Best Makeup for Oily Skin with Acne: 25 Tips

As you see, oily skin will require more stringent cleansing process than sensitive or dry skin. A lot of women contain a very oily complexion. One of the problems with makeup is that it stays rarely on your greasy skin, and during the day, it also has the tendency to fall off, smudge or lose shine and color. Thus, if you do not find the best products for your oily skin, the makeup will look unprofessional and negligent. In this article, will introduce to you best makeup for oily skin with acne: 25 tips. All of the tips in this article are collected from reliable sources. Each individual has a different skin condition; hence you should consult your doctor before applying any tips. Keep reading this writing to learn more the best makeup for oily skin with acne!

Best Makeup For Oily Skin With Acne: 25 Tips

There are five skin types including oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, complication skin and dry skin. Each skin has its own problems. Compared with other skin types, oily skin is more prone to acnes, pimples, and blemishes. It is a reason why oily skin is considered as a problematic skin type. The oily skin always looks coarse, shiny, thick and greasy. Therefore, it is hard to make the makeup go well on the skin. People with oily skin often suffer from acne problems. They find that makeup is an effective solution which can help them to hide their skin problems, make them beautiful and gain confidence. However, depending on each skin type, we have different methods of makeup. If you apply the wrong method, it does not give you a result as you want. Moreover, using wrong makeup can lead to some unwanted side effects. For examples, if you apply a thick layer of makeup to your oily skin, it can worsen the acne condition because the dirt, make-up residue, dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria are stuck in the large skin pores. You have the oily skin type with acne problem; however, it does not mean that you cannot use makeup. Makeup is beneficial in hiding skin blemishes and problems if you used in a right way. You can test your skin type with a help of your tissue or soft paper that aims to clean the oil. This tissue or soft paper can be bought in the supermarket or grocery store. You have oily skin if the tissue or soft paper you wipe your facial skin shows the oil on it, corresponding to the areas such as your cheeks, forehead, and nose.

If you want to be more beautiful and confident and are interested in makeup, this article on the best makeup for oily skin with acne is for you. You should read this article below to know more.

1. Conceal The Blemishes

Concealing the blemishes is what people want when they look for the best makeup for oily skin with acne. If you have oily skin, it is possible for you to suffer from blemishes and acne breakouts. Blemishes and acne breakouts are the common skin that makes people lose their confidence because of the appearance. However, the makeup can help you to hide the blemishes and acne breakouts. Liquid matte concealer is an excellent solution. In order to reduce the imperfections without causing any acne breakouts or skin problems, you just need to apply a thin layer of liquid concealer. It is recommended using a concealer brush to fade away your dark circle, imperfections, and red marks.

If you want to have a more coverage for acne and blemishes, you apply a layer of power foundation after the layer of liquid concealer. After that, you apply a layer of liquid concealer again. Several touch ups are required if you use this application method.

Unlike liquid matte concealer, cream concealer may clog your skin pores and worsen your skin condition. Therefore, you should avoid using cream concealer if you have oily skin.

2. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Carry Powder With You

After you remove the excess oil from your skin with the blotting paper, you should use powder to cover these skin areas. Applying the powder to your skin at that time can help absorb the remaining oil and keep your complexion even. It is recommended using a sponge, puff or beauty blender to press gently the powder to your oily spots.

3. Use Oil-fighting Masks Regularly

If you want to make the makeup go well on your skin without leaving shiny or greasy, you should treat the excessive oil production of your skin. The effective way on how to reduce oil production on your skin is using oil-fighting masks regularly. It is recommended applying an oil-absorbing face mask to your skin once or twice daily. Bentonite clay and kaolin are beneficial in reducing oil; therefore, you should look for the face masks that contain bentonite clay and kaolin.

  • Apply a sheet of face mask to your face skin
  • Let this face mask sit on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water
4. Choose Mattifying Products

If you look for the best makeup for oily skin with acne, you should buy mattifying products. A mattifying lotion is a great idea for someone who has oily skin type with acne problem. Using mattifying lotions can give you a significant difference. The mattifying lotion is effective in absorbing the excessive oil produced on your skin and keeping your skin with the makeup glowing and gorgeous for hours.

Furthermore, if your breakouts are under control and you have tried many makeup methods without good results, an anti-acne mattifying primer is recommended. For people who have to struggle with acne problems for years, the anti-acne mattifying primer is ultimate multitasking excellent solution.

