14 Beauty &Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves Tea & Oil For Skin, Hair

I. Overview

There are many other plants whose leaves are considered bay leaves, but the real one has a wide range of nutrients, which makes the plant noticeable. The plant, an evergreen shrub, is called Laurusnobilis as a scientific name and originated in the Mediterranean region. Bay leaves have been widely used in culinary and medicinal categories for a long time, even from the Roman times.

The benefits of bay leaves in culinary culture include flavoring some certain dishes with their whole form or adding the spice to the certain soups and stews with their ground form. For internal health, bay leaves help speed up the healing process, protect against bacterial infections, improve the heart health, manage diabetes, alleviate respiratory issues, reduce inflammation,detoxify the body, optimize digestion, prevent some types of cancer, and slow the aging process.

II. 14 Noticeable Health & Beauty Benefits Of Bay Leaves Tea And Oil For Skin, Hair, And More

It is time for AllRemedies.com to show you 14 noticeable health and beauty benefits of bay leaves tea and oil. All the mentioned benefits of bay leaves including both the internal and external ones make it clear why the leaves have been widely used for a long time like that. For those who don’t know or wonder the benefits of bay leavestea and oil, just spend a few minutes on reading the article to have more information!

1. Reduce Respiratory Conditions

One of the benefits of bay leaves is known as reducing some respiratory conditions. In fact, the essential oil extracted from bay leaves can be mixed to make a salve essential for alleviating various respiratory conditions whenapplied to the chest. In addition, you can make a poultice from the bay leaves and spread it onto your chest overnight for this respiratory purpose. Also, if you have heard about the aromatherapy for respiratory health, bay leaves can be used to process the therapy when youinhaletheir vapors. With natural antibacterial quality, the therapy certainly helps loosen up phlegm and remove bad bacteria trapped in the respiratory tracts.

2. Support Heart Health

health benefits of bay leaves

Supporting the heart health is another of the health benefits of bay leavestea and oil. Depending on the powerful phytonutrients, bay leaves can protect you against cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes. In addition, they contain 2 valuable compounds known as acaffeic acid that helps get rid bad cholesterol out of your cardiovascular system and rutin that helps strengthen the capillary walls of your heart and your body extremities along with other compounds like salicylates and phytonutrients that also boost your heart function. As advice, you can boil 3g bay leaves combined with 3-4g wild rose flowers and 300ml water until you get 75ml remains. This liquid should be consumed when you suffer from heart diseases or anxiety, which may be effective indeed.

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3. Prevent Cancer

Preventing the risks of some types of cancer is also one of the benefits of bay leaves tea and oilfor health. The reason is that bay leaves contain someof the unique antioxidants and other organic compounds such ascatechins, linalool, phytonutrients, and parthenolide that all help the body fight againstfree radicals, the main causes of cancer indeed. While free radicals cause your normal cells to transfer into cancerous ones, bay leaves can help you inhibitthis from occurring.

4. Improve Digestion

Another one of the benefits of Bay leaves tea and oilis known as an improvement in digestion. In fact, Bay leaves can give strong effects on the digestive system byplaying a role as a diuretic stimulating urination, which eliminates more toxic from the body andplaying a role as emetic stimulating vomiting when something unhealthy has been taken in. In addition, bay leaves also contain other organic compounds that are effective in calming upset stomachs, relievingirritable bowel syndrome [1], and even dealing with Celiac’s disease as well. If you often consume diets rich in complex proteins that are difficult to digest, you should consume liquid made from Bay leaves that contain unique enzymes that facilitate your digestion and stimulate the nutrient absorption.

The health benefits of Bay leaves on digestion also include the ability to deal with digestive disordersincludingflatulence and heartburn. In fact, you can drink a cup of bay leaf teaas a natural way to alleviate some digestive disorders such as acid reflux, constipation, and irregular bowel movements.

