22 Natural Home Remedies for Gout Pain Relief

Accumulation of uric acid in the joints causes gout. It leads to pain with redness around the affected areas. It usually makes sufferers pain at the middle night. And are you suffering from the pain of gout? Are you tired of joint pain and swelling occasionally? If you are looking for a remedy that is best for your gout condition, there are many ways of healing gout at home by using natural ingredients that you can choose from. In this article, AllRemedies.com will show you top 22 natural home remedies for gout pain relief. The following writing collected information from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice. Keep reading this writing to understand more!

Top 22 Natural Home Remedies For Gout Pain Relief

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for gout

Using apple cider vinegar can help you to treat arthritis and gout very effectively. The natural acidic of apple cider vinegar will help in relieving the acute pain.

Remedy 1:

  • You mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water.
  • Then you stir it well and drink it for 2 to 3 times a day to relieve the pain of gout.
  • You can raise the dose of apple cider vinegar to 2 teaspoons if you get the improvement.
  • You should repeat this process regularly day by day to get rid of gout quickly.

Remedy 2:

  • Firstly, you take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of honey. Honey can boost your body’s anti-inflammatory response.
  • Then you stir it well and you drink this mixture twice a day in the morning at night before you go to bed.
  • You should continue applying this process till you dispose of gout and pain caused by it completely.

2. Baking Soda

home remedies for gout

Baking soda has the ability to decrease uric acid that is the main agent causing gout.

Baking soda will help you to relieve swelling and pain linked to gout very quickly. Here is what you need to do:


  • At first, you mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water.
  • Then you drink it 3 times a day to get rid of gout as well as its pain.
  • You should do this process for about 2 weeks.
  • You have to make sure that you do not take this way more than three times a day and if you have hypertension, you must ignore this remedy.

3. Cherry

home remedies for gout

Cherry has antioxidants that are very useful in curing gout. It also contains anthocyanins that have the ability to reduce the inflammation and minimize the gout flare-ups. Cherry can eliminate the toxins from your body and cleanse the kidneys. You may use cherry in any form.

Remedy 1:

  • You eat 15 to 20 fresh cherries every day. To have better results, you should eat it at the beginning of your day.
  • You can eat canned cherries if you can’t take fresh cherries.
  • You should eat it daily to prevent you from the gout problem.

Remedy 2:

  • You take some cherries then crush them to take the juice. Then you mix it with some cloves of minced garlic and drink.
  • Besides, you can eat cherry compote, cherry pie, cherry tea, cherry jam or cherry with anything acts for this gout problem.
  • Or you can use pineapple to replace for the cherries.

There are many other home remedies for gout, keep following this writing to discover more!

4. Bananas

home remedies for gout

Banana has a high amount of potassium which can help in transferring the uric acid crystals to liquid form and flushing out through your body through urination. It also has enough vitamin C which can help to manage the swelling and pain.


  • You eat 1 or 2 bananas every day and you can see the improvement quickly in your condition.
  • Or you can mix 1 ripe banana with 1/2 cup of yogurt then you eat it to dispose of the pain of the gout problem.
  • You should repeat this habit of eating the banana daily to help in treating gout.

5. Activated Charcoal

home remedies for gout

The uric acid is absorbed by activated charcoal and thus it can decrease the inflammation and pain of gout.

Remedy 1:

  • Firstly, you take a half cup of charcoal powder then combine with the little amount of water to get the fine glue.
  • Then you pour this glue in the bath tank and add more water to it.
  • Next, you soak the affected areas on the tank and wait for about 30 minutes.
  • This way is good for people who have gout in the big toe or ankle joint.
  • Keep applying this bath for 2 to 3 times a week till you get rid of gout completely.

Remedy 2:

  • You take an amount of charcoal powder then mix it with enough water to make a fine paste.
  • Next, you rub this paste to the affected area of your skin and allow it on there for about 30 minutes.
  • Finally, you wash it off with warm water and repeating this process regularly.
  • Or you can use the activated charcoal capsules to relieve the inflammation and gout pain.

6. Cold Water

home remedies for gout

Using cold water on the affected area will help you to reduce pain as well as swelling. If you have gout, you can not apply ice directly on your skin because it may damage your skin and also make your condition worse.


  • Firstly, you put the swollen and inflamed joint in cold water.
  • You keep waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You should repeat this process for many times a day.
  • Then you can wrap ice in a clean cloth and apply it for about 15 minutes on your affected area.
  • You should avoid using ice packs too much because it can cause crystallization of uric acid. Therefore, it is recommended that you should apply it twice a day to limit the gout pain and other problems.

