35 Simple Natural Home Remedies for Dry Eyes Relief

There is no doubt that eyes are one of the important parts of the body. And when your eyes have some symptoms such as redness, feeling like something in your eyes, painful and scratchy or dry sensation, blurred vision, light sensitivity, as well as mucus around or in your eyes, you will have dry eyes syndrome. And do you want to know what are the reasons causing your dry eyes? These include environmental factors, aging, medical conditions, as well as taking certain medications. If you are in this case, you will feel uncomfortable and pain. So what do you need to do now? Going to the doctor to have a check is the first choice. But it will cost a lot of money. So now, why don’t you try to apply some remedies for relieving dry eyes which you can find out in your kitchen? Would you like to know them? If “yes”, please continue reading this article on our page AllRemedies.com which will present to you top 35 simple, natural, & home remedies for dry eyes that you can follow to get instant relief from this eye problem.

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Top 35 Simple Natural Home Remedies For Dry Eyes Relief

Do not worry if you suffer from dry eyes and have some symptoms like I mentioned above. In fact, dry eyes are not a life-threatening disease. It is a common condition that happens when your eyes are not lubricated adequately. Tears play the important role in lubricating your eyes, keeping your eyes healthy and prevent numerous eye issues such as dry eyes. Because of many reasons, the tears do not perform their role properly. For example, when your eyes do not release enough tears or when your eyes release poor-quality tears, it may result in dry eyes as well as many eye problems. The symptoms of dry eyes like stinging and burning are uncomfortable. Some situations may increase the risk of dry eyes, for examples, in an air-conditioned room, on an airplane, after working in front of computers for hours or while cycling. Treatments for dry eyes including eye drops or lifestyle changes may relieve the symptoms and make you feel more comfortable. Dry eyes can be treated at home with eye drops or effective home remedies. However, after a couple of days, if the dry eyes are not improved and you have prolonged symptoms such as irritated, red, painful or tired eyes, it is important for you to see your doctor. Your doctor will let you do some tests to determine the hidden causes of your dry eyes and then give you the proper treatments. When you make an appointment with your doctor, you should let him know any symptoms you are suffering, personal information such as recent life changes, and a list of vitamins, medications, and supplements you are using. Most cases of dry eyes can be healed within a few days with the help of eye drops and natural home remedies. These are 35 simple natural home remedies for dry eyes relief which you can do to get rid of dry eyes:

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1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Many studies on the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids have been done. Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial in reducing depression, relieving rheumatoid arthritis, reducing blood pressure, improving the cardiovascular health, preventing the early preterm birth and lowering the risk of macular degeneration. In this article about natural home remedies for dry eyes, I would like to mention omega 3 fatty acids as a good necessary nutrient for the eye health. Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to relieving the irritation caused by dry eyes. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties omega 3 fatty acids can help to stimulate the production of higher-quality tears. To protect your eyes and improve your eye’s health, you can take omega 3 fatty acids supplements or consume foods that are rich in this nutrient. Some rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids include flaxseed oil, chia seeds, palm oil, walnut, soybean oil, eggs and fatty fish like mackerel, sardine, salmon and tuna.

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2. Antioxidants

home remedies for dry eyes

Dry eyes can be treated with antioxidants. This is because dry eyes may be caused by free radical damage such as oxidative stress that results from aging, poor diet, lack of exercise, chronic stress, medications and unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Antioxidants play the important role in slowing down the oxidation process. In order to relieve dry eyes and fasten the healing process, you should consume enough green vegetables and colorful fruits like acerola cherries, chard, kale, goji berry, acai berry, spinach, etc.

3. Vitamins

Consuming vitamins is important for a healthy diet. Vitamins are good for your skin, your health and even your eyes. You can take vitamin supplements that are available in every health store with an affordable price. However, it is still better to increase vitamins intake through foods.

Dry eyes require consumption of vitamin E, C, and E. These vitamins contain antioxidant properties.

  • Foods that contain a great source of vitamin A include the liver of chicken, duck, pork, fish, eggs, duck eggs, carp, and milk.
  • Vitamin C is present in a variety of foods like grapefruit, lemons, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, soursop, mangosteen and so on. Vitamin is also found abundant in some vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and onion
  • Foods that are rich in vitamin E are composed of peanuts, sunflowers, beans sprouts and sesame. Vitamin E can be found in nuts, milk, asparagus, animal liver and fish fat.

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4. Enough Deep Sleep

Dry eyes may be caused by sleep deprivation. Therefore, a deep sleep is also one of natural home remedies for dry eyes. Sleep can provide your body enough time to heal any ailments and health problems. After long hours of busy work and study, your eyes as well as your body, require 7 to 8-hour sleep during the night. If you do not sleep well, your eyes may become sunken and dark circles can appear around your eyes. Moreover, working or playing the game in front of the computer for hours also affect your eye’s health and result in tired red dry eyes. Therefore, it is important for you to let your eyes relax by turning off your computer and going to bed early. Sleep at least 7 hours per day and avoid looking at the screen of your computer in a period of time. Doing these small things for one week, you can see a significantly different result.

