Top 47 Natural Home Remedies For Kidney Failure In Human Patients

High blood pressure and diabetes are the two major causes of kidney failure (or renal failure). You need immediate treatment to make your kidney function back normally if your kidney fails. Kidney failure symptoms include drowsiness, less flow of urine in urination, water retention, headache, physical inactivity, weakness, confusion, chest pain, fatigue, abdominal pain or nausea. In this article, reveals to you top 47 home remedies for kidney failure relief in human patients without any side effect. This writing listed the best treatments to get rid of the kidney failure problem from reliable sources. Nevertheless, it is only for the informational purpose and it is not aimed to give medical advice. Continue reading this writing to discover these 47 at home kidney failure remedies in more detail!

Top 47 Home Remedies For Kidney Failure In Human Patients – Effective Remedies Give You A Significant Relief

Kidneys are important organs of your body because they play the necessary role in filtering waste products from the blood, regulating blood pressure, boosting the red blood cell production and balance electrolyte in your body. However, there are a number of causes that make kidneys unable to function well. Addressing the underlying causes is the first step to treat the kidney failure or abnormality. Normally, the kidney failure is treatable and after treatments, the kidneys can function well. However, in some cases and serious situations, kidney failure is progressive and irreversible.

In order to diagnose the kidney failure, some blood tests measuring creatinine, BUN, and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are be conducted. After a diagnosis of underlying causes and treatment for kidney failure, the kidney function may become normal. It is important to regulate diabetes and control the blood pressure in order to keep chronic kidney disease as well as kidney failure at bay. The kidney function may deteriorate over time due to aging. Therefore, you should need a healthy diet, water consumption, proper lifestyle to protect skin functions and slow down the aging process.

The good news for someone who is interested in natural home remedies: the symptoms of kidney failure can be improved with the help of numerous natural home remedies. These following natural remedies alone do not treat kidney failure completely; however, it is a great idea to combine them with medical treatments to fasten the healing process and prevent the progression of kidney failure.

Are you keen on natural home remedies for kidney failure in human patients? You should continue reading this article below to know more.

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1. Flame Of The Forest


Buteamonosperma, a beautiful red-flowered tree, is known as the flame of the forest. Many herbalists recommend using this herb to treat painful urination. The flowers of this tree are effective in curing hepatic disorders. This herb helps to get rid of the water from your body. Moreover, the flame of the forest can aid in the excretion process of the kidney.

In order to treat kidney failure or other kidney related problems, you can cook a soup with Buteamonosperma’s flowers as a kind of home remedies for kidney failure. It is recommended consuming 100 ml of this soup two or three times daily.

2. Home Remedies For Kidney Failure Using Land Caltrops


Land caltrops have been widely used for centuries by the Ancient Greeks. This herb can work as a general tonic. In Ayurvedic medicine, it has been utilized to maintain the efficient function of urinary and kidney. Moreover, this useful herb can also ease renal discomfort. Land caltrops contain analgesic properties. This herb is loaded with therapeutic constituents such as saponins, carboline alkaloids. Therefore, this herbal tonic is effective in rejuvenating the kidneys and healing damaged cells. It is interesting to show that the extracts from the seeds, roots, and leaves contain antimicrobial properties and treat infections of urinary tract. Diuretic and tonic effects of land caltrops make this herb become one of the effective home remedies for kidney failure in human patients.

3. Red Sandalwood


Red sandalwood also is known as Santalum album should be taken over the years when you suffer from kidney failure and other kidney diseases. The natural diuretic properties help your body to remove the excess water like urine from your body. Red sandalwood contains antimicrobial properties and cooling effect that soothes the urinary tract. This excellent herb is considered as a great urinary alkaliser.

You can take red sandalwood capsules as home remedies for kidney failure after consulting your doctor carefully.

Alternatively, you can take red sandalwood tea.

  • Take some leaves of sandalwood
  • Put it in a cup of water
  • Boil it for a few minutes
  • Drink this tea once daily

In addition to kidney failure, red sandalwood can treat the damaged skin, boils, inflammation, gout, rheumatism, and wrinkles.

Drinking red sandalwood tea is good for the health. Therefore, you should drink it regularly even if you do not get diagnosed with kidney failure.

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4. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice not only keeps your body hydrated but also provides your body with a plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, patients with kidney failure, kidney stone, and kidney disease should drink fruit juice daily because these juice can help to remove the toxins, infectious particles, and harmful agents from your body. There are a variety of fruit juices you can consume such as orange, lemon, grapes, cranberry, apples, etc.

5. Home Remedies For Kidney Failure – Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea has been widely drunk for many years because of its health benefits. Chamomile tea contains antibacterial properties and antioxidant effects that can help to boost the strong immunity system. A strong immune system plays the important role in protecting your body from ailments such as infection, cold, and kidney disease. Moreover, chamomile tea is considered as kind of home remedies for kidney failure that helps kidney to flush away the toxins and wastes from the body.

Diabetes may lead to kidney failure. Many studies showed that chamomile tea is effective in regulating the blood glucose levels in your body.

A muscle cramp is one of the symptoms of kidney failure and kidney disease because of calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Drinking chamomile tea can help to increase the urine levels of glycine that is effective in calming muscle spasms.

6. Marshmallow Root


Mallow root known as marshmallow has been widely used to treat skin conditions and soothe sore throats. Marshmallow root is beneficial for kidney’s health by following reasons.

Marshmallow not only soothes a sore throat but also relieves swelling in mucous membranes. When urinary tract is swollen, it is likely to get damaged by passing sediment.