If you are having gout, you can simply apply these natural remedies to relieve the pain and inflammation. Remember that there is no cure quickly. It requires time and determination to treat gout.

7. Apples

home remedies for gout

Apple is known as a fruit that has the ability to treat many diseases including gout. It’s very good for your health to get an apple after each meal. Apple has malic acid that can help in neutralizing the uric acid in your body. Therefore, it may reduce the pain and inflammation.


  • You should eat an apple a day to eliminate the gout problem.
  • Also, you may try apple juice or foods made by apple to prevent the gout inflammation and pain.
  • Remember to apply this process regularly to cure the gout problem.

Continue reading this article about 22 best home remedies for gout to get more information!

8. Epsom Salt

home remedies for gout

Epsom salt has a large amount of magnesium which helps in improving the function of many body parts as well as reduces gout and arthritis. Placing the affected areas on the lukewarm water that is combined with Epsom salt will make aching muscles relax and relieve pain.


  • Firstly, you take a bath by mixing 2 cups of Epsom salt with warm bath water.
  • Then, you soak you body in it until the water becomes losing heat.
  • Repeating this process once a week. If you get severe gout, you can try this for 2 to 3 times a week.

9. Lemon Juice

To relieve the gout pain, it is necessary to alkalize your body and neutralize the excess uric acid in your bloodstream. All these processes may be applied by drinking the fresh lemon juice, and eat the fruits which contain a large amount of vitamin C in order to strengthen your body tissues.

Remedy 1:

  • Firstly, you take 1 fresh lemon and squeeze to extract its juice.
  • Next, you combine with a half teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Then you stir it well and let it in place for few seconds
  • After that, you mix it with a glass of water then drink it immediately.
  • You should do this process regularly in order to neutralize the uric acid as well as relieve from gout and its pain.

Remedy 2:

  • At first, you take a juice of a half fresh lemon.
  • Then you mix it well with a glass of water.
  • Keep drinking this mixture 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon and at night daily to eliminate gout.

10. Ginger Root

home remedies for gout

Ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to relieve the pain and inflammation. Therefore, it can help to prevent the gout problem.

Remedy 1:

  • First of all, you take dried ginger root powder, turmeric powder, and fenugreek powder at an equal ratio.
  • Then you mix all the ingredients to make a mixture.
  • Next, you combine 1 teaspoon of this mixture with lukewarm water and rub it to the affected areas twice a day.
  • You should do this regularly to help in getting relief from gout and its pain.

Remedy 2:

  • Firstly, you take a half teaspoon of ginger root then you mix it with a cup of boiled water.
  • You stir it well then drink this mixture at least once a day.
  • Remember to drink it daily to treat your gout and pain.
  • Besides, you may eat raw ginger root daily or add it to cooking recipes.

Remedy 3:

  • At first, you take a piece of raw ginger root then make it like a glue by mixing with little water.
  • Then you apply this ginger glue on the affected areas of your body.
  • You allow it on there for about 30 minutes then rinse it off.
  • You should keep doing this process on the affected areas for once daily.

11. Try Devil's Claw

home remedies for gout

Devil’s Claw is a good anti-inflammatory herb which can help you extremely relieve pain. It is one of the first herbs that are used to get relief from arthritis. But if you have to drink some blood-thinning medicines or are suffering from diabetes, you should not use this herb.


  • Firstly, you take a half teaspoon of powdered root of devil’s claw.
  • Then you mix it well with a cup of boiled water.
  • Next, you cover it then steep for 10 minutes.
  • After that, you filter the tea to enjoy.
  • You should drink a cup of this tea daily to help in healing gout.
  • Besides, you can apply other herbs such as meadowsweet leaves, flower tops, feverfew, white willow bark, capsicum, boswellia, and licorice to replace devil’s claw root.

There are many other natural home remedies for gout presented in the next part of this writing, keep reading to get more information!

12. Grape

home remedies for gout

Grapes contain neutralize uric acid and alkaline that can help to decrease gout flares. You should eat a bunch of grapes every day to get rid of the gout problems. Or you can mix it with yogurt to get more improvements. If you are suffering from diabetes, you should ask the doctor’s advice before giving grapes to your diet.

13. French Beans

home remedies for gout

You may also eliminate gout by drinking a juice that is made from French beans. You need to drink the juice of French beans once to twice a day for about a month. By using this juice, you will have chance to dispose of the pain that is caused by gout as well as eliminate gout completely.

14. Castor Oil

Using castor oil is one of the wonderful home remedies for gout pain. In order to apply it, you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you take a clean cloth or cotton ball then soak it in lukewarm castor oil.
  • Next, you apply it on your affected areas.
  • You should keep applying this way regularly to get rid of the gout pain.

