27 Health and Beauty Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is a highly nutritious herb that often grows in North America and some parts of Asia with cool climates. For centuries, ginseng has been considered as an excellent energy tonic and a natural remedy for a variety of health ailments and illnesses. According to several studies and services, the benefits of ginseng include its use to protect the mind, slow down the aging process, reduce stress, boost sexual potency, aid in weight loss, relieve menstrual discomfort, and control diabetes. Besides health benefits, there are many amazing beauty benefits of ginseng for hair and skin. For example, using ginseng is effective in protecting the skin and boosting hair health. Because of those amazing benefits of ginseng and the increasing global demand for that herb, ginseng root, leaves and powder have been exported to many countries over the world. The ginseng root contains many medicinal properties while the leaves have some uses. To achieve the optimum benefits of ginseng, consumers can take ginseng root orally. Ginseng is also found in many energy drinks, teas, beverages, and supplements. Are you interested in amazing health and beauty benefits of ginseng? If yes, you should read the following article below on AllRemedies.com to know more.

I – What Are Health And Beauty Benefits Of Ginseng?

Benefits Of Ginseng For Health

1. Manage Diabetes

According to several studies and research, there is a close link between ginseng and diabetes management. It is a reason why managing diabetes is included in a list of amazing health benefits of ginseng and ginseng tea is recommended to patients with diabetes. Ginseng tea is effective in reducing blood sugar levels. It keeps the development of diabetes at bay by preventing the sudden drops and spikes in blood sugar.

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2. Improve Cognitive Ability

Children and the elderly are often advised to consume ginseng because the benefits of ginseng include improving cognitive ability. Consuming ginseng can help children and the elderly to maintain a good condition of concentration and focus. Furthermore, ginseng also stimulates neural activity that tends to be affected due to aging. Antioxidants present in ginseng contribute to that benefit of ginseng. Powerful antioxidants in ginseng play the important role in preventing the formation of plaque and fight against free radicals in the brain. Therefore, using ginseng is considered as an effective solution on how to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive disorders.

3. East Menstrual Discomfort

Containing anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, ginseng becomes a powerful herbal remedy for menstrual discomfort. Ginseng tea is recommended to sufferers from extreme menstrual cramps and discomfort. If you experience the mood swings caused by the menopausal change and menstruation.

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4. Improve Sexual Performance

The good news for couples is that benefits of ginseng include its ability to improve sexual performance. Ginseng has been considered as an aphrodisiac. Powdered ginseng is effective in boosting libido and increasing sexual performance in males. It is not surprising when ginseng is an excellent natural solution for erectile dysfunction.

5. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

benefits of ginseng

There are benefits of ginseng for the body’s nervous system. For instance, consuming ginseng can help boost energy levels and stimulate the metabolism. Therefore, ginseng is considered as an excellent herbal remedy for stress and anxiety. Moreover, the adaptogens present in ginseng can decrease the stress hormone levels and balance the hormonal levels of the body, thus giving you a good mood.

6. Reduce The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer And Some Kinds Of Cancer

Many studies and research have proved that preventing colorectal cancer is one of the amazing health benefits of ginseng. You just need to add ginseng in your regular diet to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and treat the symptoms of that disease. That is because ginseng contains medicinal and anti-tumor properties. Besides preventing colorectal cancer, ginseng can help decrease the risk of some kinds of cancer related to liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, and stomach. Breast cancer patients should consume ginseng on a daily basis to improve survival rates and achieve better life quality.

7. Protect Heart Health

Ginseng has shown its powerful ability to protect heart health, which is one of amazing benefits of ginseng I would like to let you know. Ginseng contains anti-hypertension effects that can prevent heart failure. Consuming ginseng on a regular basis can help manage cholesterol levels. However, further research and studies are needed if you want to have a persuasive conclusion. Before using ginseng for treating heart failure or heart disease, you should consult your doctor carefully. This is because the high doses of ginseng may lead to high blood pressure

8. Prevent Neurodegenerative Diseases

Ginseng contains neuroprotective effects; therefore, the health benefits of ginseng include preventing neurodegenerative diseases. That benefit of ginseng is due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulatory, and anti-apoptotic properties. This herb has the powerful abilities to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and other neurological disorders.

9. Prevent Stroke

Ginseng contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is recommended consuming ginseng on a regular basis to prevent stroke and neuronal death. I would like to introduce that to you in the article about amazing benefits of ginseng.

10. Cure Cold And Flu

benefits of ginseng

Talking about amazing health benefits of ginseng, we should mention it as an effective natural remedy for flu and cold. Especially, Asian ginseng is effective in stimulating the immune system. When you are suffering from cold and flu, you should take 400 mg of Asian ginseng on a daily basis to fasten the recovery.

11. Relieve Inflammation

Ginseng contains anti-inflammatory properties that contribute many benefits of ginseng. Korean red ginseng is considered as an effective home remedy for a common upper airway inflammatory disease in adults and children. Consuming ginseng can help treat symptoms of this disease, including nasal itching, sneezing, and congestion. A study on mice showed that the Korean red ginseng has the ability to relieve the nasal allergic reaction. Therefore, ginseng is one of the best anti-inflammatory foods you should know.

