29 Natural Home Remedies For Miscarriage Cramps And Pain

Everyone may agree that pregnancy is a gift from the God and the marked milestone in your life. When a woman gets pregnant, she feels extremely happy and expects to see a beautiful newborn child coming. However, there are a lot of difficulties and unfortunate things that can happen during the pregnancy. Not all pregnancy can have a happy ending. There are possible incidents that can occur during the pregnancy especially within the first 9 months of pregnancy. This is the reason why most pregnant women often experience maternal anxiety, stress, insecurity, depression, and desperation. They are all afraid of miscarriage. It is estimated that the rate of miscarriage at the first three months of the pregnancy can account as much as 15%. It is important for pregnant women to know home remedies for miscarriage cramps and pain as well as the best ways that can help to prevent miscarriage.

Home Remedies For Miscarriage Cramps And Pain – Best Home Treatments

During the first 23 months of pregnancy, women can face the risk of the loss of pregnancy known as miscarriage. It is important for you to know the main signs of miscarriage like vaginal bleeding, pain, and cramping in the lower abdomen. If you see these signs of miscarriage, you should contact a midwife or GP. However, it is important for me to note that vaginal bleeding is common condition during the first trimester of pregnancy. It means that if you experience the vaginal bleeding in 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is not sure that you are getting a miscarriage.

The exact causes of miscarriage have not been identified; however, there are some possible reasons that can increase the risk of miscarriage. Studies found out that most miscarriage incidents are caused by the abnormal production of chromosomes in the unborn baby. Chromosomes considered as “building blocks” play the important role in guiding the baby’s development in the mother’s body. Not enough or too many chromosomes do not ensure the proper development of the baby. However, the miscarriage or loss of pregnancy can occur between weeks 14 and 26 of pregnancy (the second trimester). In this case, the miscarriage is caused by health conditions in pregnant women. Moreover, the unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and medical complications are believed to be the hidden causes of miscarriage but the rate of miscarriage has increased significantly in the recent years and many cases have not found the causes.

Commonly, miscarriage can not be prevented. If a pregnant women experience more than three miscarriage, she will be put under the care of a specialist and be required  to take prescribed medication during the pregnancy. However,  there are many things we can do to lower the risk of miscarriage and help the baby develop properly. If you want to know more about natural home remedies for miscarriage cramps and pain, you should read this article on AllRemedies to know more.

1. Black Haw


If you are pregnant and worry about miscarriage, menstrual cramps, and after birth pains, you should not ignore Black Haw. Black Haw is one of the most important uterine antispasmodics. Therefore this herb has ability to relax muscles related with uterus, airway and intestines.  Black Haw is well-known for treating menstrual as well as pregnancy related problems. Since the early 19th century, people have known this herbal remedy and used it for a variety of purposes. Both stem and root of Black Haw are beneficial in preparing for labor, reducing post-partum pain and preventing miscarriage. Moreover, Black Haw contains scopoletin and salicin that are considered as anti-spasmodic agents. This herb is believed to alleviate uterine contractions. Therefore, it is not surprising when Black Haw have been used to prevent miscarriage for hundreds of years. Miscarriage is caused by a loose cervix or weak uterine muscles. In these cases, Black Haw herbal medication can treat well. Therefore, if you want to look for home remedies for miscarriage, you should not ignore Black Haw. Black Haw can be taken in the form of tincture, capsules, or tea. If you decide to take Black Haw capsules or tincture, you should consult your doctor before taking.

2. False Unicorn Root

If you have a history of miscarriage or any pregnancy related problems, you should take False Unicorn Root immediately and repeatedly when you know you have pregnancy. False Unicorn Root is included in a list of home remedies for miscarriage that I would like to introduce to you in this article. False Unicorn is an herb remedy that has been used to treat many health conditions and diseases for centuries. Many kinds of medicine are made from the root and underground stem of False Unicorn. Women use False Unicorn for a variety of purposes such as treating ovarian cysts, alleviating menopausal symptoms, reducing menstrual pain , treating infertility, and relieving the morning sickness during the pregnancy. Furthermore, False Unicorn is also used to normalize the hormones after women discontinue taking birth control pills.

