13 Unexpected Wasabi Health Benefits for Overall Health & Beauty

I. Overview

Wasabi is not strange to everybody. It not only has the strong taste but also has wonderful effects on your health as well as your beauty. When you look at wasabi, you may recognize that it is related to horseradish and cabbages, as well as it is one member of the Brassicaceae family but in taxonomic classification. Besides that, wasabi is commonly known as the Japanese horseradish [1] even though this is a small misleading term since it isn’t from the taste of capsaicin, which is the chemical that is found in chili peppers giving the spicy or hot flavor to them. Meanwhile, capsaicin may give the sensation of “burning” on your tongue, wasabi may influence the olfactory sense along with releasing chemical vapors which can affect your nasal passage. Furthermore, the strong taste of wasabi is the same as hot mustard, and it is popularly used as the condiment.

In addition, it is commonly found in the cuisine in Japan, and it is also a traditional ingredient of that country. Likewise, wasabi is mainly grown there because it is so hard to grow. Even in Japan, only a few regions can plant this vegetable. Nevertheless, wasabi has been successfully planted in the province of British Columbia as well as North Carolina, too.

Before finding out what the wasabi health benefits exactly are, do you want to know where they are from? Let’s learn about the nutrients of wasabi first.

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II. Nutritional Value Of Wasabi

First of all, it has to be said that wasabi is really a great source of fiber [2], protein as well as energy. Furthermore, in terms of minerals, wasabi includes calcium (166 mg per 1 cup), iron (1.3 mg per 1 cup), magnesium (89.7 mg per 1 cup), phosphorus (104 mg per 1 cup), potassium (738 mg per 1 cup), sodium (22.1 mg per 1 cup) and zinc (2.1 mg per 1 cup), all of which are very necessary components in the balanced diet. It is also rich in vitamin C (54.5 mg per 1 cup), thiamin (0.2 mg per 1 cup), riboflavin (0.1 mg per 1 cup), niacin (1.0 mg per 1 cup), folate (23.4 mcg per 1 cup), vitamin A (45.5 IU per 1 cup) as well as vitamin B6 (0.4 mg per 1 cup). In addition, wasabi also contains high levels of antioxidants such as isothiocyanates. The last but the most special thing is that wasabi is low in cholesterol.

Thanks to these nutrients, wasabi can bring a lot of advantages to the overall health and beauty if it is integrated into the diet frequently. Now let’s find out the detailed of each benefit which wasabi brings to our lives.

III. Top 13 Unexpected Wasabi Health Benefits For Overall Health And Beauty You Should Know

As mentioned early, there are several wasabi health benefits for your health and beauty. Do you want to know what they are? If your answer is yes, it’s time for you to relax and continue to read this article on our page AllRemedies.com in order to check out.

1. Cancer Prevention

wasabi health benefits for beauty

If you add wasabi to your diet regularly, it is able to prevent a variety of types of cancer. The most remarkable and effective nutrients found in wasabi are the isothiocyanates. They establish from glucosinolates after this plant is cut or harvested. The several isothiocyanates antioxidants are so effective in removing the free radicals throughout the systems of your body. According to some studies, they have presented that 6-MITC which is a form of isothiocyanates in wasabi has been said to prevent the development of leukemia as well as stomach cancer cells. Actually, it promotes the dead cells within 24 hours of ingestion. Besides that, using wasabi can prevent the development of tumors, even at the pre-treatment or pre-clinical size. However, the most amazing thing about this kind of treatment is that isothiocyanates are capable of killing the cancer cells without harming the healthy cells surrounding them [3]. Additionally, according to the similar research, it is said that 6-MITC is also effective in fighting against breast cancer as well as melanoma cells [4]. And then, the research about the strength against the different types of cancer of wasabi is still ongoing; however, it has just been proven in the oncological community.

