39 Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids Relief

33. Stone Root

Stone root (or Collinsonia Canadensis) is a herb that works for hemorrhoids. The reason is that the herb can reduce pressure in engorged veins, reduce inflammation, and prevent varicose veins. Stone root is great in sedative, tonic, astringent, antispasmodic, antioxidant, and diuretic properties to strengthen and protect walls of veins and linings of your intestines. This herb is also one of the most natural home remedies for hemorrhoids and here is the way to use it:

  • Extract leaf and the root of stone root.
  • Then, apply it directly on hemorrhoids each day.
  • Doing this method can help you treat bleeding caused by hemorrhoids very well.

Obviously, herbs are effective home remedies for hemorrhoids and stone root is such an ingredient you should try to do.

34. White Oak Bark

home remedies for hemorrhoids

White oak bark is called quercus alba, a form the bark of white oak plant. This herb includes astringent property that can cure external and internal hemorrhoids. Moreover, white oak bark has hemostatic, tonic, and antiseptic properties that can treat bleeding from hemorrhoids excellently. Also, this ingredient is great in tannin, calcium to strengthen intestine capillaries and keep your tissues of rectum firmer. From those features, white oak bark is worthy in healing irritation, itchiness, swelling caused by hemorrhoids. The way to use this herb for the condition is:

  • Get white oak bark plants.
  • Boil or steam the herb to get its extract.
  • Then apply the liquid on affected area.
  • You also can take it as a tea to drink every day.
35. Keep Cleaning 

Keep your anus and rectum as clean as you can because it will be the factor that speeds up your healing process. Keep cleaning after going to bathroom is needed but you should cleanse it properly to prevent hemorrhoids. Make sure that you avoid rubbing toilet paper, using shower to your anal area. Instead of using toilet paper, you can use soft towel and cloth to dry it. Along with the importance of wearing loose underwear, you should keep your underwear cleaning by changing underwear frequently during the day, particularly when you get some accidents, bleeding, and leakages. As mentioned above, you should choose light clothing or fabric, cotton clothes to prevent sweat and wet from anus, which can cause itchiness and your hemorrhoid problem will be severe. So:

  • You should change underwear more often.
  • Change clothing more frequently.
  • If you are at work, you can bring your clothes and change. 
36. Nutmeg 

Nutmeg is dried seed of the plant and it is commonly used to heal stomach spasms, pain, nausea, diarrhea, kidney disease, improve sleeping, and enhance taste of food. In some cases, nutmeg can be used for digestive conditions including hemorrhoids. For that reason, you can add nutmeg in soups or stews to have healthy recipes for health. Furthermore, nutmeg will sharpen your brain and reduce signs of Alzheimer’s. For treating hemorrhoids, you can get a teaspoon of nutmeg twice in the morning and before sleeping at night. Try this and you will surprise about the advantages of these seeds. Natural home remedies for hemorrhoids are safe and easily found in markets or grocery stores.

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