How to get a tan quickly: 11 at-home solutions

A bronzed and glowing body is performed in Western culture as one mark of sex-appeal and beauty, but it isn’t always effective and good for your health. Plus, some traditional methods used in order to get a tan like laying out in the sunlight, there are some sunless tanning choices available that may help you obtain a fast tan. Spray tans or self-tanning lotions are the best choices for people who are concerned about raising their skin cancer risk. Explore several tanning options below and find one that fits the quick-tan needs. In this article, will introduce to you 11 solutions on how to get a tan quickly at home. All of the ways in this article are collected from reliable sources. Each individual has a different skin condition; hence you should consult your doctor before applying any way. Keep reading this writing to learn more these 11 solutions on how to get a tan quickly!

How To Get A Tan Quickly At Home: 11 Solutions

1. Tea And Chocolate

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Tea that helps you protect against heart disease also helps you to get a tan. Click To Tweet

Here are detailed directions on how to get a tan quickly with tea and chocolate:

  • Steep black tea (about 3-4 bags) in about hot water (3/4 cups). As the tea brews, mix raw cocoa powder (1/3 cup) with cocoa butter (1/2 cup) in a blender.
  • Mix 1/2 the steeped black tea with sesame or coconut oil (1/2 cup) and then add it to this blender.
  • Blend till smooth and after that add the remaining tea.
  • The longer the tea is left in order to brew before adding to this mixture, the darker your final pigment will be.

2. (Un)dress For Success

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You should wear your swimsuit which you will wear when you are swimming if you do not want to get one patchwork quilt of your tan lines. In addition, using the same swimsuit may give you a buttery and smooth tan which flows from the skin to the bathing suit. Furthermore, you need to completely skip the swimsuit if you can.

3. Wear Sunscreen When Tanning

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How to get a tan quickly with wearing sunscreen? If you do not wear sunscreen when tanning,  UVA and UVB rays can still harm the skin. You may use a lip balm using sunscreen, and you apply the sunscreen into the shade, after that you allow it in order to soak in for around  20 to 25 minutes before you go into the sun.

4. Look For Place In The Sun

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How to get a tan with this simple way? Simply, you may tan at the beach or anywhere the sun shines. Or, you can get a tan at your own backyard. Something you need to prepare is tanning lotion, water, and a beach chair or towel.

5. Choose Your UV Source

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How to get a tan quickly at home with this solution? You had better choose the right UV source. Nothing can beat good sunshine and old-fashioned for ultraviolet tanning. In case the weather or sky does not permit, maybe tanning bed is one year-round, effective alternative in order to maintain the skin lightly browned.

6. Hydrate Your Skin

how to get a tan

How to get a tan with this way? Experts suggest that the well hydrated skin will tan faster and better than dusty, dry skin. Before you prepare your skin to tan, you had better do the following:

  • You moisturize your skin with the favorite lotion that has sodium PCA.
  • You exfoliate dead and dry epidermal cells in your shower by scrubbing gently with a loofah, exfoliating soap or rough cloth.
  • You should apply the suitable level of sunscreen for your skin. In case you own the light skin, you had better use a lotion that contains a higher level of SPF than SPF rating in the lotions for your darker skin. Regardless of the type of your skin, you had better apply a sunscreen with a level of SPF of fifteen minimum.
7. Moisturize After Tanning

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This step is very important after tanning. You had better apply an aloe skin lotion in order to help moisturize and soothe your skin. Moreover, moisturizing will help keep a healthy skin as well as prevent it from being dry and flaky from the sun.

8. Apply Natural Oils Onto The Skin

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Seeking on how to get a tan with natural ingredients, you should not pass natural oils.

There are plenty of natural oils, which can attract the sun as and give you a great and healthy tan as well. You just need to use a natural tan-enhancer before tanning and afterwards you rinse it off with soap and water when completed tanning. Several natural products you can use are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Wheat-germ oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Sunflower oil
  • Sesame oil
9. Move While You Tan

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For the best results, what you need to do:

  • Position yourself to the sunlight directly.
  • Turn your body over frequently.
  • Then lay out on middle of the day between about 10am and 4pm.
  • After that, use a reflective sheet or towel to focus the sun.
  • Later lay on your own floatation device on the water.
  • Finally, reapply your natural oil or tanning lotion every two hours or after contacting with the water.
10. Time Yourself

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You need to ensure that you will only spend around fifteen minutes on every side of your body. Constantly lying in the sun is really bad. Therefore, around fifteen minutes you will change your sides. Plus, you need to consume plenty of the cool water as well as put on your tan oil accelerator. This process may take up to 4 days or more to get a satisfied tan.

11. Don’t Shower

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You should notice this step. You do not take a shower before tanning as the natural oils of the body will help you tan. You only exfoliate and shower for sunless tanning.

 Additional tips:

  • Choose the proper times to tan
  • Always tan by using the natural sun without the tanning salons.
  • For light skin, you just need to tan on every side for about 20 minutes at least.
  • Do not use sunscreen and tanning oil in underarms and bikini line.
  • Sunglasses are really good for your sensitive eyes.
  • Keep water handy.
  • Wear lip balm.

If you want to know more about natural skin care tips and at home remedies for skin problems, go to our main Skin Care page. After reading the article of 11 at-home solutions how to get a tan quickly, hope that it can help you find out the best remedy to help get a tan fast without any side effect. All these ways are very effective in getting a tan. However these ways will take some time to get tan but their results are long lasting. The writing is solely for the informational purpose and it is not intended to give medical advice.  If you have any question, or you know other way for removing sun tan, please leave them below. Also, you can share the experience if you know any other sun tanning remedies to us.

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