough pure water over them. If there are some petals floating on the surface of water, it is not a big problem.
  • Then you use a fitting lid to cover the pot and boil it about 15-20 minutes till the rose petals’ color fades away almost.
  • Then you strain the liquid to put into a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator for 6 days.
  • Now, you can drink ½ to 1 cup of this drink in the morning when your stomach is still empty.

18. Make Hibiscus Tea To Slim Yourself

home remedies for weight loss

Hibiscus is a kind of herb, which is very beneficial for your health not only because of its ability to comfort your mood but cool you down as well. This is kind of beautiful flower rich in wide ranges of nutrients including diverse minerals and flavonoids. This herb is found with the amylase inhibitors, which can lower absorption of carbohydrates and fats. As you consume hibiscus, it will get harmful fats and carbohydrates out of your body immediately. Besides, this flower also contains mild diuretic compound, which can help you sweep away water weight and lower your bloating. One more benefit of consuming hibiscus is that it can intensify immunity function as it is loaded with antioxidants.

You can try both hot and cold hibiscus tea. If you want a hot cup of hibiscus tea, follow these steps:

  • Take some hibiscus flowers which are about to blossom.
  • Then, you separate petals and keep them in paper and wait for it to get dried for a few days.
  • Once the petals become dried, prepare a pot covered with relative water, then put about 2 tablespoons of dried hibiscus petals in it.
  • Let it boil then simmer it for 5-10 minutes.
  • After that, you strain it and if you like, put a little honey, lemon juice or cinnamon in it.
  • Now, take a hot cup of hibiscus tea and lose weight!

If you are a fan of cold hibiscus tea, you can try this:

  • First, you need to prepare about 1 cup of dry hibiscus flower petals.
  • Then, you soak them in water till they get faded away for 1-2 days.
  • After that, you strain it and store the liquid in the refrigerator for about 5 days.
  • As you wish to drink it, take a cup from the liquid. You can add cinnamon, lemon juice or honey in it if you like.
  • If you want it to be hot, heat this cold tea on stove or microwave oven.

There is one precaution is that pregnant and nursing woman or taking medication should ask for doctor’s help before taking this kind of tea.

19. Let’s Make Yerba Mate Tea To Lose Weight!

home remedies for weight loss

Yerba mate tea originates from South America. Though this kind of tea seems to be like coffee, it has still been known as tea, which is very healthy for people. Coffee can energize you with caffeine content, yerba mate can also make you be more energetic with its stamina due to caffeine too. There is a big difference between coffee and yerba mate is that yerba mate can even raise your metabolic rate, which will decide how many calories you burn each day. Moreover, yerba mate is loaded with beneficial vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals, which can help you to slow down digestion, therefore, you can feel the fullness in the longer time and consume fewer calories each day. So, it is a great idea to start a new day with yerba mate tea instead of coffee.

While yerba mate is usually infused with special gourd and bombilla, it can even be made with French press. To lose weight quickly, you should follow the below instruction:

  • First, place about 1 tablespoon of dried yerba mate under the coffee press.
  • Cover it with 1-2 cups of warm water.
  • Stir it a little bit and cover it with fitting lid. Then you let the plunger on to your French press. This press will make room for leaves to tincture and expand. Small powdered particles are also filtered through its sieve.

20. Let’s Make Parsley Slimming Tea!

home remedies for weight loss

Parsley is loaded with medicinal properties, which are very helpful for your health. Among the above properties are cleansing properties, which play important role in curing overweight. The active principles of such properties are the basis for the form of their chemical compositions such as flavonoids, iodine or essential oils which are important compounds responsible for stimulating intestinal peristalsis, metabolism, and diuresis as well. If you are overweight and wish to get rid of fats, you should take parsley tea to make you slimmer. This tea is kind of simple infusion and naturally safe way to avoid overweight.

