12 Must Know Benefits Of Cantaloupe Fruit For Skin And Health


Cantaloupe is one of the popular melon varieties grown in the United States. It was originally found in Africa, India, and Iran and have spread to all over the world, especially in California and European countries. The consumption of Cantaloupe is gradually decreasing in the modern life despite a wide range of benefits of Cantaloupe for the health. Cantaloupe has a mild and favorable taste that increases when ripening, which makes people prefer to consume the fruit with soft and juicy flesh. This delicious fruit has been popularly used as a breakfast food, an appetizer, and an additional element for fruit salads.

With the presence of various vitamins and minerals, there are many health benefits of Cantaloupe fruit including strengthening the immune system, reducing the risks of cancer, maintaining healthy lungs, improving the skin and eye health, preventing arthritis, managing diabetes, and decreasing stress levels.

At present, AllRemedies.com would like to introduce you 12 must know benefits of cantaloupe fruit for skin & health. All the mentioned benefits of cantaloupe will explain how helpful this fruit is and why you should consume it on a regular basis. For those who don’t know or wonder what the benefits of cantaloupe are, just spend a few minutes reading the article to have more information!

12 Typical Benefits Of Cantaloupe Fruit For Skin & Health

1. Aid In Digestion

Adding in the digestive process is known as the first one of the must know benefits of Cantaloupes for health. You may find that cantaloupe, like other types of the melon, is very quickly digested particularly when the stomach is empty. The reason is that this fruit contains a high content of dietary fiber that plays an important role in the movements of the bowel and the digestive health. If you take in a proper amount of cantaloupe or dietary fiber, the chance you get constipated will decrease because the bowel movements are more consistent and regular and stool is easily bulked up. Furthermore, consecutive smooth movements through the bowel help you reduce the risks of colorectal cancer as well as other serious gastrointestinal diseases.

There is one thing you should know that cantaloupe and other types of the melon should be alone eaten by an empty stomach. When you find difficult to digest cantaloupe, your stomach may probably contain other foods inside. Hence, it is wrong if you tend to consume this fruit after a meal as a dessert. Alternatively, you should let it sit in your stomach before taking in the heavier foods under you expectation to aid your digestion working well.

2. Prevent Cancer

benefits of cantaloupe-prevent cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is another one of the benefits of Cantaloupe for skin & health. This fruit, in fact, contains a high amount of beneficial nutrients such as beta-Carotene that is known as an essential carotenoid for the body. Not only does carotene be the precursor of vitamin A but it also acts as a potential antioxidant that plays a role in neutralizing the free radicals, the main cause of cancers. This is the reason why the benefits of Cantaloupe include the reduction in the cancer development. In addition, the phytochemicals found in cantaloupes have also been indicated to associate with the anti-tumor behavior. In brief, the nutritional properties of the fruit make it powerful in preventing cancer and the eradicating free radicals that are the triggers of not only cancer but also other heart diseases.

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3. Strengthen Immune System

Strengthening the immune system is also one of the benefits of Cantaloupe for skin & health. Not only does Cantaloupe contain beta-carotene and phytochemicals that are beneficial in fighting against free radicals but it also owns a good dose of vitamin C that deals with free radicals causing serious disease as well. In other words, vitamin C plays a role as a line of defense for the immune system. In addition, it encourages white blood cell production, which makes it more effective to find out and dissolve the bad bacteria, viruses, as well as other toxic substances from the outside to the body that may have tried to come into the bloodstream. These reasons actually make boosting the immune system one of the health benefits of cantaloupe for skin & health.

4. Prevent Diabetes

The benefits of cantaloupe also include the ability to prevent diabetes. According to the studies before, cantaloupe has been shown to associate with an improvement in the insulin metabolism, which is described by a more stable maintenance of the blood sugar thereby preventing the sudden plunges and spikes of blood sugar causing diabetes. In addition, cantaloupe is also indicated to decrease the oxidative stress in the kidneys so as to restrict a number of diseases connected to the kidney as well.

5. Prevent Arthritis 

While arthritis is always a concern of people, it is magic to find out some natural foods to prevent and treat the disease. Fortunately, the benefits of cantaloupe also include the ability to prevent arthritis, which depends on the presence of phytochemicals with powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. If you consume an adequate content of this fruit in your diet, you are reducing the oxidative stress on the bones and joints as well as reducing inflammation. You should know that the chronic inflammation in these areas is the cause of some conditions like arthritis [1]. In conclusion, you need to take in cantaloupe in your diet sometimes a week or consume it as soon as you feel creaky around your joints to prevent more serious symptoms.

6. Lower Metabolic Syndrome

Reducing the risks of metabolic syndrome [2] is one of the benefits of cantaloupe. According to the studies before, cantaloupe has been shown to be effective in dealing with metabolic syndrome that includes some symptoms like abnormal cholesterol levels, elevated blood sugar, increased blood pressure, and excessive fat presence in the midsection. In fact, metabolic syndrome is very dangerous because it can raise the risks of stroke, heart disease, and also diabetes that are all difficult to deal with.

A study conducted on hundreds of women showed that those who consumed at least 12 ounces of cantaloupe a day experienced the lower chance of metabolic syndrome, which means if you want to protect yourself from some diseases above, you should take in enough amount of this fruit on a regular basis. In addition to cantaloupe are other fruits such as watermelon, bananas, grapes, and apples that give the similar effects to metabolic syndrome. The consumption of these fruits also brings the lower C-reactive protein level [3] that is known as an indicator of inflammation.

