Top 31 Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice for Health, Skin, Beauty


Have you ever tried using wheatgrass in order to keep healthy? That may sound very strange, right? However, it is really true because it contains a lot of vitamins as well as minerals. For example, it is a wonderful source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, as well as chlorophyll. As you can see, chlorophyll is a phytochemical which may give dark green color to the leaves of wheatgrass. And this component is very important for the blood of plants; what is more, in human, it can help in reversing aging, suppressing hunger, cleansing the blood, combating odor, and preventing cancer. According to some studies, they have found that there is 70% chlorophyll in wheatgrass. Furthermore, wheatgrass has iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, essential enzymes as well as 19 amino acids. That’s why there are so many benefits which wheatgrass can bring to our lives.

Now let’s find out what the benefits of wheatgrass are on our page

Top 31 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Wheatgrass

1. Treating Skin Diseases

First of all, one of the amazing beauty and health benefits of wheatgrass is to treat some skin diseases such as psoriasis [1] and eczema. Meanwhile there aren’t any clinical studies which have been shown to support it yet, there are still a lot of testimonials of the home remedies with wheatgrass which seem to confirm this claim.

Therefore, there are various ways which you can follow to use wheatgrass for your skin.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, you extract the juice from some wheatgrass
  • Then pour wheatgrass juice which has been extracted into some holes in the ice cube tray
  • Next, put it into the refrigerator
  • Finally, rub a cube on your affected skin area when needed.

Method 2:

  • Firstly, pour one cup of wheatgrass juice into your warm bath
  • Then soak your body in it
  • Next, leave it on for more than 30 minutes
  • Finally, have a bath or have a shower again and pat your body dry

You ought to repeat this method regularly until your condition is improved.

2. Losing Weight

benefits of wheatgrass

If you are a little fat and want to lose some weight, wheatgrass is what you need. As mentioned above, wheatgrass has selenium which is vital to the healthy functioning of your thyroid gland. According to the study of Clinical Endocrinology published in 2013, it is suggested that adding more selenium to your daily diet may help in improving the unbalanced thyroid function, even when it is linked to the different issues like autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, the thyroid is also the natural weight management tool of your body. Therefore, you make sure that your thyroid ought to be healthy by consuming a wheatgrass shot in the morning before you have breakfast. That’s why losing weight is considered as one of the benefits of wheatgrass.

3. Reducing Food Cravings

As you can see, wheatgrass contains a lot of nutrients which your body doesn’t desire the different foods to reimburse the lack of minerals or vitamins several common nutrient deficiencies like omega-3 deficiency, magnesium deficiency, as well as iron deficiency that are able to make you snack when your body looks for a source of the much-needed minerals. According to Dr. Mike Roussell, whereas the idea of the body which is looking for a precise food like almonds when you are lack of magnesium is the old wises’ tale, some studies have presented that sugar cravings may usually be linked to the lack of magnesium and calcium, according to the nutritionist Caroline Pearce. Therefore, if you are in this case, you just need to take a wheatgrass supplement either a wheatgrass juice shot every morning when your stomach is empty. It may help in preventing eating too much throughout the day. That is the reason why reducing food cravings is one of the health benefits of wheatgrass.

4. Detoxing Your Cells

In the list of health benefits of wheatgrass, detoxing your cells is also one of them. As you have known, wheatgrass is high in nutrients, especially high in alkaline; thus making it become a perfect tool for the detox. Meanwhile the jury is out on whether the alkaline diets are really able to change the acidity or alkalinity of your blood; some nutritionists still agree that you accidentally end up consuming healthier by eating the alkaline diet. As you can see, wheatgrass is a wonderful alkaline food which can help to prime the cell function.

5. Improving Immunity

One of the wonderful benefits of wheatgrass which ought to be mentioned as well is to improve immunity. Or in the simple words, wheatgrass can help to increase the red blood cells in your body and then boost immunity. According to a study of the Journal of Indian Pediatrics which was published in 2004 presented that wheatgrass could decrease the demand for transfusions in a lot of patients. That is the reason why you ought to take a wheatgrass shot when you are at risk of suffering from flu, cold, as well as infection in order to give a jolt to your immune system.

6. Stimulating Circulation

Another advantage which is also mentioned in the list of health benefits of wheatgrass is to stimulate your circulation by increasing the high amount of oxygen in your blood. Nevertheless, a study of the Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine which was published in 2008 presented that wheatgrass didn’t considerably increase your blood oxygen levels. After that, a follow-up study showed that wheatgrass exactly did it when you took wheatgrass directly before exercise. Therefore, in order to get a good result, you had better take a wheatgrass shot before you start your regular exercise routine.

