Top 14 Red Banana Benefits For Weight, Skin, Hair, & Health


Most people are familiar with the yellow bananas and very few people know about the red bananas. Red bananas – also called Cuban bananas or Red Spanish, Lāl kélā or Colorado bananas, are native to Southeast Asia and India. Now they are also grown in New Zealand, Australia and many areas in the Pacific Islands. Due to its numerous health benefits, it makes a great addition to your diet. This article on will talk about the red banana benefits for weight, skin, hair, & health. Let’s get started!

Top 14 Science-backed Red Banana Benefits For Weight, Skin, Hair, & Health You Should Know

1. Red Banana Benefits – Aid In Weight Loss

Red bananas [1] are low in calories. Thus if you include them in your regular diet, you can fill up the stomach without taking too many calories. Besides, a single banana is easily broken down and contains high fiber content. Furthermore, this fruit is helpful for reducing weight since it doesn’t contain any fat.

2. Rich In Vitamin C

red banana benefits

Generally, red bananas are packed with vitamin C [2] that is an antioxidant. This vitamin helps to protect you from free radicals, thus decreasing the risks of heart attack and cancer. Additionally, it is also useful for strengthening the immunity and metabolism. In fact, vitamin C is highly vital for the overall health, and people who don’t favor citrus fruits such as limes and oranges can get a good quantity of vitamin C from the red banana.

3. Red Banana Benefits – Cure Piles

Piles are caused by irregular bowel movements and chronic constipation. Red bananas can cure piles because they help to regulate bowel movements. It’s suggested to eat a red banana after lunch daily for improving digestion. This fruit also helps to treat constipation in kids.

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4. Rich In Fiber

Generally, red banana is rich in fiber, which is important for regular bowel movements. People suffering from chronic bowel problems such as constipation, gas, or indigestion are recommended to eat red bananas. Eating red banana can curb your weight and decrease the chances of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

5. Red Banana Benefits – Relieve Stress

Red bananas have the capacity to stabilize the heartbeat and curb the body’s water stability, as they are packed with potassium. Besides, they contain 3 types of natural sugars including glucose, sucrose, and fructose. These three sugars boost energy levels immediately when they are combined with the fiber. Research shows that taking 2 red bananas provides your body with ample amount of energy, making you feel positive. Apart from that, the red banana also contains the tryptophan that is converted to serotonin that plays a vital role in enhancing mood and making you feel happier and relaxed.

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6. Help Quit Smoking

Because they are rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamins C, and B6, red bananas can help the body to combat the after-effects of smoking cessation. Particularly, the magnesium and potassium in this fruit aid in recovering from sudden nicotine withdrawal. It can combat the side effects caused due to nicotine removal and provide you with fulfillment and energy.

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7. Red Banana Benefits – Prevent Anemia

Red bananas can help to increase the count of hemoglobin and the quality of the blood flowing in the body because they are filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Besides, this fruit is also rich in vitamin B6 that is essential for converting tryptophan to the hormone serotonin and for the formation of red blood cells. Anemia can be caused due to a lack of vitamin B6. Thus, doctors recommend the red bananas for patients experiencing anemia & other such disorders.

8. Boost Energy Levels

During intervals, sportspersons often eat high amount of red bananas because they need an immediate boost of energy. Red bananas can transform natural sugars to instant energy. Your kids can remain energized all the day if you give the red bananas to them every day during breakfast. Besides, they are also great for our brain. So, red bananas are a perfect breakfast food.

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9. Red Banana Benefits – Prevent Kidney Stones

red banana benefits

The high potassium content in red bananas is essential for inhibiting the formation of heart disease, kidney stones and cancer. Plus, they also aid in calcium retention, which improves bone health. Elderly people and children should eat red bananas regularly, as children need calcium for growth and development of the bones and elderly people tend to lose calcium because they grow older. Thus, you need to eat red bananas frequently for preventing kidney stones and for development of bones.

10. Cure Heartburn

If you are experiencing frequent heartburn, you can eat a red banana daily because it contains an antacid effect. So, you need to consume red bananas frequently for 1 to 2 months to get complete relief from heartburn problems.

11. Read Banana Benefits – Cure Ulcers

Red bananas help to reduce the acidity level and irritation too. They also promote the growth of cell within the inner stomach lining to generate a heavier mucous. Furthermore, they also contain protease inhibitors that aid in removing bacteria from the stomach that is the main reason for ulcers.

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12. Good For The Heart

Generally, red bananas are a great option for a heart-healthy diet because they are packed with potassium that prevents the negative impacts of sodium and reduces high blood pressure that is the main risk agent for heart attacks & other forms of heart disease.

13. Red Banana Benefits For Hair

Being high in vitamins, potassium, carbohydrates, and natural oils, red bananas help to soften the hair and protect their natural elasticity too. This prevents breakage and split ends. The red banana also helps to create manageability, growth, shine, and control dandruff altogether. You can make a banana hair mask to improve your hair dramatically. For this purpose, you take a red banana and later mix it with a tablespoon of coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Start applying this mask all over the scalp using a hairbrush. After around 30 minutes, wash with lukewarm water.

14. Red Banana Benefits For Skin

The rich vitamins C and B6 present in red bananas are essential for skin care. These nutrients help to keep the skin elastic and tight. Besides, the fruit is also rich in antioxidants that prevent aging of the skin effectively. These antioxidants give the skin protection from oxygen free radicals causing wrinkles. Along with that, the red banana also helps hydrate the skin and prevents the dryness of skin, as it contains around 75 percent water. Hence, if you want to have a glowing skin, you have to include the red banana in your regular meal plan. To get better results, you can make a face pack by mashing a red banana. Later add1 teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey to the mashed banana and mix well. Then, apply the pack on your face and neck and wash after 15 to 20 minutes with lukewarm water

So, now you know all about the red banana benefits for weight, skin, hair, & health. With all these red banana benefits, they surely make this fruit to the top on the list of super foods. For a healthier tomorrow, consume red bananas right now. You can also visit our main Herbal Remedies to read more about other such articles. If you know any benefit of red banana, let us know.

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