37 Amazing Benefits of Basil Leaves for Skin, Hair & Health

Basil is also known as sweet basil or Thai basil. It is a herb of the family Lamiaceae. This herb is native to India and has been cultivated for over 5,000 years. These round, pointed basil leaves play the key role in Southeast Asian cuisines of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Lao, and Cambodia. Basil has a variety of cultivar and species. But generally, this herb tastes strong and pungent. It smells sweet.

Many scientific studies and researches have shown that basil leaves are rich in nutrients that are good for the health, skin, and hair. Many people include basil leaves in their cooking to improve their health while others consider basil leaves as excellent remedies for many skin problems. So what are amazing health benefits of basil leaves for skin, hair and healthy? You should read this article bellow to know more.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Basil Leaves – The most Excellent Healthiest Herb In The World

Experts estimated that basil leaves are rich in vitamins and essential minerals such as magnesium, vitamin K, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acid, and manganese, and so on. Moreover, the in-depth nutritional profile of basil, this herb has more nutrients than we thought. These ingredients include sugar, carbohydrates, insoluble and soluble fiber, vitamins, sodium, fatty acids, and amino acids. These nutrients play the important role in keeping our body healthy and prevent many diseases. Moreover, our hair and our skin can also get benefits from basil leaves. In this article in AllRemedies, I would like to give you the information related to the amazing benefits for basil leaves. I hope you will find this information useful.

1. General Cooking

benefits of basil

Firstly, when we ask for benefits of basil, we cannot ignore its usage in cooking. You can add dried basil in any particular dishes. People living in the work love adding dried basil in their food because it can enhance flavor and depth. I often add basil in salad. It is delicious and convenient. I can bring this meal with me to anywhere.

2. Anti-bacterial Properties

Basil leaves are shown that it contains anti-bacterial properties. Eating basil regularly in your diet will boost your immune system and help your body fight against the unwanted bacterial growth. It is understandable that people eating basil is much healthier than people who do not eat. The anti-bacterial properties of basil leaves are related to its volatile oils that contain linalool, estragole, myrcene, eugenol, cineole, and limonene. Experts worked hard in the lab and discovered that basil can restrict the growth of numerous bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolitica, Escherichia coli O:157:H7, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Many species of pathogenic bacteria cannot be treated with the use of antibiotic drugs now because of their resistant ability over time. However, essential oil of basil is effective in stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria. According to a study published in the July 2003 in the Journal of Microbiology Methods, essential oil of basil can help to prevent the bacteria like Enterococcus, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas from spreading. These bacteria have built a high level of resistance to antibiotic drugs; therefore, this treatment with antibiotic drugs is not effective anymore. However, basil can work. Anti-bacterial properties of basil are the reason why it is considered as a good idea to include thyme and basil in your daily recipes. It is recommended adding basil in foods that can be uncooked like salads. Because of its anti-bacterial properties, adding basil into the uncooked food is not only to enhance the taste but also to make sure that these foods are safe for you to consume. 

3. DNA Protection

benefits of basil

One of the benefits of basil leaves for the health is DNA protection. Basil leaves have the great sources of antioxidants and other great phytonutrients. Phytonutrients like vicenin and orientin are effective in protecting chromosomes as well as cell structures from oxygen-based damage and radiation. You just need to include basil in daily diet to have good cell structures

4. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Besides anti-bacterial effects that I mentioned above, basil contains anti-inflammatory properties as one of its benefit for our health. The volatile oils of basil can block the enzyme in our body known as cyclooxygenase (COX). Basil can work as many prescribed anti-inflammation medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin that inhibit cyclooxygenase. Although the effects of basil in treating inflammation problems still remain controversial, some studies have shown that it works less effectively than the use of ibuprofen and aspirin. However, these prescribed medications have some potential unwanted side effects while basil is safe. You can add basil in some food as anti-inflammation ingredients in order to strengthen the healing benefits and give symptomatic relief for patients with inflammation health problems.

5. Treat Headaches

benefits of basil

Basil can be used to treat headaches and migraine effectively. Headaches and migraine are the common health problem that can affect anybody at any age. There are different causes of headaches. However, no matter what the cause of headaches and migraine is, sufferers want to seek for the useful treatment that can give them significant relief. Some people use over-the-counter medications; however, these drugs can cause potential unwanted side effects. Home remedies can be the excellent alternative treatment for headaches and migraine. There are many ways we can use basil to treat headaches.