If you suffer from indigestion or bloating, you can boil 5g of bay leaves in combination with a piece of ginger in 200ml water until you get ¼ remains then consume it twice a day (add some honey if possible). Bay leaves are also considered an excellent spice in the non-vegetarian diets as well.

5. Manage Diabetes

Managing diabetes is known as another of the health benefits of bay leavestea and oil.The reason is that bay leaves contain certain antioxidants processing insulin level, which makes them associated withthe improvement in the insulin receptor functioning and the regulation on the blood sugar levels, which makes it ideal for those with diabetes [2].More clearly, bay leaves help reducethe levels of blood glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol [3]. To get the benefits of bay leaves tea and oilon diabetes management, you should grind the dry bay leaves into the powder and consume it for 30 days, which may result in a reduction in the sugar levels as well as an improvement in the heart functioning.

6. Reduce Inflammation

Reducing or treating inflammation is considered one of the most noticeable benefits of bay leaves. In fact, Bay leaves contain parthenolide, a unique phytonutrient that helpsreduce inflammationand irritation quickly when you apply the leaves onto the affected areas such as sore joints or pain areas caused by arthritis. Instead of topical use, you can also consume bay leaf spice on a regular basis for this purpose.

Moreover, the benefits of bay leaves also include the ability to treat chronic inflammation. In fact, there are many people sufferingfrom chronic inflammation that can destroy your health. For example, inflammation can cause autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cancers, asthmas, and arthritis and when the inflammation becomes chronic, these diseases start attacking your body. Fortunately, Bay leaves are beneficial for reducing inflammation as mentioned above, which means the leaves can help you deal with further diseases occurring to you later.

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7. Treat Cold And Infection

benefits of bay leaves tea

Treating cold and infection is another of the benefits of bay leaves tea and oilfor health. More clearly, they are really effective in dealing with some conditions likea cold, flu, or infections. For these respiratory problems, you should stem 2- 3 bay leaves in hotwater for about 10 minutes then soak a cloth in the consequent water and spread it on your chest as a way to reduce them. In addition, Bay leaf tea can also be abused to reduce fever. If you keep sneezing over time, you can boil 2-3 bay leaves in 200 ml of water until getting ¼ remains and drink the consequent concoction.

For dealing with the colds, you can mix their essential oil and apply it to the chest to unclog the lungs and passages. As mentioned above, you can use bay leaves in aromatherapy so that its antibacterial properties help you kill the bad bacteria or germs in the lungs. So, use the essential oil of bay leaves in a humidifier to make a vapor you breathe in. Moreover, if you suffer from a cold and flu followed by a fever, sipping bay leaf tea is really a good choice. Start with a half cup of bay leaf tea to feel an improvement in your conditions.

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8. Wound Healing

Healing wound is another of the benefits of bay leaves tea and oilfor health. It has been recommended by herbalists to wash the wounds with bay leaf liquid and apply the wounds with a bay leaf poultice as natural ways to heal wounds. According to a study on rats that were treated with 200 mg the extract of bay leaves for each kilogram of weight, they experienced decreasing wound closure and healedjust within 10 days. In addition, the leaves have also been proved to protect the body against some common pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus fumigates, treptococcuspyogenes, and Candida albicanswith their strong antimicrobial activity.

In fact, bay leaf has been highly recommended by herbal practitioners to treat insect stings, snakebite, relieve cuts and bruises. With the available antibacterial and antifungal properties, the oil can help you cure skin infections when topically applied to heal cuts, bruises or insect bites.

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9. Relieve Pain

The benefits of bay leaves also include the ability to relieve pains. The reason is that the bay leaf oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the pains caused byarthritis [4], rheumatism, sprains, strains, as well as other common pains and aches. In fact, you can massage the temples with the extracted oil from bay leaves to relieve headaches and migraines. This may help you stimulatethe circulation and lead you to the good feeling. As mentioned above, you can apply a bay leaf poultice onto the pains inflamed joints, which in turns relieves the pains effectively. For headaches, you can apply a bay leaf paste on the forehead to get a quick relief as well.