  • You need to boil the water first, then you put about 30 grams of parsley leaves in the container and cover it. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes. Then, you strain it.
  • Now, you’ve got slimming parsley tea. You can drink 2-3 cups of hot or cold tea each day for 2 weeks. Take it before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • This tea is a great substitute for low calories diets. And this will promote the slimming benefits.

You should pay attention to that if you are pregnant woman or are breastfeeding, you should see the doctor first before using this kind of tea.

21. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Take Ideal Aloe Vera Juice

home remedies for weight loss

Aloe Vera is a kind of herb with a lot of utilities. It is not only applied to cure damaged skin problems but also extracted to help people tackle with excessive weight effectively. Aloe vera is found to contain natural collagen proteins which can strengthen the working ability of your body to absorb the proteins more easily. Besides, it also helps to eliminate toxins out of colon and the digestive system. With such marvelous properties and function, aloe vera is very efficient in curing excessive weight because it can promote the metabolism, enhance the energy consumption as well as mobilize unnecessary fat in the body. To get the best treatment from aloe vera, follow this guidance:

  • Firstly, you take 2 fresh leaves of aloe vera, then you peel them and take out the flesh of them.
  • Then, you blend the flesh with a cup of citrus juice suggested orange or grapefruit juice or water in a blender. You keep it blending for 2-3 minutes.
  • Finally, you will get a beautiful solution. Drink it every day for at least a month to experience the difference.

22. Sip On Guggul Herb Extract

home remedies for weight loss

Guggul is another kind of herb that has existed since ancient times recommended by Ayurveda due to its great effect on people’s health and weight loss. According to some modern studies, guggul is also considered one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss. Extracted from mukul myrrh tree or Commiphora mukul tree is guggul gum resin, which contains guggulsterone – a plant steroid taking effect as component fighting against tumor and cholesterol fluctuation. However, the activity on thyroid gland is the main effect that guggul takes on weight loss. Thyroid hormones are the determinant of the exact metabolic rate, which is responsible for how many calories a day you would burn. Once the guggul enhances your thyroid function, it would help to raise metabolic rate to reach optimum level where your weight loss is controlled strictly. One more benefit of guggul is the good mood it brings to people and the low level of cholesterols. As it doesn’t make you feel nervous, it is one of the safest ways for your weight loss.

  • You can easily find tablets of guggul extract in health store, Ayurveda herbal medicines store to be exact. In general, you should divide 75 milligrams of guggul extract into 3 doses then take it. You can also take 100 milligrams a day, but you’d better ask for advice from Ayurveda doctor or herbalist before taking guggul at higher doses.
  • If you wish to take guggul gum, you should keep ¼ teaspoon (1 gram approx) of guggul resin inside your mouth or under your tongue to let it dissolve. You can reapply this method 4 times a day.

23. Plain Yogurt And Honey To Flush The Fats

home remedies for weight loss

This is a kind of beneficial snack or breakfast to someone with oversize. You may not see the great result of this mixture until you enjoy it on your own. The yogurt contains probiotics, which can have effect on the digestive track and keep your body healthy by optimizing digestion and breaking down negative substances, fat to be exact. The truth is, when your digestive track is smooth in operating, your body may be better in processing and keeping you apart from excessive weight. Meanwhile, just a small amount of honey can satisfy you perfectly. The greatest thing is that you may not have the feeling of fullness when enjoying this kind of food. To get optimum weight loss, you should try yogurt with low fat.

Take notice that there are many kinds of yogurt with excess sugar, which can confuse the people’s minds. Therefore, you should be informative and conscious enough to get the most effective kind of yogurt without spending much money uselessly.

All you need to do is absorb 1/2 – 1 cup of plain (not vanilla) yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of organic raw honey as a snack or for breakfast. You can also add some fruits or even oats to your snack to avoid feeling fed up with it.

