19 Home Remedies for Chlamydia in Men and Women

11. Home Remedies for Chlamydia – Turmeric

home remedies for chlamydia

Many people think that turmeric can only be used as spice because it has been wildly added in the meal while cooking. The herb adds distinct color and flavor in many Indian dishes. However, turmeric is not only used to cook meal but also utilized to treat many infectious diseases because of its antibacterial agents. Moreover, turmeric has antiseptic properties, which help to fasten the healing process. The antioxidant properties in turmeric play the important role in boosting your immune system; as a result, turmeric helps your body to ward off the free radicals and toxins easily and naturally.

With these benefits I mention above, turmeric should be considered as one of effective home remedies for chlamydia and its associated symptoms. Moreover, including turmeric in your diet will help you to prevent any infectious disease by improving your immune system and making your body more resistant and stronger to fight against the harmful bacteria and free radical. Another way on how to use turmeric as the home remedy for chlamydia is drinking turmeric milk. You just need to add two tablespoons of turmeric into a glass of warm milk. Stir it well to make sure that the turmeric is dissolved completely. You should drink the turmeric milk twice or three times daily for the good benefits.

12. Home Remedies for Chlamydia – Vitamin

home remedies for chlamydia

Increasing the vitamin intake is also helpful solution for chlamydia you should know. Two kinds of vitamin I would like to introduce to you are B vitamins and vitamin C. B vitamins are necessary to make sure parts and organs in your body function well. B vitamins are useful to repair and maintain the nerve structures in your body. The B vitamins include riboflavin, thiamin, folate, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, antothenic acid and biotic. The B vitamins can perform different jobs in every cells, such as releasing the energy.

Some foods have the great source of one particular B vitamin while several B vitamins are taken from some other foods. However, B vitamins are contained in a variety of foods. If you eat the healthy diet from all food groups, you can take enough B vitamins that your body needs. Thiamin which boosts your metabolism system may be taken from ham, pork, fortified whole-grain cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, enriched rice, baked wheat germ, nuts and lentils. It is recommended taking 1.1 or 1.2 milligrams of thiamin daily. Spinach, asparagus, chicken, egg and fish have the great source of riboflavin.  Women should take 1.1 milligrams of riboflavin per day while men need 1.3 milligrams. You can take niacin when eating salmon, turkey, peanuts, legumes, pasta, and whole wheat. Foods which are high in vitamin B6 are seafood, poultry, banana, potatoes and spinach. Vitamin B12 is available in mussels, clams, fin fish, crab, and beef.

Beside B vitamins, vitamin C also plays the important role in treating chlamydia and preventing reinfection. Because vitamin C has antioxidant properties, it will protect the enzyme system. It is important to supply your body enough vitamin C in order to keep the white blood cells healthy. Vitamin C make the white blood cells function well. Vitamin C deficiency will lead to some health problems, including stomach irritation and constipation. You can increase vitamin intake through your diet. Foods which are high in vitamin C include cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, mushrooms, whole grain, tofu, caviar, dairy product, pork, and egg.

However, if you cannot take enough C and B vitamins through your diet, you can take supplement instead. These supplements can be bought in any health stores. But, if you want to take vitamin C and B vitamins as the supplement, you should consult the doctor for the right dosage to make sure that it does not cause any unwanted side effects for your health.

13. Home Remedies for Chlamydia – Yogurt

home remedies for chlamydia

Yogurt is well-known remedy to treat yeast infection when it is applied on the affected areas. Women can do this treatment; however, we cannot say yogurt is effective for the men. But you can include yogurt in your daily diet to help you find the relief for itching and burning sensation, the symptoms of chlamydia.

You can drink or eat yogurt. Both ways have the same benefits for your health. Moreover, because yogurt has the biotic, good bacteria which can help you to fight against the harmful bacteria causing this sexual transmitted disease as well as free radicals. Although you do not suffer from chlamydia, including yogurt in your diet will help to boost your immune system. Therefore, eating yogurt is also considered as the effective way on how to prevent the infectious disease, including chlamydia. Eating yogurt will give you the quick relief.

14. Home Remedies for Chlamydia – Tea Tree Oil

home remedies for chlamydia

Tea tree oil is effective in treating chlamydia. Moreover, tea tree oil is also wildly used to cure other contagious infection due to sexual contact. In order to use tea tree oil as the home remedies for chlamydia in men and women, you should add a little of tea tree oil in the warm water. Soak the clean soft cotton ball into this solution. Remove the extra water, and then dab this solution on your private parts which are infected. Wash it gently. The mixture of tea tree oil and water is safe to wash your genitals. Tea tree oil will help to get rid of burning and itching sensation caused by this sexual transmitted disease. In order to get the satisfactory result, you should do this treatment once per day and for 10 days.

15. Home Remedies for Chlamydia – Lemongrass

home remedies for chlamydia

If you want to look for the effective home remedies for chlamydia in men and women, you should not ignore lemongrass. The possible reason may be that lemongrass contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and diuretic properties. Using lemongrass will ward off the harmful bacteria in the urinary tract. Moreover, it also resolves the foul discharge from the penis and vagina. As a result, the infections will be treated effectively and totally.

You should add a few blades of lemongrass in a cup of boiling water. Cover it and let it steep for 10 minutes. When you finish, you should wait for a couple of minutes. Strain the tea and drink it daily. It is recommended drinking the lemongrass teas three times daily if you want to see the significant result. The chlamydia will disappear after 10 days or two weeks. It depends on the individual cases.

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