About Us

Welcome to our helpful site – AllRemedies.com. In this site, we are glad to help the readers by sharing the useful tips and advice on a wide range of fields including home remedies, skin care, how to, and superfoods. Whoever you are and whatever you are interested in, I hope that you will find some generally useful information when visiting our site AllRemedies.com

How AllRemedies.com gets started

AllRemedies.com was created by Huyen My – a young beautiful women who believes that the majority of health problems and diseases can improve with the help of natural home remedies. Therefore, she thought about the site where she and her partners can share the same interest and enthusiasm. Over time, she has built a successful site with passionate and creative co-workers who like to work in the revolutionary environment of self-improvement and self-love. 

With passion and enthusiasm, Huyen My has created and developed a blog which becomes Allremedies today. In AllRemedies.com, we has shared a lot of interesting things related to remedies, how to and foods with readers living all countries in the world. Finally, Huyen My began to run this site full time.

About AllRemedies.com

AllRemedies.com originated from the U.S and then was brought to Vietnam. Nowadays, this site is more and more popular in Vietnam. At the beginning, Allrememedies.com was a humble site with a few readers visiting but now it has become the popular site which has received a lot of concern and love from the international fan. Each month, thousands of readers come to our site and share their good feedbacks and responses. There is not any sign of slowing down.

We are going to keep on the hard work and our enthusiasm with the hope of inspiring and entertaining our audience. Whatever health problems, beauty conditions or skin issues you are experiencing, whether you want to know the good foods to eat and unhealthy foods to avoid, AllRemedies is the right place for you. This site will give all the readers the informative detailed answers and information for your demands and needs. We have everything in here, from natural remedies for cough, diabetes, acne, constipation, high blood sugar and useful tips on how to lose weight, how to have glowing skin, skin care secrets from all countries in the world to superfoods for physical or mental health.

Our biggest goal is that AllRemedies.com can become the most popular source sharing effective and interesting knowledge for all readers from any ages, any personal circumstances, any nationalities and countries. Therefore, we want to make this site simpler-to-use, sleeker and faster. However, it is important to note that nothing is perfect and so are we. But AllRemedies.com will effectively learn from its mistakes and reader’s suggestions. Hence, if you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to let we know. We are glad for your contribution.