Talking about the benefits of False Unicorn, we should mention it as one of natural home remedies for miscarriage. It is due to the active compounds present in False Unicorn plant. Moreover, if False Unicorn Root is taken before conception, it can increase the chances of pregnancy. False Unicorn Root is beneficial in preventing miscarriage caused by a weak cervix or prolapsed uterus because it can tighten the uterine muscles. It is recommended drinking one cup of False Unicorn every half hour in order to keep miscarriage at bay.

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3. The Combination Of False Unicorn And Lobelia

Home remedies for miscarriage

The combination of False Unicorn and Lobelia is effective in nurturing the reproductive system. Moreover, two herbal remedies can supply your body hormones that play the important role in holding the pregnancy.

Do you want to use False Unicorn and Lobelia to prevent miscarriage?

Get this:

  • 1part Black Haw
  • 3 parts False Unicorn Root
  • 1 part Lobelia

Do this:

  • Mix all these prepared ingredients together
  • Boil this mixture in 1 ½ quarts of water for about 15 to 20 minutes
  • Drink one tablespoon of this solution

You may find it difficult to consume. You should drink it with water to consume easily. It is recommended taking this herb mixture at least 3 or 4 times per day to prevent miscarriage efficiently.

4. Maca

home remedies for miscarriage

Maca root or maca is a wonderful that can reduce the risk of miscarriage during the pregnancy. Maca is one of home remedies for miscarriage that I would like to introduce to you in this article. When consumed, maca is effective in nourish the body’s key hormones that play the important role in holding the pregnancy. Moreover, maca is considered as a tonic that is beneficial for the entire female hormone system. Maca is effective in nourishing the pituitary gland.  Maca consumption is beneficial in increasing the estrogen levels in the body. In order to maintain a pregnancy, the estrogen levels in women’s body need to reach a specific level. Maca root can help to sustain the pregnancy. No one can deny it. However, the benefits of maca are more than that. Experts recommended consuming maca because it can decrease menopause symptoms, improve sexual function, aphrodisiac, support mood, treat infertility, enhance energy and increase bone density. Because of its wonderful health benefits, Maca is considered as one of healthy herbs in the world.

Maca is available in powder form or in capsules. Maca power is more affordable than capsules. You can mix this powder into the coffee or smoothies and then consume it at any time during the day.

Before taking maca capsules, you should consult your doctor carefully.

5. Progesterone Cream


I already mentioned that miscarriage can be caused by a number of triggers. A weak cervix and prolapsed uterus are common causes of miscarriage. Moreover, the low progesterone level also leads to miscarriage. Pregnant women with low progesterone level lose the ability to hold their unborn babies. Progesterone is the important hormone during the pregnancy because it can create a healthy and beneficial environment in the womb to protect and nourish the fetus. If you have the low progesterone, progesterone cream is among great home remedies for miscarriage you should know. It is recommended using the progesterone cream immediately after ovulation and continue using until your menstrual cycle. If you use progesterone cream to get pregnant, you should continue using this cream. However, it should be under the doctor’s guidance and advice to make sure that you get the best result. It is important for you to keep an extra bottle of progesterone cream on hand in case you need a replacement. Discontinue the use of progesterone cream can drop the progesterone levels in your body. As a result, the pregnancy is difficult to be sustained.

6. Home Remedies For Miscarriage Vitex


Vitex is also known as Chasteberry. It is a shrub that originate from Greek and Italy. This beautiful berry has been used as the herbal medicine for centuries. Moreover, in Europe as well as other Western nations, Vitex is well-known for its ability to support and regulate gynecological imbalances. According to the modern clinical research, Vitex is beneficial in balancing fertility hormones. Therefore, Vitex is one of the most wonderful fertility herbs that should be known. Moreover, another benefit of Vitex is supporting and regulating the pituitary gland. Studies also showed that Vitex consumption can lengthen the luteal phase. Although Vitex does not contain hormones, it can help your body to boost the production of luteinizing hormone that plays the important role in promoting ovulation. In turns, it increase the progesterone levels in the body to a specific level that can sustain the pregnancy. Because Vitex can boost the progesterone levels in the body, this herb is included in a list of home remedies for miscarriage that I would like to introduce in this article. Vitex is effective in increasing or regulating progesterone levels. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that Vitex has been used as a common herb that can prevent miscarriage. Although there are not any reports of unwanted side effects or threats when pregnant women use Vitex during their pregnancy, it is still important for you to consult your doctor or a healthcare practitioner before using Vitex during the pregnancy. If the risk of your miscarriage is caused by the low levels of progesterone in your body, it is recommended using Vitex along with progesterone cream for the best result. You should use Vitex for three or four months in preparation of pregnancy and then switch to a progesterone cream once you get pregnant in order to maintain progesterone levels in your body.

