Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples & Forehead Acne Skills?

Acne or pimples must have troubled most people during their adolescent years. In fact, they are considered an integral part of the teenage years. For some people, acne continues to resurface later on in life as well. Also, both girls and boys suffer from acne though it is more common amongst the girls. Some amount of acne can be ignored as a sign of growing up. It is very common to get blemishes, acne marks, pimples etc on the forehead. But when that nasty breakout shows on the face just before a party or event it does become a sore spot.

Why Should Pimples Worry You?

The definition of a beautiful or smart face includes a flawless skin. Whatever be the skin complexion, a smooth blemish free skin can make heads turn. With pimples or bumps on the forehead or anywhere on the face, you can look unhealthy and tired. Not to mention that the pus filled pimples make you look ugly. Agreed that pimples and acne is a part of growing up and clears up on its own. But there are cases when the outbreak is so bad that you feel embarrassed about your looks.

What is important to understand here is that any kind of a pimple needs to be treated. There are so many home remedies as well as medicines that are used to treat pimples and acnes. Also, there are beauty treatments that a dermatologist can recommend based on how bad the skin is. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as leaving is alone to clear off on its own. However, before dwelling into the solutions, it is important to understand the causes.

I. Acne In Different Parts And What It Indicates

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

A pimple or acne is a term that is used to describe inflammation or infection in the sebaceous glands. You might be surprised to learn that even when you get acne on the face you cannot pinpoint one particular cause for all the areas. There is a theory of face mapping which tells you the possible causes of getting pimples in a particular area. This little understanding helps in tackling the problem better. This theory can be used to eliminate the causes that it proposes and see if it has any effect.

  • Forehead

According to this, the pimples on the forehead are an indication of a malfunction in the digestive system. When the stomach finds it difficult to break down certain food then it shows on the forehead. It could also be a result of toxins in the liver, stress, and irregular sleep pattern. The solution is as simple as eating papaya for stomach issues and regulating the sleep.

  • In The Brow Area

This could be a result of eating food that is fatty and rich. In some cases, alcohol too can trigger pimples in this area.

  • Cheeks

Pollution and other environmental issues that cause allergy can be responsible for this pimple. Intake of extra sugar too could be the reason behind pimples on the cheek.

  • Chin

Pimples on the chin are associated with the menstrual cycle. This is an indication of hormonal imbalance and can be taken care of food that can help regulate the hormones.

II. What Causes The Skin To Break Out?

There are many different causes which result in acne on face and forehead. It is important to understand the causes so that the treatment can be carried out accordingly. The common causes of acne are:

1. Clogged pores

The much talked of T-zone is where the oil glands are over active. Excessive secretion of oil leads to blockage in pores which prevent the skin from breathing. This, in turn, results in acne or pimples on the forehead.

2. Stress

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

Studies have proven that stress is the root cause of a lot of diseases. Though not many would associate it with pimples, it does makes the skin worse. Stress makes the adrenal glands secrete extra cortisol that makes the sebaceous glands produce more oil. Thus high-stress levels lead to eruptions of pus-filled pimples or acne on the forehead and not whiteheads or blackheads.
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3. Dandruff

Dandruff of the scalp is another common problem that affects many people. Those who have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to pimples face extra breakouts. Dandruff can cause trouble even for those who have a clear skin otherwise by causing pimples on forehead.

4. Hormonal Changes

The teenage years or adolescence is the period when out body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. Often the levels are fluctuating and this shows in the form of breakouts all over the face and forehead. It clears up with time as hormones start getting balanced. Women often get fluctuations in hormones around their menstrual cycle leading to acyclic surge of blemishes. Menopause too leads to such problems and hence some women may experience adult acne.

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5. Hygiene

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

When the pores are clogged, the skin becomes a perfect ground for breeding of bacteria. Clogged pores can be attributed to oily skin. When you do not clean the makeup before sleeping at night, you get clogged pores. Skin also collects dust and dirt during the day and if not cleaned properly then can trigger new pimples.

6. Diet

Sometimes it is the unhealthy diet that you consume that cause pimples and breakouts. Excessive dairy intake or extra sugar in the diet that the body cannot absorb is not good. The skin then starts to get rid of the unwanted things through blemishes or breakouts on the face.

7. Changes In Weather

During any weather change, the skin has to deal with a lot of changes. Ignoring these lead to skin breaking out. People use sunscreen but do not realize that there is no one universal cream. The kind of sunscreen that you need to use depends on the weather.

8. Use Of Cosmetics

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

In any attempt to look good and beautiful, women often use cosmetics but do not pay much attention to their quality. You need to be absolutely sure that the cosmetics that you use are the best that you can buy and that they are well suited to your skin.