In fact, only genuine wasabi consists of the miscellaneous isothiocyanates which are possible to fight a large range of cancerous conditions [5]. Therefore, in case you want to prevent cancer, just add real wasabi to your daily diet instead of wasabi which is made from mustard.

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2. Prevent Cardiovascular Health

In the list of wasabi health benefits, it has to be said that wasabi is able to prevent cardiovascular health if it is added to your diet regularly. Why can wasabi do that? The reason is the anti-hypercholesterolemic properties in wasabi [6] which can help to lower high cholesterol levels in your body, along with heart attacks and strokes. Likewise, the isothiocyanates can not only prevent cancer but also have wonderful effects on platelet aggregation which may lead to blood clots. As you can see, these clots are the major reason causing strokes, together with the different cardiovascular crises. So by preventing and breaking down the formations of blood clots in your body, it efficiently decreases the risks of suffering from heart disease, along with strokes.

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3. Wasabi Health Benefits For Inflammation And Arthritis

When talking about the wasabi health benefits, reducing the situations of joint swelling or inflammation, even the effects of arthritis, ought to be mentioned as well. Once more times, wasabi can help to decrease the inflammation of joints, muscles, and ligaments which may lead to joint pain as well as arthritis because of its powerful antioxidant isothiocyanate compounds. Some studies also recommend that wasabi aid in keeping bone integrity in the humans, together with decreasing the risk of suffering from osteoporosis. In the similar way which isothiocyanates are able to reduce platelet aggregation in order to protect from heart disease, they are able to decrease the aggregation at the weak points on your body which may cause discomfort and pain. Thus, why don’t you add wasabi to your daily diet and feel younger?

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4. Antibacterial Effects

The natural and powerful compounds of wasabi have been presented to combat against bacterial infections. In the latest study which is about the antibacterial properties of several vegetables and foods, it is said that wasabi is considered as the most successful antibacterial food against Staphylococcus aureus which is also known as Staph infections as well as E. coli. In the simple words, it means that if you maintain the levels of isothiocyanates in the diet by consuming wasabi every day, it can help you to prevent food poisoning as well as the different unfortunate conditions. Besides that, isothiocyanates have been proven to be the important component which helps to neutralize the potentially dead bacteria in your body. That’s why it is considered as one of the main wasabi health benefits. And now, some companies have started including trace elements of the wasabi extract in the antibacterial gel and creams so as to promote the strength as well as effectiveness.

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5. Wasabi Health Benefits For Respiratory Conditions

It is also claimed that wasabi can be a powerful line of combating against the respiratory tract pathogens. As you have known, the gaseous component found in wasabi, which can cause a powerful reaction in your nasal passages as well as sinuses, is the gaseous release of the allyl isothiocyanates, which is actively able to prevent the proliferation of the respiratory tract pathogens like those which cause pneumonia as well as influenza. The sensation and the smell in your nose after you eat wasabi may be strong; nevertheless, wasabi can do something good for your health.

And as soon as the gaseous component comes to your nasal passage, it can help to clear the sinuses. That can usually help those people who are suffering from seasonal allergies or the common cold to stimulate your sinuses and open your nasal passageways in order to increase airflow.

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6. Prevent Cavities

In the list of wasabi health benefits, preventing cavities ought to be mentioned as well. As you can see, wasabi may help your mouth to get rid of the obnoxious cavities which make you visit your dentist regularly. Furthermore, the bacteria which are responsible for cavities are the streptococcus mutants. According to some studies, they have presented that wasabi prevents the development of the bacteria in your mouth because of the presence of the isothiocyanates which are also capable of preventing sugars from sticking on your teeth. As you know, this is one of the main reasons which cause cavities.

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7. Wasabi Health Benefits To Improve Digestion

One of the wonderful wasabi health benefits is improving digestion. As you can see, wasabi is a good choice for you to improve your intestinal tract because it can help you to eliminate the toxic substances out of your body. Plus, as mentioned early, wasabi contains a lot of fiber which is very important for your digestion. In addition, it also helps you to get rid of these problems such as gas problems, belching, and bloating and so on.