In addition to preventing miscarriage, Vitex can help to stimulate milk production in mothers. Therefore, it is recommended using Vitex for at least 10 days after you give birth.

Experts suggest using Vitex in long-term for the optimal result. According to clinical research, Vitex works within 10 days; however, the significant difference may not be shown until 6 months or even more. The results can be seen by the second menstrual cycle if everything occurs normally. In rare cases, you need to take Vitex for up to one year if the imbalance is still present.

For the best result and optimal benefits, it is recommended taking Vitex once in the morning with your empty stomach. After one hour, you can have breakfast. Vitex can be found in many forms such as capsules, loose herbs, tincture, tea and powder. People often take Vitex tincture and capsules because of the most consistent results. Before taking Vitex, you should consult your doctor or a health practitioner.

7. Home Remedies For Miscarriage Cramp Bark


Cramp bank is one of home remedies for miscarriage. It has been used for centuries to prevent miscarriage and preterm labor. Cramp bank plant is a popular medicine. This plant has shiny, bright berries. People often use it to soothe menstrual cramps. Modern midwives suggest that pregnant women who has a history of miscarriage or preterm labor should use this miraculous herb to reduce the risk of pregnancy-related problems.

Many well-conducted documents have found out the great ability of cramp bark to alleviate menstrual cramps. Many women who experience pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and fibroids find a great significant relief for their severe cramps after using this helpful herb. However, not many people know the benefits of cramp bark in preventing miscarriage and preterm labor.

The ability of cramp bark to prevent miscarriage can preterm labor is due to two powerful natural antispasmodic chemicals (viopudial and scopoletin) present in cramp bark.

When you consume cramp bark, these two non-toxic chemicals can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and then ease the contractions in the uterus.

Moreover, cramp bark can alleviate all the discomforts caused by the harmless practice contractions because this herb is effective in easing all types of spasms occurring in the uterus. It is important for me to remind you that the practice contractions in the uterus do not show the beginning of miscarriage or preterm labor; however, they may be the alarming signs for the risk of these complications. Therefore, some expectant mothers and pregnant women take cramp bark throughout the pregnancy.

If you are at high risk of preterm labor or miscarriage, you should use prescribed treatment by a doctor along with cramp bark to prevent and treat these problems. There are not any reports of risk or unwanted side effect for taking cramp bark. However, it is still important for you to consult a health care provider before taking this herb.

You can drink cramp bark tea or take cramp bark tincture.  If you take cramp bark tincture, you should ask your doctor the proper dosage you can take daily. If you take cramp bark properly with recommended dosage, it does not cause any wanted side effects.

8. Partridgeberry

home remedies for miscarriage

Another prevention remedy among home remedies for miscarriage I would like to share with you in this article is partridgeberry. Partridgeberry is a wonderful tonic herb that improves the female fertility. This kind of herbal home remedies for miscarriage is effective in strengthening the weak uterus. Therefore, partridgeberry is beneficial in preventing recurrent miscarriages. However, not many people know this benefit of partridgeberry. If you have a risk of miscarriage due to the weak uterus, you can use partridgeberry as the life saver. If used at the proper dosage with the doctor’s prescription, partridgeberry is safe to be taken during the pregnancy. This herb has been used by the Native Americans when women give birth. This is because, this wonderful tonic herb is beneficial in relieving painful menstrual cramps, alleviating labor pain and making childbirth efficient and smooth.

