List of 21 Foods High in Iodine Content for Hypothyroidism

Iodine is a significant mineral and plays an important role in human health as well as in the environment. It is a key mineral in the atmosphere, soil, and oceans. However, the role of iodine in thyroid health needs reconsidering carefully. As we know, iodine is a key component of the hormones that produced in the thyroid gland. These hormones are very necessary for controlling energy production as well as utilization in most of the cells in the body. But keeping the balance of iodine in the thyroid is not easy and both too much and too little iodine in the thyroid gland can make the production of hormones slow down and lead to hypothyroidism. The recommended daily allowance for iodine for a healthy person over the age of 14 is about 150 mcg, 90 mcg for the children at the age of 1 to 8, 120 mcg for the children at the age of 9 to 13, and 290 mcg for the pregnant or breastfeeding women.

A diet with lack of iodine may lead to depression, anxiety, weight gain, autism, slow metabolism, weakness of the immune system, fatigue, lethargy, or even enlargement of the thyroid gland. So you need to have a balanced diet with enough iodine for your body if you don’t get enough iodine daily. AllRemedies will show you a list of foods high in iodine content. It may be necessary for you.

The List Of Foods High In Iodine Content That The People With Hypothyroidism Should Know

1. Sea Vegetables

foods high in iodine

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, sea vegetables are the foods that highest in iodine with about 500 % of the daily value for 1 tablespoon. The sea vegetables rich in iodine including Kelp with about 2000 mcg of iodine for 1 tablespoon, Arame with 730 mcg of iodine for 1 tablespoon, Hiziki with 780 mcg of iodine for 1 tablespoon, Kombu with 1450 mcg for 1 one-inch piece, Wakame with 80 mcg for 1 tablespoon. Especially, dried seaweed contain an incredible source of this mineral with about 4500 mcg or 3000% of daily value for a quarter-ounce serving and only 18 calories. These foods are often added into soups or salads.

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2. Cranberries

This fruit is often known to be very rich in antioxidant and vitamin C. But a few people know that it is also a great source of iodine. It is estimated that cranberries can have up to 400 mcg of iodine for about 4 ounces or 267 % daily value with only 52 calories. This is also considered as a super food with a great deal of vitamins and minerals like manganese, fiber, copper, vitamin E, K, and pantothenic acid. But you should know that processed cranberry juice contains a lot of sugar that is not good for the people with diabetes or high cholesterol. Some studies showed that they can help protect against urinary tract infection and cardiovascular diseases effectively. Its anti-inflammatory property is useful for lowering the risk of periodontal disease.

3. Himalayan Crystal Salt

foods high in iodine

Like the foods from the ocean, Himalayan crystal salt can help provide a great deal of iodine for your daily need. You can get about 250 mcg of iodine or 167 % of your daily value for only a half gram of this salt. So if you are using this salt in your diet, you should have a plan to balance it so as to avoid the excess of iodine especially in your thyroid.

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4. Lobster

One of the seafood with high iodine contents is lobster. If you are experiencing the iodine deficiency, lobster may be a good choice for you. For each 100-gram serving size, you can get about 100 mcg of iodine or 67 % daily value and 98 calories. In addition, lobster is also a great source of vital vitamins and minerals for you, for example, each 100-gram serving, there are pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 with 33%, niacin or B3 with 12 %, vitamin B6 with 9%, zinc with 43 %, sodium with 32%, phosphorus with 26%, magnesium with 12%, and calcium with 10% and some other vitamins and minerals. It is also low in fat so you don’t need to worry about weight gain when consuming lobster.

5. Cod

foods high in iodine

The meat of the cod is very delicious, low-calorie, and low-fat.

It is also full of several nutrients like iodine. That is why it can become a wonderful and healthy food for many people. It can provide you about 99 mcg of iodine, that equal to 66 % of daily value for a three-ounce serving size with only 89 calories. In addition, a healthy source of vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and protein is found in cod is also very necessary for the human health.

6. Organic Yogurt

Although yogurt is a natural probiotic, it is one of the excellent foods high in iodine content. 1 cup of yogurt can contain about 154 mcg of iodine; hold over a half of your daily value with 154 calories. Besides that, it is also high in calcium with 12%, vitamin B2 with 12%, and protein with 3.5 g per 100 grams. A cup of yogurt for your breakfast or a light snack is very good for your health.  

7. Organic Potatoes

Organic potatoes are one of the common foods in the menu of many people. But a few people know that they are a great source of iodine. A medium-sized baked potato can have up to 60 mcg of iodine. This is also very rich in vitamins and minerals for example, vitamin C with 24%, vitamin B6 with 23%, thiamin with 7%, niacin with 7%, potassium with 9%, phosphorus with 8%, manganese with 7% and amounts of riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc for about 100 grams of potatoes. But they are also easy to suck up pesticides. So you need to notice when you buy and cook it. It is often used to make salad, mashed potatoes or French fries.

8. Soy nuts

foods high in iodine

Soy nuts are made from soybeans. They can be soaked in water for a time, then drain and roasted or baked it. You may know that they are very high in dietary fiber and protein. But you may not know that soy nuts are also full of iodine with about 60 mcg for a quarter cup of soy nuts.

