18 Tips How to Prevent Rosacea Naturally at Home

By treating the rosacea and avoiding triggering factors of rosacea, many people can prevent rosacea flare-ups successfully. A dermatologist can give you a treatment plan that can help you control all of the signs and symptoms of rosacea.

In this article, we would like to show you some of the best ways on how to prevent rosacea naturally. Therefore, if you want to know more about health facts and natural remedies to help you prevent rosacea flare-ups, read this article right now and then try to apply one or more of these natural ways for good.

I. Causes And Symptoms Of Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is often characterized by burning and redness across the central facial areas. The initial sign is flushing, which makes your skin red temporarily. It mainly affects your facial skin areas and it can also extend along the neck and the chest. It is often caused by triggering factors such as hot or cold temperature, exposure to sunlight, hot beverages, and strenuous exercise.

Some factors that are reported to cause a rosacea flare-up include:

  • Stress
  • The intestinal bacteria called Helicobacter pylori
  • The skin mite called demodex
  • The presence of a protein called cathelicidin to protect the skin from infections
  • Hot and cold temperature
  • Sunlight
  • Alcohol, hot drinks, and spicy foods
  • Chemicals found in hair and skin care products or cosmetics
  • Strenuous exercise

The flushing symptom is often associated with the development of red rashes across the facial skin areas such as the nose, cheeks, and forehead. People with rosacea are often embarrassed by these red rashes. These rashes mainly affect rosacea sufferers’ cheeks and chin, and can extend to their chest and neck areas as well. Also, it may cause a burning or stinging sensation.

Apart from red rashes, other signs and symptoms of rosacea that may occur are:

  • Visible blood vessels: They can become visible underneath the surface of the skin. This feature is also referred to telangiectasia.
  • Red bumps and pus-filled blisters: They may start to develop. These spots may look like acne.
  • Thickened skin: In some cases, the skin of rosacea sufferers starts to thicken and form red and fleshy protrusions. Actually, this sign is more likely to occur in men rather than women.
  • Ocular involvement: Rosacea sufferers may also find that this skin condition starts affecting their eyes. Their eyes may become itchy, watery, dry, and sore. This condition is known as ocular rosacea.
  • Dry, scaly and rough skin
  • Large skin pores

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II. How To Prevent Rosacea Naturally At Home

Rosacea is a chronic condition that can come and then go on its own. Doctors often offer those with rosacea topical medication or prescription antibiotics. In this article, we, AllRemedies will show you some things that you can do at home to prevent & treat rosacea flare-ups.

1. Apply Sunscreen

how to prevent rosacea

This is the first one of the best tips on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally that we want to reveal in this article and want all of the readers to know for good.

Keep in mind that just a couple of minutes of sunlight on the skin with rosacea can cause uncontrollable redness and flushing. According to a study, dermatologists recommend that people with rosacea have to apply a gentle sunscreen with an SPF at least 30 before getting out of their house [1]. A fragrance-free sunscreen that has titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or both is found to cause less irritation for your rosacea-prone skin.

Besides, in order to prevent your rosacea flare-ups, you should:

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever you are in the sun
  • Avoid going out in the midday of the day.
  • Seek shade

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2. Avoid Overheating

To prevent a rosacea flare-up, dermatologist recommends that you should avoid overheating. Here are several simple things you can do when it comes to ways on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally with its flare-ups:

  • Dress in layers, and when you feel overheated, you can remove clothing.
  • Take lukewarm showers and baths instead of hot ones.
  • Stay away from heaters, fireplaces as well as other heat sources
  • If you feel overheated, you can sip a cold drink, place a cold cloth around the neck or keep cool with an air-conditioner or fan.

3. Reduce Stress

In case stress makes your rosacea worse, you have to learn how to control it so that it will not cause a rosacea to flare. In order to reduce stress, there are some great ideas for you:

  • Do an activity that can reduce your stress. For example, meditation, tai chi, or joining a support group for people with rosacea.
  • Do something you like every day
  • When you feel stressful, take a deep breath and then slowly exhale it.

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4. Avoid Hot Beverages

Keep in mind that the heat coming from hot beverages can make rosacea to flare. So, if you want to know how to prevent rosacea at home naturally, you should make a few changes when enjoying beverages. Try some of these ideas:

  • Drink iced tea or coffee instead of hot ones
  • Let your beverages cool so that they are warm

5. Avoid Spicy Foods

If spicy foods make your rosacea worse, you should try to avoid eating all spicy foods. Spicy foods such as Mexican- style foods, hot peppers, chili, and salsa can cause rosacea flare-ups. Some people believe that there is a relation between gastrointestinal upset and food- causing rosacea flare-ups. Also, you can eat your favorites by trying a mild version. Opt for mild wings instead of hot wings that can cause you to sweat.

