39 Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids Relief

16. Salt Bath 

home remedies for hemorrhoids

Salt is commonly used in daily life and it will prevent inflammation, reduce swelling very perfectly. Salt can help you manage the insulin sensitivity, regulate pH level, improve sleep quality, lower adrenaline spikes, improve immune system, stimulate healthy weight, aid thyroid function, help hyperosmolarity, balance your hormones, and make your recipes feel delicious. But it does not mean that you can eat salt as much as you can, it is limited if you have hypertension or kidney disease. Let listen to your body call to get the proper amount for health. To eliminate hemorrhoids at home with salt, you just need to add salt in warm water and take a bath every day. Taking warm bath with salt will help you get ease and feel relaxed, especially when you get hemorrhoids.  Doing this solution permanently will help you fight the condition naturally without taking drugs. 

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17. Practice To Go To Bathroom 

Going to bathroom on time is really difficult but you should try to do it. You just try to go to the bathroom when you feel needed. Do not wait when you need to go immediately. This routine will add pressure and prevent straining excellently. Many people always wait and do not go to the bathroom immediately for some reasons and it can cause hemorrhoids worse as well as lead to other harmful diseases. This is one of the best home remedies for hemorrhoids you must do each day and it should be more often.

18. Drink Some Teas 

home remedies for hemorrhoids

Going around the grocery stores or supermarket, you will find many kinds of tea such as white tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc. Chamomile is a beneficial herb for your skin, hair, and health overall and it is used to make a favorite tea for many people. A special thing is that tea has less caffeine than coffee so you can switch to tea instead of drinking coffee. Tea includes antioxidants and can reduce risk of stroke, heart attack, improve immune system, prevent cancer, keep hydrated, increase metabolism, and treat hemorrhoids. If you get difficulty sleeping at home due to hemorrhoids, you can drink chamomile every day if you want to eliminate hemorrhoids quickly. You can buy chamomile tea in every grocery store. Instead of using chamomile tea, you can drink calendula tea each day.

19. Reduce Stress 

home remedies for hemorrhoids

Stress is a physical response to something that make you feel upset or unbalance in life. Stress is a silent killer because it can cause a lot of disadvantages as well as health problems including hemorrhoids and constipation Stress will reduce quality of your life and decrease quality of work so you need to avoid this factor as much as possible. It is not easy to avoid but you should take time to relax, avoid auguring in a day, practice meditation, do qi gong, or do yoga. You always know about the side effects of stress, but sometimes you cannot manage it in a day. There are many reasons that can lead to stress such as chronic worry, pessimism, attitude, unrealistic expectations, lack of flexibility, and so on. Stress connects to the problems about children, family, work, school, life changes, finance, and relationship troubles so you need to manage it promptly.

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