11 Ways How To Use Baking Soda For Yeast InfectionTreatment


Yeast is a fungus commonly living in the vagina with a small number, anda vaginal yeast infection is a condition in which there are too many growing yeast cellsin this area.Yeast infection is normally caused by a fungus called Candida that can live in some areas ofmouth, nail beds, armpits, intestinal tract, genitals, and beneath skin folds. And, when the immune system is damaged, this yeast will cause infection in the body, especially impacting on the vaginal areas of women who may have decreased estrogen levels. Yeast infection can lead to swelling, burning, and itching sensation on and around those areas, terrible sensation when urinating or during intercourse.

It is necessary to find out the quick remedies for this condition, and baking soda for yeast infection is really a good choice. Baking soda is not only used for cooking but also abused as one of the natural home remedies for treating many health conditions and beauty ailments. It is helpful for alleviating the yeast infection that is caused by stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, chronic health problems, and the usage of some certain medications like steroids, antibiotics, and oral contraceptives.

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11 Common Ways On How To Use Baking Soda For Yeast Infection

Now, AllRemedies.com would like to show you 11 common ways on how to use baking soda for yeast infection. All of the mentioned ways including internal and external ones have been studied and applied to many people with the condition for a long time. For those who have a yeast infection and finding effective remedies, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

1. Only Baking Soda

baking soda for yeast infection

There are some certain characteristics that make it effective to use baking soda for yeast infection [1]. In fact, baking soda is naturally alkaline thereby changing the temporary acidic nature in the vaginato higher alkaline where the Candida fungus cannot survive in. More clearly, it can balance the pH levels in the body and change the acidic environment when applied to the affected areas, which is particularly effective for the treatmentof the oral yeast infection or thrush yeast infection.In addition, baking soda dehydrates and kills the yeast or fungus as a natural antifungal agent by sucking enzymes and water properties from the fungus then making the microorganism dehydrated. Finally, it prevents thelater growth of microorganisms and keeps the skin clean and dryas well.

There are 3 directions for you to use only baking soda for yeast infection as follows:

Direction 1:

  • Add a half of a teaspoon baking soda to a glass of water and allow it to dissolve
  • Take in the solution twice a day with your empty stomach
  • Repeat to consume this solution for 2 weeks then stop for another 2 weeks
  • After 2 weeks of consumption, if you do not receive any relief from a yeast infection, continue following the same process.

Direction 2:

  • Add 1 teaspoon baking soda to about 250 ml of water allowing it to dissolve
  • Put a cotton ball into the solution then apply it to the affected areas of yeast infection
  • Additionally, use this solution to rinse the affected areas so as to reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation.

Direction 3:

  • Stir 2 tablespoons baking soda in an enough amount of water to create a paste
  • Apply the paste to the affected skin keeping for a few minutes
  • Wash with water and allow it dry
  • Apply on daily basis.

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2. Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide

Another way to use baking soda for yeast infection is combining it with hydrogen peroxidethat has been believed to be effective in the treatment. In fact, hydrogen peroxide also exists in the vagina like Candida, but its functioning isto keep yeast infection at bay. And the reason yeast infection also occurs is that the conditions in the vaginal environment are so great for the Candida growth that the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the vagina cannot counter it completely. Hence, there needs an additionally external application of this substance to fill the shortage and aid the body innaturally checking the overgrowth of yeast and you can easily buy it from nay supermarkets. If you think that hydrogen peroxide is harmful, it may be false because it is actually produced in the body and doesn’t harm the vaginaas well as the general health.

The combination of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda for yeast infection is really useful in this process:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons baking soda with an enough amount of hydrogen peroxide (3%) to make a paste
  • Brush your teeth with this mixture as antifungal toothpaste
  • Alternatively, brush your teeth with sea salt and baking soda.

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3. Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

Lemon juicecan be also combined with baking soda for yeast infection. In fact, lemon juice has been well known for various health benefits because it helps regulate the pH levels in the body while be probably used in both the internal and external application. The most common way to use lemon juice internally is drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning and the typical external application is adding an enough amount of lemon juice to thebathwater and taking a hot bath.