For example, we can use dried basil to make a facial steam. We just need to pour two tablespoons of dried basil leaves into a large pot of boiling water. Lean over to breathe in the basil steam for about 10 minutes. You should use a large towel to cover your head to make sure that no steam is escape. When the water cools down, you can remove the towel. Repeat this treatment daily if you are susceptible to headaches and migraines.

Another way is mixing pounded basil leaves with sandal wood paste in equal quantities. After that, we can apply this mixture on our forehead. It is best to place this paste in the microwave to make it warm for a few minutes before applying. The heat of this mixture can give the relief and provide the cooling effect. After about 15 minutes, you can rinse this mixture off with lukewarm water.

Alternatively, you can improve headache condition by drinking basil tea. Wash basil leaves first, and then soak it in a cup of boiling water. Cover it well and wait for 5 minutes before drinking it. It is recommended drinking this tea twice daily.

6. Relieve Fever And Common Cold

benefits of basil

Treating fever and common cold is one of benefits of basil leaves. When you suffer from the cold, you just need to chew some basil leaves. Common cold and fever is often caused by the weather change. This is the reason why in the rainy reason, there are more people experiencing these health problem. Drinking basil tea can keep these diseases at bay. Moreover, you can also eat the tender basil leaves after soaking it in boiling water.

Alternatively, consuming the one cup of water in which one tablespoon of each powdered cardamom and basil leaves is added will help you treat fever and a common cold. It is recommended consuming this water several times a day to get the satisfactory result. The juice of basil leaves will help to cool the high temperature of your body caused by fever and a common cold.

7. Treat Cough

benefits of basil

A cough is a normal mechanism of our body to clear the mucus as well as irritants like smoke or dust from our airways. In general, cough is not a sign of any serious health problem. Therefore, you do not need to worry when you are experiencing cough. Cough can disappear after a couple of weeks without any treatment. If it lasts more than three weeks, you should make an appointment with a doctor. Although treatment for cough is not necessary, sufferers who want to relief from this discomfort can buy expectorants and cough syrups in a pharmacy. If you read the label of expectorants and cough syrups, you can see basil as a key ingredient. Experts proved that basil can treat cough effectively. However, if you know how to treat cough with basil, you do not need to buy those.

  • Put five cloves and eight basil leaves in a cup of water
  • Boil this solution for about 8 to 10 minutes
  • Add a little salt in it
  • Wait until it cools
  • Drink it to get the relief

If you have sore throat caused by cough, adding some basil leaves in a glass of boiling water and gargling this solution will make you feel better.

Again, cough can be solved within three weeks. However, if you cannot see any slight improvement, it is time for you to make an appointment with a doctor to find out the hidden causes.

8. Improve Your Immune System

benefits of basil

The immune system plays the important role in keeping our body healthy and preventing the attack of numerous bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is important for us to eat healthy foods that help to boost our immune system. One of these foods is fresh basil leaves. Basil leaves are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Eating fresh basil can strengthen the body part’s function and increase the level of antibodies in our body up to 20 percent. It is best to eat fresh basil instead of dried basil.

9. Reduce Stress And Depression

As one of the health benefits of basil leaves for health, this wonderful herb is considered as an anti-stress agent. This is because consuming these leaves can keep your mind calm and protect you from stress and depression. If you are suffering from emotional problems such as anxiety, stress or depression, you will need a cup of basil tea as the effective solution. Moreover, chewing 12 basil leaves twice a day will help to keep stress and depression at bay. It is also recommended chewing some basil leaves daily to purify the blood.

