Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil For all-purpose topical use

  • Enhances respiratory health
  • Naturally cleans households
  • Actively reduces skin eruptions
  • Soothes skin abrasions and irritations

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

From the Malaleuca Tree, native to Australia, comes the versatile Tea Tree Oil. Already well-known as an effective, all-purpose healing oil, this natural remedy is a staple in most people’s at-home pharmacies. But do you know just how many uses this powerful oil has?

Related to the Myrtle family, the Malaleuca Tree grows native in Australia, as well as other parts of South East Asia. In North America, it can be found in Hawaii and the Florida everglades. It grows to almost 20 feet high in forested areas, near rivers or lakes and swamps, with needle-like leaves and heads of yellow or purplish flowers.

While there are over hundreds of varieties, it’s the melaleuca alternifolia variety that has everyone excited!

It’s medicinal history begins with the Australian aboriginals. For centuries, they made poultices of the leaves and applied them to open wounds and burns, which helped protect them. Chewing the leaves also reportedly helped ease headaches.

Gradually, the aboriginal use of the leaves spread to more metropolitan areas, where 19th century doctors began incorporating the oil into their treatments. By the 20th century, the essential oil of the Malaleuca Tree was being researched for its potent healing properties. Studied by the now famous Dr. Arthur de Ramon Penfold, Tea Tree Oil was found to have the following properties: antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, bactericide, cicatrisant, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and sudorific.

For thousands of years, the derivatives of the Malaleuca Tree have been effective in treating a wide variety of ailments. There are over 50 known uses for Tea Tree Oil, from calming after-shave irritations to cleaning the house naturally.

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4 Responses to Tea Tree Oil

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got my tragus pierced in July and in October i got a small bump, it hasn't gotten any bigger, and it doesn't hurt unless i hit my earring… I heard tea tree oil should work but that also it can cause a real scar is it worth trying..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used Aspirin and water and it cleared right up without a scar. Be persistent though, I did it on and off which did absolutely nothing. It cleared up once I started applying it about twice a day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm looking for tea tree oil to get rid of the keloid on my nose, but there are so many different kinds of tea tree oil i don't know which one i should use? There are kinds like Herbal Harvest tea tree oil, Gena Tea tree oil, Radiance tea tree oil. Ect.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Go out and buy some real tea tree oil. I don't know what kinds of brands of tea tree oil you are talking about, but whatever kind it is, make sure that it is real and 100% natural, and not like that fake and diluted stuff people buy from some drug stores. You're only criteria for buying tea tree oil should be that it's the 100% natural kind. A lot of the stuff at the drug stores that are supposedly real oils and things are fake and diluted. The bottle may say tea tree oil, but when you read the ingredients on it tea tree oil will be way down on the ingredient list and it will mostly be soybean oil or mineral oil mixed with different cheap oils and only contain the oil. These don't work as well as the real oils. It will also be loaded with fragrance. Some companies do this because it is cheaper and easier to produce more.

    It doesn't really matter which brand you buy, just make sure that it's the 100% natural kind and the only ingredient listed should be tea tree oil. You should avoid buying from some common drug stores which sell the diluted kind and instead, buy from a health food store. They almost always sell the completely natural products. It doesn't matter much, it is mostly all the same as long as it's natural.

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