Nonetheless, the dietary triggers of rosacea vary between individuals and people with rosacea should keep a diary logging their consumption of any potential triggering foods. This can help rosacea sufferers identify which types of food they should avoid later on. How severely these foods may affect rosacea signs and symptoms should be taken note in the diary as well.

6. Avoid Food Triggers

When it comes to ways on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally without having to make use of any type of drugs, pills, or medical interventions, you should keep away from the following foods:

  • Chocolate: According to a research[2], chocolate is known as one of the food triggers for rosacea suffers. This is because theobromine found in cocoa can increase blood circulation and dilate blood vessels, which leads to skin flushing.
  • Marinated meats: Sulfites found in marinated meats can cause chronic skin symptoms.
  • Fermented foods: Some fermented foods, such as kimchi, sauerkraut and aged cheeses have been considered as a rosacea trigger in some cases.
  • Pungent or sour veggies: They include hot peppers, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beets, spinach, eggplant, and radishes.
  • Citrus fruits: They can release histamine
  • Spices: Some spices such as cumin, ginger, black pepper, cloves and fenugreek should be avoided because they can cause anti-inflammatory responses.
  • Sugars and starches: They can cause bumps and redness
  • Foods high in saturated fats
  • Beef
  • Seafood

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7. Foods To Eat More

how to prevent rosacea

Eating some rosacea-friendly foods is one of the best ways on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally that you should try out right from today. So, to prevent the rosacea from becoming worse, you should add the following foods to your daily diet:

  • Bland vegetables such as cucumbers, asparagus, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, broccoli, leafy greens, cauliflower, okra, celery, green beans, lettuce, and zucchini, etc. They are rich in vitamins A and C, bioflavonoids and beta-carotene, which can improve your skin condition by improving immunity and strengthening capillaries.
  • Soothing spices such as cardamom, coriander, saffron, turmeric, and fennel
  • Goat cheese because it is a great source of protein and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fish contains omega-3s and it is effective in decreasing redness
  • Chicken or turkey, but in moderation
  • Non-citrus fruits such as melons, grapes, and mango
  • Ghee, an Indian styled butter that helps with immune system
  • Food sources of protein such as tempeh, tofu, egg whites, cottage cheese, white meat.
  • Grains such as wheat bread, oats, granola, barley, cooked oats, amaranth, tapioca, and white rice
  • Low- sugar foods

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8. Rethink Alcohol

According to a study, the biggest culprit of rosacea may be red wine[3]. You can reduce rosacea flares from alcohol in case you:

  • Drink white wine in lieu of red wine
  • Limit yourself to 1-2 drinks and drink cold water after you drink alcohol
  • Add lemonade or soda to beer, white wine as well as other alcoholic beverages in order to reduce the amount of alcohol.
  • No alcohol consumption also works. This is because alcohol increases blood to flow through our skin, making the skin become redder.

Actually, avoiding alcoholic drinks is one of the greatest ways on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home that you and other readers should not look down.

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9. Check Out Your Medicines

If a medicine causes your rosacea to flare, you should not stop taking it. Instead, ask your doctor whether it could cause your rosacea. Some medicines that can make your skin issue worse are those used to treat:

If you are taking medicines or vitamins that could be causing rosacea flare-ups, ask your doctor whether you could take different ones. Actually, this is known as a great way on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home.

10. Be Careful When Using Hair And Skin Care Products

When you use some certain hair or skin care products, your skin can burn, itch, or sting. Also, these products can make your skin dry and scaly. All of these signs show that they are irritating the skin and cause a rosacea flare-up. In order to avoid flare-ups, here is what you should do:

  • Go to see a dermatologist and she or he can give you a proper rosacea skin care plan for your skin
  • Stop using toners and astringents
  • Carefully look at the ingredients in your hair and skin care products. If any of these products contain common rosacea triggers such as camphor, menthol, or sodium lauryl sulfate, stop using this product immediately.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate is wide-found in toothpaste and shampoos. So, if you are using a product around your facial skin, stop using it immediately.

There are other effective ways on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home in this article. So, if you want to discover them, keep reading this entire article and then try to apply one or more of these ways for good.