10. Improve Eye Health

benefits of basil

Sitting in front of a computer for hours, reading books without rest or staying up late will decrease the eye health and lead to many eye problems. When you cannot see clearly or you are susceptible to sore eyes and even your eyes are tense, it is time for you to relax your eyes and eat vitamin A-rich foods. It is important to consume enough vitamin A in your daily diet. Studies have also shown that vitamin A eye drop can treat dry eyes effectively. Vitamin A eye drop is as effective as expensive over-the-counter eye drops that are used to treat dry eyes. Increasing vitamin A and other antioxidant vitamins intake decrease the risk of developing macular degeneration (AMD). Moreover, vitamin A plays the important role in preventing blindness, a common problem in America. Basil leaves can help to improve vision because it has the great source of vitamin A. It is said that about 100 grams of basil leaves can give you enough vitamin A recommended daily. People who have vitamin A deficiency can consume the juice of fresh basil leaves. In order to treat sore eyes, you just need to put two drops of basil juice into each of your eyes before bedtime. This treatment should be repeated several times until the sore eyes are treated completely.

11. Prevent And Treat Acnes

benefits of basil

Basil is well-known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Acne is the common skin condition that is caused by bacteria. Therefore, we always use natural ingredient containing antibacterial properties to treat acnes. Basil has more powerful antibacterial properties when compared with other home remedies for acnes. Basil can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria causing acne problem. Therefore, basil has been considered as an effective home remedy that treats and prevents acne problem. Due to its amazing anti-inflammation effects, basil will prevent the swelling of cystic acne. Many studies and researches have done for centuries to find out whether using basil can help to treat acnes effectively. A study conducted by The International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that basil is effective in relieving acne by stopping the growth of bacteria.

We have different ways to treat acne problem with basil. If you like using basil, it is recommended purchasing fresh organic basil in a healthy store that has built a well-established reputation.

Here is the way on how to use basil to treat acne.

  • Add 6 or 8 basil leaves on a cup of boiling water and keep it for 5 minutes
  • Wait until it cools down
  • Strain it
  • Use a cotton ball to apply this liquid to your face
  • Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off

Alternatively, you can mix 8 drops of essential basil oil to ¼ cup of water to create your own tone. In order to treat and prevent acne breakouts, you can apply this tone daily before bedtime. This basil toner can be stored in the refrigerator for one week.

12. Improve Oral Health

benefits of basil

If you suffer from an oral health problem, you can use basil too. It can help to prevent pyorrhea, bad breath, and other periodontal diseases. In order to have white healthy teeth, you can purchase the toothpaste containing basil as its ingredient. However, if you have basil leaves available, you will be able to create the great toothpaste at home. Firstly, you make dried basil by putting some basil leaves under the sun for about one or two days. When the leaves dry, you put it in a blender to create a powder. You can use this powder to brush your teeth at least twice daily after having meals. Moreover, in order to enhance its benefits for oral health, you can mix mustard oil with this powder in proper quantities. This natural toothpaste will help you to treat the bad breath effectively.

13. Lower The Risk Of Developing Kidney Stone

Drinking basil tea is said to strengthen the kidney’s function. Kidney stone is also known as nephrolithiasis or renal lithiasis. When you suffer from this disease, there are small but hard mineral deposits in your kidney. These stones are made by acid salts and mineral. Sufferers always experience the extreme pain when they pass the kidney stones through their urinary tract. In order to treat kidney stone, a doctor will give patients some prescribed medications and advise them to drink a lot of water to pass the stone. It is always best to prevent kidney stone at the first place. You can do it with the help of basil leaves. Consuming six basil leaves with a glass of water without eating anything before can help to improve the kidney’s function. If you are experiencing the kidney stone, you can drink a mixture of fresh extracted basil juice and honey. To treat kidney stone completely, you should repeat it for 5 or 6 months.

14. Treat Stomach Problem

benefits of basil

If you suffer from the digestive problem, you should use basil. The basil juice taken from its leaves can treat stomachaches and cramps effectively and naturally. In order to reduce the stomach pain, you should consume the mixture of basil juice and ginger juice. You should drink it instantly to get the best result. Moreover, drinking basil tea will improve your digestive system and help you to prevent the common stomach conditions such as indigestion, constipation, acidity and piles.

15. Treat And Prevent Premature Gray Hair

When we age, we have gray hair. Gray hair is a normal condition. However, some people may have gray hair in their 20s without seeing any other signs of aging process. If you have gray hair early in your life, you are experiencing premature gray hair that is considered as an abnormal hair condition. Studies have shown that there are many causes of premature gray hair, including vitamin B-12 deficiency, problems with thyroid gland or pituitary. Other researches showed a link between premature gray hair and significant calcium decrease. Drinking basil daily will prevent premature gray hair at bay.