9. Red Raspberry Leaf


Looking for the home remedies for miscarriage and pregnancy-related problems, you should not ignore red raspberry leaf. Red raspberry leaf is often used to make the tea. This wonderful herbal tea has been well-known for its ability to improve digestive and uterine health, support respiratory, reduce the risk of miscarriage and prevent pregnancy-related problems. It is recommended taking this herbal tea during pregnancy as well as childbearing years. Red raspberry tea is effective in preventing miscarriage because it can strengthen the muscles of the uterus and the pelvic area, and make sure the fetus in the womb develop well. Therefore, red raspberry leaf is considered as an excellent herb for women. In addition to preventing miscarriage, red raspberry leaf is beneficial in easing menstrual discomfort, balancing the hormone to boost fertility and increasing the chance of implantation.

When you get pregnant, the uterus needs an abundance of minerals and vitamins to function well. Red raspberry leaf tea can provide almost all of these nutrients. Red raspberry leaf is loaded with vitamin A, B, C, E and contains a great source of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium. Moreover, this herb is also rich in trace minerals like iron, zinc, manganese and chromium.

Red raspberry leaf is good for pregnant women or expectant mothers. However, some people may ask when they should drink red raspberry leaf tea or take red raspberry supplements. Some health care providers advise waiting until the second trimester if pregnant women want to drink red raspberry leaf tea or take its supplements.

Here are some ways you can use red raspberry leaf tea to prevent miscarriage.

Way 1: Basic red raspberry leaf tea

Do this:

  • Adding a tablespoon of loose red raspberry leaves into one cup of boiling water
  • Steep it for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Strain the tea and let it cool down for a few minutes
  • Drink it

Way 2: Coconut raspberry leaf tea

Do this:

  • Add one tablespoon of red raspberry leaves in one cup of boiling water
  • Steep it for 15 minutes
  • Strain the tea
  • Add one tablespoon of raw honey and ¼ cup of coconut milk into this tea
  • Sip this tea slowly

Way 3: Red raspberry orange cooler

Do this:

  • Place 4 tea bags of red raspberry leaf in a quart Mason jar
  • Pour 4 cup of boiling water over the red raspberry leaf bags
  • Let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Strain the tea
  • Let it cool down a little bit
  • Add two tablespoons of honey into this tea
  • Put this tea in refrigerator
  • Add ¼ cup of orange juice into each serving of this tea when you want to drink

Way 4:  Pregnancy tea blend

It is recommended drinking during the pregnancy. It can provide an abundance of key vitamins and essential minerals for the fetus. This tea combination is loaded with iron, vitamin K, and magnesium.

Get this:

  • 3 parts of Alfalfa (if Alfalfa is not available, you can use Comfrey instead)
  • 8 parts of red raspberry leaf
  • 3 parts of peppermint leaf
  • 2 parts of Nettle leaf

Do this:

  • Mix all these prepared ingredients together
  • Put this mixture in an airtight container filled with 1 ½ cup of boiling water
  • Steep it for a few minutes
  • Strain the tea
  • Drink it slowly

If you want to have a satisfactory result, you should drink two or three cups of raspberry leaf tea daily.

10. Avoid The Herbs Causing Miscarriage


Not all the herbs are good for pregnant women. Some certain herbs are considered as poisonous and consuming these herbs can induce the miscarriage or abortion. They include Blue cohosh, Black cohosh, Pennyroyal, Celery root, Tansy, Slippery elm douche, Yarrow, Western red cedar, Ginger, Lovage, Rue, Sweet flag, Cotton root bark, Ginseng, Mistletoe, Juniper berries, Goldenseal, Myrrh, Oil of sassafras, Motherwort, Southernwood, Marigold, Angelica, Golden ragwort, Bracken fern, and Mugwort. If you have a pregnancy, you should avoid using these herbs to prevent the risk of miscarriage and abortion.

11. Stay Away From Foods That Induce Heat


Talking about the natural home remedies for miscarriage cramps and pain, you should avoid eating foods that can induce heat. If pregnant women eat foods inducing heat in their diet such as pineapple, green papaya, bitter melon, saffron, spicy hot foods, raw and uncooked foods. This is because these foods contain toxic chemicals that can harm the baby in the first and second trimester of the pregnancy. Therefore, it is the best idea if you can limit eating these triggering foods at least the first three or four months of pregnancy.