7. Improving Digestion

In the list of the health benefits of wheatgrass, improving digestion ought to be mentioned, too. According to Dr. Marc Micozzi, wheatgrass has various elements such as fiber as well as B-complex vitamins which can not only boost your digestion but also boost the functions of your muscles of your digestive system. He also adds that generally, B complex vitamins can help in moving the energy which is obtained from the food into your tissue cells where needed. Besides that, thiamine [2] is able to help in converting carbs into energy while riboflavin is able to keep your digestive tract’s mucosal lining healthy. And there is an important thing that you ought to know. That is both elements are contained in wheatgrass.

8. Treating Arthritis

It is believed that one of the benefits of wheatgrass is to treat arthritis. According to a study which was published in 2012, it presented that patients with rheumatoid arthritis who followed the raw vegetarian diet which was very rich in lactobacilli could see the symptoms decrease, and that about half of the benefits were because of the increased intake of wheatgrass drinks, fermented wheat drinks, iron as well as fiber. Moreover, chlorophyll is believed to combat inflammation, which is linked to the joint pain and probably a reason why wheatgrass is very useful in this case.

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9. Reducing Fatigue

benefits of wheatgrass

Besides these benefits of wheatgrass which are mentioned above, reducing fatigue is also one of the advantages that wheatgrass brings. As mentioned above, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll which can help you to boost your immune system because when you are suffering from fatigue, your immune system will become weaker. In addition, chlorophyll can help in increasing the oxygen supply in the body’s tissues and cells and then contributing to the cell regeneration, which may reduce fatigue symptoms, along with healing your body.

10. Getting Rid Of Body Odor

Wheatgrass has been believed to contain the natural body odor lessening properties for a long time. It is also said that application or consumption of wheatgrass more often may help in decreasing the body odor. In addition, some studies haven’t confirmed the direct correlation between the reduction body odor and the ingestion of wheatgrass but some studies have presented that the body odor becomes worse in those people who don’t consume enough fiber because body odor may be a symptom of poor gut or digestion health. Especially, bad-smelling sweat can be caused by the lack of magnesium or the problems about digesting dietary fats. Fortunately, wheatgrass can help to deal with both problems.

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11. Treating Skin Wounds

By helping to regenerate your cells, wheatgrass juice is capable of helping to treat skin wounds, along with helping them to heal more quickly. According to a study, it presented that application of wheatgrass was so strong and it could reduce the plantar lesions in the leprosy patients. With all the reasons above, it is said that treating skin wounds is one of the amazing benefits of wheatgrass juice.

So as to use wheatgrass topically, you just need to dab wheatgrass juice on your affected skin area by using a cotton ball. After that, you allow it to sit for some minutes and then rinse it. Finally, you take a towel and pat your skin dry.

12. Preventing Tooth Decay

If you are wondering to know about the benefits of wheatgrass, treating tooth decay is one of your wanted answers. Thanks to the natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it can help not only increase mouth health but also reduce the risk of suffering from cavities, together with gum inflammation when drunk. Besides that, wheatgrass includes chlorophyll which was said to have effects on treating candida albicans. It means that wheatgrass can also help in treating cases of oral thrush, too.

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13. Cleansing Your Liver

As you have known, liver is one of the important parts of the body. And wheatgrass is probably famous for its effects on your liver. Furthermore, the liver can process what your body ingests. And thanks to the detoxifying properties, enzymes as well as nutrients, wheatgrass can restore and revitalize the crucial organ. According to a study in the Journal of Membrane Biology which was published in 2014, it showed that consuming wheatgrass could protect your liver from the detrimental effects of the alcohol.

14. Treating Sunburn

Not only can wheatgrass treat wounds, but it is also used to speed up the healing procedure of burnt skin. Why does wheatgrass help to deal with this skin problem? It’s very easy and simple. It can help you to treat sunburn due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus if you want to get rid of sunburn, it is time for you to follow the detailed instruction below.