Like all primers sold in the market, a mattifying primer with anti-acne properties can help to hide the skin problems (fine lines, large skin pores, blemishes, etc) and keep your makeup last longer for hours. But anti-acne ingredients in the mattifying primer can help to make your skin glowing and gorgeous for hours without the real downside.

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5. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Use Water

To make the best makeup for oily skin with acne, you should make sure that your skin is hydrated well. Water plays the important role in hydrating your body and your skin. All people know that drinking 8 glasses of water per day is good for skin and health while not many people know putting water on your skin can hydrate skin and make the makeup look better. Mineral water facial sprays have been well-known over the past few years. Water sprays can provide minerals to your skin and make your skin healthy. It is suitable for all skin types.

What should you do? Before applying the layers of makeup, you should spray mineral water over your entire face and then use a tissue to dab it off.

It is recommended adding the mineral water face spray to your skin care morning routine. Spray the water on your face skin before you apply the makeup.

6. Learn How To Read Labels

When you buy makeup products, you should learn how to read labels to find the best makeup for oily skin. If you are struggling with your skin issues, it is important for you to know what you are applying to your face skin. Do not choose the first thing you see on the shelf without carefulness. Do not choose the products by depending on their price. The price of skin care or makeup products does not indicate whether the product is suitable for your skin type and skin issues.

In the cosmetic market, there are a variety of amazing products with affordable prices while many expensive ones are useless. There are some skin care and makeup brands that offer great cleansers or awful moisturizer so we need to strategic and smart in our decision.

It is a great idea if you can check some reviews online before you make a decision on throwing money at something. When you buy skin care or makeup products, it is important for you to know what sorts of products you are using and which benefits or unwanted side effects they may have. If you have oily skin or acne prone skin, the useful tip for the best makeup for oily skin with acne is looking for the cosmetic products labeled “noncomedogenic” or “oil-free”. If you want to find the best toners and cleansers for oily or acne prone skin type, you should look for the products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid by reading the labels.

Furthermore, any products that are labeled “long-wear” are believed to be suitable and good for your oily skin. Therefore, it is recommended looking for long-wearing lipstick and foundation. For the oily skin type, eyeliner and mascara that are water-resistant or waterproof are excellent choices.

7. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Drink Enough Water

makeup for oily skin

Water plays the important role in keeping our body system function well. Moreover, water is necessary not only for the health but also for the skin, the largest organ of your body. Skin needs water to be hydrated and glowing. People with all skin types need to drink enough water. If you drink less water during the day, your skin suffers from skin issues. People with dry skin may struggle with red, dry and cranky skin. For people with oily skin, drinking less water may make skin produce more oil. As a result, it can lead to acnes and pimples. Therefore, it is recommended drinking at least 8 or 10 glasses of water on the daily basis.

In addition to water, vegetable or fruit juices are also delicious and healthy beverages for the health and skin. Vegetable and fruit juice can provide water to your health and your skin. Moreover, they are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can detoxify your body and improve skin’s health.

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8. Scrub Your Skin Regularly

It is recommended scrubbing your skin once or twice a week. If you want to make the best makeup for oily skin, you need to have a glowing and beautiful skin. Scrubbing should be included in the skin care routine because it can help you to get rid of dirt from your skin pores, remove the dead skin cells, boost the regeneration of fresh new skin cells and keep acne breakouts at bay. When you scrub your face, you can massage gently your skin for a few minutes to improve the benefits of scrubbing and increase the blood circulation. After that, you can use the warm water to rinse off the product.

Oily skin is more prone to acnes and pimples, compared with other skin types. When you look for the best scrub for the oily skin, you should make sure that the product is mile enough not to cause skin damages.

If you look for a natural scrub, masoor dal is well recommended. Masoor dal is believed to absorb the excess oil produced by the skin.

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9. Control The Oil Secretion With Natural Astringents

Because of oil production, it is difficult for the makeup to stay for hours on skin. Fortunately, you can make the best makeup for oily skin if you know how to control the oil secretion. Orange peel is one of the natural astringents I would like to introduce to you in this article. Orange peel is effective in reducing the oil production if used regularly. Moreover, applying orange peel can help to reduce the blemishes and blackheads on your skin.

Do this:

  • Keep the orange peels under the sun until they become dry
  • Grind the dry orange peels into a powder
  • Add some drops of rose water into the orange peel powder to create a paste
  • Apply the paste to your skin
  • Leave this paste to sit on your skin for about 15 minutes
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
10. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – An Ice Cubes

Because of excessive oil production, the makeup can wear out soon; therefore, you need to constantly keep dabbing the makeup. To prevent this problem, you should rub an ice cube over your skin before you apply the makeup.