12. Reduce The Bad Habit Of Eating Unhealthy Snacks


Pregnant women are often craved to eat something. It is important to have a smart choice rather than consuming unhealthy snacks and street foods. Street foods and unhealthy snacks often use flavorings, preservatives, and additives that contain contaminated harmful chemicals that are not good for pregnant women.  In order to avoid the possible miscarriage, the professionals always advise the pregnant women to stop consuming street foods and junk foods. To make sure the proper development of the unborn baby, pregnant women should exclude these unhealthy foods in their daily diet. If pregnant women are craved, it is better to choose the clean, fresh and cooked foods. The health diet during the pregnancy should include a plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish and red lean meat. If you want to know home remedies for miscarriage at home, you should remember this tip.

13. Do Not Travel Long Distances

When you are pregnant especially during the first three months, one of home remedies for miscarriage is to avoid traveling long distances. During the first and second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is not developed fully with all needed parts. At this time, the fetus is unstable and weak in the mother’s womb. It is the reason why traveling long distances during the first months of pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. You should pay much attention when you travel, walk or do the heavy stuff. If you experienced miscarriage, abortion or any signs of other problems associated with miscarriage, you should meet and inform your doctor who have good experience and skill as soon as you can. The doctor can know exactly what to do in order to reduce the risk of miscarriage. In needed cases, pregnant women are required not to move completely during the whole pregnancy to prevent the possible miscarriage.

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14. Regular Immunization


Not only children but also pregnant women should be sufficiently and fully immunized with needed types of vaccine that are recommended during the pregnancy. Regular immunization can help pregnant women to avoid the possible health conditions that can affect the normal development of the baby in the womb and reduce the risk of miscarriage. It is recommended getting the full immunization before planning the pregnancy. The healthiest pregnancy is what most women want.

15. Home Remedies For MiscarriageKeep Tension And Stress At Bay

Do you know that tension and stress in your life can increase the risk of miscarriage during the pregnancy? Therefore, if you are pregnant women, you should avoid stress, anxiety, and depression as possible as you can. Controversy in the family is a common cause of stress and depression. Make sure that you are not engaged in the family quarrel or controversy. You and your husband should tell all members of your family to create a comfortable environment to make sure that the baby can develop well. When you have something stressful, you can confess with your best friends.

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16. Do Prenatal Yoga


Staying passive and doing nothing at all may increase the risk of miscarriage during the pregnancy by leading to stress and depression. Therefore, asking for the home remedies for miscarriage cramps, we should not ignore prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga is recommended as a natural way to keep you relax and keep the body healthy. Furthermore, prenatal yoga ensures the normal development of the baby in the womb and help you to prepare for the labor. Pregnant women who practice yoga frequently often have less pain during the delivery process, compared with other women who stay passive. Like other childbirth-preparation exercises, prenatal yoga is actually a multifaceted exercise that includes stretching, breathing and mental centering. Many studies have shown that prenatal yoga is safe and can give many benefits for pregnant women and their unborn child. Researchers suggest doing prenatal yoga regularly to reduce the risk of miscarriage and have the healthiest pregnancy. Moreover, the benefits of prenatal yoga include improving sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, increasing flexibility, strength, and endurance of muscles, relieving nausea, lower back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and shortness of breath.

17. Avoid Smoking And Alcohol


We all know that smoking and drinking alcohol are the bad habit for the health. It has more harmful effects when you are having a pregnancy. When you get pregnant, the most important thing you should do immediately is to quit drinking alcohol and smoking. If you smoke or drink alcohol during the pregnancy, the fetus becomes unstable and weak. As a result, the fetus is not strong enough to hold, leading to the risk of miscarriage. Furthermore, studies found out that the child was born by the women who drink alcohol and smoke during the pregnancy may have many problems related to the brain development, heart, and intelligence. The smoke and alcohol may affect the child and lead to fetal brain retardation. Do you want to have the healthiest pregnancy and avoid miscarriage? You should stop the bad habit of smoking and drink alcohol.  Tobacco smell and smoke also result in abnormal development in the unborn baby. Therefore, it is important for you not to stay near or around people who are smoking. Ask them politely to go out if they want to smoke in your house.