9. Milk

Milk is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is a great source of lipids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is also very rich in iodine with about 56 mcg or 37 % of daily value for 1 cup. A great source of calcium and vitamin D in milk may be very necessary for the people with vitamin D or calcium deficiency. This is also a main source to make many other foods like yogurt, cakes, breads, and something like that.

10. White Bread

White bread sometimes is not a good choice for many people, but it may be good for the people with iodine deficiency as it can have up to 45 mcg of iodine or 30 % of daily value with 132 calories for only 2 slices of it.

11. Fruit Cocktail

foods high in iodine

Besides the foods high in iodine content, you should pay attention to your daily beverage. Fruit cocktail in heavy syrup and canned is also rich in iodine with about 42 mcg or 28% iodine for a half of cup you consume.

12. Shrimp

All the foods come from the ocean are always an excellent source of iodine including shrimp. Shrimp can provide you up to 35 mcg of iodine approximately 23 % of daily value and 84 calories for only a 3-ounce serving. Plus, this is very high in some essential vitamins and minerals like selenium with 102%, vitamin B12 with 78%, protein with 52%, phosphorus with 50%, choline with 36%, copper with 32%, zinc with 17%, omega 3 fats with 14%, and amounts of other nutrients for each 4-oz serving size. They can be combined with many other foods to make the delicious dishes in your meals.

13. Fish Sticks

Fish sticks or called fish fingers are a type of processed food from some whitefish like Pollock, haddock, or cod. With its high iodine content, fish sticks can be a great source of iodine for your body to avoid the iodine deficiency. You can get about 35 mcg of iodine, the equivalence of 23 % of daily value with 140 calories for 2 fish sticks.

14. Baked Turkey Breast

foods high in iodine

One of the meats can enter the list of foods high in iodine content is baked turkey breast. It can provide up to 34 mcg of this mineral or 23 % of daily value with 78 calories for 3 ounces of baked turkey breast. Adding this food in your diet also helps provide B vitamins, phosphorus, and potassium that are very vital to a healthy and strong body.

15. Organic Navy Beans

There are many beans that rich in iodine, but navy beans are the top of the list. It is found 1/2 only ½ cup of navy beans can contain up to 32 mcg of iodine or 21 % of daily value. Besides that it is a good source of nutrients like fiber with 76%, folate with 64%, manganese with 48%, copper with 42%, phosphorus with 37%, and vitamin B1 with 36% for 1 cup of navy beans that are very necessary for the human health. But it contains up to 255 calories for 1 cup of cooked navy beans.

16. Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream is one of the most favorite desserts for many people, especially for the young people. Especially, it is also a good source of iodine. It is estimated that a half cup of chocolate ice cream can hold up to 30 mcg of iodine that equal to 20 % of your daily value. However, it is also high in saturated fats with a large portion of the calories as it is full of sugars. So if you are a fan of chocolate ice cream and you don’t want to gain weight quickly, you should limit your intake of this food.

17. Canned Tuna

foods high in iodine

Tuna is canned in oil is known to have more iodine. For each 3-ounce canned tuna, you can get 17 mcg of iodine or 11 % of your daily recommended value with 99 calories. If you add it in your diet, you can get more beneficial as it is also rich in iron, protein, and vitamin E that are very necessary for a healthy body.

18. Canned Corn

Canned corn is not only a healthy and fully-functioning food but also iodine-rich foods. You can get about 14 mcg of iodine or 9 % of daily value with 67 calories for only ½ cup of canned corn.

19. Organic Strawberries

We all know that strawberries are really a great source of vitamins and minerals. But a few people know that they are also rich in iodine. Strawberries are estimated to contain about 10 % of iodine that your body need in a day. With only 1 cup of fresh strawberries, you can get 13 mcg of iodine with 46 calories. Plus, it can provide you about 113% of vitamin C, 28% of manganese, 12% fiber, and other nutrients like folate, copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin, omega 3 fats, and vitamin B6. You can consume it by using them as a healthy juice or adding in some dishes like cakes, salad or something like that. Thanks to its unique combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, they are said to prevent and support for treating cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some certain cancers like colon, cervical, and breast cancer.

20. Boiled Eggs

foods high in iodine

Hard boiled eggs are really a healthy food that can help you supplement many nutrients such as antioxidants, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, and more. Besides that, it is also one of the foods high in iodine content. It is estimated that 1 hard-boiled egg can hold up to 12 mcg of iodine, approximately 9 % of daily value with about 78 calories. It can be used with some leafy green and veggie-filled salad for a light and healthy meal.

21. Dried Prunes

Dried prunes are known to be very rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, for examples, vitamin A, K, boron, and fiber. This is also a good source of iodine with 13 mcg of iodine or 9 % of daily value for 5-prune serving. However, it also contains more calories with about 120 calories. So if you want to add it in your daily diet, you should consider carefully.

Although iodine is good for all of us, especially for the people with iodine deficiency, a diet high in iodine may be harmful to the people with their upcoming radioactive iodine therapy. They should follow a low-iodine diet and avoid all the foods high in iodine content so as to get the best result from the therapy.

Finally, if you have any question or idea related to this topic, you can leave your comment. We will reply for you soon. You can visit our website to see more useful information about the health that you are finding.


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