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8. Help To Lose Weight

wasabi health benefits

If you feel that you are fat and you want to try doing something that really helps you in losing some weight, why don’t you try using wasabi? [7] It is a wonderful and delicious food containing low calories which are usually cooked with peas. Besides cooking it, you can eat it as your snack most of the time. Also, when it is compared with the different high – calorie snacks, it is much better because it consists of a lot of nutrients which can nourish your body as well.

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9. Wasabi Health Benefits To Relieve Gastric Ulcer

Gastric ulcer, also known as peptic ulcer disease, refers to the presence of the sores inside the lining of your stomach or in the upper area of your small intestine which is called duodenal. A lot of years ago, people believed that the spicy foods, as well as condiments, could worsen gastric ulcer. That is the main reason why people who suffer from this disease often try their best to reduce such dishes from their daily diet. Nevertheless, some recent studies have shown that some certain spices including wasabi are actually able to relieve this problem thanks to allyl isothiocyanate in the leaves, stems and the root of wasabi, which can help to destroy Helicobacter Pylori affectively [8]. As you can see, this bacterium is the most popular factor which may cause the gastric ulcer.

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10. Treat Eczema

Another advantage which is also listed as one of the main wasabi health benefits is treating eczema. As you can see, eczema is able to cause swollen, red, and itchy skin. And there aren’t any official treatments for this condition, excluding making your diet change in order to minimize any outbreak. However, according to some researchers in Japan, they have found that the extract from wasabi is an efficient treatment for decreasing the frequency and severity of such outbreaks, together with limiting the number of positively stained cells significantly.

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11. Stimulate Bone Metabolism

Stimulating bone metabolism is also mentioned as one of the major wasabi health benefits as well. Why is it mentioned here? According to several studies, they have presented that wasabi contains an anabolic effect on the bone metabolism, which is possible to prevent fractures, osteoporosis, as well as bone disease. In addition, wasabi also includes 3% of the suggested amount of calcium per tablespoon which you ought to absorb every day. Therefore, it can help in keeping your bones extra healthy.

12. Keep You Young – Wasabi Health Benefits

As you can see, when wasabi is grated, it may produce a powerful antioxidant which is called sulfinyl [9]. If you consume this component regularly, it will help you in reversing early aging because it is able to lower reactive oxygen in your body. Besides helping to prevent certain cancer, it contributes to the lessening of the general tear and wear of your body as a result of the natural aging procedure. That’s why it may keep you looking younger than your age.

13. Treat Influenza

In the list of amazing wasabi health benefits, if treating influenza is not mentioned, it will be a big mistake. Why? Before giving the reason, there is one thing that you ought to know. That is every year, flu kills 20,000 people. Furthermore, flu which is caused by the influenza virus is the highly contagious respiratory ailment affecting the lung, nose, as well as throat. Therefore apart from the medicine which is used to treat flu, you can also use wasabi. Some researchers have found that the wasabi leaves contain anti-influenza activities which can help to prevent the replication of this type of virus. Moreover, wasabi is capable of preventing the development as well as the spread of this virus up to 98%.

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IV. Conclusion

In short, wasabi can bring a lot of benefits to our lives such as treating flu, preventing cancer, preventing cavities, improving digestion, keeping you young, and so on. However, it can also bring us some side effects such as diarrhea, sweating, acid reflux, nausea, as well as confusion. Thus, if you want to use wasabi in order to get these benefits which are mentioned above, you ought to visit a doctor and consult his or her advice for your real situation because this article is only for the information purpose. In addition, if you want to know more information about the benefits of the different ingredients, you ought to spend a little time on going to our main page Herbal Remedies. In case you have any questions about the wasabi health benefits for overall health and beauty or you know more advantages of this wonderful plant, please do not hesitate to let us know by leaving us a comment or a message below. We promise that we will response your comment or your message as well as we can.

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