18. Take Antenatal Appointments

Home remedies for miscarriage

Anything including miscarriage or abdominal development in a baby can occur during the pregnancy. The routine maternity care known as antenatal appointments can help to reduce these risks. Therefore, getting antenatal appointments is considered as one of home remedies for miscarriage. If you get pregnant, you should go for the regular examinations. Remember to talk to your professional doctors about your own history of health problems, issues or any diseases that make you afraid of miscarriage in the pregnancy. It is recommended for the pregnant women to get the antenatal appointments once monthly. The pregnant women who experienced premature birth or miscarriage before need these regular appointments most.  In these appointments, the doctor can monitor and check both the mother and the unborn child’s health.

19. Avoid Exercise If You Experience Nausea


I mentioned above that yoga as well as other exercises that are specially designed for pregnancy are good for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Many doctors and professionals always recommend the pregnant women to do exercise regularly for the healthy pregnancy and stress relief. Only 15 or 20 minutes of exercise daily can give your more benefits than you can imagine. Many studies also showed that regular practice of gentle sports is beneficial for the health of both pregnant women and their unborn babies. However, it is a different story when you have nausea. If you still exercise when you experience nausea, it can worsen your problem and lead to miscarriage. Therefore, when you have the feeling of nausea or dizziness, you should stop any physical activities and relax until the uncomfortable symptoms disappear. You do not need to worry because nausea and dizziness are common conditions when you get pregnant. If you feel uncomfortable and want to get rid of nausea and dizziness, there are many home remedies for nausea during pregnancy that are introduced on our website to give you a significant relief.

No one can disagree of health benefits of exercise for both pregnant women and their unborn babies.  However, it is important for you to know how to exercise and when to exercise properly. Exercising in the wrong way can affect your health and your child by increasing the risk of miscarriage. When you plan for exercise, please do it with comfortable mind and relax without adding stress and pressure to your body and your mind as a kind of home remedies for miscarriage.

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20. Avoid Hot Bathing Or Steaming


Pregnant women should bath with lukewarm water. It is also one of home remedies for miscarriage that you should know. Steaming or hot bathing are the worst choices for the pregnant women. Many studies have found out that hot bathing and steaming may put you at the risk of fetal neurological disability and miscarriage.

When pregnant women steam or soak in a hot bath, they can feel dizzy and suffer from lower blood pressure after that.  Soaking in a hot bath or steaming lead to possible miscarriage because it reduces the blood flow to the fetus. Decreased body temperature of the mother caused by the exposure to hot water and steam is harmful to the fetus; therefore, you should avoid. The recommended water temperature for pregnant women should be 37 degrees or lower.

21. Keep You From Patients With Flu, Chickenpox, And Other Infectious Diseases


Any health problems the pregnant women are suffering may affect the normal development of unborn babies and increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, as one of home remedies for miscarriage, you should protect your body from health problems by keeping you from the patients with flu, chickenpox, and other infectious diseases.

For example, if the pregnant women are attacked by chickenpox virus, not only your health gets declined but also the risk of fetus malformations increases. When pregnant women, unfortunately, suffer from chickenpox, they do not want to take any medications because they are afraid of unwanted side effects that are caused by these medications. If not treated, chickenpox can easily lead to lung diseases. Pregnant women should avoid contacting with people who are getting cold, flu or chickenpox. Everyone can understand because the pregnant women and their unborn babies are easily infected by the viruses that spread in the air. Therefore, as one of home remedies for miscarriage, you should avoid touching or contacting with patients with infectious diseases.

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22. Eat A Healthy Diet


Most pregnant women wonder which difference between their normal diet before and the diet specially designed for the pregnancy. It depends on  individuals and the diet they used to eat. If they eat a healthy diet before, they only need to make a small change to their diet. However, if their previous diet includes takeaways, ready meals, chocolate, and crisps, it is time for them to make a huge change for the healthiest pregnancy. We can not ignore the importance of healthy diet in pregnancy. This is because unhealthy diet can lead to miscarriage as well as other problems related to the development and growth of babies in the womb.