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5. Turn On Enough Light


Many people make mistakes when they watch television and use a computer without light. The darkness of your room and the lights coming from the screen of the television and computer can result in eyestrain. Therefore, it is recommended placing a lamp with enough light next to your television and computer. That helps you not only see images on the screen more clearly but also keep your eyes from regulating too much.

Use perturbed lamps when you read books. The perturbed lamps make light direct into the pages. Moreover, a bed headboard light is highly recommended for bookworms who like reading books on their bed. The bed headboard light can help to prevent eyestrain.

When you work or play the game in front of the computer, you should have a bulb that is effective in lighting the room and your keyboard.

It is recommended wearing eye protection glasses when you ride on the road. The eye protection glasses can help to protect your eyes from dust and sunlight. Moreover, a sunglasses is necessary if your eyes are exposed to the sun. The sunlight may affect your eyes and make your eyes become drier.

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6. Warm Compresses

Tears contain water and oily glandular secretions. Warm compresses can stimulate the production of higher-quality tears by boosting the circulation levels in the eyelids. It helps to open the clogged meibomian glands and soften the hardened meibum, relieving dry eyes. You just need to apply warm compresses to your closed eyelids. The warm compresses need to be done with a proper temperature. Less frequent or shorter use of warm compresses with different temperature may give ineffective results. The ideal temperature of the warm compresses should be at 108 degrees Fahrenheit, according to some researchers.

You will need:

  • Warm water
  • A clean cloth or towel

Do this:

  • Soak the towel or cloth into the water
  • Squeeze to remove the extra water
  • Place the wet towel or cloth to your closed eyelids
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes
  • Repeat the warm compresses twice a day to get a satisfactory result

7. Change The Environment


Environment factors like dust, allergens, and sunlight are causes of dry eyes. If you live in an unfavorable environment, you should make some positive changes. Follow some suggestions to prevent the dry eyes from worsening and fasten the healing process.

  • Avoid smoking or staying around people who are smoking. This is because smoking not only affects the overall health but also results in dry eyes.
  • Do not go out if the weather is windy. The wind may make your eyes drier and result in several eye problems. It is recommended wearing eyeglasses to protect your eyes from dust and the wind if you have to take part in the particular outside activities such as skiing, riding a bike or motorbike, and riding in the convertible,
  • Use a humidifier in your room to maintain the moisture of your eyes after studying or working in long hours

8. Break

Your eyes may become tired, red and dry when you use computer or laptop in a long time. It is recommended looking away from your computer and looking at other things that are 20 feet from your eyes. When you feel your eye tired and strain, you should close your eyes and take a break for at least 20 minutes before working or study again. It is an easy tip on how to treat dry eyes and relieve eye strain you can do at home.

9. Blink

It is advisable for you to blink frequently if you are looking natural home remedies for dry eyes. Lack of blinking may worsen your eye condition. A normal person can blink about 22 times per minute. However, people who spend much time on a television or computer screen blink less than 7 times per minutes. When you use these devices, your eyes seem to be lazier to blink. As a result, it leads to dry eyes. When you stare at a particular object for a long period of time, there is a loss of the moisture of your eyes. Blinking is responsible for spreading the fluid across your eyeballs, retaining the moisture of your eyes.

10. Frequent Eyelid Cleaning


Cleaning your eyelids frequently is one of home remedies for dry eyes. This treatment is recommended for people who get diagnosed with blepharitis and some eye conditions related to eyelid inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended cleaning your eyelids frequently.

In order to clean your eyelids, you can use a mild soap or wash.

Method 1: Use A Mild Soap

You will need:

  • Baby shampoo or any mild soap that are recommended by doctors

Do this:

  • Place the soap on your fingertips
  • Apply it to the closed eyelids and massage it gently
  • Use normal warm water to remove the soap on your eyelids

Method 2: Use mild wash

You will need:

  • An eyelid mild wash (Or you can mix water with baby shampoo)

Do this:

  • Close your eyes
  • Use mild wash to massage your eyelids gently
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water

11. Water

Water is considered as one of good home remedies for dry eyes. Dehydration may increase the risk of dry eyes. Therefore, it is recommended increasing the water intake during the day. Water plays the important role in boosting the metabolic activities of your body. The need for water depends on age, gender, and physical condition. A woman requires 90 oz. of water per day to keep your body hydrated while a man needs to drink at least 125 oz. of water daily. 20 percent of water in your body is taken from foods while you take the rest from the purified drinking water.

12. Green Tea Or Tea Bags

Green tea is widely consumed because of its amazing benefits for health and beauty. Moreover, green tea or tea bags are beneficial for dry eyes. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that are contributed to benefits of green tea including reducing the risk of cancer, preventing heart disease, treating type 2 diabetes and aiding in weight loss. Green tea can treat dry eyes by hydrating your eyes. Undoubtedly, green tea or tea bags are one of simple natural home remedies for dry eyes.

Here is the instruction on how to use tea bags for dry eyes relief.

You will need:

  • 2 or 3 tea bags
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 2 cotton balls

Do this:

  • Dip tea bags in hot water
  • Let it soaked for a few minutes
  • Soak 2 cotton balls into the tea
  • Place these 2 cotton balls onto your eyelids while you lie on the flat surface
  • Let it sit on you closed eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Use the warm water to rinse your eyelids

You should repeat this treatment twice or thrice a week to get a significant result.

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