11. How To Prevent Rosacea – Use A Gentle Cleanser

When you are looking for ways on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally, you should consider using a gentle cleanser at home. Actually, you should use a liquid cleanser to clean your skin gently without causing any skin irritation. A suggestion for you is that you can soothe your skin with the help of chamomile. According to a study about the best natural remedies for rosacea, chamomile is known for its ability to soothe the skin; therefore, using soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers that contain chamomile may be a great choice for those with rosacea. However, if you have an allergy to ragweed, it is better to avoid these cleansers. More importantly, you should also avoid abrasives because they can cause a flush. Therefore, you should avoid using abrasive products such as buff puffs, scrubs or cleansing powders. Moreover, warm water should be used and your facial skin should be allowed to completely dry before applying any cosmetics.

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12. Use A Cucumber Moisturizer

how to prevent rosacea

Other effective ways on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home that you should know must include using a cucumber moisturizer. After you wash your rosacea-prone skin with a mild facial cleanser, you should use a natural moisturizer that contains the extract of cucumber. Although nobody knows why, moisturizers with cucumber extracts can soothe rosacea-prone skin naturally. As a result, remember to apply a moisturizer on a daily basis, especially if the skin is feeling sore.

13. Clean Your Eyelids Properly

If your eyes are affected by rosacea, you should clean your eyelids with some warm water and mild cleanser. Also, keep in mind that eye makeup should be avoided, but if you want to wear it, you should use eye makeup removers to wash them off easily. Actually, cleaning your eyelids properly is very important if you want to prevent the rosacea flare-ups. So, you should not look down it, yet try to use a mild cleanser and remover to clean them.

14. How To Prevent Rosacea – Use Tinted Makeup

If you are experiencing rosacea flare-ups, you should use a green-tinted makeup available at beauty stores under your foundation. You should use it for every wear. The green can combine with redness in your facial skin and then completely neutralizes it. Actually, when you are looking for ways on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home, you should try using tinted makeup under your foundation.

15. Keep Wrinkle Creams To A Minimum

Another great way on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home that you should know and then try to apply is that you should keep using anti-aging creams to a minimum.  If you have a rosacea-prone skin and want to apply an anti-aging cream to prevent the formation of wrinkles, you should be careful before purchasing. Carefully read product labels and then just buy wrinkle creams that have the percentage of alpha hydroxyl acid under 2.5%. If the package labels suggest using the cream twice per day, you should use it only once a day. If you see any redness, stop using this product immediately.

16. Use Rosacea-Friendly Cosmetics

Makeup products can trigger your rosacea, so using rosacea- friendly cosmetics is actually one of the best ways on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally that you should know. As a result, when you wear some makeup, you should:

  • apply a mild emollient to your skin before applying makeup
  • use a liquid-based foundation that can spread with ease and be set with powder
  • avoid using waterproof makeup and heavy foundation.
  • use cosmetics that are designed for sensitive skin. Although these products are chemical-free, they still have few chemicals that can cause flares.

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17. Keep Cool When You Exercise

Exercises can increase your body’s temperature and then cause a rosacea flare-up. But, you can still exercise if you follow the tips below:

  • Lower the intensity. Actually, you can still reap the benefits from a medium or even a low-intensity workout.
  • Just exercise when it is cool. In hot days, try a shaded path or an air-conditioned gym
  • Try exercises in the water. For example, swimming in cool water or aqua aerobics can limit rosacea flare-ups.
  • To help you cool down, keep a towel that is soaked in cold water around your neck, or bring a cold water bottle or ice cubes with you.

In fact, this is also known as one of the best tips on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally that you should know and then try to apply as soon as possible, especially if you have rosacea-prone skin.

18. Protect Your Skin From Cold And Wind

This is the last but very important way on how to prevent rosacea naturally at home that we want to mention in this entire article and want all of the readers to apply for good.

We all know that windburn [4] is common in the skin with rosacea. A windburn can lead to a rosacea flare-up, especially on cold days. Also, cold can cause rosacea.

The following things are what you can do to prevent from rosacea flare-ups from wind and cold:

  • Cover your face with a silk or acrylic scarf. Avoid placing wool as well as other rough fabrics next to your facial skin because they can cause a rosacea flare-up.
  • Protect your rosacea-prone skin by applying a rosacea-friendly sunscreen and an emollient on a daily basis.
  • Limit the time when you stay outdoors.

This article includes top 18 ways on how to prevent rosacea flare-ups that you can apply with ease at home. After reading this article, we hope that you can apply some of the preventive techniques as soon as possible to prevent your skin condition from becoming worse. If you think that this list is helpful and can help other rosacea sufferers around you, feel free to share this list with them and then try to stimulate them to apply one or more of these ways at the comfort of their own homes. One more thing, if you know other ways on how to prevent rosacea at home naturally apart from those as we mentioned above, remember to share these ways with other readers by leaving your comments in the comment box below.

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