Here is the way to combine lemon juice and baking soda for yeast infection:

  • Add 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice to one teaspoon baking soda and mix them to make a paste.
  • Put this paste into a glass of water then drink
  • Consume a teaspoon coconut oil after about 15 to 20 minutes
  • Repeat this process on regular basis.

4. Baking Soda And Maple Syrup

baking soda for yeast infection

Although baking soda can work well on its own, the combination of Maple Syrup and baking soda for yeast infection will achieve much better results. The fact that sick cells often require more sugar than the normal ones as sugar feeds Candida makes Maple Syrupideal to support the benefits of baking soda. If described in scientific words, baking soda that is very alkaline plays the main role as an anti-cancer substance and Maple Syrup is considered as a carrier to take it inside the cancer cells.

The follows are the directions to make use of maple syrup and baking soda for yeast infection:

  • Put 5 tablespoons maple syrup into a pan then keep it overthe mild heat
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon baking sodain the hot maple syrup until gooey
  • Remove the pan from the heat and leave the mixture cool
  • Consume the mixture 3 times daily within 2 weeks then twice daily within 4 weeks.

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5. Baking Soda Bath

As mentioned above, some certain characteristics make it possible to use baking soda for yeast infection. And if you don’t want to apply baking soda for yeast infection as several internal ways above, you can use it as an external remedywith baking sodabath to relieve the external itching as well as other symptoms.Baking soda bath, in fact, has been widely used for not only the yeast infection but also for many other external skin conditions and almost of the users have found it really effective indeed.

  • Follow these steps to take a bath of baking soda for yeast infection:
  • Stir a half or all a cup of baking soda in the bathtub filled with warm water
  • Soak your body in the water for about 20 minutes
  • Make your skinabsolutely dry with a clean cloth
  • Take this type of bath twice a week
  • For greater results, stir baking soda in the salt bath

Note: This process is also applicable for the treatment of yeast infection in pregnant women.

6. Baking Soda And Epsom Salt

Epsom saltshave been used for many health benefits and also used as a cleaning method for yeast infection. With Epsom salt, you can do a cleaning process to flush out the bad bacteria as well as a preparation for the growth of good bacteria. Epsom Salts should be bought at drug stores or health food.This process with the combination of Epsom salt and baking soda is applied to treat the baby yeast diaper rash.

  • Stir 1 tablespoon Epsom salt and 1 to 2 tablespoons baking soda in a warm bath
  • Gently bathe your baby
  • Alternative to Epsom salt, use colloidal oatmeal in this process

7. Baking Soda And Tea Tree Oil Bath

Tea tree oil can also be combined with baking soda for yeast infection through a bath.There are some reasons making tea tree oil ideal for this purposes in which the first one is that it contains terpinen–4–ol thatcan kill the fungus causing a yeast infection. In addition, tea tree oil contains alpha-terpinene and gamma–terpinene that all prevent the development of Candida Albicans while its antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties help treat yeast infection as well. Tea tree oil also owns therapeutic properties and the ability to eliminate a number of microorganisms thereby treating Candida infection. Finally, it helps reduce inflammation and obtain the balance of the good and bad bacteria in the body.

While both of tea tree oil and baking soda are beneficial for yeast infection treatment, their combination will bring the better results. There are 2 ways to use tea tree oil and baking soda for yeast infection as follows:

Direction 1:

  • Add a cup of baking soda and several drops of tea tree oil toa shallow sitz bath filled with warm water
  • Stir it well then sit in for about 5 minutes
  • Wash off with water.
  • Alternatively, add ½ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of cornstarch to a warm bath and soak in for a few minutes.

Direction 2:

  • Add a tablespoon baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oilto an enough amount of water to create a thick paste
  • Apply the paste to the affected areas and allow it for 5 minutes
  • Rinse off with water
  • Do once daily.