Moreover, you can soak the dried basil leaves and amla powder in sufficient amount of water and then leave it overnight. In the morning, after you wake up, you can strain it and wash your hair with this mixture. Massage your scalp gently before rinsing it off with normal shampoo with conditioner. This treatment can work with hair loss too.

16. Cure Bug Bites And Stings

benefits of basil

When the aromatic leaves bloom in the summer, many people get bug bites and stings. The most effective remedy for bug bites and stings is essential oil. You should crush some fresh basil leaves to take its oil. Put this oil in a bottle and keep it with you. Whenever you get bug bites, you just need to apply this basil oil on the affected areas. Basil is effective in treating stings and bug bites. It can stop the affected areas from itching and heal these problems soon.

17. Prevent Blackheads

Blackheads are the common skin condition which can affect anyone, especially teenagers. Blackheads are caused by clogged skin pores with dirt and oil. After this oil gets oxidized, it turns black. Therefore, we call these small dots as blackheads.  Although we clean our face daily carefully with cleanser and exfoliator, the blackheads can appear on nose, chin and cheeks.

In order to remove these blackheads from your skin, you just need to wet the basil leaf and apply one basil leaf on each side of the nose. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Another way on how to treat blackheads on your skin is using basil juice. Boil some basil leaves in a cup of water and steep it for about 20 minutes. Let it cool down for a few minutes. You can use it as a toner that clears your skin from blackheads from your skin. Moreover, this basil toner also makes the skin look smooth.

18. Reduce Swelling And Inflammation

benefits of basil

Many studies have shown that the chemical compounds of basil are effective in curing swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Stress increases the risk of developing inflammation conditions. And basil acts as an adaptogen because it can treat emotional and physical stress. It is also said that drinking basil tea daily will keep the inflammation conditions at bay. According to a study conducted by the Royal Pharmaceutical Societys, drinking extracted basil juice can decrease swelling up to 73% right after 24 hours getting treatment.

19. Prevent And Treat Diarrhea

Diarrhea is not a serious health problem but it happens when the digestion system functions improperly. With diarrhea, the intestine has excessive fluid that impact on the bowel movements. There are various types of diarrhea, which depends on an individual. This problem happens when you consume contaminated water or foods. Therefore, it is best to avoid diarrhea at the first place by staying away from eating street foods as well as always washing your hands before each meal. Generally, diarrhea can be cured within around 3 – 4 days. It can be treated without the need of any medication. However, we can fasten the healing process by changing our diet and using home remedies. One of the most effective home remedies for diarrhea is basil leaves in different forms. It is also one of effectiveness of basil for health. If you suffer from diarrhea, drinking a glass of basil tea will give you the relief. You should drink two cups of basil tea daily for a few days until the symptoms of diarrhea disappear completely.

Sometimes we cannot make sure that we wash all vegetables and fruits carefully when making our favorite salads. These vegetables and fruits may still have bacteria when we add them to salads. These bacteria cause diarrhea. Basil contains great anti-bacterial properties that can help to fight against the growth bacteria inside our intestine. Therefore, adding basil in your favorite salad will help you to keep diarrhea at bay.

20. Cure Nausea

benefits of basil

Nausea is not serious health disease. In fact, it is a symptom of feeling sick in your stomach. Nausea will or will not be accompanied by vomiting. There are a lot of causes of nausea such as pollution, traffic fumes, nervousness, intestinal parasites, alcohol, drugs, migraine headaches, stomach infections, overindulgence in food, inner ear disorders, motion sickness, food poisoning, emotional stress, liver disorder, colic, and heart attack. Nausea can be treated with medical treatment or home remedies. Here is the way you can treat nausea with basil.

  • Mix two drops of basil essential oil with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • Put the mixture into a cup of boiling water
  • Cover it
  • Let it steep for a few minutes
  • Drink it several times daily for a few days

You should repeat this treatment until the symptoms of nausea have gone completely. Moreover, basil can be added to foods to keep nausea and food poisoning at bay. Other home remedies for nausea include cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, fennel seed, or turmeric. You can add these herbs and species to a cup of water or juice to create the best tasting relief for nausea.