Moreover, marshmallow increases the urine flow due to its diuretic properties. It can help the body to flush the minerals and toxins from the kidneys as well as the bladder.

Studies found out that marshmallow contains a great source of antioxidants that can help to protect your cells and your body from free radical damage, promoting the kidney’s health.

Therefore, if you want to look for home remedies for kidney failure, you should not ignore marshmallow root.

Marshmallow has a variety of health benefits, not just for the kidneys. If you want to use marshmallow as home remedies for kidney failure, you should consult your doctor and do not hide anything related to your health condition.

7. Goldenrod Tea


Goldenrod known as solidago is a useful plant for many health conditions such as gout, diabetes, and arthritis. This plant can be used to make a natural mouth rinse for reducing discomfort and easing swelling in the throat and mouth. In fact, many studies found out that goldenrod is beneficial for urinary tract and kidney’s health.

Thanks to diuretic properties, goldenrod can boost the urine flow and remove the excess water through the kidneys and bladder. This helps to prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys by irrigating and remove the toxins, wastes and renal deposits from the kidneys and bladder. Drinking goldenrod tea daily is believed to protect the overall health of your kidneys.

Goldenrod tea contains toning and soothing effects for the urinary tract. Human and lab studies found its ability to ease swelling in the urinary tract and making the path of urine flow smooth. No studies and experiments report on its negative side effects. Because it acts as home remedies for kidney failure that can ease and improve kidney failure without unwanted side effects.

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8. Home Remedies For Kidney Failure – Aloe Vera

People often extract the Aloe Vera juice from the leaves of the Aloe barbadensis plant and use it as an effective home remedy for a variety of health conditions and ailments. Aloe Vera juice is loaded with nutrients and it contains not only antiseptic but also anti-inflammatory properties. There are many causes and manifestations of kidney disease that may lead to kidney failure if not treated well. Kidney failure requires a number of tests and kidney dialysis to figure out the hidden causes before doctors try to give you a proper medical solution and useful advice. It is a great idea for you to drink Aloe Vera juice together with medical treatments for kidney failures. It can fasten the healing process and give you a significant relief for unpleasant symptoms.

Aloe Vera juice is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, saponins, lignins, and anthraquinones that are necessary for the body. Lab studies showed that Aloe Vera extract can prevent the kidneys of rats from degeneration effects caused by type 2 diabetes, one of the common causes of kidney disease and kidney failure. The Aloe Vera pulp and gel can reduce the degenerative effects in the kidney tissues of rats with diabetes. It is the reason why Aloe Vera is included in a list of home remedies for kidney failure and disease.

You can buy Aloe Vera juice in a supermarket or local store. However, you should feel lucky if you have Aloe Vera grown in your garden. Cut an Aloe Vera leaf and then extract the juice from this leaf. Put the juice in a glass of water. You should add a little honey to make it taste well. Drinking Aloe Vera juice daily can give you a significant relief for kidney failure.

It is important for me to note that high doses of aloe latex can increase in unwanted side effects like kidney failure as well as other serious conditions. Aloe Vera juice or gel is found in the inner part of Aloe Vera leaf while yellow aloe latex is under the plant’s skin. Some Aloe Vera products contain both latex and gel because they are made by crushing the whole Aloe Vera leaf. Therefore, if you want to take any Aloe Vera products, you should consult your doctor or care physician first.

Aloe Vera juice is one of the home remedies for kidney failure in humans we would like to introduce to you in this article. For the beneficiary results, it is recommended drinking Aloe Vera juice twice daily.

9. Home Remedies For Kidney Failure – Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays the important role in fighting against the kidney failure and renal infections. This is because vitamin C increases the acidic levels in your kidney, hamper the growth of bacteria. Harmful bacteria cannot be alive in the acidic environment. Vitamin C also boosts the function of the immune system that is beneficial in fighting against health problems and fastening the healing process. Therefore, in order to improve the symptoms of kidney failure and healing, you should increase vitamin C intake daily. Vitamin C is abundant in orange as well as other citrus fruit. However, the fastest way to increase vitamin C intake is taking supplements or tablets. It requires prescription and guidance of doctors or care physicians.

10. Drinking A Plenty Of Water

No one can deny the important role of water in our health. By keeping your body hydrated, drinking water can make the parts and systems of our body function well and smoothly. Water dehydration may lead to many health issues and slow down the healing process. People with kidney failure and kidney disease need more water per day. Water protects the kidney from deterioration caused by the build-up of excess toxic and waste products in your kidneys. Water keeps the kidneys clean and healthy by flushing the toxins and wastes. Water deprivation is not shown with any signs or symptoms. Therefore, even if you are not thirsty or affected by any infections, you still need to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water during the day.

11. Home Remedies For Kidney Failure – Baking Soda

home remedies for kidney failure

Baking soda known as sodium bicarbonate is a white solid crystalline; however, it is often seen in a fine powder form. Baking soda possesses salty taste and alkaline properties. Baking soda is useful in our life because of a variety of its purposes, from cleaning, cooking, deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo to even medical use. Medical uses of baking soda include elevating pH levels, treating allergic reactions caused by poison, aiding in the removal of splinters, giving a significant relief for patients with kidney failure.

Many people who receive the treatment with baking soda can feel a rapid progression in kidney failure. Baking soda is one of the effective home remedies for kidney failure and improves the quality of life.

Here is the strategy.

  • Dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of water
  • Drink it daily

If you want to get a satisfactory result, you should drink baking soda solution daily.

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