  • Firstly, extract the juice from the wheatgrass leaves
  • Then, dip a cotton ball into this juice
  • Next, dab it on your affected skin area
  • After that, leave it on for some minutes
  • Finally, wash your skin off and pat it dry
  • Repeat this process regularly to get a positive result

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15. Stabilizing Lipid Levels

When talking about the health benefits of wheatgrass juice, it will be a mistake if stabilizing lipid levels is not mentioned. It means that wheatgrass is a wonderful tool to manage the high cholesterol. This is also proved in a study of Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica. This study showed that wheatgrass decreased hyperlipidemia in mice, thus it could be an effective tool in order to help to reduce cholesterol.

16. Clearing Sinus Congestion

As what are mentioned above, wheatgrass can support the immunity and reduce inflammation. And it is not recommended that you ought to snort the wheatgrass juice through your nose so as to clear your sinuses by breaking up mucus and pulling the toxins. What you need to do, in this case, is just to drink wheatgrass juice. It is much easier, right?

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17. Getting Rid Of Acne

benefits of wheatgrass

One of the health and beauty benefits of wheatgrass is to help you to get rid of acne. Have you ever suffered from acne? How do you feel when you see that there is acne on your face? You have to be anxious, don’t you? Now, don’t worry about that. Wheatgrass will help you to deal with this problem because it is capable of reducing chronic inflammation. So what you need to do is to apply wheatgrass juice on your affected skin area regularly.

18. Fighting Cancer

Preventing cancer is also considered as one of the health benefits of wheatgrass. These anti-cancer benefits come from the blood oxygenating ability of wheatgrass. Because cancer grows well in a low-oxygen environment, wheatgrass can contribute to the cancer prevention in this way. Moreover, wheatgrass contains enzymes which fight carcinogens, together with reducing the toxic load of pollution, radiation as well as heavy metals, according to Parikh. Don’t forget that because wheatgrass has an ability to oxygenate your blood, which is really activated with exercise, combine your favorite workout with your wheatgrass shots every day.

19. Fighting The Common Cold

If you are finding one of the health benefits of wheatgrass, fighting the common cold is what you are looking for. Why is it said like that? As mentioned above, wheatgrass can help to boost your immunity and ensure that your body will get all the vitamins which your body needs when you consume wheatgrass supplements. And of course, it really helps you to fight against the common cold. Thus, consuming wheatgrass supplements is a good idea if you are in this case. But if you don’t like to take wheatgrass supplement year round, just take it when it is in the cold seasons with the cold weather. It will help you to contract the common cold better.

20. Treating A Hangover

One of the amazing health benefits of wheatgrass is to treat a hangover as well. The richness of alkalinity in the wheatgrass can offset the acidity which is caused by consuming alcohol. It means that wheatgrass can be a good way in order to start off your morning after. Even if you don’t believe that you are able to change the alkalinity of the blood, it will not be an awful idea to add more minerals and vitamins to your daily habit after a night when you drink.

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21. Improving The Mood

When talking about the benefits of wheatgrass for health, improving the mood is also listed. And it can help in improving your mood in a lot of different ways. According to a literature review in 2014, it presented that wheatgrass could promote your adrenal system because of its vitamin K as well as magnesium content. Then it may help your body deal with stress much better. Furthermore, as mentioned above, when you are lack of iron, it will lead to fatigue. As a result, it may worsen your mood and make you feel unenthused and blasé. However, wheatgrass is a good way to treat fatigue. That means it will help you to deal with your mood when you have this problem.

22. Fighting Depression

One of the amazing health benefits of wheatgrass which ought to be listed here is to fight depression. According to a study published in 2008, it presented that an all-important topic usually overlooked by the nutritional science. Meanwhile we usually tout the advantages of other foods for the physical health; foods are also able to benefit the mental health. Furthermore, a study showed that maintaining the balance of iron levels is very important for those people who are suffering from the depression. As you can see, wheatgrass is a great source of iron. And the iron which is found in wheatgrass is considered as a way in order to contribute to this.

23. Improving The Appearance Of Your Nails

People always say that a glance at the nails of someone can give that person a wonderful idea of the state of the health. As you have known, the reason why your nails become weak is just due to the lack of iron or the poor circulation. Not only do your nails become weak but they also have the white spots. Sometimes, they are blue or yellow in color or rough in texture. As mentioned above, wheatgrass is capable of boosting the red blood cell health and boosting circulation. Thus, it allows the blood to reach the fingers’ end and gives the otherwise lackluster nails a new life.

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24. Easing Menstrual Pain

Painful and irregular menstrual cycles may be attributed to the mineral and vitamin deficiency or malnourishment. Especially, it may lead to the lack of niacin as well as magnesium, according to a study in 1981 which was published by the American Journal of clinical nutrition. However, the vitamins presented in wheatgrass can help you to deal with this problem by adding these minerals and vitamins to your diet and help you to change through the time more easily. As a result, it can help to ease your menstrual pain. That’s why it is considered as one of the health benefits of wheatgrass.