However, if nausea is accompanied with breathlessness, cold sweats and chest pain, you should make an appointment with a doctor. In this case, nausea may be  a symptom of heart attack.

21. Treat Vomiting

benefits of basil

Vomiting is an uncomfortable problem that you do not want to suffer. Patients with vomiting always feel sick and weak all day long. When experiencing vomiting, the patient needs to drink a lot of water due to water deprivation. Vomiting can be caused by different factors such as pregnancy, too much alcohol, motion sickness, flu, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, caffeine overdose, and overeating. Throwing up or vomiting is never comfortable experiences especially when you are in front of people. In order to avoid this unpleasant embarrassing experience, you should keep some home remedies with you. And one of the benefits of basil leaves for health is treating vomiting. Here I would like to introduce to you the effective way to treat vomiting with ginger and basil leaves.

  • Add some basil leaves and some pieces of crushed ginger to a cup of water
  • Boil it and keep simmering for a few minutes
  • Strain it
  • Add a teaspoon of honey for better taste
  • Sip it

Drinking a cup of this solution will help you to reduce the uncomfortable feeling caused by vomiting.

22. Boost Memory And Concentration

benefits of basil

It may be a surprise when many therapists recommend basil essential oil as the effective way to improve the memory and concentration. If used as an inhalant, basil can help to strengthen the ability to memorize and concentrate better. The refreshing scent of basil can soothe the fatigue and treat distraction, the common causes of poor memory and lack of concentration. In the morning, after you wake up, you can rub a sufficient amount of essential oil on your palms. The best alternative way to strengthen the power of your brain is adding a few drops of essential basil oil to a large bowl of boiling water. And then place this bowl on the table. Lean over and try to breathe in the scent of basil. It is best to use a large towel to cover your head in order to prevent the steam from escaping.

It is recommended inhaling basil essential oils deeply before a study session and big presentation to prevent anxiety and stress.

Placing a diffuser of basil essential oil near your study space is a good idea to increase your academic effectiveness.

23. Protect Your Heart

benefits of basil

Basil will cure and prevent heart disorders. Basil gives the heart the additional supports. You can buy the basil tea or supplement in any healthy food stores with an affordable price. But if you have basil leaves available in your kitchen, you can make the basil tea at home. Moreover, adding basil to your foods will lower the risk of developing heart disorders.

24. Cure Ear Infection

In winter, children are more vulnerable to ear infection due to bacteria and viruses. If you have an inner ear infection, you need to meet a doctor because this condition is much more dangerous. Ear infection has different causes such as excessive alcohol consumption, genetic defects, nutritional deficiency, environment allergies, food allergies, and internal injuries. The signs and symptoms of ear infection are various, which depends on individual. However, the common symptoms may include high fever, fluid draining from your ear, pain in the ear, nausea, high fever, sleeping problems and hearing ability loss. Doctors may recommend taking antibiotic medications to treat ear infection. However, it is not a really good choice. If you overuse these antibiotic medications, the harmful bacteria can build a resistance. As a result, you will need more effective treatment for ear infection. Fortunately, there are many home remedies for ear infection without letting the bacteria develop a resistance. One of effective home remedies is basil. Basil can cure ear infection because it contains great antibacterial properties.

Here is the way you can use basil leaves to treat an ear infection.

  • Crush 5 basil leaves
  • Extract its juice
  • Apply it around your infected ear

You should not let this juice get into your inner ear.

Alternative way:

  • Crush 5 basil leaves
  • Take the basil oil
  • Mix it with a few drops of coconut oil
  • Soak a cotton ball in this mixture
  • Wipe around the infected ear

For the satisfactory result, this treatment should be repeated twice daily.

25. Lower Blood Sugar

benefits of basil

Basil can treat diabetes by lowering the blood sugar. Scientists have found out that drinking basil juice is really helpful for sufferers from diabetes. Moreover, adding basil in your daily diet will reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

26. Lose Weight

Basil has a connection with weight loss. This is because basil has the ability to lower the cortisol levels. Cortisol is known as stress hormone that can cause emotional disorder, stress depression, anxiety and even emotional eating. High levels of cortisol may lead to weight gain, especially around the  lower abdomen. People with high levels of cortisol always find it difficult to maintain a healthy body or lose weight.