11. Keep Facial Tissue With You

When the oil makes makeup fail, you just need to grab a sheet of tissue paper. Facial tissue is the important thing you should keep in your wallet to use throughout the day. Most facial tissues are 2-ply. However, it is recommended separating them and using 1-ply only. Like blotting paper, the facial tissue is also beneficial in absorbing the excess oil and leaving the makeup on your skin. But the facial tissue is much cheaper than the blotting paper.

When you buy the facial tissue, you should look for the ones that do not have color or fragrance. This is because the facial tissue with color or fragrance may irritate your skin and lead to acne breakouts.

12. Protective Makeup Layer 

best makeup for oily skin

Before studying useful tips on the best makeup for oily skin, you should remember to secure your first basic protective layer of skin: using sunscreen.

Whatever skin type you have, you also want it to always be kept in good conditions.

Thus, use the sunscreen with spectrum, securing your skin from UVB, UVA high; have no oil and light weight as well.

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13. Remove The Oil On Your Skin 

best makeup for oily skin

You should avoid using some usual cleansers arbitrarily. Instead of them, you may use the type soap dedicated to the cleansing oily skin. Rinse the face thoroughly, focusing on your T area, to decrease the amount of oil on your skin, dry your skin, and make it clear. Use a cotton piece to immerse in your pore astringent solution and then spread over all surface of your face.

Cleansing your face aims not only to remove the oil on your skin but also to be the integral step in the makeup. When you apply the layers of makeup to your skin type, it is important to begin the makeup with a clean, well-hydrated facial skin. Before you cleanse your facial skin, you should not ignore the pre-cleaning step. You need to rinse your skin with lukewarm water first to get rid of the oils and dirt from your skin. After that, you can apply a mild cleanser to the damp face skin. Use water to rinse off the product and then pat your skin dry with the help of a clean towel.

It is important for me to note that washing skin multiple times per day is not good. This is because it can strip away the natural moisture and oil from your skin. Moreover, it makes oil production hyper drive. Therefore, it is recommended pre-cleansing and cleansing once in the morning before you apply the makeup and once in the morning before bed. In the evening, it is important for you to use makeup removal or oil cleanser to cleanse the makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin before you go to bed. If you left the makeup on your skin, it can damage your skin and worsen your skin condition. Double cleansing is recommended. It means you remove the dirt and makeup with an oil cleanser and then wash your face again with a mild cleanser.

It is recommended choosing the cleansers that contain anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent acnes and pimples.

Watermelon and papaya are well-known as natural cleansers you should know. Rub them over your facial skin gently and then wash your face with lukewarm water.

14. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Apply A Toner

A well-formulated toner is a necessary step before you apply layers of make-up to your skin because a toner aims to get rid of excess dirt, oils, and make-ups from your skin. Moreover, it balances your skin PH and plays the important role in protecting your skin from skin damages caused by layers of makeup. If you have oily skin, it is recommended buying an oil free toner for your skin.

Here is the way on how to use a toner

  • Put a few drops of the oil-free toner to a cotton ball
  • Use this cotton ball to wipe across your face ( avoid your eyes)
  • Let the product on your skin dry before applying the next step

You should not use an alcohol containing toner because it can dehydrate your skin. If you want to choose the excellent natural toners, witch hazel and rose water are great choices.

15. Moisturize Your Skin

makeup for oily skin

Even if you have oily skin, it is still important for you to moisturize your skin. Your skin pores produce oil in order to compensate for the dehydrated skin. Although it sounds counterintuitive, oily skin requires additional moisture. Your oily skin needs moisture but not any additional oil. Therefore, you should look for a lightweight moisturizer which is mattifying, oil-free and shine-reducing. Before makeup, you just need to apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer to your face skin. Mattifying moisturizer aims to absorb the excess oil produced on your skin. If you choose a moisture for the morning, you should choose an SPF moisturizer that not only makes your skin glowing but also protect your skin from damages caused by sunlight and UV rays.

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16. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Foundation Cream 

You should know which foundation cream type is suitable and necessary for your skin type. In addition, do not consider that for the oily skin, you had better choose thick foundation cream for improving the traction on your skin. Instead, choose the foundation cream type that is moderated for not clogging your pores even in low temperature.

