44 Home Remedies for Swollen Glands in Neck and Throat

11. Baking Soda And Sea Salt

home remedies for swollen glands

The combination of baking soda and sea salt is beneficial in relieving swollen lymph of neck and throat. Both baking soda and sea salt contain antibacterial properties; therefore, they can help to fight the infection that leads to swollen lymph.

Do this:

  • Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of sea salt
  • Add this mixture to a cup of warm water
  • Stir to dissolve baking soda and sea salt in water thoroughly
  • Drink this solution once daily

The symptoms of swollen glands can disappear within one week.

12. Exercise And Yoga

home remedies for swollen glands

It sounds strange; however, exercise and yoga are effective in treating swollen glands by keeping the immunity system function well. Doing exercise and yoga regularly can enhance the flexibility and improve the contraction and expansion of your muscles. It is a great idea for you to combine some home remedies for swollen glands with exercises and yoga poses to keep the lymphatic system function well.

The recommended yoga poses include inverse pose, lion face, jumping jacks, and downward-facing dog that are beneficial in relieving the symptoms of swollen glands. Moreover, brisk walking, jogging, and other simple exercises can improve this condition.

You should know that exercise and yoga are beneficial home remedies for swollen glands in neck. Yoga should be performed under the guidance of a professional.

13. Cold And Hot Bath

Trying cold and hot bath alternatively can help you to get rid of swollen glands. Cold water can relieve the pain while the warm bath boosts the blood circulation and blood flow in your body. If you use this method daily, it can give you a significant relief.

14. Nutmeg

home remedies for swollen glands

Nutmeg is beneficial in boosting immunity and improving the flow of lymphatic fluid. Moreover, nutmeg contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can treat armpit lump.

Do this:

  • Add one tablespoon of nutmeg powder in a cup of hot water.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey into this solution to make it taste sweet
  • Consume it daily for one week

If the symptoms of swollen glands do not improve after one week, you should make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

15. Onion

Because onion contains a great source of sulfur and flavonoids, the allium vegetables like onion should be included in a regular diet. Experts suggest that people should eat at least one serving of onion or other allium vegetables in daily meal. Onion has a rich nutrient content including biotin, magnesium, copper, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B1, and folates. Many studies have found that onion has many health benefits such as improving cardiovascular system, supporting the connective tissues and the bone, reducing the risk and cancer, and fighting inflammation. Moreover, asking for the home remedies for swollen glands, onion should not be ignored.

Here are the ways for you to use onion to treat swollen glands.

  • Squeeze the juice from an grated onion and consume it
  • Consume it raw
  • Add grated onion in your favorite salads of veggies or your meals.

16. Charcoal Compress

home remedies for swollen glands

Charcoal compress is effective in alleviating the inflammation and pain caused by swollen glands. Using charcoal compress can reduce armpit lumps.

Do this:

  • Mix charcoal & powdered flaxseed with a sufficient amount of water into a smooth paste
  • Apply this paste to your armpit
  • Cover these areas with a paper towel or clean cloth
  • Repeat this treatment daily until you can see the significant result

17. Vitamin E

We all know that vitamin E is a necessary component for skin health. Lack of vitamin E may make the skin dull, saggy, and sensitive. Topical application of vitamin E can help to make skin glowing, gorgeous, and flawless. It also treats many skin problems. Surprisingly, people who get diagnosed with swollen glands suffer from a deficiency of vitamin E. Therefore, in order to improve the symptoms of swollen glands, you should increase vitamin E intake by eating vitamin E rich foods such as safflower, wheat germ, peanuts, soybean oil, almonds, peanuts, etc.

Moreover, you should take vitamin E supplements. However, before taking these supplements, you should consult your doctor carefully.

18. Watermelon

home remedies for swollen glands

Like tomatoes, watermelon is also one of the foods that contain a great source of lycopene. Lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient, plays the important role in boosting cardiovascular health, improving the bone strength and losing weight. Therefore, watermelon is one of foods that should be eaten on a regular basis. Watermelon is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and flavonoids. Therefore, it has many health benefits. One of its health benefits is treating swollen glands. Watermelon can remove the toxins and impurities from the blood, and improves the immune system; eating watermelon or drinking its juice can make the lymphatic system function well. It is not surprising when watermelon is included in a list of home remedies for swollen glands. In order to treat swollen glands, you just need to drink a glass of watermelon juice daily until you can see a significant difference.

19. Coconut Oil

If you are looking for effective home remedies for swollen glands, you should not ignore coconut oil. This is because coconut oil contains great moisturizing properties that can increase the healing process. Moreover, coconut oil contains antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can make coconut oil become the effective home remedy for swollen glands. Massage your swollen areas with coconut oil can help to relieve the pain and inflammation. It can boost the blood circulation and reduce swelling. You just need to massage your affected areas with coconut oil for one week and then the symptoms of swollen glands can disappear completely.

Alternatively, you can take one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil daily for one week to see a significant result.

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