It is important for you to consume all the necessary nutrients that you and your babies need. A healthy diet for pregnant women includes:

  • Fruits And Vegetables: Doctors and nutritionists always advise the pregnant women to consume five to seven portions of vegetables and fruits daily. You should eat more vegetable than fruit. If fresh fruits and vegetables are not always available, you can buy tinned, frozen and dried vegetables and fruits. However, it is important to make excellent choices with no sugar and salt. Sugar and salt are not good for your health and your baby’s development. Sugars can not only damage your teeth but also increase the blood sugar levels, leading to the abnormal development of the baby in the womb. Smoothies and juices always contain a high amount of sugar. Therefore, you should avoid or limit these drinks when you get pregnant.
  • Foods Rich In Protein: Asking the home remedies for miscarriage cramps and natural ways that make sure your baby develop well in the womb, you should not ignore consuming foods rich in protein. These foods include fish, chicken, lentils, beans, and eggs. Protein plays the important role in the development and growth of the babies. It makes the fetus strong. Studies found out that pregnant women who eat protein rich foods regularly are less likely to get a miscarriage. Do you know that fish is a healthy food not only for adult but also for children? Pregnant women are also recommended eating at least two portions of fish weekly. Fish has great sources of not only protein but also omega 3 fatty acids. It is believed that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for brain development and intelligence.
  • Starchy Foods: It is a great idea if you can include starchy root vegetables like plantain, potatoes, and yams, and wholegrain cereals like quinoa and brown rice. Moreover, as home remedies for miscarriage, pregnant women should also consume pasta, crackers, bread and breakfast cereals.
  • Dairy Foods: Dairy foods such as cheese, milk and yogurt have a great source of calcium. Everyone knows that calcium plays the important role in the development of healthy bones. If you want to make your baby in the womb develop fully and perfectly, you should increase the calcium intake by eating calcium-rich foods. When you buy dairy foods, you should read the ingredients listed on the label carefully to make sure that they are low in sugar and fat.

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23. Consume More Calories And Eat Frequent Meals


When you get pregnant, you should not eat less to keep you slim. During the pregnancy, the body uses of energy you get from the foods. When you get pregnant, you eat for two people. Pregnant women who are obsessed with their slim body always have a risk of miscarriage. Moreover, babies can not develop and growth perfectly due to lack of nutrients. To reduce the risk of miscarriage and support the baby growth, you should eat more.

It is important to eat breakfast because it can provide you enough energy after a long night sleep. There are a plenty of breakfast choices for you such as:

  • Two oatcakes filled with mashed avocado on top
  • A toasted wholegrain bread combined with two or three tablespoons of hummus
  • A medium slice of wholemeal toast and a can of baked beans

The appetites may change during the pregnancy. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, if you do not want to eat anything due to sickness and nausea, eating bland, starchy foods such as plain crackers are the good choice for you. It provides you calories, energies and relieves sickness and nausea.

If you experience heartburn and feel full, you still need to provide your babies enough nutrients. I suggest having small and frequent meals. The pregnant women should eat five or six meals during the day.

Whenever you are hungry, you need to eat good foods. As one of home remedies for miscarriage and natural way to ensure the normal development of the baby, you should build a well-balanced diet daily. You may gain weight dramatically but it is needed for your baby growth.

24. Take Vitamin Supplements


Despite the healthy diet you consume, you should take  vitamin supplements. According to the NHS, there are two important supplements pregnant women should take.

  • Folic acid: 400 micrograms daily within 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Vitamin D: 10 micrograms daily over your pregnancy

There are many benefits you can get if you take vitamin supplements daily. One of the benefits is to decrease the risk of miscarriage. Taking enough vitamin supplements can ensure that you are able to give birth to the healthy well-developed baby.

If you do not want to get miscarriage or have any complications during the pregnancy, vitamin D and folic acid are necessary vitamins you really need. However, some mothers choose to take multi-vitamin supplements that contain vitamins such as calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin C.