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8. Baking Soda Douche

To use baking soda for yeast infection, baking soda douche is also a good choice to remove the yeast cells. You can follow the below steps:

  • Stir 2 tablespoons baking soda in about 4 cups of warm water
  • Clear the vaginal with this mixture as a douche
  • Alternatively, put baking soda in an empty gelatin capsule theninsert it in a tampon through which you can keep it into the vagina
  • Apply the 2 baking soda douching treatments twice a week within 2 weeks.

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9. Baking Soda With Apple Cider Vinegar Douche

baking soda for yeast infection

Among various treatments for yeast infection, apple cider vinegar is considered as one ofthe most effective ones. Firstly, apple cider vinegarcan regulate the pH level in the women vagina and inhibit the yeast fungi from thriving in this favorable environment. Secondly, this acidic apple cider vinegar helps eliminate excess yeast in the body in its combination with several certain enzymes. In addition, it actually aids in re-colonizing the vagina and intestines with powerfully good bacteria that protects against the bad bacteria indeed. Finally, apple cider vinegar works as a strong antibiotic to kill viruses, bacteria, and protozoa while strengthening the immune system by fighting against the negative yeast fungus.

Following is the way to use apple cider vinegar with baking soda for yeast infection that you should follow:

  • Mix organic apple cider vinegar with warm water and use this solution to douche your affected areas
  • Keep it for 5 minutes and then use baking soda and water to douche again
  • Properly dry the areas and remember to wear loose underwear
  • Alternatively, soak a tampon in the baking soda solution and put in the infected vaginal area.

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10. Baking Soda And Child Yeast Infection

Yeast infection occurs not only in women but also in children [2] indeed. They can suffer from this condition in their skin folds like the mouth, armpit, neck, and diaper area. Because toddlers always move while refusing to stop for changing diapers, which may leave a moist diaper where yeast can develop.

For the cases of child yeast infection, baking soda is applicable as the direction below:

  • Stir a teaspoon baking soda in a cup of water
  • Clean the child’s buttocks with this solution
  • Dry the areas and wear him/her loose clothes
  • Alternatively, stir 2 tablespoons baking soda in a warm bath water then soak the infected areas ofthe child in
  • Or mix a tablespoon baking soda in enough water to make a paste then dab it to the cheeks, tongue, and gums if he/she has an oral thrush or apply this baking soda mixture to the nipples when you are breastfeeding
  • Do this process on regular basis.

11. Tips And Warns

Besides these ways of using baking soda for yeast infection removalinternally and externally, you should pay attention to some tips and warns below while using baking soda for yeast infection treatment to get the quick and safe relief from this condition.

  • Baking soda can increase the pH level in the vagina and even stimulate the growth of the yeast, do avoid using it too often.
  • Always dry the skin, particularly genitals, after taking any baking soda baths and don’t use any chemical products or concentrated solution on the sensitive areas like the private parts.
  • People who consume alcohol or take drugs should not use these baths of baking soda for yeast infection.
  • Those with high blood pressure or heart diseases and pregnant women should be careful with baking soda remedies by consulting the doctors.
  • Don’t use any baking soda methods if you have a sodium-restricted diet.
  • After using baking soda for yeast infection, if your affected areas turn red and irritated, stop the process immediately.
  • Wash the clothes of the infected person separately to inhibit the infection its spread.
  • Always keep the affected area dry as well as clean it to prevent spreading the infection.
  • Take in as much water as possible to flush toxins out of the body.
  • If your symptoms with yeast infection don’t decreaseafter using these baking soda remedies, you should consult your doctor for another diagnosis and treatment.
  • Some tips for you are not wearing tight and unclean underwear, restricting the use of perfumed tampons or deodorants and birth control pills, and trying to reduce the diabetic level.

After reading the article on 11 common ways on how to use baking soda for yeast infectionin our main How To page, hope that you can know how to treat a yeast infection with baking soda through both the external and internal methods. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other ways to use baking soda for a yeast infection if you really get.

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