12. Improve Lung Function

The benefits of ginseng also include its use in the treatment of lung bacteria and lung infection. This is because consuming ginseng on a regular basis can stop the growth of harmful cystic fibrosis. Ginseng has the powerful ability to clear the harmful bacteria from the lung. Ginseng also helps treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) [1]. People with that lung disease have the chronically poor airflow. If not treated soon and properly, it may worsen over time. The research has shown that taking ginseng orally can boost lung function and reduce symptoms of COPD.

13. Decrease Blood Sugar Levels

Ginseng contains glucoregulatory properties; therefore, the amazing benefits of ginseng also include reducing blood sugar levels and treating type 2 diabetes. After you consume glucose, you should take Panax ginseng orally to achieve a significant reduction in blood glucose levels after one hour.

14. Boost Immune System

The ability of ginseng to boost immune system give many benefits of ginseng for health. A strong immune system can help our body fight against diseases and infections. To enhance resistance to infection or illness and boost immune system, you can use stems, roots, and leaves of ginseng. According to several clinical studies, ginseng stimulates immune cells, including natural killer cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, B cells, and T cells. The antimicrobial compounds found in ginseng extracts enhance a defense mechanism against viral infections and bacteria. According to several studies, polyacetylene compounds[2] present in ginseng can fight against bacterial infections. Using ginseng can help inhibit the growth of many harmful viruses, including HIV, influenza, and rotavirus.

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15. Boost Endurance, Energy, And Strength

Energy boosting is one of well-known benefits of ginseng. Therefore, for thousands of years, ginseng has been used to boost stamina and strength. Healthy people can take ginseng orally to reduce fatigue and improve the physical performance. Ginseng has the same benefits for the energy and mental boost like coffee. However, it does not bring any unwanted side effects caused by caffeine consumption. Due to the benefits of ginseng for endurance, energy and strength, ginseng is an effective herbal remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

16. Improve Memory And Mental Performance

benefits of ginseng

There are benefits of ginseng not only for physical performance but also for mental performance. Consuming ginseng is recommended for people with poor memory as ginseng can be considered as a powerful brain protector and booster. It improves concentration and memory. Ginseng possesses many powerful antioxidants that can fight against the effects of free radicals on vulnerable brain cells. Drinking ginseng tea on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of memory loss and age-related mental decline. People with Alzheimer’s disease should take Panax ginseng once a day for 12 weeks to see the significant improvement in mental performance. Ginseng also enhances memory in sufferers from strokes. Ginkgo biloba and ginseng are used in a brain supplement because they possess a synergistic effect.

17. Relieve Symptoms Of Asthma And Lung Problems

Ginseng is a traditional herbal remedy for asthma and lung problems. Consuming ginseng can help you breathe easily, which should be included in a list of amazing benefits of ginseng. Ginseng is considered as an effective herbal remedy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as it boosts lung function. Ginseng should be taken along with antibiotic to fasten the relief from bronchitis. That solution is more effective than taking antibiotic alone.

18. Fight Viral Infections

Ginseng can act as an “adaptogen”; therefore, ginseng is considered as an effective herbal remedy for viral infections as well as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Using ginseng can help you deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.

Benefits Of Ginseng For Beauty

1. Slow Down The Aging Process

For centuries, ginseng is well-known for its ability to slow down the aging process and reduce aging signs. Ginseng is a great source of antioxidants that can fight against the negative effects of free radicals on healthy cells. Antioxidants are effective in preventing chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, consuming ginseng can help prevent the formation of maltol, a dangerous substance that worsens medical conditions. Therefore, slowing down the aging process is one of the amazing health benefits of ginseng I would like to introduce to you in this article.

2. Aid In Weight Loss

benefits of ginseng

There are many benefits of ginseng due to a combination of beneficial chemicals present in ginseng. For example, those powerful chemicals have the ability to suppress the appetite and inhibit “hunger hormones”. It is a reason why consuming ginseng can prevent food cravings and help you lose weight. You can drink a cup of ginseng tea before each meal to prevent overeating. There are more other benefits of ginseng for health I would like to introduce to you in this article.

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3. Keep Your Skin Firm

The anti-aging effects bring a lot of amazing beauty benefits of ginseng for skin. Ginseng possesses various phytonutrients that can activate and stimulate the skin’s metabolism. It removes the skin’s free radicals especially when your skin is exposed too much to environmental pollution and sunlight. Furthermore, certain ingredients in ginseng can boost the production of collagen in the skin, thus keeping your skin firmer. Good production of collagen in the skin plays the important role in making your skin toned and elastic. Because of anti-aging properties, consuming ginseng can help diminish and prevent the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and other body parts.