In fact, basil can act as an adaptogen that reduces stress and decreases cortisol levels. Most balanced diets and exercise help lose weight by reducing the levels of cortisol. Therefore, basil is effective in losing weight. However, there are not enough evidence to support this view. 

But it is still important to consult the doctor before using basil tea, basil leaves as well as any basil medications to lose weight. You should make sure that you do not have allergy to this herb. Pregnancy women and breast-feeding moms should avoid basil because of its potential unwanted side effects and dangers. Basil should not be consumed before a surgery. Moreover, patients using anticoagulant medications should avoid using basil too.

27. Relieve Itchiness, Skin Infection And Ringworm

benefits of basil

Because of its anti-itch compounds called thymol and camphene, basil is effective in treating skin irritations, skin infections, and itching. Camphene in basil will give a cooling effect on your affected skin. Here is the way you can use basil to treat itchiness, skin infection and ringworm.

  • Crush some basil leaves
  • Apply it to your affected areas
  • Leave it for an hour
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water

If you want to have a satisfactory result, you should repeat this treatment twice daily.

Another treatment with basil:

  • Add some basil and neem leaves to ½ liter of water
  • Boil it after a few minutes
  • Strain it
  • Let it cool down
  • Use a cotton piece to apply this solution on your affected areas

This solution can be stored in a refrigerator for on one week. It is recommended applying twice daily for the best result.

28. Relieve Asthma

benefits of basil

If you want to look for the effective home remedies for asthma, you should consider basil. One of the amazing benefits of basil leaves for skin is treating asthma. In order to prove the effectiveness of basil leaves in treating asthma, the India researchers made an experiment where the patients with asthma were given the basil treatment for one month. After that period of treating asthma with basil, researchers saw the significant improvement in the breathing ability of sufferers. Moreover, the experiment also showed that the number of asthma attack decreased. You may be interested in using basil to treat asthma symptoms, it is important for you to check some precautions before taking this treatment. It is a good idea to make an appointment with your allergist to make sure that the basil does not cause allergy. When you use basil medication, you should follow your doctor’s instruction. Pregnant women should avoid using the basil essential oil to treat their health. Remember that if you have an allergy to basil, you should avoid using this herb because it will make your condition get worse.

29. Relieve Pain

Basil can work as a COX-2 inhibitor. Patient with painful medical condition can get the relief and benefits of basil. Some compounds in basil will ease the neurological pain and inflammation without causing any unwanted side effects. Thanks to its great healing and antiseptic properties, basil can be used as the effective treatment of cuts, ulcers, and wounds.

30. Keep Cancer At Bay

benefits of basil

Basil is considered as natural anti-carcinogenic. Adding basil to foods will help to prevent some certain cancers, particularly breast cancer. Basil inhibits the growth and development of tumours. People who use tobacco excessively can chew some basil leaves daily to keep oral cancer at bay. Sufferers from certain cancers can get benefits of basil. However, it does not mean basil can be used as sore treatments for certain cancers or basil will treat cancer completely without using any other treatments. Cancer is a serious fatal health problem. It requires medical treatment.

31. Treat Lung Congestion

Some compounds in basil such as camphene, vitamin C and eugenol are found to be effective in curing lung congestion. Moreover, basil can heal tuberculosis or the damage associated with smoking habit. You still need medical treatment to cure these serious health diseases.

32. Help You Quit Smoking

It sounds strange but it works. Basil can support your determination of quitting smoke. It can work as effectively as other methods like nicotine candies or gums that can keep you from smoking. Whenever you feel the urge of smoking, you just need to chew some basil leaves. The basil juice has a cooling effect on your throat and chewing these leaves will distract you. Moreover, the anti-oxidant of basil will help you to heal the damage of smoking.