24. Milk Thistle – Good Home Remedies For Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

Milk thistle is another kind of herb, which has positive effect on your weight loss because it contains dynamic flavonoid compounds known as simirilyn which are very helpful to empower liver – the important organ in the control of weight as well as promotion to weight loss. When your liver becomes weak, your weight loss may be reduced by 30%. It’s time for simirilyn in milk thistle to reverse the situation. You can take milk thistle in many ways, but it is suggested you should take the capsule form of it as long as the source is reliable. Or else, you can try milk thistle tea because its effect would not be mitigated when soaking in water.

25. Eat Dark Chocolate For Great Body

home remedies for weight loss

It sounds crazy, right? But actually, a reasonable amount of dark chocolate can bring about the surprising outcome to your weight loss. If you intend to eat sweet, grab a piece of the dark chocolate instead. Because of its insulin-resistance, which lowers the flavonoids, dark chocolate really helps to reduce your hunger. Dark chocolate is found to contain healthy fats, which help to reduce sugar absorption to the blood stream, thereby avoiding insulin spikes. Studies have shown that eating chocolate with exactly 70% cocoa in the content will curb the cravings for sugar, fat, and salt in your daily diet. Remember not to take chocolate with too much milk or sugar, it may do harm to your weight and health instead.

After a meal, take a small piece of 70% dark chocolate (about at the same size with your thumb) to consume.

26. Tomatoes – Fabulous Home Remedies For Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

When mentioning the natural remedies to deal with overweight situation and weight loss process, we may not ignore such fresh fruit, which can be easily found in the home garden as tomatoes. Tomatoes, in fact, are also among the best home remedies for weight loss. Tomatoes are always available in the market, so you can take some of them simply or you can grow this plant on your own. It is a beneficial kind of fruit, which can be utilized in daily recipe for home-cooked dishes. Besides, it is also widely used in the cure of obesity because of its undeniable advantages.

The nutritious levels of tomatoes are measured through the rich content of them. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, besides magnesium, choline, manganese, folate, and other nutrients, which are very helpful for your health. They are also loaded with antioxidants, which can protect you from getting cancers.

In dealing with overweight, you can absorb 2 tomatoes in the morning daily with an empty stomach. Remember you don’t forget to eat both the peels and seeds of tomatoes because they contain dietary fiber. Besides, tomatoes also bring with them compounds that are responsible for altering the levels of hormones affecting your appetite. Therefore, it will be very good for your weight loss if you can eat tomatoes daily.

27. Cabbage – Vegetable Is Always Good For Healthy Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

Cabbage, which is another kind of natural remedy originating from vegetable root, also contains enough essential elements to help people lose weight speedily.  You can have cabbage made raw or boiled to complement you with enough energy without making you feel hungry. Cabbage includes tartaric acid, which resides in the conversion of sugar and the process of turning carbohydrate into fat. In addition, it is packed with vitamin C with high level of fiber but low level of calories still providing you with enough water for a day.

It is a kind of useful vegetable when containing phytochemicals, which play a role as the encouragement of the balance of estrogen metabolism, which causes your body to store fat gradually and increase the ability to get cancer, ovarian cancer, and other related diseases. You also can try other kinds of cruciferous vegetables as cauliflower and broccoli, Swiss Chard. All of them have the same function with cabbage bringing about great treatment to your excessive weight.

28. Consume Cucumber Or Carrot Daily

home remedies for weight loss

Besides a wide range of fruits taking effect as a remedy to cure obesity, cucumber and carrot are also among mostly used fruits to deal with excess weight.

Cucumber contains high level of water (90% water) which is very helpful to burn fat cells. Therefore, you should eat cucumber daily or add it to your daily meals. This is a totally natural and safe way to reduce weight.

Carrot is also very useful to lose extra flab. Take a cup of carrot juice in the early morning, you can feel the better mood with your weight. Or else, you can try a whole carrot or chopped carrot mixed with salad, cooked carrot to avoid being fed up with it. If you are patient enough, carrot will help you burn fats then make your weight change positively.