17. Makeup Powder 

best makeup for oily skin

Maybe you will feel surprised if we show that you had better not choose the makeup selection as one heavy duty. That is because using too thick layers of makeup just can make the face false and stiff while your pores are clogged, which leads to excessive oil secretions on your skin. Simply, you need to spread your powder to get a thin layer of makeup on your face and especially, focus on some prominent parts of your face in order to get an attractive appearance.

18. Skin Lining Powder

best makeup for oily skin

This tip is the best makeup for oily skin with acne. For women having oily skin, in addition to the skin lining powder, it may be necessary to use an additional anti-gloss cream layer onto the T area (nose and eyelid). In this case, a lot of women even apply the gel with the pure aloe vera as a skin lining powder for lips and eyes as the usual lining cream may not act well for their own case.

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19. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Eyes And Eyebrows 

best makeup for oily skin

Use one makeup pencil in order to shape your eyebrows and after that, use powder to slightly rub onto your skin for making the softness. Especially with the oily skin, you had better not hesitate in order to draw shaggy as well as little edgy eyebrows. Do you know that the oily skin is really suitable for neutral colors? Especially, they make your face appears without the feelings of hotness because the surface of your skin secretes more oil. Hence, people had better use the brown and copper colors for their eyebrows and stern their eye in order to make the eyes look naturally beautiful and deeper. This is really one of the most beneficial tips on the best makeup for oily skin that people should remember and learn to apply.

20. Oil Blotting Paper 

best makeup for oily skin

This is also an important thing to apply and remember on the list of the best makeup for oily skin that we want to show in this writing. One simple way to keep the makeup powder on your oily skin is to apply oil blotting paper. They can absorb almost oils that your skin secretes, helping the face to avoid falling into the becoming begrimed situation thanks to the mixture the makeup layers and of the skin oil. You can re-spread that make up powder on the face to make sure the natural look after using oil blotting paper.

21. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Blush 

best makeup for oily skin

The advice for people having oily skin is that they had better not use blush with too dark or too bright colors, like carnation, reddish-brown soil color, or dark soil color. You should choose pastel pink and then spread from the top of your cheeks and next spread outwards. Your lipstick with the pale soil pink can make your lips look a lot sharper. Simply, you just need to apply a little more gloss lipstick in middle in order to create a sexy smile.

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22. Always Prime The Skin First

best makeup for oily skin

Using one makeup primer not only acts as a shielding layer between your skin and makeup, deterring the makeup from clogging your pores, but also helps in better makeup application by acting as a base. In addition, it also makes sure that the makeup stays put as well as lasts longer.

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23. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Prep Your Eyes

best makeup for oily skin

In order to cut back on the eye makeup creasing, you should avoid priming the eye lids, which lots women with redness or dark circles are tempted to do. You can use one primer specifically meant for your eyelids. This process will establish one perfect base for liner and eye shadow while soaking up oils all the day.

24. Best Makeup For Oily Skin – Foundation

best makeup for oily skin

You should take care while buying one foundation suitable for your oily skin. Most foundations will melt away and fade easily and will need a constant touch up. Perhaps, the best foundation for the oily skin is one powder based foundation because this keeps away the shine and also does not feel heavy on your skin. And, for people who like one liquid foundation, we suggest a mousse foundation or a water based foundation that like the powder foundation acts really well for your oily skin. When you buy a foundation, you should look for words such as non-comedogenic and mattifying.

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25. Always Prefer Oil-Free Make-ups

best makeup for oily skin

As oily skin releases naturally more than required oil, apply makeup products (particularly blush and foundation) that are non-comedogenic and oil-free that means they will not clog your skin pores. Also, you should go for facial toners and cleansers that have glycolic acid, which help in removing excess oil. Alternatively, you may also apply those which are infused with salicylic acid, the other good acid for your oily skin. Or, you can choose using mineral makeups because they are oil free and are made of inorganic minerals, thereby ideal for the oily skin.

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If you want to know more about natural skin care tips and at home remedies for skin problems, go to our main Skin Care page. After reading the article of best makeup for oily skin with acne: 25 tips, hope that it can help you find out the best solution to help cope with oily skin without any side effect. If you think that the best makeup for oily skin tips which we revealed in this writing are very good and effective for you and other people who own oily skin issue as well as want to know how to make up the face properly in order to address this problem, you do not hesitate in order to share this list widely. If you have any question, or you know other best makeup for oily skin, please leave them below. Also, you can share the experience if you know any other oily skin tips to us.

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