10. Remove Anxiety And Stress

Not only can bay leaves help deal with physical problems but they can also help you remove anxiety and stress.This depends on the naturally soothing quality found in the leaves, which has been known for a long time. In addition, linalool that is often found in basil and thyme also found in bay leaves can help lower the activity of the stress hormones, especially when you use aromatherapy with bay leaf oil. As you know, excess stress hormones can cause further long-term health conditions, so you should calm down and keep yourself relaxed every time if possible. It may be a good choice to consume bay leaf tea on a regular basis as a way to refresh yourself.

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11. Benefits Of Bay Leaves For Hair

benefits of bay leaves oil

The external benefits of bay leaves tea and oilfor the hair are known as for treating dandruff, preventing hair loss, and dealing with hair lice.The leaves contain such enough value nutrients to make them ideal for the hair health.

If you want to strengthen your hair follicles and remove dandruff, you should steep some bay leaves in the water for about 10 minutes then rub it on the scalp after shampooing. You may feel the improvement in the dry hair skin and dandruff after sometimes doing this.

If you want to prevent hair loss, you can use infused bay leaves as a rinse after shampooing. In addition, bay leaf tea and oil arealso good choicesfor you to deal with hair loss.

In some cases when you have to face head lice, you may be really troubled by a serious hair problem. To get rid of head lice, you can boil 50g bay leaves in about 400 ml water till only 100 ml remains then apply the consequentliquid onto the hair roots. After 3 to 4 hours, wash your hair off with water. In addition, you can add some bhringraj to the boiling mixture to make your hair blacker, healthier, and more lustrous.

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12.  Benefits Of Bay Leaves For Skin

Like other herbs, bay leaves are also beneficial for the skin health, which depends on its rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This is the reason why the leaves have been widely used in herbal medicine for improving the skin health. Therefore, everyone, especially women should consume bay leaf tea as a way to maintain healthy and shining skin.

Especially, Bay leaves can help relieve stressed skin, which certainly prevents the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and skin outbreaks. To get the relief, you can boil 5 dried bay leaves in 2 cups of water for about 2 minutes then pour the water into a large container, cover your head with a cloth and inhale the steam, which is considered aromatherapy for skin indeed.
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13.  Prevent Birth Defect

Bay leaves are considered beneficial for women. Firstly, they support the health of both mom and baby during the period of pregnancy, detailed 3 months before and after having a fetal due to its rich source of folic acid. When you provide enough folic acid to your baby, you certainly prevent birth defectsfrom the beginning.

Secondly, bay leaves are also believed to contain certain properties inducing pregnancy. So, women who intend to have a baby soon should consume bay leaf tea as a way to stimulate the process as well as improve their health.

Thirdly, bay leaves help deal with menstrual problems as well. The reason is that they contain properties essential for curing vaginal discharge. So, you should orally take bay leaves orally to induce regular menstruation, which is really important for women.

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III. Side Effects Of Bay Leaves

Despite various benefits of bay leaves for the health& beauty, it is unavoidable to face some side effects when using the leaves. The reason is that it is possible to take a mistake of bay leaves with other varieties with the similar look, so you should be careful to choose the real ones. Although they have been known to give no allergies, they are rather related to the breakouts of dermatitis and eczema. If you have experienced any allergic actions to other members of the Lauraceae, it is possible for you to be allergic to bay leaves. If possible, you should consult a herbalist or medical professional to know how to use bay leaves to take the best benefits of bay leaves for the health.

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After reading the article on14 noticeable health & beauty benefits of bay leaves tea and oilfor skin & hairin our main Herbal Remedies page, hope that you can know how beneficial the herb is so that consuming and using it properly to deal with certain conditions. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health & beauty benefits of bay leaves if you know more.

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