29. Try salads On A Regular Basis

home remedies for weight loss

Salad – an indispensable part in the process of losing weight – is known for its great influence on excess weight and among the safest home remedies for weight loss that you can apply regularly. There are many kinds of salads but it is suggested that you just should take salads of fresh fruit or much vegetable. Your salads must contain low level of starch, fats and calories but much fiber and water instead to bring about to you the feeling of fullness, which can curb the cravings for sweetness.

If you are getting so much trouble with excess weight, let’s take a look at some typical and beneficial kinds of salads such as salads made of carrots, cucumber, different types of pepper, peas, strawberries, raspberries, pears…. Such kinds of fruits not only contain much fiber, which is very helpful for your digestion and various minerals, which can take synergistic effects helping you to lose weight. You can still add some low-fat cheese to make you not hungry. Or, you also can mix up some herbs like basil or parsley with iceberg or spinach if you like. After a period of time using salads, you will see your weight gets positive change.

30. Cranberries Can Eliminate Excess Weight For Sure

home remedies for weight loss

Cranberry is widely known for its rich contents of vitamin C and effective antioxidants, which can help to avoid the formation of free radicals and keep your weight under your control. Consuming cranberries regularly can result in magical outcomes helping you deal with weight gain.

Even though there is no scientific basis to prove the effect of cranberries as a remedy to treat excessive weight. However, with its high content of fiber and polyphenols, it is still considered among the best home remedies for weight loss effort. According to some reliable studies, cranberries contain 6 grams of fiber and 0.2 mg of vitamin C, while cranberries sauce contains 0.3 grams of fiber and 9 mg of vitamin C. Besides, cranberries juice contains 0.4 grams of fiber and 113 mg of vitamin C. These figures are so impressive in the weight loss process. Cranberries are pointed out that they can contain more polyphenols than some other kinds of fruits like apples, strawberries, oranges, or blueberries. Such high level of polyphenols is really essential in the attempt of losing weight.

  • According to the studies, it is likely the simplest way to extract the advantages of cranberries is making the juice of them.
  • Your breakfast is very important. You should have breakfast if you don’t want to intake more calories during the day. And if you don’t want to have a starchy breakfast, take a glass of cranberries juice every morning instead.
  • You can also take a glass of cranberries juice without much sugar before the lunch. You mix half of water with half of cranberries juice to make a great juice for your weight loss.
  • Take 8 ounces of cranberries juice instead of dessert after dinner. This kind of dessert is really ideal for not providing much sugar. You may really like it!

You can try all of the above ways to have your most favorite cranberries juice. Wish that your weight would be lost as well after taking it.

31. Capsaicin Or Hot Peppers?

home remedies for weight loss

Capsaicin is a kind of substance mostly found in chili peppers which can enhance metabolism and flush fat tissues simultaneously. It also helps you keep your weight under control, thereby promoting weight loss process.

You can make peppers as part of your daily meal. You can add peppers to meats soup, roasted vegetables…to help you burn fat easily. With their fat-fighting effect, capsaicin can have good influence on blood sugar preventing obesity well. In addition, the anti-inflammatory in it can relieve arthritis joint pain and mitigate the likelihood to get cancer.

32. Cayenne Pepper – A Magical Source For Healthy Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

It can be said that plants or herbs stemming from pepper origin really have the strong ability to improve weight loss, one of which is cayenne pepper. It is seen as one of the most widely known home remedies for weight loss because its function is to take control of obesity and aid in weight loss. Actually, cayenne pepper is comprised of capsaicin, which can provoke your body to burn fat and raise the energy expenditure. Moreover, it can help to boost digestion and subdue excess appetite which is caused by the abnormal absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract in the body. You can try cayenne pepper tea for the purpose of weight loss.