4. Work As A Great Toner

Ginseng is considered as a great facial fresher and toner. Ginseng boosts collagen formation and removes black spots on your face. To achieve many benefits of ginseng for skin you can make your own ginseng mask by combining ginseng with other ingredients such as honey, sunflower oil and water. It is recommended applying this ginseng mask twice a week for getting the better improvement.

5. Improve Skin Complexion

There are more other benefits of ginseng for skin. For example, using ginseng can improve your skin complexion. Both ginseng leaves and roots are great sources of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are beneficial for overall skin health. Ginseng is effective in boosting the formation of healthy new skin cells and removing dead skin cells. It improves skin complexion by rehydrating and refining skin. If you want to have a brighter and healthier skin complexion, you should not ignore the amazing beauty benefits of ginseng for skin. When you apply the crushed ginseng leaves to your skin, it is recommended massaging your skin in circular motion to improve blood circulation and make your skin rosy.

6. Treat Skin Diseases

It is impossible to talk about amazing benefits of ginseng for skin without mentioning its treatment of skin problems. Many skin problems such as eczema, acne and rough skin are caused by incomplete skin metabolism. The certain ingredients and compounds present in ginseng can get absorbed by the skin quickly and then they help improve subcutaneous vascular circulation. Taking ginseng orally on a regular basis can help you prevent those skin diseases, thus making your skin cheerful and bright.

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7. Remove Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

If you have dark circles around your eyes, you should be interested in amazing beauty benefits of ginseng. Beneficial compounds in ginseng can lighten the dark circles and reduce the eye puffiness. You should try a ginseng mask for dark circle three times a week to achieve the better result.

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8. Deal With Hair Loss

Hair fall or hair loss is caused by a weak immune system. There are many benefits of ginseng not only for your skin but also for your hair. Consuming ginseng can help improve your immune system, thus helping your body fight against diseases and infections. Furthermore, many beneficial compounds present in ginseng can promote overall hair health. Using ginseng can help get rid of hair loss and stimulate hair growth. This is because ginseng maintains optimum oxygen absorption and proper blood circulation. To achieve benefits of ginseng for hair, you can add this healthy food to your diet or use ginseng tea as the hair rinse.

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9. Stimulate Hair Growth

Panax ginseng contains anti-apoptotic properties; therefore, stimulating hair growth is one of amazing beauty benefits of ginseng for hair I would like to introduce to you in this article. Topical use of ginseng can boost hair’s regeneration. Ginseng is considered as an effective solution for hair growth as it has the ability to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.

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II – What Are Side Effects Of Ginseng

After knowing the amazing health and beauty benefits of ginseng, you should find the information about the possible side effects of ginseng and know how to use this herbal remedy properly and safely. To avoid unwanted side effects, you can take 100 – 400 mg of Ginseng daily for about two to three weeks and then take a one week gap. To ensure the safety, you should follow the instruction carefully especially when you buy the particular dosage package of ginseng. Ginseng is non-toxic; however, overconsumption of ginseng may cause hypertension and insomnia. Therefore, you should not consume ginseng for more than three months. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should not use ginseng. It is important for you to consult your doctor before using ginseng for medical conditions. Let your doctor know your health condition and medications you are taking. Ginseng may affect the effects of certain medications like heparin, warfarin, diuretics and aspirin. Ginseng is also not recommended to people who are being treated for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Never combine ginseng with other herbal and nutrient supplements without asking for doctor’s advice. The common side effects of ginseng use include itching, rashes, anxiety, cough, insomnia, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and depression. Other less frequent side effects include problems with menstruation, dizziness, rapid heart rate, heart palpitations[3], edema, headache, chest pain, and nausea.

III – Where And How To Buy Ginseng?

In the United States, people sell ginseng legally without any restriction. This herbal remedy can be purchased in many forms such as a whole dried root, powders, capsules and teas at most herbal stores. If you want to have a variety of options for ginseng supplements, you should buy it at a local health food store. Ginseng is also available at drug stores or grocery. Shopping online can give you hundreds of choices for ginseng but it becomes difficult and overwhelming to choose. It is recommended shopping locally and asking the vendors for a good product with a specific affordable price. Cheaper ginseng does not mean it has low quality. To ensure the good quality and optimum benefits of ginseng, you should do some research and investigation about a particular brand of ginseng. Most health and beauty benefits of ginseng come from the levels of the component ginsenosides[4] present in ginseng. A standardized extract of ginseng should contain 3 to 7 percent ginsenosides. Never choose the ginseng roots with discolorations and soft spots. It is recommended buying ginseng roots in thin slices.

Ginseng has been considered as a great option to add to the healthy and balanced diet as this herbal remedy has the ability to boost the metal focus, work as an energy boost, and lower blood sugar. However, further studies and research are still required before we have a proven conclusion about amazing health and beauty benefits of ginseng. If you are interested in those benefits of ginseng, you can buy a quality brand ginseng at the local health food stores. It is important to consult your doctor or health care providers to ensure that ginseng supplement does not interact with your health issues and medication you are talking. Do you have any questions to ask? You can leave them in the comment section bellow the post. I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

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