9. Touching The Face

This cause often comes as a surprise to most people. The face needs to be kept clean at all times. Your hands touch so many things during the course of a day. If you keep touching your face consciously or subconsciously, you are making it dirty and thus prone to breakouts.

10. Water Intake

When you stay in an air conditioned environment or when you are too busy to keep track of your water intake, often it is less than what is recommended. This too can cause an outbreak because water flushes out toxins from the body. In case there is inadequate water, the toxins come out through the skin.

III. Treatment Of Pimples


A skin doctor or the dermatologist is the best person to guide you and prescribe the treatment required depending on the cause of pimples. Over the counter drugs, ointments for topical application, face wash etc are some of the ways in which pimples can be treated with medicines. Along with this, dietary restrictions or increasing intake of fresh fruits and salads maybe the answer. In case your condition is not severe and you do not wish to consult a doctor just yet, you can try simple home remedies as well.

IV. Home Remedies For Pimples

Some simple home remedies can be followed to get rid of pimples. These can be done with ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. The best part is that these remedies are natural so there is no side effect. Most of them involve ingredients that are proven effective for the skin. Apart from helping you get rid of forehead acne marks, dark spots, pimples or bumps, these remedies help rejuvenate your skin. Before you start with any remedy, be very clear that none of them is a magic wand. You will have to follow the treatment regularly to see results. The results will be there in the form of healthy and clear skin but it will take time. So be patient and do not expect a miracle overnight. Now let’s have a look at the easy treatment that you can try out on your own:

1. Lemon Juice

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

Lemon is full of vitamin C which is good for the skin. Drinking lemon juice is refreshing for the body and also has benefits for the skin. Using lemon directly on the face works well for pimples. Squeeze a fresh cut lemon in a bowl. Dip a cotton wool in this juice and dab it all over the area affected with pimples. Leave it overnight. Wash away in the morning with cold water. Repeat this simple remedy once a month. Pimples will disappear over a period of time and you will be left with rejuvenated and fresh looking skin

2. Toothpaste 

This remedy might come as a surprise to most. After all, toothpaste is associated with teeth care and not skin care. But it is an effective remedy for curing pimples on the forehead. To apply, squeeze out white toothpaste from the tube onto your finger. Gently apply it all over the pimples. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. There is an immediate reduction in redness. Over a period of time, the pimples also reduce. You just need to follow it regularly.

3. Steam

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

We know that it is clogged pores on the skin that create pimples. To clear off the skin and open the pores, steam is a good remedy. Steam allows the dirt to come out with ease and thus clears your skin. Steam can be taken via a steamer. However, in case you do not have a steamer, just heat water and keep it in a bowl. Now place your face over it and cover it with a cloth like a towel. This will prevent the steam from escaping. Continue with this for about 10 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Some general tips to handle acne and breakouts

  • Never ever squeeze a pimple – Even if you have to go to a party and the pus filled pimple is spoiling the look. Squeezing a pimple or trying to pinch it away will only result in an ugly acne scar. There is also a possibility of the infection spreading to a larger area.
  • Avoid makeup – Using cosmetics when in the middle of a breakout is not a good idea. This is because your cosmetics might be responsible for the breakout. They might not be suitable for your skin type so avoid using them for some time.
  • Take adequate sun protection – The harsh rays of the sun can damage the skin in a big way therefore sunscreen before stepping out is a must. The type of sunscreen you use should depend on your skin type. Those with oily skin need water based sunscreen while those with dry skin need an oil-based one.

Are You Embarrassed By Your Pimples

  • Do not try many things – Skin problems like acne take the time to go away. Never get disheartened by not getting the desired results. Just be at the chosen treatment. If it is suiting you, the results will show in the due course of time.
  • Beauty treatments with caution – Beauty treatments like facial etc might not be a good idea for those with an acne prone skin. This is because, during the process of massage, the oil glands get activated. Secretion of excessive oil might cause more pimples.

In the end, always keep in mind that acne is a passing phase. Do not let it make you conscious or embarrassed. With some good home remedies, you can surely get rid of them so keep your head held high and be confident.


Author bio –  I am Surbhi Bhatnagar, a girl in my 20s, trying to discover myself in an exciting manner and wish to get surprised by every move of my life. Writing for me, I believe, relieves stress, helps me concentrate better, and lets me re-invent myself. It enchants me like meditation, which stimulates the deepest recesses of my brain and thus lets me harness the energy hitherto lying unused. It has the power to heal and to understand better. It broadens my vision and gives wings to figments of my imagination. I therefore believe in the power of analyzing myself and some day find a better human inside of me.

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