  • You pour a glass of hot water over cayenne pepper to make tea. First and foremost, you should use a reasonable amount of cayenne pepper at about 1/10 of a teaspoon, then, you can increase the amount of pepper gradually to 1 teaspoon after that. Extract the juice from a half of a lemon then add to it. Then take this kind of drink for at least 1 month.
  • You can also combine 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and maple syrup with 10 ounces of water (note: each glass contains 8 ounces of water). Then you stir in this drink a dash of cayenne pepper and then drink it.
  • You can supplement cayenne pepper and such other spices as ginger, mustard seeds and black pepper to your daily meal preparations if needed.

33. Absorb Some Navy Beans

home remedies for weight loss

Beans, especially navy beans are proven to be a magical treatment for obesity. Navy beans are also considered among the best home remedies for weight loss. Protein in the navy beans can lower your digestion, thereby curbing your appetite, and managing your weight loss well. Besides, they also contain fiber, which is very helpful in reducing cholesterol level.

  • First, you have to prepare 3 cups of water and 1 cup of dried navy beans.
  • You cover the pot of 1 cup of dried navy beans with 3 cups of fresh water until water is 1-2 inches higher than beans.
  • Boil the water and then reduce to a simmer, covering the pot partially.
  • Take away floating foam and continue simmering it for 30 minutes to 1 hour until it gets tender.
  • You can add this to salad or take is as a dish then enjoy freely.
34. Gurmar Leaves – Home Remedies For Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

Gurmar means “sweetness destroyer” in the Hindu language. In reality, it has been widely used by Ayurveda to deal with bunches of diseases including kidney stones, enlargement of liver, obesity, diabetes, etc…It is the herb known for its digestive stimulant, astringent and diuretic attributes. When you take leaves of gurmar to chew at reasonable times, your hunger for sweetness may be swept away for at least 4 hours. According to some studies, this herb contains gymnemic acid, which takes charge of the positive effects such as balancing blood sugar levels, improving triglycerides levels as well as cholesterol function, especially when it is absorbed internally. As this herb can stop your cravings for sweetness, it is taken as one of the best home remedies for weight loss.

Traditionally, you should prepare 6-12 grams of ground gurmar leaves (about 1,5 to 3 teaspoons) to absorb each day. However, if you are taking medication or diabetic, you have to take advice from doctor before taking this kind of herb. You’d better ask for help from professional herbalists or especially Ayurvedic experts before taking gurmar leaves as weight loss remedy.

35. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Consume Finger Millet

home remedies for weight loss

Finger millet is also a great food to treat overweight. If you intend to lose weight, you should try finger millet on a regular basis because it takes you a long time to digest, this will cause carbohydrates no chance to be absorbed fast. It is very rich in phosphorous, vitamin B1, B2, calcium…If you can take it, it can help to curb the cravings for eating, thereby reducing calories intake as a result.

You can use finger millet to make some kinds of daily food as breads, rotis…The powder of finger millet is also used to make halwa, porridge and laddoo. Now, why don’t you grab some finger millet powder to make useful food to combat with overweight?

36. Get Indian Plum Leaves Or Jujube

home remedies for weight loss

Indian plum leaves or jujube are shown to take great effect to help you cure overweight and increase the process of weight loss. Jujube can be found easily in the local retailers near your living site. After taking enough jujube, all you need to do is soak a handful of leaves in water for overnight. In the next morning, take the liquid to drink with empty stomach. Reapply this method for at least one month till you see the positive result.

37. Eat Curry Leaves If You Are Overweight

Curry leaves have been shown in the research that they contain mahanimbine, an organic compound which can be extracted to treat obesity because of its anti-obesity and lipid-lowering effects. Hence, it can improve weight loss process and reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

You should practice eating 10 fresh curry leaves each day in the morning. This is considered a great Ayurvedic remedy to treat overweight and diabetes resulting from obesity. Then, you should reapply this treatment regularly in 3-4 months to get the best result.