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25. Neutralizing Infections

When discussing the benefits of wheatgrass for health, neutralizing infections ought to be mentioned, too. The reason why wheatgrass is possible to neutralize infections is that the chlorophyll presented in wheatgrass can help in fighting bacterial infections off and bringing the body into equilibrium. How can wheatgrass exactly help? It prevents the general inflammation, it boosts the natural immunity of the body and it has anti-microbial as well as antibacterial properties. Therefore, with these qualities which are combined together, wheatgrass becomes excellent at counteracting a myriad of infections.

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26. Slowing Aging Process

benefits of wheatgrass

If slowing aging process is not considered as one of the health benefits of wheatgrass, it will be also a mistake. As you can see, the antioxidants, as well as amino acid chains, in wheatgrass are able to help in repairing the damaged DNA along with reducing the effects of the free radicals which are harmful to these important elements of our cells, following a study in 2006 of Phytotherapy Research. In addition, the damaged DNA is able to wreak havoc in the body and it may lead to genetic abnormalities, sterility, and quicker or abnormal aging. Hence, consuming wheatgrass supplements is a good method in order to prevent these diseases and the different related issues.

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27. Fighting Radiation

In a study, it proved that wheatgrass extract could treat serious radiation-induced skin reactions. The fact also shows that the guinea pigs which were exposed to radiation and were given chlorophyll-rich diets contained half the death rates of the control group. Now we are often exposed to radiation from out smartphones to iPads, tablets, and laptops, and so on. The good way in order to offset overexposure is to consume wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass supplements every day.

28. Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

When talking about the health benefits of wheatgrass, one of the wonderful advantages is to stabilize your blood sugar levels. In a study of Toxicology and Industrial Health published in 2016, it presented that wheatgrass was considered as a strong anti-hyperglycemic agent; what is more, it could also be very beneficial for those people who suffer from diabetes or the different hyperglycemic issues. Consequently, it makes wheatgrass become a healthy supplement for a lot of people who are suffering from diabetes or those who want to reduce the blood sugar levels.

29. Feeding Your Brain

One of the excellent benefits of wheatgrass for health is to feed your brain because the chlorophyll presented in wheatgrass can fuel the body with the oxygen. As you can see, the chlorophyll can do that due to its ability to increase the red blood cell health. Likewise, oxygen is very important to a lot of body processes, particularly for the brain. In general, the brain uses 25% of the oxygen supply of the body. Thus, it can be said that wheatgrass is exactly brain food.

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30. Getting Rid Of Dandruff

One of the benefits of wheatgrass for beauty, in general, and for hair, in particular, is to help you to get rid of dandruff. As you know, dandruff grows well on the dry and unhealthy scalp. And it often makes you unconfident and annoyed as well. Although there aren’t any clinical studies which have proven the ability of wheatgrass to treat this problem, a lot of people confirm that washing the hair with wheatgrass may help in balancing the pH of the scalp and repairing it ultimately. Moreover, the ability of wheatgrass to improve the different skin ailments makes this treatment worth a try.

31. Increasing Fertility

One of the benefits of wheatgrass is to increase fertility. That sounds very funny, right? But it is really true. According to the idea of Dr. Yasuo Hotta, who is a biologist coming from the University of California in San Diego, he has found that wheatgrass consists of P4D1 which is a compound impacting DNA as well as sperm cells. Thus, it can help to increase fertility ultimately. Now, if you want to have a baby and you are trying to do it, just add a shot of wheatgrass to your husband’s breakfast.

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That’s all about 31 health and beauty benefits of wheatgrass juice. In conclusion, wheatgrass brings to us a lot of advantages to our lives such as feeding your brain, increasing fertility, improving the mood, and so on. And we all hope that, after you read this article, you will know more about the benefits of wheatgrass for your health, your hair, as well as your skin. However, this article is only for the informative purpose. Thus, if you want to get any benefits which are mentioned above, you ought to ask the specialist for his or her advice. In addition, if you want to know more information about the benefits of other ingredients, you had better spend a little time on visiting our main page Herbal Remedies. In case you have any questions or you know more information about the benefits of wheatgrass juice, can you let us know by leaving us a comment or a message below? We will response it as soon as we can.

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