When you decide to take multi-vitamin supplements, it is important to make sure that all included vitamins are beneficial for you and your unborn baby. Some multi-vitamins that contain retinol are toxic to the unborn child. When you go to the health stores to look for the multi-vitamin supplements, you should ask the sellers for pregnancy multi-vitamins that have carotene, a type of vitamin A. Carotene is safe and beneficial for pregnant women and the unborn babies. Although miscarriage is commonly seen in the first and second trimester, in rare cases, it occurs  in the third trimester. Lack of iron is one of the causes. It  is important to remember that by the third trimester, you should consume three times more iron than before. Pregnant women should eat iron rich foods and take iron supplements to prevent iron-deficiency anemia, a common condition in the pregnancy.

When you go to the regular appointment for the pregnancy, the doctor will check your iron levels.  If you have low iron levels, the doctor may prescribe iron supplements.

However, if you do not have iron-deficiency anaemia, you do not need to take iron supplements. It is possible to meet iron requirements for pregnant women when you eat a variety of iron-rich foods such as fish, red meat, beans, leafy green vegetable,  fortified cereals, and nuts.

Some people may suggest that pregnant women should take iodine supplements daily as home remedies for miscarriage. Some studies showed that iodine is beneficial for baby’s growth and development. However, the UK does not recommend taking iodine supplements during the pregnancy. Excessive consumption of iodine may lead to thyroid problems. Therefore, before taking iodine supplements, you should consult your midwife or GP.

25. Cut Down The Caffeine Intake


If you get pregnant,  it is important for you to cut down the caffeine intake. You should not consume more than 200 mg caffeine, approximately 2 cups of coffee daily. Excessive consumption of caffeine may increase the risk of miscarriage by affecting the hormones levels. Moreover, if caffeine is consumed too much, it is not healthy.

26. Add More Fiber To Your Daily Meal

When you want to look for home remedies for miscarriage and other problems during the pregnancy, you should know that fiber consumption plays the important role. Fiber can help you to regulate the hormone and control the blood sugar levels.  Moreover, fiber also aids in digestion. Pregnant women should consume fiber in the diet by eating fiber rich foods such as  dark greens, fibrous fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grain.

27. Home Remedies For Miscarriage Decrease Sugar Intake


As one of the dietary tips for pregnant women, limiting sugar intake in your diet will help to reduce the risk of miscarriage and ensure the normal development of the unborn baby. Sugar is unhealthy and harmful not only for you but also for your child because it increases the blood sugar levels and weakens the immunity system. Eating a lot of sugar may make you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. You are likely to get health problems and diseases. Do you know many cases of miscarriage are caused by health conditions of the mother during the pregnancy?  If you want to have the healthiest pregnancy, it is important for you to avoid consuming bottled juices, popsicles, and packaged desserts that contain too much sugar. Instead of eating unhealthy foods and sugar loaded foods, why do not you choose a healthy snack like fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for the pregnancy?

28. Drink More Than Eight Glasses Of Water

Normal women should drink eight glasses of water per day. When you get pregnant, you should drink more. Moreover, it is recommended drinking fresh water and avoiding tap water. This is because tap water contains unwanted minerals that come from the agriculture runoff.

29. Abdominal Massage


One of natural home remedies for miscarriage cramps and pain is an abdominal massage that you should know. The abdominal massage aims to increase the blood circulation and flow to the uterus. As a result, it can ensure the healthy conception. There are different choices for massage if you want to boost the reproductive circulation. It is recommended finding a therapist who has the great experience and skill infertility as well as abdominal massage for pregnant women. It is a great idea if you can build a regular massage routine for the healthy pregnancy.

These are 29 home remedies for miscarriage cramps and pain I would like to introduce to you in this article. If you continue experiencing recurrent miscarriages in spite of using natural home remedies for miscarriage, you should see a doctor immediately. Some depth tests are required to figure out the hidden causes and your doctor can help you to treat these problems. In order to give birth well, you should not be afraid to talk to your doctor about suspected causes of your issues. Some herbs are recommended for miscarriage and abortion prevention. However, you should consult a doctor before using any herbal remedies. Moreover, when you have a pregnancy, you should make sure that you are always in a good mood. Your mood may affect the fetus and the development of your unborn babies.  If you want something to ask, please feel free to leave your comments bellow. I will answer all your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.

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