38. Take Fennel Seeds To Cure Overweight

home remedies for weight loss

This may sound strange, but in fact, fennel is known as one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss. It has been maintaining one of the best treatments for obesity since ancient times. It was also used as a traditional treatment to prevent growling stomachs.

Fennel seeds to be exact, contains with it diuretic properties which are believed to bring about great outcome for your weight loss. With the function of reducing water retention, diuretics can help you lose weight speedily. However, fennel can just be applied in a short term because it doesn’t cause weight loss in long term.

  • You simply dry roast and have fennel seeds ground. Then you strain the powder. You mix ½ of a teaspoon of fennel powder with warm water and drink it twice a day. This drink also helps to relieve abdominal gas, constipation, and indigestion.
  • You can also try fennel tea 15 minutes before having your meals.
39. Eat Almonds Daily – Home Remedies For Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

Almond is another kind of seeds with enough attributes to become one of the greatest home remedies for weight loss fast. It’s not like snacks made from other nuts, almonds can be a beneficial snack due to its curbing appetite and supplementing your body with high quality nutrients like vitamin E and Calcium and many healthy fats. In fact, the high content of calories in almonds can be overestimated, therefore, you should consume them moderately, not too much to lose your weight smoothly.

  • You can add almonds to low-calories diet with low level of carbohydrates to enhance your weight loss process. There are many ways to consume almonds.
  • You can replace your fatty snack with a handful of almonds. Such amount of almonds will ensure your level of fiber, which will prevent your hunger for sweets.
  • You can add almonds to your daily breakfast. This will make you full for longer time and energize you immediately because it also contains protein preventing you from overeating.
  • You can put some ground chopped almonds to your breakfast cereal. Or, you can try adding smashed almonds to your salads or soup to take at dinner. This will not make you hungry for a long time.
40. Take Some Flax As Snack

home remedies for weight loss

Long time ago, flax seed was believed to help people deal with digestive disorder as well as to be among the greatest home remedies for weight loss. Flax is rich in fiber and mucilage, which help to reduce cholesterol level and lower blood sugar levels. Because of its high level of fiber, using flax seeds is also a great natural way to manage movements of bowel increasing healthy gut bacteria, thereby controlling your weight effectively. You should remember one thing that you just need to consume ground flaxseed because the whole of it would move through the undigested digestive track, which can prevent you from getting beneficial nutrients from it.

All you need is to consume 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed once daily. Or you can totally add some of it to cereal or oatmeal if you like.

41. Add More Asparagus To Your Daily Diet

home remedies for weight loss

During your weight loss process, you should also keep any eye on the amount of fruits and vegetables that you consume daily and make sure to add enough to your daily meals. Asparagus is a kind of vegetable, which is one of the best home remedies for weight loss because it is kind of nutrient dense containing much fiber like apples which can curb appetite efficiently. It is also very rich in vitamins that help to metabolize blood glucose, thereby managing blood sugar well. In addition, it is an effective treatment to your fullness because it is a mild diuretic helping you avoid puffy feeling. You should have some asparagus steamed besides your main meal and just a little bit of it would give you the best result.

  • You will need to have 1 bunch of asparagus washed clearly first and get stems peeled if needed.
  • Then, you put this amount into a pan, pour in the asparagus pan ½-1 inch of water and cover it with a fitting lid.
  • You keep the heat at medium level and steam it for 3 minutes or until you see asparagus is soft enough to prick a fork through it.

42. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Coconut Oil Can Help You Out

home remedies for weight loss

Coconut oil, which can be taken as a replacement of fat, is also considered one of the mostly used home remedies for weight loss. Long time ago, saturated fats were concluded to be the main cause of obesity. Coconut oil, used to be seen as a kind of saturated fats, in fact, is a healthier alternative containing with it unique fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s), which can make your body better use calories. MCT’s is seemingly kind of saturated fats but not the kind of saturated fats that we usually hear about. Its chemical content can determine how your body processes it and break down it. MCT’s are not easily broken down and therefore not stored as fat immediately. Instead, they attract intact and send it to the liver where they can be used as energy.