33. Lighten Your Skin Tone

benefits of basil

Basil is one of the most wonderful remedies for glowing radiant skin because it contains antioxidants and natural oils.  Moreover, urusolic acids improve your skin tone, get rid of dead skin cells, remove dirt, close your skin pores, and make your skin look brighter. It has the great natural detoxifying power that can keep the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays, pollution, infections and stress. These harmful factors cause dull and dark skin. Basil also contains moisturizing and nourishing effects; therefore, it will give your skin the smooth and flawless texture. Here is the way you can use basil to lighten your skin and get the glowing skin.

  • Crush some basil leaves until it comes a thick paste
  • Mix it with one or two tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of pure sandalwood powder
  • Apply this paste on your skin
  • Let it sit on your skin for one hour
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water

It is recommended repeating this treatment three times a week for the best result.

34. Treat Eczema

benefits of basil

Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin condition. Inflammation is a symptom of eczema, which is often accompanied by redness, itching, cracked rashes and oozing skin. Eczema can appear on different parts of your body such as hands, neck, face, chest, elbows and back of your knees. The urusolic acid in basil is effective in treating the symptoms associated with eczema. Moreover, using basil also lowers the risk of skin cancer. I would like to introduce the way on how to use basil to treat eczema.

  • Ground a handful of basil leaves until it becomes the thick paste
  • Mix it with a tablespoon of crushed turmeric
  • Apply this mixture on the affected skin
  • Let it sit on your skin for about 30 minutes
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water

In order to get the significant relief from eczema, you should repeat this treatment regularly until the symptoms of eczema have gone completely.

35. Tighten Your Skin

benefits of basil

One of health benefits of basil leaves for skin is tightening it. This is because basil is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids. Basil contains effective anti-aging properties; therefore, it can help the skin fight against oxidative stress and free radical damage. As a result, basil will slow down the aging process and prevent aging signs such as wrinkles, age spots and fine lines on your skin. It boosts the growth of new skin cells and gives your skin a supple, soft and fresh texture. You can prevent premature aging by creating a basil toner. Here is the instruction.

  • Take a handful of basil leaves and add them in a liter of water
  • Boil it for 5 minutes
  • Strain it
  • Let it cool down
  • Put a few drops of lemon juice in it
  • Keep this toner in a bottle

You can apply this basil toner before bedtime with the help of cotton piece. You can do it twice in the morning and in the evening to enhance its effects.

Alternatively, you can get the benefits of basil in tightening the skin and treating aging signs by creating a facial mask with egg whites.

  • Crush 10 basil leaves
  • Mix with one egg white
  • Apply on your facial skin
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water

This facial mask needs repeating two or three times a week.

36. Curing Dandruff

benefits of basil

Besides benefits of basil for health and skin, basil  can work for hair problems. Because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, basil is effective in treating scalp irritation, flaking, itchiness, and dandruff. Basil cleans your scalp and your hair by removing dead cells and impurities from the scalp and the skin. Here is the way your hair and your scalp can benefit from basil.

  • Ground a handful of basil leaves until it becomes a rough paste
  • Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix it well
  • Apply this paste on your hair and your scalp
  • Massage it in circular motion
  • Wrap a large towel to cover your hair
  • Wait for 1 hour
  • Wash it off with normal shampoo and conditioner

You should repeat this treatment three times a week for the best result.

37. Boost The Hair Growth

benefits of basil

If you want to have straight shiny long hair, you can use basil. Basil is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant that can fasten the process of growing your hair. Basil increases the blood flow to the scalp strengthening the hair strands and preventing the breakage.

You can use basil to make a great regular hair rinse.

  • Take a teaspoon of dried basil
  • Soak it in a cup of water
  • Leave it overnight
  • Pour one cup of boiling water over it after you wake up
  • Let it steep for 15 minutes
  • Strain the dried basil from the water
  • Let it cool down for a while
  • Pour it in your normal shampoo
  • Rinse your hair and your scalp with that shampoo
  • Massage your scalp gently
  • Leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing it off

If you want to grow your hair fast within a short period, you should repeat this treatment three times a week.

Besides these amazing health benefits of basil leaves, recently scientists and researchers have found out that basil can bring the environmental benefits. Basil will release oxygen for 20 hours. Moreover, it can absorb carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from the environment.

Knowing these amazing benefits of basil for the health, skin, and hair will make your life better. If you have any questions to ask, please feel free to leave them bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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