7. Improve Eye Health

health benefits of cantaloupe-improve eye health

Improving the eye health is one of the important health benefits of Cantaloupe, which depends on the high contents of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Firstly, this fruit is always praised for its rich presence of beta-carotene, which may be shown through the orangey color of cantaloupe flesh. According to a study before, the content of this carotenoid in cantaloupe is approximately 30 times higher than that found in oranges, a well-known kind of fruits with beta-carotene while the bioavailability of cantaloupe can also be comparable to carrots as well.

It is estimated that a cup of cantaloupe just owns 56 calories, but it can provide you with the amount of vitamin A more than your daily requirement indeed. As mentioned above, beta-carotene is the precursor of Vitamin A, so not only does vitamin A but also beta-carotene is necessary for your diet to keep the healthy eyes with good vision. Some research has indicated that the consumption of at least 3 servings of cantaloupe a day can lower the risk of macular degeneration, a primary disease in aging adults with the gradual loss of vision, up to 36%.

In addition, the benefits of cantaloupe on the eye health are also shown through the ability to prevent cataract formation of its carotenoid. And the presence of some compounds like zeaxanthin and lutein also contributes to the benefits of cantaloupe on the eye health. [4]

8. Prevent Inflammation

Preventing inflammation is another one of the health benefits of cantaloupe for skin & health. As mentioned above, this fruit contains a wide range of nutrients that involve in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ability. Although the concentration of some certain nutrients, for example, polyphenols, in cantaloupe is not as high as other fruits, it can also provide you with important amounts as it tends to be eaten in larger sizes than the others.

The benefits of cantaloupe include the ability to prevent metabolic syndrome, which is related to the anti-inflammatory ability of this fruit that reduce the oxidative stress on the body indeed. In fact, C-reactive protein is a trigger of inflammation in the body, but the levels of this protein will significantly decrease when you consume cantaloupe on a regular basis, which means cantaloupe is a natural remedy to prevent inflammation. It is advised to take in at least 12 ouches of this fruit a day as a way to protect yourself from oxidative stress and unexpected inflammation.

9. Boost Energy

The variety of nutrients makes boosting energy one of the benefits of cantaloupe. In fact, when mentioning nutritious fruits, you may think about berries firstly, but the varieties of the melon are also highly appreciated. Depending on the nutrient profile, cantaloupe has been ranked at the 10th position in the food system, which is the same to raspberries and higher than strawberries and blueberries as well. The reason is that this fruit contains high contents of both the vitamin A and vitamin C along with a bit lower B- vitamins including vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and folate, potassium, as well as magnesium, vitamin K, and fiber. The cantaloupe seeds are edible and provide the consumers with alpha-linolenic, a form of omega-3 fat essential for the general health.

There are also many other nutrients found in cantaloupe making this fruit an ideal food for boosting energy and improving the general health. In addition, the fruit doesn’t need pancreatic enzymes for being digested because all the needed live enzymes are available in itself. This is the reason why consuming cantaloupe increases energy better than sipping it like other foods do.

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10. Relieve Stress And Anxiety 

benefits of cantaloupe fruite-relieve stress and anxiety

Similar to other kinds of fruits and vegetables, the benefits of Cantaloupe also include the ability to relieve stress and anxiety. The reason is that this fruit contains an important mineral called potassium that is beneficial in reducing blood pressure and relaxing the blood vessels as a vasodilator. When the levels of blood pressure are excess, they can cause stress on the body and even assess the release of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body making you discomforted. In addition, potassium found in cantaloupe can also stimulate the blood flows throughout the body thereby supplying more oxygen to the brain as a way to achieve a calming sensation as well as a freer attitude. If you reduce the deposit of stress hormones, you are seriously preventing other symptoms of anxiety as well.

11. Improve Skin Health 

Not only do the benefits of cantaloupe include internal ones but they also contain external ones like improving the skin health. As mentioned above, this fruit is an excellent source of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A that is necessary for the skin. A proper consumption of dietary beta-carotene does not allow an overdose and vitamin-A toxicity as your body just converts enough amount it needs, which is different from supplements. While the converted beta-carotene into vitamin A is used for the skin by assessing the skin cell membranes and stimulating repair and growth of the skin cells, the rest plays a role in fighting against diseases as real antioxidants. By this way, cantaloupe helps you protect membrane against harmful toxins causing prematurely aging. In addition, you can use this fruit as a natural mask with a high presence of vitamin A and soothing properties to deal with redness and irritation on the skin.

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12. Quick Servings Of Cantaloupe

To take the benefits of cantaloupe for skin & health, you should add it to your diet as much as possible. There are some easy ways to do as follows:

  • Use a half of cantaloupe fruit as a basket of fruit salad after scooping out all the seeds.
  • Add some slices of cantaloupe to chopped mint and yogurt.
  • In the warm weather, pour some sparkling water into the squeezed cantaloupe juice to make a delightfully refreshing beverage.
  • Blend cantaloupe and some of the peeled peaches to achieve a delicious cold soup (add a bit honey or lemon juice if necessary).

It is surprising that the benefits of cantaloupe rarely come with allergenic reaction, which means it does not contain any chemicals causing side effects in the body. Therefore, it is really safe for you to consume this kind of the melon that always improve your overall health indeed.

After reading the article on 12 typical health benefits of cantaloupe fruit for skin & health in our main Herbal Remedies page, hope that you can be informed how beneficial this kind of the melon is so that using and adding it properly to your daily diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of cantaloupe for skin & health if you know more.

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