Coconut oil, indeed, can not make you lose weight but can be considered as an alternative fat. Plain coconut oil is a fabulous appetite suppressant (it’s a bit scary though). Keeping it around, when taking it, you can boost your energy level as well as stimulate your practicing exercises regularly. Coconut oil has also been shown in some studies that it can curb the appetite and enhance the burning of calories. Besides, it also helps to improve metabolism.

  • All you need is 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed coconut oil. You should take this amount before, during or after a meal 2 times each day.
  • If you don’t want to be too full during the meal, take it before eating. If you are fed up with a dessert, you should take it during the meal or after the meal. It can be used to replace olive oil and bring about great result according to someone’s opinion.

Besides such great remedies made from natural sources, you also need to pay attention to your daily activity and practice suitable exercises to get your desirable weight.

43. Keep Gum In Your Pocket To Chew At Suitable Time

home remedies for weight loss

Chewing gum, a merely simple action which can boost your consciousness and applied by thousands of people receiving so many approvals, is eventually among effective home remedies for weight loss. It is a great method to fool your brain and stomach that it can bring about more than it may seem. It is believed that the gum’s flavor can diminish the appetite and restrict the hunger for unhealthy food as well as promote the stream of saliva whose enzymes can break down fats and starches.

All you need is just a small piece of gum without sugar. Whenever you are about to overeat something, grab a gum and chew it to get the full feeling. It is really an interesting but effective remedy, but you should chew gum at suitable times to avoid ashamed moments.

44. Have A Clear Routine And Respect It

home remedies for weight loss

In arranging your daily tasks, you always need to prepare an agenda to keep your tasks run smoothly as scheduled. The same thing also happens to your routine of losing weight. Keeping a clear routine during your weight loss process is one of the most 3 important things besides a suitable diet and exercises. Besides, the more important thing is to respect it, obey it and stick to it. The truth is, if you don’t adhere to your routine, you will not get a positive result. You may find it hard to follow a strict routine that weight loss process required you to do for the first time. However, after a period of time long enough, once you get used to this routine, you will see it as your essential habit, you will find it simple to obey the rule. And, as you obey the schedule that you set in the beginning, your weight loss will automatically be easier to gain. Your fit body will be back soon once you have determination and follow what you set up.

45. Add More Water To Your Diet

home remedies for weight loss

Among the list of best natural home remedies for weight loss, adding more water to the daily diet also is a great remedy you can apply easily at home. Always keeping you hydrated and implement yourself with enough water is the priority to help you treat obesity. Nevertheless, people usually ignore this simple action, especially when they are following a routine of losing weight. You may hear someone say that drinking ice cold water can help to reduce calories. But it is not true. You should choose the fresh water, which can help you to be hydrated enough reducing calories while still burning fat in your body. It can help you to curb appetite as it forces negative stuff through your system. There is one important notice that you need to take is that NEVER TOUCH SPECIALTY BEVERAGES! You just should get vitamins through your diet and supplements. Such kinds of waters as soda, sweet cola…will not only discourage your weight loss but also provide you with excess fat that you may not expect.

All you need to remember is to take 8 cups of fresh water every day. Applying this method for a long time, you will see your body becomes slimmer as a result.

46. Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Take Enough Sleep Every Day

home remedies for weight loss

In your daily life, a high quality sleep is very important and during your weight loss process, a right amount of sleep also plays an integral part. So taking enough sleep every day also is another remedy among the most effective home remedies for weight loss you should apply.