15. Cucumber

home remedies for gout

Cucumber is a kind of foods that you can want to give to your diet if you are suffering gout. Because of its high water content, cucumber can help in flushing uric acid and toxins out of your body. To use cucumber for treating gout, you can drink a cup of cucumber juice ever day or you can mix it with carrot and beetroot to have a better taste.

16. Chicory

home remedies for gout

For over 2000 years, people have used chicory popularly for medicinal purposes including arthritis and gout. If you want to try using chicory for treating gout, you can follow these steps:

  • At first, you take 1-ounce chicory root powder.
  • Then you mix it with boiled water.
  • You should drink this mixture daily.
  • To have a better result, you can rub a poultice made from chicory to your affected areas. You should rub this poultice to the gout affected joint and keep it in place for an hour to relieve pain and inflammation.
17. Mustard

home remedies for gout

This is a remedy that you can do at home to help getting rid of gout. To use mustard for healing gout, you will do these steps:

  • Take mustard and grind it to powder.
  • Then you combine with some wheat powder, a little water and mix it well to have a fine paste.
  • Next, you apply this paste to the affected area which is caused by gout.
  • You should allow it on there all day.
  • After few days, you will see good improvements.

To get more information about other effective home remedies for gout, keep reading this writing!

18. Drink More Water

home remedies for gout

Keeping hydrated is one of the most effective ways to limit gout flares. It also will help transporting waste and nutrients in your body, cushion tissues and joints, regulate temperature as well as prevent constipation and kidney stones. Besides, drinking more water will help to get rid of the excess uric acid that causes the gout attacks. You have to be sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water a day to prevent any gout problems.

19. Move Your Body Carefully

home remedies for gout

  • When you suffer from gout, you have to take extra precautions. Although doing exercise is good for your overall health as well as for preventing gout flare-ups, you have to restrict the movement around joint immediately when there is any flare-up.
  • You should avoid putting weight on the joints affected with gout. If you have gout on the big toe, you should keep off your feet as long as possible and until your gout attack subsides.
  • Keep the affected joint elevated as far as possible. It is a simple rule of gravity that can help in decreasing inflammation by slowing down the blood flow to your painful joint.
  • While you suffer from gout, you should keep your joint immobile in a place for most of your times. You may also use a splint to support and immobilize your joint.
  • You had better wear comfortable shoes giving lots of room for your toes otherwise you may worsen your pain.
20. Stretching

home remedies for gout

Stretching is good for relieving gout. Doing stretching exercises can raise your joints flexibility as well as the range of motion. Before and after workouts, you have to make sure that your joints don't get damaged easily when you stretch the muscles. It also can help to decrease the soreness that you can feel after working out. Here are some of the stretching exercises you can do for your body parts.

Shoulders Stretching:

  • You let both your right hand and left hand by your sides.
  • Then you roll the shoulders forward for 1/2 minute.
  • Next, you roll the shoulders backward for another 1/2 minute.
  • You should do it again for about 5 to 10 times.

Wrists Stretching:

  • Firstly, you stretch your hands straight ahead you.
  • Then you make fists.
  • Now, you roll two wrists clockwise for ten times.
  • Next, you roll two wrists anti-clockwise for ten times.

Back and Hamstrings:

  • At first, you sit on the floor then place your legs straight in front of you.
  • Next, you reach forward with your hands out to touch the toes.
  • Keep it for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Then you release and sit straight.
  • Do it again for 3 to 5 times.
21. Swimming

home remedies for gout

Another of 22 natural home remedies for gout is swimming. Swimming is a good method for your health including the gout problems. Water aerobics, as well as swimming, can raise the mobility of the joints without leaving any full gravity impact on them. Whenever you soak in water, you are leaving less stress on your joints. When you swim to relieve gout, it is no matter that how much distance you swim or how fast you as well as how much time you spend to swim. You should go swimming for about 30 to 45 minutes every day. But you should spend only about 15 minutes on swimming when you start to swim then you gradually raise your time there.

22. Change Your Lifestyle

home remedies for gout

The final remedy in the list of top 22 home remedies for gout is changing the lifestyle. You may try applying some of the above home remedies for gout or drink medicines to improve your condition. However, you may prevent attacks from happening in the future by changing your lifestyle. In order to start, you should not drink sweetened with fructose as well as all kinds of alcoholic beverages. Besides, you should use clean water to replace these beverages. Remember that you do not eat food which has high purines such as organ meats, seafood, and red meat. Above all, you should do exercise regularly and keep weight in check to decrease the risk of gout.

All of above tips are top 22 natural home remedies for gout pain relief. If you want to know more about other natural beauty tips, you can go to visit our main Home Remedies page.

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