Our body is like a complicated structure, which is not comprised of separate parts. All the parts have to work with each other in a harmonious way to guarantee the balance of functions in your body and your weight operation. It has been shown in studies that if you take a little sleep over 4 nights, this will cause the rise in insulin resistance and ages metabolism 10-20 years at the same time. The sensitivity of fat cells to insulin will decrease by 30% level, which is usually met in obese people. By getting enough amount of sleep, you will not only rest your body comfortably but also speed up the process of losing weight.

47. Let Your Meal Have Intervals Between Bites

home remedies for weight loss

According to most studies, your brain will take effect after your stomach by 20 minutes. Therefore, it is not the best thing for you to depend on to know whether you are about to be full or not. To avoid absorbing too many unnecessary calories by overeating, you should slow down your speed of eating by letting your meal have intervals between bites. You may feel too hungry to do this thing, but actually, if you can do it, you not only strengthen your stomach but also increase weight loss easily. Hence, it is very important for you to remember this tip to practice it in daily meals if you wish to have a dreaming body.

48. Practicing Yoga Daily – Home Remedies For Weight Loss

home remedies for weight loss

Practicing yoga daily is also one of the best natural home remedies for weight loss presented in this writing. During weight loss process, besides keeping a healthy diet and reasonable schedule, practicing exercises every day is a vital activity if you wish to have a fit body. Apart from many physical exercises burning your fats and calories fast such as going jogging, riding a bike or skipping rope, there is another lighter but effective activity called Yoga which is really beneficial to your weight loss. Actually, doing yoga is also among most effective home remedies for weight loss.

Yoga has been done for years, it is evidenced to tackle with most of disorders in your body. It is believed to help you lose weight fast because of its postures and asanas. You can totally aim at your target sections in your body, do yoga and realize the weight loss without much trouble. It is also very useful in flushing fats accumulated in your body for many years.

Now, take a deep breath, choose the quiet place, do yoga on a regular basis and see the better result in your weight loss process.

49. Avoid Starch If You Wish To Be Slimmer

home remedies for weight loss

The final remedy in the list of 49 best home remedies for weight loss fast is avoiding starch. This seems to be a simple rule in the process of losing weight but is usually looked down on by people. In your daily diet, you really need to control the level of starch you absorb each day. You have to make sure you are consuming not too much and not too little starch each day. Because starch plays an important role in your daily meal, so if you are overweight, you should not eliminate it totally but just limit it till a reasonable level. For example, instead of taking too much bread in the morning, grab a glass of fresh fruit juice for more nutrients. Before having lunch or dinner, you can make some salads with vegetables, you will get the fullness without consuming much starch during the meals… You should also keep far away from such starchy and high-fat foods such as junk foods, bread, rice, pizzas…By doing so, the weight loss process of you can be guaranteed and you will get slimmer soon.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Addtional Tips

Such above remedies are so helpful to promote weight loss process. But you should remember some things before carrying out some remedies to deal with excess weight.

As we may know, weight plays an important role in determining whether your health is good or not. Nevertheless, you should understand your body apparently and be conscious enough to keep a suitable weight. Basing on some tool like BMI, you can know at which level your weight should be. Don’t abuse such lose-weight methods unscientifically because they can cause harm to your health.

  • Remember that if you want to succeed in gaining desirable weight, just remedies are not enough. Those remedies just take true effects if you do exercise every day. By combining exercises with appropriate diet and suitable methods and you stick to the schedule fixed, it is certain your weight will become normal fast.
  • Always stay away from stress or pressure, it may be the main cause to provoke your cravings for overeating. And, once it gets out of your reach, the negative consequences will occur. In other words, your weight may rise uncontrollably. Therefore, always keep your body healthy and leave your soul peaceful to avoid negative mood.
  • Finally, remember to ask for help from doctors and reliable consultants to optimize such methods if you are not sure about them enough. Hopefully, those above 49 effective natural home remedies for weight loss can partially have positive influence on your excess weight.

If you have any related comments about this article, please feel free to leave them in the comment box. If you want to get more useful and home remedies for better health, you can visit our main Home Remedies page for more details.

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